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DIC Corporation

A Leading Global Producer of Coatings Resins

A top player in the synthetic resins and pigments industries,
DIC Corporation brings more than just innovative products.
We offer solutions. By combining our capabilities in coatings
resins with Sun Chemicals organic and effect pigments, we
offer formulators key ingredients that work together to
create superior coatings.
DIC Corporations products families include:
UV curable resins
GMA powder coating resins

DIC International (USA) LLC

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+1 973 404 6600

DIC Europe
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New Matting Agent


Higher transparency at low viscosity

for UV coatings

Outstanding matting eciency

Easy to disperse
Excellent transparency
High mar and scratch resistance

t the
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July 2014 Vol. 19, No. 7 Table of Contents



85 Resins Directory
88 Innovating to Drive Change in the Transportation Sector
90 Larry Robinson To Retire from Color Pigments
Manufacturing Association

iPaint..................................................................... 32
International Coatings Scene ............................... 34
Europe Biocideal Products Regulation Could Prove
Challenging for EU
Africa Infrastructure to Drive South Africa, Kenya and
Nigeria Coatings Markets
Latin America Columbias Pintuco Builds Out Stoes

Business Corner.................................................... 40
Business and Acquisition Hurdles


Editorial.................................................................. 6
As We Go to Press.................................................. 8
Fresh Paint............................................................ 10
Patents.................................................................. 24
Market Reports..................................................... 26
New Products....................................................... 28
Industry News....................................................... 92
Suppliers Corner................................................... 93
People.................................................................. 94
Meetings............................................................... 95
Final Coat.............................................................. 98


Classified Ads....................................................... 96

Advertising Index.................................................. 97

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July 2014

Coatings World | 5

Editors Page

Companies Report
Offers Insight into the
Coatings Market

t is time once again time for Coatings Worlds highly anticipated Top
Companies Report. This is one of our most popular issues, offering our
readers a comprehensive look at the top players in the paint, coatings,
adhesives and sealants industry.
This year we have profiled 87 companies up from last years 83.
Comex (ranked 18) is back in the ranking after Sherwin-Williams efforts
to buy it were thwarted by regulators in Mexico. Although S-W completed
its acquisition of the U.S. and Canadian business of Comex in 2013, paying
$90 million, regulators in Mexico refused to clear its buyout of Comexs
Mexico operations due to concerns about the combination limiting competition there. Reuters has reported that Comex is currently in the process of
suing S-W over the failed buyout.
This year we also added three first-timers to the list: Columbia-based
Pintuco (29), Brazil-based WEG (63) and Egypt-based MIDO (86).
In terms of the top 5, the ranking remained the same as 2012.
AkzoNobel once again topped the list. As the worlds largest coatings
manufacturer, the company reported revenue for coatings of $13.3 billion. The company has successfully completed its multi-year performance
improvement program a year ahead of schedule, exceeding its targets
in doing so. In 2014, AkzoNobel said it will continue to significantly
restructure to reduce costs further and anticipates related restructuring
charges of at least $342 million.
PPG (2) reported sales of its three coatings business segments
Performance Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Architectural Coatings
EMEA combined for $12.78 billion in revenue in 2013, up from $11.48
billion the year before.
2013 was a successful year for Henkel (3). Henkels adhesives sales were
up 2.7 percent with sales of $11.174 billion for 2013. Sherwin-Williams (4)
saw profits rise and acquired Comexs U.S. and Canadian business, which
added 306 company-operated stores its base of retail stores. Axalta (5) saw
sales of $4.3 billion and moved its Corporate and North America headquarters to Pennsylvania and opened new regional headquarters for Asia
Pacific in Shanghai.
I hope you find this report insightful and helpful in understanding the
complex and diverse global coatings, adhesives and sealants markets. I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to email me suggestions on ways we
can make the Top Companies Report even better in 2015.

A Rodman Media Publication

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Michael Del Purgatorio
Sara Downing,
Sean Milmo (Europe)
Charles W. Thurston (Latin America/Americas)
Phil Phillips
Jim Berry (Berry Environmental)
Joseph Cristiano (consultant)
Thomas Frauman (consultant)
Joseph Prane (consultant)
Isadore Rubin (consultant)
Richard M. Tepper (PPG Industries)
Shelby F. Thames (University of So. Mississippi)

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July 2014

As We Go To Press

PPG to Invest $40 million

in Facility Expansion in Brazil

PPG Industries announced an investment

of approximately $40 million in its coatings manufacturing facility located in
Sumare, So Paulo, Brazil.
The expansion project will add a
65,000-square-foot plant for on-site resin production. The resin will be used to
manufacture PPGs electrocoat products

to meet growing demand among automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and industrial coatings
customers in the region. PPG anticipates
completion of the project in 2015 and
expects to add more than 30 new positions at the facility.
PPG is committed to the market

in Brazil and the needs of our customers across Latin America, said Cynthia
Niekamp, PPG senior vice president, automotive coatings. The expansion of the
Sumare facility enables PPG to localize
production and demonstrates our longterm commitment to support our customers in this very important region. CW

Index to Companies

Ennis-Flint ..................................... 42

Origin Electric ............................... 42

Flame Contol Coatings................. 28

PACHIN ....................................... 42

This index gives the starting page

for a department or feature with a
significant reference to a manufacturer
of paint, coatings, adhesives and
sealants Subsidiaries are indexed
under their own names.

Flugger Group .............................. 42

Pacific Paint Boysen ....................... 42

Fujikura Kasai............................... 42

Pintuco.................................... 38, 42

Grebe Group ................................. 42

PPG ....................................10, 28, 42

H.B. Fuller .................................... 42

Quest Specialty Chemicals ............. 42

Helios ............................................ 42

Renner Sayerlack ........................... 42

3M................................................. 42

Hempel ......................................... 42

Rock Paint .................................... 42

Ace Paint........................................ 42

Henkel.......................................... 42

RPM......................................... 10, 2

AkzoNobel..............10, 28, 42, 88, 94

ICA Group .................................... 42

Russian Coatings ........................... 42

Asahipen........................................ 42

Industries Titan ............................. 42

Samwha ........................................ 42

Asian Paints................................... 42

Jotun ....................................... 10, 42

Shanghai Coatings ......................... 42

Atomix........................................... 42

JW Ostendorf ................................ 42

Shawcor ........................................ 42

Axalta...................................... 42, 94

Kansai ........................................... 42

Sherwin-Williams.................... 10, 42

BASF ..................................28, 42, 94

Kapci Coatigns .............................. 42

Shinto ............................................ 42

Beckers .................................... 10, 42

Kayalar Kimya .............................. 42

Sika ............................................... 42

Benjamin Moore................ 10, 42, 98

KCC .............................................. 42

SK Kaken...................................... 42

Berger Paints ................................. 42

Kelly-Moore .................................. 42

Taiho Paint .................................... 42

Betek ............................................. 42

Kikusui Chemical .......................... 42

Tambour ....................................... 42

Boero Group................................. 42

Kunsul ........................................... 42

Teknos Group............................... 42

Carpoly Chemical Group.............. 42

Looser Holdings............................ 42

Tiger Coatings............................... 42

Chokwang..................................... 42

Lord Corp. .............................. 10, 42

Tikkurila ....................................... 42

Chugoku Marine Paints ................ 42

Masco........................................... 42

Tnemec ......................................... 42

CIN Group .................................... 42

Materis.......................................... 42

TOA Group ................................... 42

Cloverdale Paint............................ 42

MIDO Coatings ............................ 42

Tohpe ............................................ 42

Comex Group .............................. 42

Musashi........................................ 42

Valspar .................................... 28, 42

Dai Nippon Toryo ......................... 42

National Paints............................. 42

WEG Tintas .................................. 42

DAW............................................. 42

Natoco.......................................... 42

Whitford Corp. ............................. 42

Diamond Vogel............................. 42

Niho Toksuhu Toryo..................... 42

Yasar ............................................. 42

DuluxGroup .................................. 42

Nippon.......................................... 42

Yips Chemical ............................... 42

Dunn-Edwards........................ 10, 42

NOF Metal Coatings ..................... 42

Yung Chi ....................................... 42

Empils ........................................... 42

Norroo.......................................... 42

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July 2014

Maximize Safety
Call Today: 330.723.4050 or visit




RICO offers a FULL LINE of Explosion Proof products that are NFPA compliant.
Intrinsically Safe Wiring
Static Conductive Tires
Spark Resistant Coatings
Mineral-Insulated Cables

Approved to operate in the following hazardous areas:

Quick Delivery!

All Built To UL 583 Specifications

Class 1 Division 1 & 2 - Group D

Class 2 Division 1 & 2 - Group G

FMRC Approved!

Call Today: 330.723.4050 or visit

Fresh Paint

Sherwin-Williams Releases Colormix 2015

The Sherwin-Williams colormix 2015 collection tells optimistic color stories that
reflect a brightened outlook and adventurous spirit for the year ahead. The colormix
palettes provide design professionals with
fresh color combinations to inspire creativity as they design spaces for their clients.
Were seeing a more cheerful approach to design and have forecasted
colors that will provide a range of inspiration for designers to create fresh, joyful
interiors, said Jackie Jordan, director of
color marketing, Sherwin-Williams.
Jordan, along with Sherwin-Williams
color experts, researched trends in art, fashion, science and pop culture to determine the
40 colors that make up the forecast. The colors are grouped into four palettes: Chrysalis,
Voyage, Buoyant and Unrestrained.
As technology rushes relentlessly ahead, the
colors of Chrysalis evoke a calm oasis a
place to pause and find balance. The palette, with colors ranging from off-black to
chalky neutrals and dusty blues, is designed
to create a more comfortable interior.
An important influence for Chrysalis
is the appreciation of earths natural striations, said Jordan. The patterns created
by land and sky are driving design inspiration, therefore the palettes colors are
found in nature, from rocks found on the
beach to a stormy sky.
Another driver is the layering and deconstruction of geometric shapes to appear
soft, which parallels the monochromatic
couture found on fashion runways.
From space tourism and undersea resorts,
the far-fetched, sci-fi dreams of past decades more viable than ever. The Voyage
palette looks to these outer limits, featuring hues that represent the color spectrum imagined while emerging from the
water into the atmosphere undersea
teal, bright green kelp, light watery blue
and deep space purple.

The colors of Voyage are supernatural and magical. The palette is largely
driven by unusual atmospheric events,
including a decade-best aurora borealis,
that will be keeping our eyes focused on
the heavens, said Jordan. The lighter
colors of the palette create a space that
is uplifting, while the deeper tones can be
combined for a more dramatic design.
Weve weathered the recession and are
finally seeing hopeful signs of growth
and expansion. Our revived good spirits
echo the optimism that followed World
War II, when GIs returned home from
exotic locales, bringing a wave of tropical prints and tiki-inspired looks, said
Jordan. Like that era, were expressing
our enthusiasm with big, bright florals in
fashion and interiors.
The colors of Buoyant are reminiscent
of vintage floral patterns light and deep
greens, violets and a pop of coral. In addition to renewed optimism, the palette is also
inspired by the natural healing of botanicals, as well as the incorporation of green
spaces into even the most densely urban environments. Backyards, once a landscaping
afterthought, are now as important as front
yards, with builders investing in rear curb
appeal and outdoor rooms.
From bold, ethnic-inspired colors and
designs to the Bohemian lifestyle, the
Unrestrained palette celebrates a carefree
spirit, wanderlust and pulsing color. The
palette features saturated primary hues,
including sunny yellow, lively turquoise
and bright blue, as well as black and
white. Each can be used on its own for
a pop of color, or combined, to create a
vibrant, energetic space.
South Africas colorful art scene and
focus on the 2016 Summer Olympics in
Rio de Janeiro have strongly influenced a
Carnival-like spirit. This spirit is inspiring
design with a zest for life, and the vibrant

10 | Coatings World

colors of Unrestrained are a reflection of

that design aesthetic, said Jordan.
Color Resources
In addition to the colormix 2015 palettes, professionals can find inspiration
with color selection tools from SherwinWilliams. At, design professionals can view all Sherwin-Williams
colors and collections, link to downloadable palettes for use in color rendering
software and access the online Color
Visualizer. Designers can also register on and order large-sized color
swatches and fan decks.
Sherwin-Williams STIR magazine annual print edition and eExtra e-newsletters also provide inspiration, news and
resources for design professionals. Visit, as well as search for SherwinWilliams Design Pros on social channels
including Facebook and Twitter.
Design professionals will also find a
world of color at their fingertips with the
enhanced Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap
Studio iPad app. ColorSnap Studio
blends the best of Sherwin-Williams color
inspiration tools the ColorSnap smartphone app, the online Color Visualizer,
plus the Explore Color functionality
into one iPad app.
ColorSnap Studio users can access the
same functionalities as the ColorSnap
smartphone app, which now makes it
easier to take a picture, find the closestmatching paint colors and fine tune colors using lightness, saturation and hue
features. The Color Visualizer tool, previously only available for desktop use, has
been integrated into the app, allowing users to experiment with thousands of color
combinations by simply finger-painting
onto the image. Both apps offer a quick
and easy way to show clients different design options.
With the click of a button, any image can turn into a palette of paint colors, with Chip It!, an interactive tool from
Sherwin-Williams. This Web-based tool
July 2014

Fresh Paint

allows designers to select any online image or upload their own

to instantly identify the SherwinWilliams paint colors that correspond to the colors contained within the
picture. Designers, as well as their clients,
can now use the colors that inspire them
while surfing the Internet and turn them
into paint palettes for any project.
For Google Glass owners, SherwinWilliams ColorSnap Glass allows users
to instantaneously act on color inspiration by adding a digital layer right before
their eyes. When a person takes a picture,
the software will match the picture to
Sherwin-Williams paint colors.
In addition to interactive tools and inspiration, Sherwin-Williams offers offline help
with COLOR To Go paint samples and the
Sher-Color Advanced Color Technology
system for fast, accurate color matching.

AkzoNobel to Fund OMA

Research as Part of Human
Cities Initiative
AkzoNobel and leading architecture firm
OMA have formed a partnership to conduct global research into the link between
color and economic development.
The new study will focus on the extent
to which making an area more visually
attractive can influence economic growth.
The results of OMAs research will help
shape AkzoNobels newly launched approach to urban transformation.
The announcement was made at
the 14th International Architecture
Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia,
which is being curated this year by leading architect Rem Koolhaas, who is cofounder of OMA.
Commenting on the launch of the
study and AkzoNobels new Human
Cities initiative, CEO Ton Bchner said:
By the 2050s, more than 75 percent of
the worlds population will live in cities.
Given that 60 percent of our products
are in the Buildings and Infrastructure
and Transportation end-user segments,
AkzoNobel has an important influence
on the process of urban transformation
thats currently taking place.
As a responsible company, its therefore our intention to use our expertise to
make city life more energizing, inspiring

and vibrant for people across the world,

he continued. We want to go beyond the
purely functional aspects which is what
most people think about and help cities
and their citizens to connect on an emotional level. This is also the main driving
force behind the Human Cities Manifesto
we are launching today, which outlines
some of the issues we think cities across
the world should be focusing on, including color, heritage, transport, sport, education, and sustainability.
We believe that our new research
partnership with OMA will make a significant contribution to creating more
human urban environments for the
worlds citizens, so were delighted to
be partnering with Rem Koolhaas and
OMA on this study.
Added Koolhaas: The link between
color and our emotional reaction to the
built environment is well established. But
it doesnt stop there. In affecting our perceptions, color has a distinct impact on
all the variables that determine the vitality of the city: social, cultural and economic. By combining our expertise with
AkzoNobel, were hoping to produce a
study that will provide important insights
to all key players in the urban environment from architects and developers, to
city authorities and individual citizens.
Held every two years, the theme
of the Biennale Architettura 2014 is
Fundamentals. It consists of three interlocking exhibitions: Elements of
Architecture, Monditalia and Absorbing
Modernity 1914-2014. The event runs
until November 23.

