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Guidelines on Writing your Reaction Paper

Pia Roelen C. Pahati

1. Make a good introduction. On this part, you can provide a summary of the film which
you have watched and your impression on the film.
2. Raise the issues of the filmthe things which captured your attentionthose that you
agreed with, and those which you disagreed with, then explain why. You can justify it by
relating it to our society.
3. Lesson learned from the film. How are you going to apply the things which you have
learned from the film in real life?
4. How are you going to relate the film in psychology? (example: trauma)
This is just a rough guide on how you are going to construct your reaction paper, but I am
expecting that those which are aforementioned will be seen on such. This is your way on how
you can make up for your low midterm grade, otherwise make it even higher. Make sure that
your paragraphs are concise and clear. Avoid ambiguity.

Same format as that of your reflection paper. First sentences of each paragraph must be
indented, do not forget.

Jesus replied, You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.
- John 13:7