PPG to Acquire Specialty

Coatings Supplier the
Homax Group
PPG Industries North American architectural coatings business has reached a definitive agreement to acquire The Homax
Group, Inc., a supplier of decorative
wall and ceiling texture repair products.
Homax is a portfolio company of Olympus
Partners. The transaction is expected to
close in the third quarter, subject to customary closing conditions. Financial terms
were not disclosed. Homax is the industrys leading supplier of decorative aerosol
drywall and ceiling texturing applications

12 | Coatings World

utilized primarily for home repair. In addition, it supplies various epoxy finishes,
patching, caulking and mesh tape repair
products, and other painting tools and accessories. The companys products are sold
through major home improvement centers,
hardware stores and paint suppliers.
Homax products represent a new and
unique offering for our customers, said
Scott Sinetar, PPG vice president, architectural coatings, North America. The acquisition supports our continuing commitment
to providing professional and do-it-yourself
customers with leading coatings and related home remodeling and repair products.

Dunn-Edwards Paints
Releases Annual Trend
Dunn-Edwards Paints released it 2015
trend report, A Journey of Discovery,
which reveals key colors and design
trends for the coming year, and how social, culture and demographic changes influence these trends. Sara McLean, color
expert and blogger at specs+spaces, explains that the color palette is rich in deep
and vivid colors, inspired by adventure
and discovery around the world. These
five key trends will be significant influencers of colors and textures.
Romance and Remembrance is inspired by journeys into the past, filled
with romance and intrigue. Envision traveling the Trans-Siberian railway or the
Silk Road, or studying the rich tapestry
of historical details through Renaissance
to Medieval times, this trend returns to
color and design that is familiar, yet with
a modern day twist. The color palette
creates a sense of history and solemnity
with somber and serene neutrals such as
chocolate, gray, soft green, mauve, pale
pink and garnet, highlighted by whitened
tones, sky blue and pale yellow.
Spirit of the West captures the freedom
and romance of forging a new life in the
American West. The artisan life is transformed by journeys to Latin and South
America, Cuba and the Caribbean, bringing back design ideas from afar. The spirit
of the West breathes life into emotional
connections and ancient spiritual ways.
Colors combine artisan style colors of
red and rust with pigmented darks, dusky
July 2014

Fresh Paint

and very dark tones. Warm neutrals such as terracotta, green,

ecru, tobacco and bronze round
out the color palette.
Kaleidoscope provides journeys of
travel to far-flung destinations with a focus on Brazil and South America, and to
summer sun and surf. With glimpses at a
variety of high-volume, frenetic lifestyles
from street culture fans to night owls,
club crawlers to sports fanatics and tech
geeks, Kaleidoscope highlights pure joy.
This color palette is on full display, filled
with vivid brights and plant life coloring
vibrant, intense, with a touch of metallic.
L.A. Eccentricities takes us on a journey to the unique and quirky people and
personalities of the City of Angels and the
Southwest region -- cheerful and festive,
sentimental, hooked on fashion and trends,
often with quirky and retro kitsch touches.
Color is sugary-sweet with artificial goodness and pastel infusions. Highlights of citrus and berry add a layer of complexity.
Into the Abyss emerges as a story of
sea, water and life in the Far East. From
Japanese fishing villages to the fields
of Vietnam, we journey on a learning
curve into this world. With the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in South
Korea and the 2020 Summer Olympics
in Japan, influences of life lived beyond
the Western world blossom. Layers of
blue, from inky and deep ocean blues
of the abyss to lighter sunlit blues are
highlighted with accents of seaweed
and sea life coloring.

PPG Completes Acquisition

of Panama-based Protective
and Marine Coatings
PPG Industries has completed the previously announced acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Canal Supplies
Inc. (CSI), a privately-owned, Panamabased distributor of protective and marine
coatings to customers in Central America.
Financial terms were not disclosed.
The acquisition of CSI enhances our
ability to supply customers throughout
Central America and meet growing demand
for our protective and marine products in this
growth market, said Tim Knavish, PPG vice
president, protective and marine coatings.

RPM Acquires Brazilian

Waterproofing Products
RPM International Inc. announced that
Viapol Ltda., part of The Euclid Chemical
Company and RPMs Performance
Coatings Group, has acquired Betumat
Quimica Ltda., a waterproofing products manufacturer based in Candeias
(Bahia), Brazil, with annual net sales of
approximately $22 million. Terms of the
transaction, which is expected to be accretive to earnings within one year, were
not disclosed. Betumat offers a full line
of waterproofing products, including asphaltic membranes, cementitious grouts
and modified asphalt products, to professional contractors and builders primarily
in northern Brazil. Betumat has terrific
synergies with Viapol, our Brazilian construction products company acquired
in June 2012, and will expand our geographic presence and market share in one
of the worlds most dynamic economies,
said Frank C. Sullivan, RPM chairman
and chief executive officer. Once fully
integrated, we expect to see enhanced
market opportunities and improved operating leverage in both businesses.

PPG Acquires Connecticutbased Architectural Paint

Distributor Painters Supply
PPG Industries North American architectural coatings business has acquired substantially all of the assets of
Painters Supply, an independent architectural paint distributor headquartered
in Connecticut. Painters Supply operates 10 locations in Connecticut and
Massachusetts. Financial terms were not
disclosed. The acquisition of Painters
Supply supports our dedication to our
professional customers, said Scott
Sinetar, PPG vice president, architectural
coatings, North America. A fundamental
part of our strategy is to expand distribution to professional painters and contractors. Independent dealers continue
to be a key distribution channel for our
business and our products, which is why
were investing more in our independent
dealers now than ever before. However,
when dealers are looking for a partner,
PPG is constantly looking for ways to

14 | Coatings World

strengthen its network, Sinetar continued. PPG Architectural Coatings is an

industry leader in residential and commercial coatings and products. The business produces paints, stains and specialty
coatings marketed under well-recognized
product lines such as the FLOOD,
Paints and SIKKENS brands. Its distribution network includes more than
900 company-owned stores in North
America, more than 5,000 independent
dealer locations and all major home improvement centers.

Human Power Team and

AkzoNobel Prepare to Ride
into the Record Books
Students in the Netherlands unveiled a
new high-tech bike built with the help
of partners including AkzoNobel which
they hope will power them into the record books for the second time.
Revealed as part of a wind tunnel
test staged in Delft, the Velox-IV project involves members of the Dutch
Human Power Team and AkzoNobel
paint experts combining talent, teamwork and technology in an effort to
break the 133.78 km/h (83 mph) speed
racing record for men which they set
in 2013. This year, the students will
also be attempting to break the speed
record for women.
Made up of talented engineers from
Delft University of Technology (TU
Delft) and the VU University Amsterdam,
the team has developed an improved recumbent bike with the ongoing help of
experts from the companys Sikkens paint
brand. The Velox-IV now features a more
advanced, durable and ultra-light coatings system which offers improved aerodynamics and includes a new clearcoat
developed with expertise gained while
working with the McLaren Mercedes
Formula 1 team.
Ton Bchner, CEO of AkzoNobel and
a TU Delft graduate, said: Im particularly enthusiastic about our continued partnership with the Human Power Team. We
attach great value to driving innovation,
developing talent and delivering leading
July 2014

J.D. Power Reports:

Leading Paint Brands Continue to Achieve High Levels of Customer Satisfaction
Application is the most important factor across product lines.
The highest-performing paint brands in
customer satisfaction also receive high
ratings in the application experience
across both interior and exterior product
lines, according to the J.D. Power 2014
Paint Satisfaction Study.
Paint brands that show a pattern of
high customer satisfaction over time reap
the benefits of customer loyalty, said Christina Cooley, director of home improvement
industries at J. D. Power. A customers decision to purchase a specific paint brand is
largely based on their prior experience with
that brand, primarily regarding application,
product offerings and durability.
The study measures customer satisfaction with interior paint brands and for the
first time, exterior paint brands. Satisfaction with paint brands is based on evaluations from customers who purchased and
applied interior and/or exterior paint during thepast year, and is measured in six
key factors of the painting experience (in
alphabetical order): application, design
guides, durability, price, product offerings, and warranty/guarantee.

coats of paint for both interior and

exterior projects (1.67 times each).
Customers paint the inside of their
homes for a variety of reasons, including remodeling (28 percent), changing
the color (27 percent), or repainting due
to previous paint condition (26 percent).
Exterior painting projects typically address existing paint in poor condition
(65 percent).
Less than one-fifth (15 percent) of customers who purchased interior paint
used the Internet as an information resource to help with their project, while a
higher percentage (20 percent) of those
who purchased exterior paint used the
Internet for information.
Interior Paint Brand Satisfaction Rankings
Benjamin Moore ranks highest in customer satisfaction with interior paint brands
for a fourth consecutive year, with a score
of 815, which is a 15-point increase from
2013. Benjamin Moore performs particu-

larly well in three of the six factors: application, durability and product offerings.
Following Benjamin Moore in the interior paint brand ranking is SherwinWilliams (808) and BEHR (802). Overall customer satisfaction with interior
paint brands is 795 (on a 1,000-point
scale) in 2014, an increase of 16 points
from 2013.
Exterior Paint Brand Satisfaction Rankings
Sherwin-Williams ranks highest among
exterior paint brands, with a score of 819,
and performs well across all six factors.
Following Sherwin-Williams in the ranking are BEHR (804) and Benjamin Moore
(803). Overall customer satisfaction with
exterior paint brands is 803.
The 2014 Paint Satisfaction Study is
based on responses from more than
8,690 customers who purchased and applied interior and/or exterior paint within
the previous 12 months. The study was
fielded in January through March 2014.

Application, specifically, adequacy of
paint coverage, is the most important
driver of customer satisfaction with interior and exterior paint (34 percent each).
- Seventy-eight percent of paint customers who purchased interior paint
apply it themselves, and 74 percent
of those who purchased exterior
paint did the same.
- More than 90 percent of customers
who purchased interior or exterior
paint indicate the new color covered
the previous color (94 percent and 93
percent, respectively).
- Approximately one-half of customers do not use primer or paint with
primer mixed in for their interior or
exterior paint jobs (52 percent and 50
percent, respectively).
- On average, customers apply two

16 | Coatings World

July 2014

AkzoNobel Partners
with University Racing
Eindhoven for Electric Race
AkzoNobel and Sikkens have entered
into a new partnership with University
Racing Eindhoven to supply coatings
for an electric race car. The team builds
a car from scratch each year and the
2014 model the URE09 features an
advanced Sikkens system with a special
focus on weight reduction. Recentlyu
unveiled, the vehicle will take part
in races being held during the summer at Silverstone (UK), Hockenheim
(Germany) and Barcelona (Spain).

Benjamin Moore Launches

Design By What Matters
Benjamin Moore recently launched
Design By What Matters, an innovative,
interactive online tool that utilizes social
data, lifestyle information and style preferences to help consumers design rooms
inspired by what matters to them.

July 2014

Fresh Paint

performance. This collaboration brings

them all together, while also providing us
with an opportunity to test our products
and benefit from the insights and ideas
driving the next generation of engineers.
The VeloX-IV is 10 percent shorter
than last years model and has already
shown 20 percent less wind resistance.
It has two pilots this year, Rik Houwers
and female cyclist Christien Veelenturf.
Its the first time that the Human Power
Team will also be attempting to break the
speed record for women competitors.
Commenting on the new bike, Dennis
Berckmoes, chief engineer of the Human
Power Team, added: Thanks to the
Sikkens coatings supplied by AkzoNobel,
we are able to achieve optimal benefits
from the aerodynamic shape. We therefore hope to reach even higher speeds
than last year and add a new world record to our achievements.
The World Human Powered Speed
Challenge races will take place in the
Nevada desert in September.

Benjamin Moore developed

Design by What Matters to
help consumers discover their
design personalities and create
unique color palettes just for them. In
a few minutes, by answering a few fun
and simple questions, users generate
a customized room featuring a palette
inspired by a favorite image or color.
Questions like, Whats on your bucket
list? or What does your dream view
look like? among others, lead to a personalized bedroom, living room, kitchen
or dining room. Consumers can further
explore Benjamin Moore palettes to create a space that feels like home. From
there, users can also buy paint samples
and get design tips to help turn that ideal
look into a reality.
Designing a space is a very personal process inspired by what matters
in an your life, said David Melanon,
executive vice president and chief marketing officer. Whether youre a design
enthusiast or a novice choosing colors

Coatings World | 17

Fresh Paint

for your first home, Design By

What Matters is a tool you can
use to create living spaces that
bring your personality, lifestyle
and preferences to life virtually before
you take the leap of committing to them
in real life.
Participants are encouraged to share
their design creations on social media using #BenjaminMoore #DBWM.
The platform also allows users to purchase paint samples and get design tips
to help make your ideal look a reality. For more information go to www.

PPG Introduces
Directions Color Tool Kit
PPG Industries industrial coatings business has introduced TRENDCAST Styling
Directions 2014, a comprehensive portable tool kit created to help designers of
appliances, outdoor furniture, electronics,
recreational equipment and other products identify the colors, textures and surfaces that will keep them on the leading
edge of consumer taste for the next two
years. The colors in the TRENDCAST
Styling Directions 2014 tool kit reflect the
latest trends in colors, effects and tactile

sensations for coated surfaces based on

a consensus of 35 PPG global color experts from the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Together the experts have analyzed design
trends and consumer preferences across
geographic and product markets to determine the factors that influence future color
choice. The result is a palette of textures
and 38 colors ranging from delicate pastels and soft neutrals to playful mixes of
bold, bright tones organized under four
distinct themes: Theorem a clean, luxe
palette of neutral colors featuring calculated lines for the minimalist consumer. New
Spirit a tonal palette of earthy, primitive

PPG Aerospace Adds Packaging Capabilities at Site in France

Value-added packaging of coatings, sealants, adhesives to meet growing demand

PPG Industries has begun operation of a new packaging unit
installed at its Gonfreville, France, coatings plant and aerospace application support center. With the new equipment,
PPG is able to offer customers in aerospace, automotive, rail, electronics
and general industrial
markets in South Europe
the benefits of proprietary
SEMCO packaging and
application systems.
According to Dirk Thelen, PPG business manager, ASCSouth Europe, the new equipment enables PPG to supply its
coatings and sealants as well as adhesives and other third-party
chemicals in value-added, customer-friendly packaging.
PPG is capitalizing on our expertise to offer customers in
South Europe value-added packaging solutions from a local
source, Thelen said. With SEMCO packaging and application
systems, we are able to deliver products for convenient storage,
mixing and use to afford higher quality and lower system costs.
PPG has a team of experts to work with customers and identify
the best packaging for a specific application.
As part of the Gonfreville operations, the repackaging unit
meets quality qualifications such as ISO 9001 and EN 9100
standards, according to Thelen. The repackaging unit has
been approved by several aerospace customers. The benefits
of integration into the Gonfreville site include conformance to
chemical control and product stewardship requirements and
European labeling.
In addition to aerospace coatings manufactured on site,
coatings products from PPGs recently acquired Deft Incorporated portfolio have been integrated into the repackaging activity at Gonfreville for European customers.
The complete line of SEMCO packaging and application sys-

tems is available at Gonfreville, according to Thelen. Among

the many options are SEMKIT(R) packages that are popular in
the aerospace industry, where optimizing material performance
is important.
SEMKIT packages are ready-to-use, disposable cartridges
for storing, mixing and applying multiple-component adhesives, sealants, epoxies, polysulfides, polyurethanes and other
materials that require dynamic mixing. They provide the quality assurance of delivering the material at the ratio needed and
contaminant-free, with labor and time savings related to mixing
and applying the material, Thelen said.
PPG also plans to add premixed and frozen sealants packaging to the portfolio at Gonfreville for customers convenience,
Thelen said.
The Gonfreville facility has 150 employees, began operations in 1980 and manufactures coatings for aerospace as well
as packaging applications. Its ASC is one of 16 PPG operates
around the world to provide local sales, customer service and
technical support for
aerospace OEM (original
equipment manufacturer)
customers, airlines and
aftermarket customers for
PPG Aerospace sealants,
coatings and transparencies. PPGs aerospace regional office in Colomiers,
France, near Toulouse,
provides regional support
to OEM and maintenance
customers in commercial,
business and military aviation as well as military landbased transportation.

18 | Coatings World

July 2014

Ford Transit Debuts with

Paint Technology that
Improves Durability & Rust
The all-new Ford Transit makes its North
American debut with more durable paint,
thanks to an industry-first paint technology now in use at Kansas City Assembly
Ford celebrated the start of North
American Transit production at Kansas
City Assembly Plant on April 30, and vans
will be available on U.S. and Canadian
dealer lots this summer.
The Transit vehicles built in Kansas
City are the first to use the new two-wet
monocoat paint process developed by
Ford and its paint suppliers. The technology results in more durable paint, uses
less energy and water, and reduces carbon
dioxide and particulate emissions compared with conventional paint processes.
The new paint had to meet or exceed
Built Ford Tough standards, and was
subjected to a battery of tests that simulates typical conditions the vehicle will see

Fresh Paint

and natural colors influenced by the postMayan prophecy. Mosaic a bold palette
of optimistic colors and patterns creating
a juxtaposition of casual yet high-quality
design; and Hi-Breed a multicolor color
palette that pairs natural and synthetic
colors, creating harmony between nature
and man. Color and style have a significant impact on consumer buying decisions, said Joe Kowalski, PPGs global
manager of color and surface design for
consumer products. Thanks to the skill
sets and broad cultural knowledge of our
color team, PPG can offer customers a collection of tools that will help them stay
ahead of the competition and consumer
tastes for years to come. In addition to
a brochure covering global color trends,
TRENDCAST Styling Directions 2014
contains a variety of tactile objects and effects to help PPGs customers connect with
consumers and further engage their own
creative instincts. The kit also features
Web-based palettes for quick color referencing and a sample request program.

during 10 years. The paint was

tested for its resistance to chipping and scratching, pollutants
and sun exposure. Advanced
weathering testing indicates that paint
applied with the new two-wet technology
will retain 90 percent of its gloss at four
years in service compared to 1 percent
gloss retention for paint applied using a
conventional monocoat process.
In addition to making paint tougher,
the process reduces painting time and energy use by cutting the number of paint
applications from three to two and the
number of drying procedures from two
to one.
The new paint process uses less energy
and water, and reduces carbon dioxide
and particulate emissions compared with
conventional paint processes.
The two-wet monocoat process uses
a primer coat that requires only a few
minutes of open-air drying time before
the color coat is applied. The color coat
is formulated with the same appearance

Providing the


for Coatings

Visit us:

CTT 2014
Booth #57
July 2014

of Emerald Performance Materials, LLC

Registered trademark of Emerald Performance Materials, LLC Trademark
2014 Emerald Performance Materials, LLC

Coatings World | 19

Fresh Paint

and protection properties of the

clear coat, which eliminates the
need for a separate clear coat.
The painted body is fully cured
in an enamel oven after the color coat is
applied. The total process removes one
paint application step and one oven drying step when compared to conventional
paint processes.
The new paint procedure is being used
for white-colored vehicles, which account
for 80 percent of Ford Transit production
at Kansas City Assembly Plant. As each
color must be developed uniquely for the
two-wet monocoat process, other colors
will be considered based on demand. A
conventional three-wet process primer,
base coat, clear coat remains in use for
metallic-colored vehicles.

Jotun Expands Globally

with IFS Applications
IFS, a global enterprise applications company, has announced that Jotun has
expanded its use of IFS Applications to
additional sites in Europe, Asia, and the
Americas. The agreement includes licenses worth approximately NOK 19 million.
With 69 companies, 36 production facilities, and a presence in more than 90
countries, Norway-based Jotun supplies
paints and coatings that protect and decorate surfaces in the residential, shipping,
and industrial markets. Since 2003, Jotun
has expanded its use of IFS Applications
to support business-critical processes
such as manufacturing, financials, procurement, and supply chain to more than
20 countries worldwide.
To support its ambitious growth targets and to maximize process efficiency
and transparency, Jotun has decided to
extend its central IFS ERP solution to include an additional 2,000 users.
After many years of working together with IFS, we are preparing for
further growth, also in new countries
around the world, Jotun CEO Morten
Fon said. To achieve this in the most
efficient way possible, we need an agile
and reliable business system that can
offer us a central platform and a unified way of working. We are convinced
that IFS Applications will help us reach
this goal.

AkzoNobels Awlgrip Brand

Selected for Sea Rays New
Luxury Yacht
AkzoNobels premier Awlgrip brand has
been selected as the preferred topcoat
supplier to Sea Ray, the worlds leading
manufacturer of superior quality pleasure boats ranging from 18 to 65 feet.
The announcement follows the recent
unveiling of Sea Rays L650 Fly a flagship of the companys new L-Class line of
luxury yachts which features Awlcraft
SE metallic topside paint in Aurora Gold.
Every square inch of an L-Class yacht is
designed with one purpose to achieve
the perfect balance of style and substance, explained Ron Berman, Sea Rays
vice president of Product Development
and Engineering. We made very deliberate decisions at every stage, including using Awlgrip, to ensure that we
were crafting not just a boat, but a better boating experience. Added Conrad
Keijzer, AkzoNobels executive committee member responsible for Performance
Coatings: As a leading paint and coatings supplier, we constantly push the
boundaries of aesthetics and functionality and are delighted to have partnered
with a renowned company such as Sea
Ray. Our leading OEM coatings provide
a wide range of brilliant colors, allowing
boat dealers to offer their customers the
greatest choice and most creative designs.
They also add important functionality to
surfaces, enhancing a vessels lifetime and
adding value to our customers products.
Awlcraft SE is a revolutionary, fast-drying topcoat. Available in custom colors
that include metallic and effect finishes,
the product can be repaired and buffed
without compromising performance.
Commenting on the partnership with
Sea Ray, Fred Daoust, general manager
of AkzoNobels Yacht business in North
America, said: We are thrilled to have
the opportunity to work with Sea Ray
and are very pleased with the end result
on the L650 Fly.

LORD Corporation Opens

New Houston Office For
Future Growth
LORD Corporation announced the opening of a new office in Houston to support

20 | Coatings World

customers in the midwestern and southwestern United States. With a 90-year history of innovation, LORD Corporation
offers its customers more than 2,500
patented products in adhesives, coatings,
motion management devices and sensing
The LORD Houston office is located
north of the city at 2455 Farm to Market
(FM) 2920 in Spring, Texas. LORD
Corporation chose Houston to better
serve and support customers locally in
energy related sectors, including downhole drilling. Gregg Cune, global business
development manager for downhole tool
systems will serve as the office manager.
Cune will also lead the team to identify
new opportunities to develop new parts
and products for downhole, which will be
available to customers all over the world.
This new office opening is a major
accomplishment for LORD. It provides
the company with the opportunity to become more accessible to our oil and gas
clients; the location is key and will enable
LORD to provide them with the service
and value LORD is known for, said
Jonathan Owens, director, oil and gas industry group at LORD Corporation.

Beckers Group Publishes

Sustainability Report
Sustainability Report. Like last year,
the report informs about the companys
highlights, product and process developments, global goals as well as local initiatives. It also reports on its vision to be the
most sustainable coatings company, to be
an employer of choice, and to practice
social responsibility as well as adhere to
transparent and ethical governance.
This is Beckers Groups second
Sustainability Report and it fulfills the requirements of GRI, the Global Reporting
Initiative (G3.1 Application Level C).
Some highlights from the report:
Beckers wins Sustainable Innovation
Award for its Beckry Therm
Environmental goals developed to
reduce VOC, waste and energy by
10% each
First coil coatings launched based on
bio-sourced raw materials
July 2014

In line with Beckers Groups sustainability vision, this report will only be available electronically on Beckers Groups

PPG Debuts Data Sheet for

PPG Industries industrial coatings business has published an informational
guide about ENVIRON MCL coatings,
an environmentally-friendly, water-based
coating for application on metallic coating lines over GALVALUME coated sheet
steel and hot-dipped galvanized metal.
Environ MCL products provide a
permanent coating that is superior to
temporary anti-fingerprint coatings available on the market and extends the life
of buildings by offering lasting aesthetics with enhanced solar reflectance (SR),
ultraviolet (UV) protection and corrosion resistance. Available as a clearcoat

or in a selection of colors, Environ MCL

coatings have a minimum SR capability
of 70, which enables them to reduce energy costs and improve comfort in metal
building structures.
The guide includes performance specifications with data for dry film thickness,
post-cure pencil hardness, solar reflectance,
salt-spray and humidity resistance, accelerated weathering, and outdoor exposure.
As a water-based product with low
VOC (volatile organic compound) content, Environ MCL coatings protect the
environment by encapsulating zinc from
the metal substrate to eliminate toxic
runoff into the water supply. The coatings also can be applied on mill coatings
lines, which can reduce costs by eliminating the need to send metal to a coil coater
for processing.
Typical exterior applications for
Environ MCL coatings include metal
roofing, agricultural buildings and shade
and shelter structures. The coatings are
also suitable for interior uses such as

ceiling grids, structural steel, linear panels and roof decking.

Fresh Paint

Sustainability Committee established

Opening of a new plant in Nigeria

AIHA Releases
Reccommendations on
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Among Children in
Developing Countries
The American Industrial Hygiene
Association (AIHA) has issued recommendations to prevent lead poisoning
among children in developing nations,
based on a case study of lead contamination conditions in several countries in
Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central
Asia. The recommendations, in the form
of a reference document, identify methods to promote safe and healthy communities and improve understanding among
international experts in environmental
and public health programs involving
lead poisoning in children.
Childhood lead poisoning is a serious problem that in the last few decades
has significantly changed its geographical

Adhesion Promoters & Tacifiers for your

Coatings Applications
Featuring Amberyl Maleic and
Pentamaleic esters from:

Distributed by:


(800) 257-9365

July 2014

Coatings World | 21

Fresh Paint

focus, said Andrey Korchevskiy,

PhD, director of research and
development at Chemical and
Industrial Hygiene, Inc., in
Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
In developed countries, the situation has been managed successfully, but
in the developing world, it has worsened,
with the size of contaminated territories
and the number of affected children increasing. This document is one of the
first attempts to provide perspectives on
international lead hazard recognition, exposure evaluation, prevention, and treatment, he said.
In many developing countries, exposures to lead in the environment during
childhood have been underestimated. In
the regions investigated in the case study,
the mean blood lead levels (BLL) for children exceeded 20 micrograms of lead per
deciliter (g/dL), and in some instances, the
levels exceeded 100 g/dL. The recent recommendation of the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) to reduce
the reference level for childrens BLL from
10 g/dL down to 5 g/dL reflects an opinion within the expert community that significant health and behavioral problems
from lead in blood may result at even
lower levels than previously anticipated.
According to Korchevskiy, one of the
reference documents three editors, along
with his colleagues James Rasmuson,
PhD, CIH, DABT, and Eric Rasmuson,
MS, CIH, the CDCs recommendation
implies that the issue of lead contamination will remain an important public
health priority in developed, as well as
developing, countries.

22 | Coatings World

The future of lead poisoning prevention lies in continuous international

collaboration and in a search for better
health and environmental solutions globally, said Korchevskiy.
Lead contamination is particularly
dangerous because it targets a vulnerable
age group and its impact starts at very
low levels of exposure. Lead poisoning
can cause several hidden, non-specific
and irreversible neurological, neurobehavioral, developmental, hematologic, renal, cardiovascular, immunological, and
skeletal health problems.

NIST Researchers Develop

Environmentally Benign
Coatings To Reduce Fire
The National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST) has developed fire retardant coatings that are environmentally
friendly. Applied to polyurethane foam,
the bio-based coatings greatly reduced the
flammability of the common furniture padding after it was exposed to an open flame.
Peak and average rates of heat release two
key indicators of the magnitude of a fire
hazard were reduced by 48 percent and
77 percent, respectively, the NIST team reports in the journal Green Materials. This
is the biggest reduction in flammability that
we have achieved to date, said team leader
Rick Davis. The all-natural coatings outperform other promising experimental fireretardants that the NIST researchers have
devised with their layer-by-layer assembly method. But Davis said the bio-based
coatings must be applied more generously,
in stacks of about 20 layers as compared

with six or seven layers. Although still

under study, the all-natural formulations
might offer an alternative to existing fire
retardants, including some that have been
linked to human health risks and environmental problems. The new coatings use
negatively charged DNA molecules to link
two positively charged materials known to
enhance fire resistance: montmorillonite, a
type of soft clay that forms tiny crystals,
and chitosan, a fiber derived from the shells
of shrimp, lobsters and other crustaceans.
For its part, DNA, which was obtained
from herring sperm, may also confer added
protection because it bubbles and swells
when heated, protecting the material beneath. The team tested four different combinations of the three ingredients. In each
combination, clay, chitosan and DNA were
ordered in a specific arrangement and then
stacked 20 to 30 layers high. Of the four,
the best candidate for a bio-based fire retardant, according to the researchers, appears
to be 10 repeating bilayers of chitosan
overlain by a mixture of DNA and montmorillonite. Besides providing the highest
level of fire protection, the bilayer arrangement is likely to be easier, faster, and less
expensive to fabricate than the other combinations, the team reports. However, this
coating increased the weight of the foam
by 16 percent. A lighter alternative, which
provides only slightly less fire protection, is
a coating that features five repeating fourlayer stacks, each consisting of chitosan,
DNA, chitosan, and clay. This arrangement
increases the foams weight by 5 percent.
Both recipes are great candidates for
environmentally benign fire-retardant coatings, the team said. Ongoing research aims

July 2014

Sherwin-Williams Skyscapes
Receives SAE AMS 3095
A complete chrome hazard free coating
system including pretreatment, corrosionprotective primer and topcoat offered by
Sherwin-Williams has earned approval by
SAE Internationals Aerospace Material
Specification G-8 Organic Coatings
Qualified ProductGroup. The SKYscapes
basecoat-clearcoat exterior coating system
reduces paint-process time by as much as 30
percent. The AMS 3095-certified SKYscapes
system that earned qualifications consists
of 3Ms AC- 131 Surface Pretreatment, the
new Chrome Hazard Free Quick Dry Epoxy
Primer (CM0483712), SKYscapes 850 Series
basecoat (CM850113), and SKYscapes
clearcoat (CM0850180). Although SherwinWilliams has had other SKYscapes systems
be qualified to AMS 3095, this is the first system in which both the pretreatment and the
corrosion inhibitive primer do not contain
hexavalanet chromium. SKYscapes has become known as a high performance, multipurpose product. Besides AMS 3095 status,
it is also qualified to numerous general aviation OEM specifications. Sherwin- Williams
is one of the first major aviation industry
paint and coatings suppliers to have a chromate hazard free system to achieve AMS
certification. Sherwin-Williams provides the
finest in quality aerospace coatings, but also
delivers custom solutions for commercial
aircraft, including a full-range of specialized
livery color options in a line of products for
an outstanding, durable finish. Additionally,
its widespread global distribution network
dramatically speeds up the custom order
process so that they can now be delivered
and applied within only a few days.

GLIDDEN Launches New

Color Palette
GLIDDEN paint, a product of PPG
Industries revealed its anticipated new palette at The Home Depot locations across
the U.S. The brand optimized the palette
based on consumer preferences and behaviors, as well as trending colors to give
DIYers the best hues for their painting

projects. We found in our research that

while consumers are generally confident
about what color family they want, most
experience a great deal of difficulty in selecting the exact shade to put on the wall,
said Rob Horton, PPG director of marketing, architectural coatings. The new color
palette for Glidden paint was thoroughly
researched to make color selection less
daunting and to help consumers clearly
visualize how each color will work in their
homes. To arrive at the 488-color palette,
the Glidden paint color team extensively
researched what customers really want
and how they process color. They sorted
through tint sales data, reviewed website
traffic, and studied color sample movement throughout the U.S., Canada and
Puerto Rico to assess customers purchasing habits. For example, the team found
that the neutral color family accounted
for 60 percent of Glidden paint sales and
so ensured that it had a starring role in
the new color palette. The Glidden color

Fresh Paint

to simplify processing, enhance effectiveness, and test strategies to ensure durability.

team also scoured social media

websites such as Pinterest, home
and decorating publications such
as House Beautiful, Elle Decor
and Veranda, and catalogs from retailers
such as Crate & Barrel, IKEA, and J.Crew
to get a sense of trending styles and the
different ways people are incorporating
color into their homes. They created an
inspiration board for eight featured color
families and filled them with magazine
and catalog clippings that helped evolve
and shape the new color palette. As these
inspiration boards are a reflection of the
Glidden paint customer, the color team
was able to make direct connections to
how customers actually use color in their
lives. In addition, a new retail display will
feature the eight color families, divided
into three groups to provide simple navigation toward the perfect color selection.
The Glidden paint color chips have also
been revamped to help consumers with
the color selection process. CW

Use grind gages more consistently.

Little Joe Industries offers the ADM Automatic Draw-Down Machine for use with
grind gages. The ADM automates the draw down process controlling scraper
angle, speed, and force. Since these aspects are no longer operator dependent your grind gage draw-downs will be more consistent while requiring less
operator training and supervision.
Uses existing grind gages and scrapers from your current supplier.
US and foreign patents apply.
Little Joe Industries
10 Ilene Court, Suite 4, Hillsborough, NJ 08844-1922
Phone: (908) 359-5213 Fax: (908) 359-5724
Web: Email:

July 2014

Coatings World | 23


Valspar Patents Adhesion Promoter

U.S. 8,623,460 B2
Valspar has been granted a patent for a
method for making an article comprised
of providing a substrate comprised of at
least one of ceramic, glass and polymeric materials; contacting a surface of tbe
substrate with a solution comprised of
at least one of a Ga, W, Al, Mn, Mo, Sb
or Te metal ion or mixtures thereof at a
concentration of approximately 0.01 to 3
mmol/l and pH of approximately 4.0 to
6.0 to form an activated surface on the
substrate; and applying a metal coating
on the activated surface of the substrate,
wherein the solution does not contain
Pd(II) ions, and wherein the article is

Method For Restoring

Antimicrobial Hydrophilic
U.S. 8,623,453 B2
Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems
International has obtained a patent for a
method for restoring a silver oxide-containing hydrophilic coating. The method is
comprised of heating the coating to a first
temperature between approximately 260
C and about 540 C in a chamber during a
heating step; adding ozone to the chamber;
maintaining the coating at a second temperature between 260 C and 540 C in an
environment containing oxygen and ozone
for less than 24 hours during a contaminant
removal step; and reducing the temperature
of the coating to a third temperature lower
than the second temperature and maintaining the coating at the third temperature for
between about 15 minutes and about 4
hours during a silver oxide restoration step.

Metal Components
With Silicon-Containing
Protective Coatings Free Of
U.S. 8,623,461 B2
MT Coatings LLC has obtained a patent
for a coating process for protecting a surface of a substantially chromium-free metal

component, the coating process is comprised

of combining a substantially chromium-free
silicon-containing fluid composition comprised of a silane liquid with a dopant that is
dissolvable in the silane liquid and is selected
from the group consisting of yttrium, hafnium, and combinations thereof; applying a
layer of the substantially chromium-free, silicon-containing fluid composition to at least
a portion of the surface; curing the substantially chromium-fee, silicon-containing fluid
composition after the layer is applied to the
surface; placing the cured substantially chromium-free, silicon-containing fluid composition in layer in a non-oxidizing atmosphere
before heating; and heating the cured substantially chromium-free, silicon-containing
fluid composition in layer to a temperature
of approximately 70 percent of the melting
temperature of the substantially chromiumfree component or to the eutectic temperature of silicon and the metal constituting the
substantially chromium-free metal component to form a substantially chromium-free,
silicon-containing protective coating on the
surface that includes silicon from the cured
silicon-containing fluid composition and
metal from the metal component.

AkzoNobel Patents
Redispersible Polymer
U.S. 8,623,462 B2
AkzoNobel has been granted a patent for a
water-redispersible polymer powder composition containing at least one modified natural latex obtained by mixing and reacting
natural latex with at least one radical initiator and/or with at least one oxidizing agent,
wherein the natural latex and the at least one
radical initiator and/or at least one oxidizing agent are mixed in an aqueous phase
and subsequently drying of the obtained
mixture, wherein the drying is selected from
spray drying, pulse combustion spray drying, freeze drying, fluidized bed drying, drum
drying and flash drying, said water-redispersible polymer powder composition further containing at least one water insoluble,

24 | Coatings World

synthetic polymer prepared by means of

emulsion, suspension, microemulsion and/or
inverse emulsion polymerization.

H.B. Fuller Patents Hot

Melt Adhesive
U.S. 8,623,480 B2
H.B. Fuller has been granted a patent for a
hot melt adhesive composition comprised of
at least 55 percent by weight of a first polymer
consisting of a non functionalized amorphous
poly alpha olefin polymer comprising greater
than approximately 50 percent by weight
polypropylene; a second polymer selected
from the group consisting of polypropylene
homopolymers, propylene copolymers, and
combinations thereof; functionalized polypropylene wax; and polyethylene wax; the
adhesive composition has a viscosity of no
greater than 2000 centipoise at 176.7 C.

Pigments And Fillers
U.S. 8,623,504 B2
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT has
been granted a patent for particles of a
polysaccharide derivative, having at least
one substituent with conjugated unsaturated bonds and exhibiting an index of
refraction in excess of 1.50, comprised of
a polysaccharide derivative selected from
the group of esters or ethers of starch, cellulose, dextrin or a hemicellulose, wherein
the substituent is selected from aromatic
radicals having 6 to 18 carbon atoms, alicyclic groups having 6 to 12 carbon atoms
and at least two conjugated unsaturated
bonds, and linear or branched aliphatic
hydrocarbyls having at least two conjugated unsaturated bonds, and mixtures of
two or more, and wherein the polysaccharide is comprised, in addition to a first substituent comprised of the substituent with
conjugated unsaturated bonds, a second
substituent bonded by ester or ether bonds
to the polysaccharide, wherein the second
substituent is comprised of a hydrocarbyl radical derived from a C2-20 aliphatic
group. CW
July 2014

Market Reports

IRL Profiles the South American Paint Industry

IRL has launched a new edition of

its regional title A Profile of the South
American Paint Industry. This fully updated report provides market data for
2013 and forecasts for 2018, and gives
an overview of the paint industry trends
across 10 countries in the region.
The total market for paints and coatings in South America was more than
2.9 million tons in 2013, and is forecast
to rise to more than 3.8 million ton by
2018. This is equivalent to an average
annual growth rate of 5.6 percent.
On a country-by-country basis, Brazil
is by far the largest national market, accounting for nearly 60 percent of total
demand. Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay
are very small by comparison. All countries are predicted to enjoy good growth
rates over the forecast period, in particular the developing market of Bolivia
(from a very small base) and the dynamic
market of Brazil. Brazil will be hosting
the Football World Cup in summer 2014
and the Olympic Games in 2016, both
of which have stimulated demand for all
types of paints and coatings.
Architectural and decorative coatings for consumer and professional uses
account for some three quarters of the
American market overall, although this
proportion varies from country to country. Growth is forecast to be highest in
the architectural and general industrial
segments. This is influenced by growth
in the dominant market of Brazil, where
significant investment in infrastructure is
currently taking place.
Growth in the marine and protective
coatings segment is being boosted by developments in the oil and gas sector, particularly in Brazil where there is currently
extensive activity in the area of deep water oil reserves.
A Profile of the South American Paint
Industry gives an insight into the market
changes in the past few years as well as
outlining the key trends affecting the decorative and industrial coatings segments

for each individual country covered.

The scope of the study covers Argentina,
Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador,
Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.
It provides 2013 market data on nine
mainstream paints and coatings segments: architectural/decorative, industrial wood coatings, protective coatings,
marine coatings, automotive OEM coatings, automotive refinishes, powder
coatings, general industrial coatings and
plastic coatings. Forecasts on these are
also presented for the year 2018. The cost
of the full report is 3,750.

Egyptian Paints & Coatings

Market Value to Reach LE
4.90 B in 2018
The increasing demand for affordable
housing, robust infrastructure, and other
public amenities among the younger generation is fuelling the market for paints
and coatings in Egypt. Nearly 65 percent
of Egypts population is in the 15 to 59
age bracket. This young demographic is driving the demand for housing.
Furthermore, the growing trend towards
nuclear families is fuelling real estate development, in turn boosting the prospects
of paint and coating manufacturers in the
country. Manufacturers should roll out
optimally-priced products that are high
on performance to fully exploit these
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan,
Analysis of the Egyptian Paints and
Coatings Market, finds that the market
earned revenues of LE 3.93 billion in
2013 and estimates this to reach LE 4.90
billion in 2018 at a compound annual
growth rate of 4.5 per cent. The study
covers decorative paints as well as automotive, marine, wood and industrial protective coatings.
Over the next few years, the government-subsidiszed LE 120 billion project which aims at constructing one
million residential units in 14 cities and
other governorates across Egypt will

26 | Coatings World

drive the uptake of paints and coatings

in the country, said the Frost & Sullivan
Chemicals & Materials Research Analyst.
The resumption of several other private
and Government-funded projects will
also aid market development.
However, abating tourism and the fall
in foreign investments in the Egyptian
economy due to continual violent political clashes between the Government and
the opposition are lowering market potential. Devaluation of the national currency is also holding back the market as
more than 55 percent of raw materials
used by this industry are imported.
Despite the negative short-term outlook, the market holds strong potential.
Egypt is the largest manufacturer and
consumer of paints and coatings in the
North African region. In addition to the
strong demand for decorative paints anticipated from the residential construction sector, local and foreign investment
is expected to regain momentum in the
coming years.
As the economy recovers, market
participants will shift their focus from
traditional paints and coatings towards
green products, noted the analyst. The
industrial paints and coatings segment
too will show exponential growth from
2016 onwards, with demand being driven
by the newly planned infrastructure development activities as well as demand
from projects that are currently stalled.
Analysis of the Egyptian Paints and
Coatings Market is part of the Chemicals
& Materials Growth Partnership Service
program. Frost & Sullivans related studies include: Global Advanced Aerospace
Coatings Market, Indian Automotive
Coatings Market, Protective and Marine
Coatings Market and the Resins Markets,
and Fluoropolymer Powder Coatings
Market in North America. All studies included in subscriptions provide detailed
market opportunities and industry trends
evaluated following extensive interviews
with market participants. CW
July 2014

You asked for less.

We give you:

Introducing Alex Color's new
WZ aqueous pigment dispersions
APE Free
Zero VOCs
Available in a wide range of
organic and inorganic pigments
Custom dispersions also available


New Products

PPG Launches New

SIGMAGLIDE 1290 Coating

PPG Industries protective and marine coatings business has launched

SIGMAGLIDE 1290 system, a 100
percent silicone binder fouling release
system that uses a dynamic surface regeneration technology to eliminate slime
problems and dramatically increase fuel
savings compared to existing fouling release products.
Through chemical engineering of the
100 percent pure silicone binder system
at a molecular level, PPG has been able
to design the optimal configuration for
the silicone coating surface, according to
Sijmen Visser, PPG global marketing manager, marine. This results in an increased
silicone density at the surface to such a
degree that slime organisms do not recognize it as a surface substrate and have no
chance to settle on it, significantly extending the effectiveness of the coating.
A well-known drawback of fouling release technologies is that their effectiveness decreases over time, Visser
said. This is often seen at the waterline,
where the impact of sunlight, dirt and
ultraviolet (UV) radiation has a negative
effect and leads to the aggregation of
slime. PPGs research and development
team has overcome this problem, he
said, by engineering the SIGMAGLIDE
1290 system to include dynamic surface
regeneration properties. These enable
water to act as a catalyst to reduce the
surface energy of the coating back to its
original state and thus restart its beneficial surface configuration properties.
As a result, customers will experience
no loss in performance and improved
stability of the product throughout its
lifetime, Visser said. The combination
of the 100 percent silicone binder fouling release system with the ability of the
surface to dynamically regenerate makes
the SIGMAGLIDE 1290 system a breakthrough technology for the marine coatings market, according to Visser.
The product is suitable for all vessel types and also when long stationary

periods are to be considered, such as

with floating production, storage and
offloading (FPSO) units. It also brings
significant benefits for cruise and ferry
operators as well as owners of tankers,
bulkers, gas carriers, dredgers and container ships. Visser said that over the past
decade, the cruise industry has benefited
considerably from the SIGMAGLIDE
system thanks to a combination of its
proven fuel saving, aesthetic benefits and
ability to deliver a fast return on investment. The SIGMAGLIDE 1290 system
builds on the already proven success of
the SIGMAGLIDE fouling release range,
used on more than 400 vessels worldwide including many cruise ships. As
fouling doesnt adhere, even at lower
speed, the SIGMAGLIDE 1290 system
is also beneficial for the offshore industry, where assets are static or for vessels
that are slow steaming but still require
a high level of fouling protection. Over
the last two decades we have received
many spontaneous confirmations from
customers of fuel savings in values ranging between 3-13 percent delivered by
our SIGMAGLIDE fouling release products, Visser said. SIGMAGLIDE 1290
[system] ensures that our customers can
now benefit from advanced slime protection and extended fuel savings that
go way beyond anything that was previously possible. With our continued
quest to improve on the success of the
SIGMAGLIDE range, we have succeeded in raising the bar once more with the
launch of the SIGMAGLIDE 1290 fouling release coating.

improvements and can also result in

lower capital investment.
Utilizing dry-on-dry coatings technology, Interpon Align delivers superior edge
coverage and corrosion performance,
while eliminating one full cure cycle. The
result is a shortened coating cycle leading
to improved productivity and, in some
cases, reduced capital investment.
As the global market leader in powder coatings we are constantly looking to
innovate and focus more sharply on the
needs of our customers, said John Wolff,
managing director AkzoNobel Powder
Coatings. Interpon Align is a perfect example of our sustainable innovation, having already been proven to consistently
increase efficiency and output by up to 30
percent during commercial use.
Added global implementation manager, Dan Hrkalovich: Traditional twocoat powder coating solutions require a
cure after the primer and another cure after the top coat. Interpon Align has been
designed to eliminate the primer curing
process, as the two coating layers are
cured simultaneously. This results in significantly improved productivity, as well
as energy and cost savings.
The new technology can be tailored
to meet exact color and performance requirements, resulting in a wide range of
end-use products, including thick and
heavy mass metal parts that meet the
most demanding OEM specifications for
protection and appearance.

AkzoNobel Unveils
Interpon Align Powder
Coatings for High Corrosion

Valspar has announced a new addition to

the WeatherXL product line. WeatherXL
Crinkle Finish delivers the same durability as WeatherXL, but offers unique performance that you can be sees and felt.
The textured appearance on WeatherXL
Crinkle Finish redirects light for enhanced visual depth, promising a step
change enhancement over flat-panels

AkzoNobels Powder Coatings business has launched an innovative twocoat, one-bake powder coating system
which offers customers significant
productivity and energy efficiency

28 | Coatings World

Valspar Introduces
WeatherXL Crinkle Finish
for Coil Coatings

July 2014

proprietary adhesion technology

excellent adhesion and bond strength
pressure sensitive adhesive


Exterior Test Fence Program

Water-borne Adhesives & Sealants


superior performance excellent clarity

Acrylic Emulsions

Wood Flooring

excellent moisture retention

superior adhesion to multiple substrates

Excellent chalky surfaces

best polymer choices

glossy surfaces

Styrene acrylic emulsions Starting Formulationscleanliness Mastics

DTM Coatings
Cementitious unique processing capabilities

OptiColor XP

NovoColor non-blushing performance


value-added features

<100 g/l VOC MSDS

Color Corporation of America (CCA)Near-zero-VOC
formulated outstanding balance of adhesion and gloss

and Floor Paints

Cure and Seal Wall
starting formulations freeze/thaw stability
OEM tackifying resins Concrete Coatings
excellent application and film properties
adhesion to metal and plastic substrates
low-temperature flexibility
ExacTint concrete Industrial Maintenance
excellent gloss retention
Specialties a wide range of 100% acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions Performance

Technical Data Sheets

improved flow properties
laminating and packaging


Coating Resins
and Colorants
for the Architectural,
Industrial and
Construction markets 1-800-654-4242

New Products

appearance. WeatherXL Crinkle

Finish has been responsively designed to create a shifting and
shimmering effect that mirrors
the eyes natural horizontal motion with
the texture. Ranging from standard colors such as charcoal and rural red, to premium colors like silver sage and gallery
blue, WeatherXL Crinkle Finish boasts an
array of color options to fit any project.
The coating also features strong color retention that meets current solar reflective
(SR) standards for Energy Star ratings.
WeatherXL Crinkle Finish is truly a product that you have to see and
feel to understand its texture, said
Jeff Alexander, VP of sales for Valspar.
Were excited to bring this unique
coil coating option to our customers
and watch them transform buildings
throughout North America.
Formulated with an enhanced
WeatherXL silicone polyester resin
system to deliver maximum hardness,
WeatherXL Crinkle Finish delivers superior quality for unrivaled performance
against chalking, fading and scratching
making it ideal for commercial and
residential, agricultural and industrial
buildings, metal roofing and wall panels.

Valspar Introduces Valspar

Valde Extreme Flex Cure
Coating Technology
The Valspar Corporation launched
Valspar Valde Extreme Flex Cure (EFC)
powder coating technology designed with
proprietary resin technology to deliver
full performance with faster cure rates at
a much lower temperature compared to
traditional powder coatings. These features allow customers to increase manufacturing line speeds and reduce oven
temperatures with no compromise in
corrosion protection, gloss or durability.
Valspar Valde EFC also can be used on
production parts that are heavy, temperature sensitive or pre-assembled and typically require liquid coatings.
Valspar Valde EFC provides maximum flexibility in manufacturing operations. Energy costs are lowered because
oven temperatures can be reduced as
much as125F/52C as compared to traditional coatings. And, faster cure cycles

increase production output, allowing existing assets to increase capacity without

additional capital expenditures. With reduced energy use and no VOC emissions,
environmental impact is minimized, and
painting from subcontractors can be reclaimed to reduce paint outsourcing costs.


Powder PUR Anti-Sticker
To combat the problem of graffiti, lettering and stickers, BASFs Coatings division
has developed the RELEST Powder PUR
Anti-Sticker coating. The products antistick surface prevents soiling and reduces
cleaning costs. It was specially developed
for coating light poles, traffic signal
poles and circuit breaker panel boxes.
RELEST Powder PUR Anti-Stickers
slightly roughened surface offers antigraffiti properties. Stickers do not adhere
properly to the surface and graffiti can be
removed more easily, said BASF product manager Miriam Belke. The product
also features high weathering resistance,
scratch resistance and very high chemical resistance. Euro coatings GmbH, a
service provider for surface technology
based in Werl, Germany, is the first company to use the anti-stick coating.
Using the powder coating on light
poles offers outstanding protection from
soiling and corrosion, and is a valuable
addition to our portfolio, explained
CEO Klaus Merckx. BASF supplies powder coating systems under the product
name RELEST Powder. The systems can
be used for an array of applications, for
example, for plant and machine construction, for garden fences and for faade
construction. These systems stand out for
their low material loss during coating.

Valspar & Lowes Unveil

Super Premium Paint +
Valspar and Lowes have introduced
Valspar Reserve Paint + Primer with
HydroChroma Technology, super premium paint designed to revolutionize
the way consumers paint their homes.
Created to deliver durability that stands
up to real-life applications, Valspar
Reserve resists more staining, scrubbing

30 | Coatings World

and fade than any other paint on the market today.

According to Valspar, its Valspar
Reserve interior paint is 40 percent more
durable with superior stain and scrub resistance, making it ideal for all applications in the home. In addition to increased
durability, the exclusive HydroChroma
Technology, a water-based colorant system with super-strength pigments, offers
a broader range of deeper, more vibrant
colors. This technology allows consumers
to color match more precisely while delivering exceptional one-coat coverage even
over dark colors and bold parterns.

Flame Control Coatings

Thermal Barrier for Spray
Polyurethane Foam
Flame Control Coatings has announced
the launch of Flame Control 60-60A
Thermal Barrier coating for Spray
Polyurethane Foam. This water-based
thin film intumescent coating will provide
a 15-minute thermal barrier over spray
polyurethane foam insulation. Flame
Control 60-60A is approved for use in
occupied spaces where building codes
call for the spray foam insulation to be
separated from the interior by a 15-minute thermal barrier.
This innovative coating allows us to
meet the ICC requirements while providing an economical and easy-to-use thermal barrier coating to the spray foam
industry said Tim Lockhart, marketing
manager for Flame Control Coatings.
The successful performance during the
NFPA 286 15-minute room corner test
qualifies 60-60A to be used as an alternative thermal barrier in occupied spaces.
This product is another example of the
type of high performance flame retardant
and intumescent coatings available from
Flame Control.
Flame Control 60-60A is a waterbased latex paint that can be applied
by brush, roll or spray. Flame Control
Coatings is a specialty coatings manufacturers located in Niagara Falls, New
York. For more than 35 years, Flame
Control has been manufacturing flame
retardant, heat resistant, and specialty
coatings. CW
July 2014

Reichhold Celebrates 85+ Years of Steadfast Innovation.
In 1927, our founder Henry Reichhold revolutionized the coatings industry by developing synthetic
resins that drastically decreased the dry time of the paint used on Ford Motor Companys Model-T
automobiles and enabled increased speed of production on the assembly lines. Now 85 years later,
that same spirit of innovation continues to ourish at Reichhold amidst the sea of economic change.
Although we take great pride in our time-honored history, it is our ongoing pursuit of excellence in areas
such as compliant water-borne technology that drives us today and will propel us well into the future,
thereby maintaining our long-established position as an industry leader.
While markets will always ebb and ow, Reichholds unwavering commitment to developing new and
innovative products for the customers and markets we serve will remain constant. We appreciate your
support throughout the years, and we anticipate creating a few waves as we surge forward.

Everywhere Performance Matters

Reichhold, Inc.
World Headquarters and Technology Center
P.O. Box 13582
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
(919) 990-7500 (local) or (800) 431-1920 (toll-free)

IPaint Protecting the P&C Industrys Intellectual Assets

Welcome Back, For the New Season

of the Made-for-CW Drama, iPaint
by Steve McDaniel, JD, PhD
Contirbuirng Editor

Overly dramatic? OK, look, Ill admit it.

I am a made-for-TV drama addict.
I cant wait for the next superstars to
populate True Detective, or to see how
Red is gonna battle Vees contraband
prison gang on Orange is the New Black,
and or to bide my time until Steven Van
Zandt gets off tour with Springsteen to
creep us out in the hilarious Norewegian
Lillyhammer. And, yes, I am still in

mourning for high-school-chemistryteacher-gone-awry Walter White and the

cast of Breaking Bad. In a very real telesense, a PhD chemist myself, I was addicted to the Blue Meth that only Heisenberg
could cook.
So, in my dreams I imagine that there
are some eclectic sorts out there that are
going to be happy to see the return of
new episodes of iPaint 2014. True. Its
not ultra pure (blue) methamphetamine,
but it IS focused on the chemistry business (of coatings) and may from time to
time even mention pigments.

32 | Coatings World

Our team (Beth, Jon and me) has put

together a trailer, if you will, that gives
you a peak under the tent as to what the
next iPaint episodes will be. While we reserve our prerogative to add and subtract,
to expand and contract, and to take requests from you our CW readers, here
you go.
Since the coatings industry has NOT
changed from last year, and still relies heavily on protecting its products
through trade secret protection, we will
continue the predominant focus on trade
secret topics. We will expand that a bit

July 2014

Protecting the P&C Industrys Intellectual Assets IPaint

The iPaint team gives a sneak peak at

upcoming episdie topics: we will continue
the predominant focus on trade secret
topics and will expand this to include
copyright and trade secret syntergies...a
large focus will be given to the international
trend that is growing to strengthen trade
secret law.
to include complementary tools of trade
secret protection, including copyright +
trade secret synergies. We will expand
into the additional complementary fields
of trade mark, trade name, trade dress
and other ways in which customer confidence and loyalty is garnered, and the
trade secret aspects of these assets.
A large focus will be given to the
international trend that is growing to
strengthen trade secret law. There are new
laws and others being promoted in the
U.S., in Europe, and even in China that
portend the rising importance of trade secrets in the global economy. It is almost
a given, even for small paint companies,
that a world economic view is the only
view to have. Given that, we proceed at
peril if we do not have a grasp of international trade secret law. Several episodes
of iPaint will be devoted to this crucial
topic. Any stories from the trenches that
you think may help edify this topic would
be most appreciated.
In previous last-season episodes (articles), we spent lots of time discussing the
chiefly state-by-state development of the
tort of trade secret misappropriation. In
some of our future articles, we will turn
our attention to federal trade secret laws
with some real teeth in them. We will address the first federal law to directly and
broadly address the protection of trade
secrets, the 1996 Economic Espionage
Act that created criminal penalties (including imprisonment) for theft of trade
secrets. More recently, we will note

that Congress passed the Theft of Trade

Secrets Clarification Act of 2012 to clarify the scope of the Economic Espionage
Act in response to the decision of the U.S.
Court of Appeals that overturned the
conviction of a former Goldman Sachs
employee who stole proprietary computer source code. Congress amended
the Economic Espionage Act to cover
products or services used in interstate or
foreign commerce. We will also explore
the interactions of other laws that are being discussed at the federal level that will
expand the scope of the Act even further.
Keeping our world-economic-view
glasses on, we will discuss how trade secret law in the European Union is primarily controlled by its member states. The
EU has recently taken major steps toward
the creation of a unified system for the
protection of trade secrets. We will explore some of the impacts of this unification on companies selling coatings into
the European Union.
No trade secret analysis is complete
without considering China of course, as
the worlds hottest economy, a huge market for coatings and coatings innovations,
and a historically trade secret high-risk
jurisdiction. In 2011, Treasury Secretary
Geithner went so far as to accuse China of
enabling the systematic stealing of intellectual property of American companies
and this was more recently reiterated by
Gary Locke, U.S. Chinese Ambassador.
We have previously discussed coatings cases involving theft of coatings

July 2014

technologies by Chinese entities. But, it is

a rapidly changing scene and requires us
to keep an ear to the Great Wall.
A dialogue will be opened regarding why U.S. companies suffering from
industrial espionage have recently chosen to file complaints with the U.S.
International Trade Commission (ITC),
and discuss the advantages and disadvantages the ITC offers as a judicial arbiter
for coatings companies. Being able to literally stop importation of foreign products embodying a misappropriated U.S.
company trade secret aint a bad option.
We will continue our in depth-look at
the paper wall surrounding trade secret
assets. We will be looking at provisions
that should be incorporated into tradesecret licenses, technical assistance agreements, and hybrid patent/trade-secret
licenses. These provisions include clauses
that spell out license grants, royalty payments, indemnities, warranties, terms
and termination conditions, etc. Hybrid
agreements, and the problems they create
will be discussed. Since it is a misuse of
a patent or an antitrust violation to exact
royalty payments after a patent ceases to
be in force, we will explore solutions to
this predicament.
So theres your episode trailer for the
year upcoming. Oh, that Walter White
were still around to love and loathe. But,
in his absence, I remain,
Yours Very Truly,
McDaniel, aka Heisenberg. CW

Do you have a topic

you would like to see
covered by iPaint?
Send your topic ideas to:
Kerry Pianoforte
Editor, Coatings World

Coatings World | 33

International Coatings Scene Europe

Biocidal Products Regulation

Could Prove Challenging for EU

The Biocidal
Regulation (BPR),
another piece of
new legislaton
which came into
effect only in
September last
year, could turn
out to be an even
bigger challenge
than expected in
the industry.

by Sean Milmo
European Correspondent

or the European coatings industry, REACH, the seven-year-old

European Unions legislation on the
registration, evaluation and authorization
of industrial chemicals, has been posing
major difficulties.
However the Biocidal Products Regulation
(BPR), another piece of new legislation which
came into effect only in September last year,
could turn out to be an even bigger challenge
than expected to the industry.

34 | Coatings World

With REACH, which necessitates the drawing-up of safety dossiers on individual chemicals, coatings producers are already having to
reformulate their products because of raw materials at the moment relatively small in number being withdrawn by their manufacturers
or distributors due to the expense of gathering
safety data.
With the BPR, the safety data to be submitted for the approval of biocides is far more rigorous and expensive to collect. Also, even after
a dossier has been completed, there is no guarantee that a product will be authorized by the
EUs regulatory authorities, particularly those
at the national level.
Some national agencies, mainly in northern
Europe, are deeply sceptical about the safety of
July 2014

Europe International Coatings Scene

some chemicals used to harm or eliminating microorganisms in the environment.
Under the legislation biocides are defined as any substance destroying, deterring, rendering harmless or exerting
a controlling effect on fungi, viruses,
bacteria, yeasts, moulds, algae and other
microscopic organisms.
For industry, the BPR is a worse piece
of legislation than REACH mainly because of political influence, said Didier
Leroy, technical director at the European
Council of Paints, Printing Inks and Artists
colours (CEPE), the main European trade
association for coatings. Decisions under
the legislation are likely to be taken for political rather than scientific reasons.
The biggest immediate danger is that
key chemicals used as fungicides in waterborne paints could be banned under
the legislation.
The result could be that no waterbased coatings could be used in or as
consumer products, Leroy warned. A
decision at the EU level on the future of
waterborne coatings could be taken as
early as the end of this year.
In addition, the marketing of coatings
combating microorganisms, such as antifouling paints, are being jeopardised by
antagonism to the products among individual EU member states.
The EU legislators made the BPR
extra strict because the 1998 Biocides
Products Directive the EUs first legislation specifically on biocides, which it was
designed to replace was considered to
be too lax. But they retained a decentralized system allowing authorizations to
be made by the EUs 28 member states
because of their knowledge of local environments and public health issues.
The BPR fills in gaps by laying down
rules on the safety of imports and on data
to be provided on efficacy and on the impact of biocides on non-target organisms.
Under the new regulations, approvals
are needed for active substances, biocidal
products such as anti-microbial coatings
which are intended to combat microorganisms, and treated articles, essentially
finished products containing biocides.
Active substance have to be authorized
at the EU level through the Helsinki-based
European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

which makes recommendations to the

European Commission, the EU executive
so that it can take the final decision.
Biocidal products have to be approved
by each of the EUs 28 member states or
through a mutual recognition scheme
under which an approval of a product in
one state is accepted by other countries.
A company can make a mutual recognition application to cover the countries
in which it wants to market a product,
explained Richard Roy, a toxicologist at
REACHReady, a London-based consultancy which provides advice on the BPR.
The country carrying out the evaluation
of the applicants dossier will usually coordinate closely with the other countries
covering the submission so approval can
take time.
However, even within the process
for approving active substances, countries can shape the recommendations
made by ECHA, because the agencys
expert committees comprise member
states specialists.
This is what is happening with two
groups of fungicides formaldehyde releasers and isothiazolinones which are
applied as preservatives in waterborne
coatings. Individual EU countries have
been calling for bans on their use on the
grounds of their being health hazards.
Formaldehyde-releasing compounds
which emit small amount of the chemicals are considered to be carcinogenic
while isothiazolinones are regarded as
skin sensitisers. ECHA is likely to make
a recommendation on the approval of the
two fungicides in the next few months for
the Commissions consideration.
Under the BPR carcinogens have to
be phased out in active substances while
the same approach can be taken with skin
sensitisers, said Leroy. Without these
fungicides, waterborne coatings will rapidly degrade. The only alternative is to
switch to solvents whose use is retricted
by the EUs regulations on emissions of
volatile organic compounds. (VOCs).
Were hoping the Commission will rule
out a ban because of its impact.
With coatings like anti-fouling and
other anti-microbial products, manufacturers face a difficult decision of deciding
whether to seek approval state by state

July 2014

or through the mutual recognition route.

Mutual recognition can be difficult
because of the hostility to biocides in certain states, said Leroy. In some countries they can be regarded as dangerous
to the environment no matter what the
evidence is. In Scandinavia some experts
say that, instead of using chemicals, fouling organisms can be scraped off the hulls
of ships.
CEPEs tactic with anti-fouling paints
is to concentrate the resources of its national associations on a minority of
member states to persuade their health
and safety agencies of the social and economic importance of the coatings.
Long-haul cargo and other large
ships which are served by shipyards in the
main global centres of South Korea and
China will still be able to enter EU waters
with unauthorised anti-fouling coatings,
Leroy added.
It is not just inconsistencies in the
BPRs application which is annoying
European industry but also small technical details which will be difficult to
comply with. Active substances have
to be tested, for example, to Good
Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards to
show that they are produced in batches
of uniform quality and once incorporated in biocidal products are technically
equivalent to the original.
For SMEs, testing to GLP standards
could be expensive, said Nina McGrath,
scientific advisor at Euro Chlor, the
European association of chlorine and
chlorine derivatives producers. Also,
some countries, even in the EU, do not
have any GLP-certified laboratories.
Already before the BPR was introduced the numbers of biocidal active
substances on the market is estimated to
have been reduced by around 60 percent
to around 400 because of the requirements of the previous legislation.
With the new regulation being even
more stringent, the number of active
substances and consequently of biocidal
products is likely to go down even further. Coatings producers will have even
less choice and will almost certainly have
to pay more for biocides, said commercial manager at one European distributor
of coatings raw materials. CW
Coatings World | 35

International Coatings Scene Africa

Infrastructure to Drive South Africa,

Kenya and Nigeria Coatings Markets

New projects
in the oil and
gas sector and
allied industries
in Kenya,
South Africa
and Nigerial
are fueling
demand for
industrial paints
and coatings

by Shem Oirere
Africa Correspondent

ncreased infrastructure development expenditure by Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria

will lend momentum to the countries industrial paints and coatings market according to a
market study by research firm Frost & Sullivan.
However, the paint and coating dealers in
these countries will have to embrace innovative
marketing techniques and sustainable quality
production to counter increased cost of raw
materials and counterfeit products to sustain
the momentum.
According to Frost & Sullivans Chemicals,
Materials & Food Industry analyst Anthony
Lawrence: New projects announced in the oil
and gas sector and allied industries in Kenya,
South Africa and Nigeria are fueling demand
for industrial paints and coatings products.

36 | Coatings World

In South Africa, the government and other

private companies such as Sasol and Petro SA
are the key forces driving the launch of new
projects and in turn widening market potential.
In Kenya the government of President Uhuru
Kenyatta has lined up several oil and gas projects to be implemented in phases resonating
well with a deliberate effort to increase government spending on infrastructure.
According to the countrys Petroleum and
Energy minister Davis Chirchir, the projects
include those by Kenya Ports Authority,
National Oil Corporation, Kenya Pipeline
Company among state agencies driving the
growth on which the projected expansion
of the paints and coatings market is likely
to be anchored.
The Kenya Ports Authority will soon be relocating the Kipevu Jetty in the Indian Ocean
port city of Mombasa to a nearby spacious site
and will enable its linking with an oil pipeline.
July 2014

Africa International Coatings Scene

The government has commissioned
a feasibility study for an offshore jetty
facility to reduce congestion and receipt
of larger vessels with the National Oil
Corporation of Kenya championing the
construction of this facility through a
Public Private Partnership, a release by
the Energy ministry said previously.
The country is also ready to implement the Lamu Port project Master
Plan, which among other components
is comprised of 32 berths at the city
of Lamu for export of crude oil from
South Sudan. Initial preparations for
construction of initial three berths and
associated port infrastructure is said to
be underway according to the ministrys release.
In addition, the Kenya Pipeline
Company has commissioned a feasibility
study to replace the current MombasaNairobi product oil pipeline. It also plans
to construct a 14-inch spur-line to Kisumu
City in Western Kenya to complement an
existing 6-inch multi-product oil pipeline
with plans and negotiations underway to
extend the pipeline into Uganda and later
to Rwanda.
Another multi-product oil pipeline is
planned to be constructed from Nakuru
town in Western Kenya to Isiolo town to
serve Central Kenya demand, the ministry said.
A crude oil pipeline from South Sudan
to Lamu in Kenya via Isiolo and refined
products multi-product oil pipeline from
Isiolo to Ethiopia has also been planned
for construction. Similarly, a new refinery
is planned to be set up at Isiolo to process
crude oil from South Sudan and Kenyan
crude oil in case it is commercially viable.
Modernization of the Kenya Petroleum
Refineries Ltd currently operating at 40
percent of its design capacity to process
four million tons is expected to be completed by 2015.
Kenyas overall spending on infrastructure went up by 21 percent last year
to Sh268.1 billion ($3 billion) up from
the Sh221 billion ($2.5 billion) in 2012.
Finance minister Henry Rotich said the
infrastructure investments are the building blocks needed to achieve a more lasting stable growth.
Over the past two financial years

infrastructure expenditure allocation

has increased by more than 62 percent,
a show of government desire to improve
infrastructure that has often been cited
by the private sector as one of the impediments to Kenyas economic competitiveness, said PricewaterhouseCoopers
post-budget analysis on Kenyas 2013
national budget.
A similar growth in infrastructure
expenditure has been seen in South
Africa over the past two years with the
government of President Jacob Zuma
announcing an anticipated expenditure
of R847 billion ($78 billion) in the next
three years. Outgoing Finance minister Pravin Gordhan said in February
the government has spent R1.1 trillion
($102 billion) on infrastructure since
2009 especially on rail projects, considered a key consumer of paints and coatings products.
Transnet (state rail operator) has increased capacity on its coal line. Plans are
in place to further expand the coal, iron
ore and manganese lines. The Passenger
Rail Agency of South Africa refurbished
500 Metrorail coaches last year, and
its new rolling stock procurement programme will get under way this year,
said Gordhan.
The private sector is also making an
increasing contribution to infrastructure
investment, added Gordhan.
However, it is Nigeria, which Frost &
Sullivan said presents the most opportunities due to the Governments success
in stimulating private and public involvement in development projects.
With the expected rollout of several
new development projects by the government as well as private players, the
local production capacity utilisation of
paints and coatings in Nigeria will increase significantly from its 2010 level
of 35 to 40 percent, said Lawrence.
The analysis seems to concur with
an earlier one by Business Monitor
International (BMI) which said Nigerias
residential and non-residential building
will be the major driver of growth, with
a growing middle class demanding more
from the sector.
Improving power supply and transport links will also be a driver of growth,

July 2014

but the infrastructure sector is more exposed to the numerous risks in Nigerias
business environment.
The combined Kenya, South Africa
and Nigeria sales volume of industrial
paints and coatings across the three
countries stood at 101.2 million liters in
2012 according to the Frost & Sullivan
study, which is yet to be released officially and covers wood, powder, can
and coil, marine, and industrial protective coatings.
This is estimated to reach 142.1 million liters in 2017, the study said.
The market analyst, however, cautions on the impact of the rising price of
raw materials which it says is likely to
push up the cost of industrial paint and
coating production.
The fluctuating exchange rates are
also a cause for concern especially for
Kenyan industry participants, as most
raw materials used in the manufacturing of paints and coatings are imported, it said.
It also singles out South Africa paints
and coatings market players of being at
risk of losing customers to the influx of
competitively-priced paints and coatings
into South Africa from countries such as
China and India is diverting customers
from local manufacturers.
To remain competitive, local
participants in the South African,
Nigerian and Kenyan industrial paints
and coatings markets should offer
products with a high price-performance ratio and ensure availability,
the study said.They must also provide robust customer service and technical support to build and strengthen
relationships with suppliers, add value, and retain customers.
According to Lawrence local market
participants should consider affiliating with well-established international
brands in order to maintain high quality, while respecting the relevant health
standards, as well as obtain environmental compliance accreditation. These
affiliations will also assist in making
customers completely aware of the
grades of paints and coatings so that
they can use the right product for the
right application. CW
Coatings World | 37

International Coatings Scene Latin America

Colombias Pintuco Builds Out Stores

by Charles W. Thurston
Latin America Correspondent

The Columbian
market for
automotive and
industrial paint
and coatings is
estimated at 36
million gallons,
of which Pintuco
claims to hold
nearly half.

olombias Pintuco is building out its network of Pintacasa branded paint stores
rapidly, having added 80 during 2013, and
targeting a total of 236 stores in Colombia in 31
cities, as well as locations in the Andean Region,
Central America and the Caribbean. Overall,
Pintuco plans to invest $22 million this year, according to recent statements to the local press by
Andrs Ortega Mndez, the managing director of
Pintuco, in Medellin. Within five years, the company hopes to elevate the network to include more
than 800 stores across Latin America, possibly
adding Mexico and Peru to its sales region.
Pintuco indicates that 95 percent of its
Colombian store network is franchise based
and that only five percent are company owned.
Pintuco also plans to expand the store network in
Ecuador this year through franchises. Growth in
the construction industry in Ecuador, in Colombia
and in Panama, is expected to lead to greater industrial sales in those countries this year.
The Colombian market for architectural, automotive and industrial paint and coatings is estimated at 36 million gallons, of which Pintuco claims
to hold nearly half. The architectural segment
represents 30 million gallons of the total and the
other segments combined represent six million, he
suggested. With a portfolio of products in all three
segments, Pintuco currently has sales in 11 countries, including: the Andean region in Colombia,
Ecuador and Venezuela; the Caribbean region
in Aruba and Curacao; and the Central America
region in Panam, Costa Rica, Honduras,
Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador.
Pintucos market is served by nine paint and
coatings production plants and three distribution centers. Total paint and coatings sales for
the company were up five percent to an estimated $240 million last year in Colombia, and
to $360 million in sales in other countries. Sales
increases in prior years were in the double-digit
range, the company indicated.
Paint and coatings are the leading products
for Pintuco parent Orbis, which changed its

38 | Coatings World

name this year from Grupo Mundial, which has

been in business for 90 years. Water, chemicals
and general trade are also business units of the
conglomerate. The companys major Colombian
paint brands include Aerocolor, CRC, Kativa,
Kem, Koraza, Pintuco, Protecto and Viniltex. It
also sells the Pintec brand in Ecuador and the
Venezolana de Pinturas brand in Venezuela.
Among competitors in the do-it-yourself market for company stores in Colombia is Chiles
Sodimac, which expanded its Colombian network
by six stores during 2012 to a total of 29 stores in
16 cities.Sodimac Colombia launched $161 million in Colombian bonds to fund the expansion.
Along with the modernizing name change,
Orbis plans a major advertising campaign
through social media including the Twitter,
Facebook, LinkedIn and Google platforms.
As part of its sustainability activities, Pintuco
last year provided several thousand gallons of
paint for a community of houses on a hillside
slum in Medellin, and at other sites with historic
architecture. The effort is also supported by Orbis
social responsibility charity, Fundacin Orbis. CW
July 2014

Business Corner Strategies & Analysis

Mergers & Acquisition Hurdles

by Phil Phillips, PhD
Contributing Editor

A formula, once

oint ventures, mergers and acquisitions

are many times, extra-ordinarily complicated disjointed and time consuming.
We would not attempt to cover all of these
M&A dynamics in a single column but we
feel compelled to alert you to and define one
very important hurdle the government uses
when evaluating both public and privately
held companies. A formula, once understood,
could save a great deal of time upfront in
M&A considerations.

Ever since the early eighties, the U.S.

Department of Justice, the Federal Trade
Commission, and state attorneys general
have used a screening guide referred to as the
Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) to measure
market concentration for purposes of antitrust
enforcement. This market index (HHI) is calculated by summing the squares of the percentage market shares held by the respective firms
within a specific well-defined market space. For
example, an industry consisting of three firms
with market shares of 40%, 30% and 30% has
an HHI of 40+30+30, or 3400.
The HHI takes into account the relative
size distribution of the firms in a market. It approaches zero when a market is occupied by a

could save a
grat deal of
time upfront
in mergers
and acquisiton

40 | Coatings World

July 2014

Strategies & Analysis Business Corner

large number of firms of relatively equal
size and reaches its maximum of 10,000
points when a market is controlled by a
single firm. The HHI increases both as the
number of firms in the market decreases
and as the disparity in size between those
firms increases.
Lets assume four coatings companies have the following SOM (Shareof-Market) in the very concentrated
Automotive OEM market segment and
the two largest (XYZ & ABC) decide to
merge taking a total of 54.4% of the market in doing so.
The resultant HHI would be a prohibitively high figure of 3735 and calling
very rigid attention from the FTC in the
Even considering the two lowest SOM
players (DEF & RST) at 21.0% and
16.4%, respectively, we find a higher than
FTC acceptable figure of 2949.
The agencies generally consider markets in which the HHI is between 1,500
and 2,500 points to be moderately concentrated, and consider markets in which
the HHI is in excess of 2,500 points to be
highly concentrated. Transactions that increase the HHI by more than 200 points
in highly concentrated markets are presumed likely to enhance market power
under the Horizontal Merger Guidelines
issued by the Department of Justice and
the Federal Trade Commission.
Market Concentration is often one
useful indicator of likely competitive effects of a merger. In evaluating market
concentration, the Agencies consider both
the post-merger level of market concentration and the change in concentration
resulting from a merger.
Market shares may not always fully
mirror the competitive consequence of
firms in the market or the impact of a
merger. They are used in conjunction with
other evidence of competitive effects.
When analyzing mergers between an incumbent and a recent or potential entrant,
to the extent the Agencies use the change
in concentration to evaluate competitive effects, they will obviously do so using projected market shares. A merger between an
incumbent and a potential entrant can raise

significant competitive concerns. The lessening of competition resulting from such a

merger is more likely to be substantial, the
larger is the market share of the incumbent,
the greater is the competitive implication of
the potential entrant, and the larger is the
competitive threat posed by this potential
entrant relative to others.
The Agencies give more weight to market concentration when market shares
have been stable over time, especially in
the face of historical changes in relative
prices or costs. If a firm has retained its
market share even after its price has increased relative to those of its rivals, that
firm already faces limited competitive
constraints, making it less likely that its
remaining rivals will replace the competition lost if one of that firms important
rivals is eliminated due to a merger.
By contrast, even a highly concentrated
market can be very competitive if market
shares fluctuate substantially over short
periods of time in response to changes in
competitive offerings. However, if competition by one of the merging firms has
significantly contributed to these fluctuations, perhaps because it has acted as a
maverick, the Agencies will consider
whether the merger will enhance market
power by combining that firm with one
of its significant rivals.
The Agencies may measure market
concentration using the number of significant competitors in the market. This
measure is most useful when there is a
gap in market share between significant
competitors and smaller rivals or when
it is difficult to measure revenues in the
relevant market. The Agencies also may
consider the combined market share of
the merging firms as an indicator of the
extent to which others in the market may
not be able readily to replace competition
between the merging firms that is lost
through the merger.
Based on their experience, and as
touched on above, the Agencies generally
classify markets into three types:
Unconcentrated Markets: HHI below 1500
Moderately Concentrated Markets:
HHI between 1500 and 2500
Highly Concentrated Markets: HHI
above 2500

July 2014

The Agencies employ the following

general standards for the relevant markets they have defined:
Small Change in Concentration:
Mergers involving an increase in the
HHI of less than 100 points are unlikely to have adverse competitive effects and require no further analysis.
Unconcentrated Markets: Mergers resulting in unconcentrated markets are
unlikely to have adverse competitive
effects and require no further analysis.
Moderately Concentrated Markets:
Mergers resulting in moderately
concentrated markets that involve
an increase in the HHI of more than
100 points potentially raise significant competitive concerns and often
warrant scrutiny.
Mergers resulting in highly concentrated markets that involve an increase in the HHI of between 100
points and 200 points potentially
raise significant competitive concerns
and often warrant scrutiny. Mergers
resulting in highly concentrated markets that involve an increase in the
HHI of more than 200 points will
be presumed to be likely to enhance
market power. The presumption may
be rebutted by persuasive evidence
showing that the merger is unlikely
to enhance market power.

The purpose of these index thresholds is
not to provide a rigid screen to separate
competitively benign mergers from anticompetitive ones, although high levels of concentration do raise concerns.
They actually provide one of several
methods to identify some mergers unlikely to raise competitive concerns and
some others for which it is particularly
important to examine whether other
competitive factors confirm, reinforce,
or counteract the potentially harmful
effects of increased concentration. The
higher the post-merger HHI and the increase in the HHI, the greater are the
Agencies possible competitive concerns
and the greater is the possibility that the
Agencies will request additional information to conduct their analysis. CW
Coatings World | 41

Top Companies Report


nce again, CoatingsWorld brings the industry our Top Companies Reportthe only truly global ranking of the top manufacturers
of paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants. Our editorial staff has spent many hours researching the industry to provide you with
the most accurate ranking of paint and coatings manufacturers operating in the global industry. Rankings are based on annual
sales in U.S. dollars. For companies based outside the U.S., sales are translated into U.S. dollars using exchange rates from the companys
fiscal closing date. For privately held companies who choose not to disclose sales figures, our staff interviews different industry sources
coupled with our own research to come up with an accurate estimate of annual sales. We profiled 87 companies in this report. All have
sales of $100 million or more annually. Companies marked with an asterisk in the ranking on the following page represent Coatings World
estimate. Bold companies are those making their first appearance as a Top Company.
The Top Companies Report is intended to provide our readers with a snapshot of the industrys most influential players. We hope you
will come away with a clearer insight into the future of this truly global and always evolving industry. If you are a paint, coatings, adhesives
or sealants manufacturer with sales of $100 million or more for fiscal 2013 and would like to be included in our Top Companies Report,
contact me and I will add your company to the online version.

-Kerry Pianoforte, Editor

First Timers
Pintunco $629,000 million
WEG $189,586 million
MIDO Coatings $102,897 million

2013 Top 20
01 AkzoNobel 02 PPG 03 Henkel 04 Sherwin-Williams 05 Axalta
06 RPM 06 Valspar 08 BASF 09 Kansai 10 Sika 11 3M 12 Nippon 13 Asian Paint
14 H.B. Fuller 15 Jotun 16 Masco 17 Hempel 18 Comex
19 DAW 20 Materis

42 | Coatings World

July 2014

2014 Top Companies

1. AkzoNobel (The Netherlands)

$13.300 billion

45. Kunsul (South Korea)

$314,805 million

2. PPG (USA)

$12.78 billion

46. Tiger Coatings (Austria)

$297,000 million*

3. Henkel (Germany)

$11.174 billion

47. TOA Group (Thailand)

$295,000 million*

4. Sherwin-Williams (USA)

$9.340 billion

47. Dunn-Edwards (USA)

$290,000 million

5. Axalta (USA)

$4.300 billion

49. Kelly-Moore (USA)

$288,200 million

6. RPM (USA)

$4.100 billion

50. JW Ostendorf (Germany)

$265,000 million*

6. Valspar (USA)

$4.100 billion

51. CIN Group (Portugal)

$261,000 million

8. BASF (Germany)

$3.95 billion

52. Yasar (Turkey)

$255,000 million

9. Kansai (Japan

$3.126 billion

53. Shinto (Japan)

$240,630 million

10. Sika (Switzerland)

$$3.118 billion

54. Taiho Paint (China)

$232,561 million

11. 3M (USA)

$2.300 billion

54. Pacific Paint Boysen (Philippines)

$230,000 million*

12. Nippon (Japan)

$2.290 billion

54. Renner Sayerlack (Brazil)

$230,000 million*

13. Asian Paints (India)

$2.080 billion

56. Tambour (Israel)

$223,000 million*

14. H.B. Fuller (USA)

$2.074 billion

57. Rock Paint (Japan)

$222,610 million

15. Jotun (Norway)

$1.965 billion

58. Yung Chi (Taiwan)

$215,000 million*

16. Masco (USA)

$1.900 billion

59. Looser Holdings (Swizterland)

$214,000 million

17. Hempel (Denmark)

$1.699 billion

60. Kikusui Chemical (Japan)

$207,000 million*

18. Comex Group

$1.400 billion

61. Grebe Group (Germany)

$190,000 million*

19. DAW (Germany)

$1.300 billion*

62. WEG Tintas (Brazil)

$189,586 million

20. Materis (France)

$1.090 billion*

63. Industries Titan (Spain)

$185,000 million*

21. Shawcor (Canada)

$1.000 billion

64. Ace Paint (USA)

$175,000 million*

22. SK Kaken (Japan)

$926,000 million

65. Kapci Coatigns (Egypt)

$172,000 million

23. Chugoku Marine Paints (Japan)

$889,484 million

66. Cloverdale Paint (Canada)

$170,000 million*

24. Tikkurila (Finland)

$887,900 million

67. Diamond Vogel (USA)

$168,000 million*

25. DuluxGroup (Australia)

$870,000 million

68. Natoco (Japan)

$162,000 million

26. KCC (South Korea)

$810,000 million

69. Tohpe (Japan)

$160,000 million

27. Beckers (Sweden)

$700,000 million

70. NOF Metal Coatings (France)

$160,000 million*

28. Dai Nippon Toryo (Japan)

$673,000 million

72. Whitford Corp. (USA)

$154,000 million

29. Pintuco (Columbia)

$629,990 million

73. Chokwang (South Korea)

$153,000 million

30. Benjamin Moore (USA)

$600,000 million*

74. Russian Coatings (Russia)

$150,500 million

31. Berger Paints (India)

$536,000 million

75. Quest Specialty Chemicals (USA)

$149,000 million

32. Fujikura Kasai (Japan)

$521,780 million

76. Yips Chemical (China)

$146,000 million

33. Shanghai Coatings (China)

$509.2 million

77. Asahipen (Japan)

$145,000 million

34. National Paints (Jordan)

$493,000 million*

78. Kayalar Kimya (Turkey)

$140,336 million

35. Carpoly Chemical Group (China)

$489,000 million

79. ICA Group (Italy)

$137,000 million

36. Betek (Turkey)

$440,000 million

80. Origin Electric (japan)

$136,000 million*

37. Helios (Slovenia)

$429,230 million

81. PACHIN (Egypt)

$135,520 million

38. Norroo (South Korea)

$424,000 million

82. Samwha (South Korea)

$133,000 million

39. Ennis-Flint (USA)

$405,000 million*

83. Empils (Russia)

$125,000 million*

40. Teknos Group (Finland)

$379,887 million

84. Boero Group (Italy)

$124,000 million

41. Lord Corp. (USA)

$355,000 million*

85. Tnemec (USA)

$123,582 million

42. Musashi (Japan)

$350,000 million*

86. MIDO Coatings

$102,897 million

43. Flugger Group (Denmark)

$345,000 million

87. Atomix (Japan)

$102,000 million

44. Niho Toksuhu Toryo (Japan)

$321,476 million

July 2014

Coatings World | 43

2014 Top Companies


20 6








04 02 53








Berger Paints -31

diamond vogel paints - 68

Hempel - 17

3M -11

Betek - 36

dulux group - 25

Henkel - 03

ace paint - 63

boero group - 89

Dunn-Edwards - 47

ICA Group - 79

AkzoNobel - 01

carpoly - 35

empils - 83

Industrias Titan - 64

asahipen - 77

chokwang - 73

ennis-Flint- 39

Jotun - 15

Asian Paints - 13

Chugoku Marine Paint - 24

flh group - 60

jw ostendorf - 50

atomix - 87

CIN - 51

flugger - 43

Kayalar kimya - 78


Cloverdale Paints - 67

Fujikura kasei -32

Kansai Paint - 09

BASF - 08

Comex - 18

Grebe Group - 62

Kapci coatings - 66

Beckers - 27

Dai Nippon Toryo - 28

H.B. Fuller - 14

KCC - 26

Benjamin Moore - 30

DAW - 19

Helios - 37

Kelly-Moore - 49

44 | Coatings World

July 2014


24 38













78 76

24 80

















22 28
51 74






kikusui chemical - 61

nof metal coatings - 71

russian coatings - 74

tiger coatings - 46

kunsul - 45

noroo - 38

samwha - 82

Tikkurila - 24

lord Corp. - 41

origin electric - 80

shanghai coatings - 33

tnemec - 83

Masco - 16

pachin - 81

Shawcor - 21

Toa Group - 47

materis - 20

pacific paint - 55

Sherwin-Williams - 04

Tohpe - 70

MIDO - 86

Pintuco - 29

Shinto Paint - 53

Valspar - 06

musashi - 42

PPG - 02

Sika - 10

whitford - 72

National Paints - 34

Quest Specialty Chem - 75

sk kaken - 22

WEG - 63

natoco - 69

renner sayerlack - 55

taiho paint - 54

Yasar - 52

nihon tokushu - 44

Rock Paint - 58

tambour - 57

Yips Chemical - 76

Nippon Paint - 12

RPM - 6

teknos group - 40

Yung Chi - 59

July 2014

Coatings World | 45

Top Companies



Amersterdam, the Netherlands

REVENUE: $13.3 billion s (2012: $12.85 billion)
Decorative paints Marine and protective coatings
Auto and aerospace coatings Industrial coatings
Powder coatings

Ton Bchner, chairman and CEO; Ruud Joosten, executive
committee member, Decorative Paints; Conrad Keijzer, executive
committee member, Performance Coatings; Coatings marketing
directors: Sucheta Govil (Decorative Paints), Roger Jakeman
(Performance Coatings); technical directors: Trudy Schoolenberg
(Decorative Paints), Klaas Kruifhof (Performance Coatings);
Decorative Paints Latin America - key manager: Jaap Kuiper;

kzoNobel is active in the fields of decorative paints, performance

coatings and specialty chemicals and employs approximately
49,600 people (including its Specialty Chemicals business). The
company reported coatings sales of $13.3 billion for 2013. The company has successfully completed its multi-year performance improvement program a year ahead of schedule, exceeding its targets
in doing so. In 2014, AkzoNobel will continue to restructure to
reduce costs further and anticipates related restructuring charges of
at least $342 million.
We indicated at the start of 2013 that trading conditions would
continue to be challenging and that has proven to be the case, CEO
Ton Bchner stated in its Annual Report. In response we accelerated our company-wide improvement actions and have brought our
performance improvement program to a successful conclusion a year
ahead of schedule and above target. While the first half of 2013 was
impacted by weaker trading conditions and specific one-off events in
Specialty Chemicals, the second half has shown early signs of stabilization in several end markets. In combination with our restructuring
actions this positive effect has been evident in our improving return
on sales in the third and fourth quarters, despite foreign currency
headwinds. In 2014, we will continue to improve our ability to leverage our strong brands and leading market positions.
Decorative Paints full-year revenue was $5.71 billion, down
3 percent as a result of adverse currency effects and divestments.
Global volumes for the year were up 3 percent, with increases in all
regions except Europe, which remained flat in a reflection of difficult
trading conditions. The pick-up in overall volumes was particularly
noticeable in the second half of the year; Q3 and Q4 volumes were
each up 5 percent compared with the prior year. Margins improved
as a result of strong margin management and lower raw material
prices. Performance improvement and restructuring measures led
to a lower cost base, which, combined with lower restructuring
charges, drove operating income above the previous year, before
the divestment gain on Building Adhesives.
Full-year revenue at Performance Coatings, which includes auto
and aerospace coatings, powder coatings, marine and protective coatings, and industrial coatings, was $7.63 billion, a 2 percent decline on
flat volumes as adverse currency effects outweighed a positive price/
mix development. Volumes gradually improved throughout the year
to be flat overall, and up 2 percent in Q4. Margins were maintained

Decorative Paints China & North Asia - key manager: Lin Lianqi;
Decorative Paints North and Central Europe - key manager: Amit
Jain; Decorative Paints South East Europe & Africa - key manager:
Jan-Piet van Kesteren; Decorative Paints India & South East Asia key manager: Jeremy Rowe; Automotive and Aerospace Coatings
- key manager: Jim Rees; Marine and Protective Coatings - key
manager: Rob Molenaar; Industrial Coatings - key manager: AB
Ghosh; Powder Coatings- key manager: John Wolff.

despite higher restructuring costs. Operating income for the year as a

whole was down 3 percent, with underlying improvements offset by
higher restructuring charges as well as adverse currencies. Restructuring activities were accelerated in the fourth quarter, with the intended
closure of seven sites worldwide being communicated.
AkzoNobe improved its return on sales in the third and fourth
quarters and report that they remain on track to deliver its 2015
targets. Key profitability ratios and cash flow also improved, while
the receipt of funds from the divestments of our Decorative Paints
North America and Building Adhesives businesses meant that we
did not need to refinance borrowings, which helped us to improve
our net debt position at year-end, Bchner added. Capital expenditures were reduced, reflecting the completion of many of our
longer term strategic investment programs, while operating working
capital further declined.

Key Developments 2013

New Products Launched
Decorative Paints: Launched Coral Coralit Zero in Brazil, a waterbased trim paint
Decorative Paints: Launched the Dulux Ambiance range in China,
a zero-VOC range of paint
Marine Coatings: Launched Intersleek 1100SR and Intercept
7000/8000, fouling control coatings
Marine Coatings: Launched the Nautical product range, a value
brand for the private label market
Automotive Coatings: Launched Sikkens Autowave 2.0, a low
VOC waterborne basecoat
Powder Coatings: Launched Interpon D2525 Eternity range, a
heat-reflective coating for buildings
Powder Coatings: Launched Interpon Align, dry-on-dry coatings
technology to improve productivity and lower energy consumption
Recent Divestitures
Completed divestment of Decorative Paints North America
Divested Building Adhesives, a standalone sub-business unit with
Decorative Paints
Divested the Decorative Paints store network in Germany

46 | Coatings World

July 2014

Top Companies



PPG Industries
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/USA

REVENUE: $12.78 billion s (2012: $11.48 billion)
Aerospace coatings

Packaging coatings

Automotive OEM coatings

Automotive refinish coatings
Architectural coatings

Industrial coatings

Protective and Marine coatings

Charles E. Bunch, chairman and CEO; Michael
H. McGarry, executive VP; Viktor R. Sekmakas,
executive VP; Cynthia A. Niekamp, senior VP,
automotive OEM coatings; Bryan Iams, VP,
corporate communications, marketing, and
government and community affairs; Charles F.
Kahle II, VP, coatings research and development
and CTO; Barry N. Gillespie, VP, Aerospace
Products; Timothy M. Knavish, VP, Protective and
Marine Coatings; John R. Outcalt, VP, Global
Automotive Refinish; Douglas S. Pegg, VP,
Packaging Coatings; Michael Horton, president,
PPG Asia Pacific and VP, Automotive Refinish and

ales of PPG Industries three coatings business segments

Performance Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Architectural
Coatings EMEA combined for $12.78 billion in revenue in
2013, up from $11.48 billion the year before.
Thanks to our customers and employees throughout the world,
2013 was one of the most successful years in our companys 130year history, both financially and strategically, said Charles Bunch,
chairman and CEO. As we look forward, a key focus is to achieve
further growth in each of our businesses and regions. To help drive
our growth, we are continuing to evaluate potential acquisitions,
are expanding our organic capital funding, including several key
projects like a new coatings manufacturing facility in Russia, are
emphasizing our new product development pipeline, and are investing more in PPGs brands.
Performance Coatings, comprised of the refinish, aerospace, protective and marine and architectural Americas and Asia Pacific
coatings businesses, reported net sales increased $1.12 million to
$5.87 million primarily due to net sales from businesses acquired
and modestly higher pricing partially offset by lower sales volumes. Automotive refinish volumes were level with the prior year as
growth in the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions offset volume
declines in Europe, while the North American refinish volumes were
consistent with 2012. Offsetting the segment sales volume gains was
a decline in volume in the protective and marine coatings business
due to further, notable weakness in the Asian marine new-build
market reflecting lower global demand. U.S. and Canada architectural coatings sales volume declined by low-single-digit percentages with mid-to-high single digit percentage same store growth in
company-owned stores, lower sales in national retail accounts and
lower sales in the independent dealer channel.
Industrial Coatings, which includes automotive OEM, industrial
coatings and packaging coatings, saw net sales increase $466 million from the prior year, to $4.86 million primarily due to volume
growth and net sales from acquired businesses. In 2013, PPGs
global automotive OEM coatings sales volumes grew 10 percent,
outpacing global industry auto production growth of approximately

Architectural Coatings, Asia Pacific; Jean-Marie

Greindl, president, PPG EMEA and VP, Automotive
Coatings, EMEA; Gregory B. Benckart, VP,
Automotive Refinish, Americas; Gary R. Danowski,
VP, Automotive Refinish, EMEA; John C. Richter,
VP, Operations, Coatings, Asia Pacific; Vincent
Robin, VP, Automotive Coatings, Asia Pacific;
Scott B. Sinetar, VP, Architectural Coatings, North
America; James G. Stutelberg, VP, Automotive
Coatings, Americas; Ram Vadlamannati, VP,
Architectural Coatings EMEA; Willie Wu
(Chunping), VP, Industrial Coatings, Asia Pacific;
Pauline Yuen, VP, Refinish Coatings, Asia; Richard
J. Zoulek, VP, Industrial Coatings, Americas.

three percent year-over-year. The industrial coatings business experienced varied sales volume results by region compared with the
prior year, as strong improvements across emerging regions and
modestly higher volumes in North America were offset by weak
demand in Europe.
Architectural Coatings EMEA net sales decreased to $85 million due to lower sales volumes as economic conditions worsened
in most European countries. However, market demand improved
somewhat in the second half of the year but remained negative overall and mixed across the region. Poor weather conditions in the first
half of 2013 were also a contributor to the decline in sales volumes.
The decline in sales volumes was partially offset by the impacts of
favorable pricing and foreign currency translation.

Key Developments 2013

Finalized the separation of PPGs former commodity chemicals
Completed the acquisition of the North American architectural
coatings business of AkzoNobel.
Acquired certain assets of specialty coatings provider Deft Inc.,
enhancing PPGs aerospace coatings product portfolio.
Opened a new electronic materials group manufacturing cell at
PPGs Springdale, PA facility, positioning PPG in the fast-growing
global electronics market for conductive inks and coatings.
Opened a new automotive OEM coatings development and application center in Tianjin, China.
Inaugurated a new manufacturing facility for the production of
heavy-duty equipment coatings in Tianjin, China
Established a new North American architectural coatings headquarters in Cranberry Township, PA and announced expansion of
PPGs technology center in Harmar Township, PA.
Announced plans to invest $60 million in a new manufacturing
facility and commercial operation in the Lipetsk region of Russia.
The project is anticipated to be completed in 2015.

48 | Coatings World

July 2014

Manufacturer of Organic Pigments

Technical Competence ...

... Global Presence

Home Office Location

167 N 3rd Ave, Suite K,
Upland, CA 91786

Sincol Corporation is a leading organic

pigment manufacturer specializing in large volume
commodity and high performance colorants for the
coatings, plastics and printing ink markets. Sincols
production facility is the single largest and one of the most
sophisticated organic pigment production plants in the
world. With our completely new water treatment facility,
the production plant is also one of the most
environmentally sustainable facilities in the world. Sincol
Corp. has a program of continuous development on all
pigments, while focusing development in particular on
high end performance products.

Top Companies



Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Dusseldorf, Germany

REVENUE: $11.174 billion s (2012: $10.61 billion)
Adhesives Sealants Special Purpose coatings

Kasper Rorsted, chairman and CEO; Jan-Dirk Auris,
executive VP Adhesive Technologies and member of the
board. Senior VPs of Adhesive Technologies: Ramon
Bacardit, Research; Julian Colquitt, North America,
General Industry; Jean Fayolle, Packaging Industry; Eric

enkels Adhesives Technologies business sector comprises five business units: Adhesives for Consumers,
Craftsmen and Building, Transportation and Metal:
General Industry; Packaging, Consumer Goods and Construction Adhesives; and Electronics. Adhesives were up 2.7 percent
with sales of $11.174 billion.
2013 was a very successful year for Henkel. Despite a challenging and highly competitive market environment, we achieved our
financial targets and made significant progress in implementing our
strategy 2016, said Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted. We achieved
profitable growth and increased market share in all our business
units. All regions contributed to the solid organic sales growth. As
in previous years, emerging markets showed a very strong development. In these countries, however, foreign exchange effects had a
stronger impact on reported sales.
Looking at the fiscal year 2014, Rorsted said: The economic
environment remains challenging and we expect persisting foreign
exchange effects, particularly in the first half of the year. Thus, we
will continue to further simplify and improve our processes and
structures, making us more flexible and more efficient. We are focused on implementing our strategy in order to deliver on our ambitious financial targets for 2016.
The economic environment for the Adhesive Technologies business unit was characterized by moderate growth in relevant markets,
which was in many instances lower than initially forecasted. The
effects were felt mainly in the emerging markets outside Europe,
and in the markets of Western Europe and North America. Trends
in important industrial markets such as those in the automotive
and electronics industries were subdued. Private consumption remained largely stable. Global market growth was again driven by
positive development overall in the emerging markets. The highest
rate of growth was seen in Asia (excluding Japan). The markets in
Western Europe and the mature markets of the Asia-Pacific region
declined slightly. The markets of North America showed a moderate increase.
The Adhesive Technologies business unit achieved solid organic
sales growth in the reporting period, and an excellent increase in
adjusted return on sales, thus continuing its profitable growth trend
of the previous years. Organically i.e. adjusted for currency exchange and acquisitions/divestments sales grew by 2.7 percent
overall, slightly more than the market as a whole. This was achieved

Holzbacher, Africa/Middle East, Consumer and Building

Industry; Paul Kirsch, Transportation and Metal Industry;
Michael Olosky, Asia Pacific; Matthias Schmidt, Financial
Director; Alan Syzdek, Electronics Industry.

through increases in both price and volume.

The sales increase was driven mainly by the emerging markets,
in which Henkel recorded strong growth. The Latin America region
performed particularly well with double-digit growth. Eastern Europe also recorded a strong rise in sales. The Asia-Pacific region
(excluding Japan) showed solid performance. Revenue development
in the Africa/Middle East region was positive. In the mature markets, organic sales growth was positive. North America posted a
positive performance year on year. Sales were stable in Western
Europe despite the difficult economic environment. However, sales
in the mature markets in Asia fell short of the previous years level.

Loctite Mobile Concept Car on the move

Henkel Indonesia has pioneered a new mobile training concept with
its Loctite Mobile Concept Car (MCC). The MCC, the first of its kind
for the adhesive industry in Indonesia, aims to train 900 customers
and distributors across Indonesia by the end of 2014.
The MCC is a mobile training room, fully equipped to support
technical training, demonstration and testing of Henkels adhesive
products and technologies under the Loctite brand. The training is
designed to train maintenance, parts and technical service engineers
on the use of Loctites anaerobic and cleaner products in a variety
of industries. These industries include heavy equipment, cement,
mining, pulp and paper, petrochemical and general manufacturing.
Based on the concept of Bringing Solutions to You, the MCC
imparts technical knowledge and skills to customers and distributors at their sites, eliminating their need for travel to a central
learning facility. It comes furnished with product samples, handson material, testing equipment, an LCD TV to run videos and
presentation slides, a sound system and air-conditioning. On the
MCC, participants attend workshops, such as the Maintenance
Reliability Workshop, Surface Engineering Workshop and Loctite
Manufacturing Excellence.
Allan Yong, president of Henkel Indonesia, said, The MCC
serves as an important platform for us to deepen our collaboration
with our customers and distributors. Following our first MCC in
Jakarta, the next step is to deploy more MCCs across Indonesia - in
East Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan.

50 | Coatings World

July 2014


Top Companies

Sherwin Williams
Cleveland, Ohio/USA

REVENUE: $9.34 billion s (2012: $7.855 billion)
(Note: Sherwin-Williams reported total revenue
of $10.18 billon for fiscal 2013. However, for
purposes of this report, sales of painting tools
and equipment in the Paint Stores Group are not

reported as part of coatings revenue. The above is

Coatings Worlds estimate. )
Architectural coatings Industrial coatings Protective
and marine coatings OEM product finishes Wood
finishes Aerospace coatings

he Sherwin-Williams Company reported sales of $10.18 billion

in net sales. Minus the sale of painting tools and equipment in
the companys Paint Store Group, Coatings World estimates the
companys paint and coatings sales to be approximately $9.34 billion.
Its Paints Stores Group represents 58.9 percent of total sales and includes Sherwin-Williams branded paints and stains. Major brands include
Sherwin-Williams, MAD, ProMar and SuperPaint. The Consumer Group
comprises 13.2 percent of sales and sells branded, private label and licensed
brand paints, stains, varnishes, industrial products, wood finishing prod-


Christopher Connor, chairman and CEO; John Morikis,
president and COO; Sean Hennessy, senior VP, finance
and CFO.

ucts, aerosols, caulks and adhesives. Major brands include Dutch Boy, Krylon, Minwax, Thompsons WaterSeal, Pratt and Lambert, Martin Senour,
Ronseal and Duraseal. The companys Global Finishes Group comprises
19.7 percent of total sales and manufactures and sells a wide range of
OEM product finishes, protective and marine coatings and automotive
finishes to a customer base in 120 countries. Key brands include SherwinWilliams, Lazzuril, Excelo and Baco. The Latin America Coatings Group
encompasses 8.2 percent of total sales. It manufactures a wide range of
architectural paints and industrial coatings throughout Latin America.

Key Developments 2013

Paint Store Group
Sherwin-Williams acquired Comexs U.S. and Canadian business, whiched added 306 company-operated stores its base of retail stores
Opened 82 new Sherwin-Williams stores finishing the year wotj a total of 3,908 stores in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.
Introduced 13 new products, including seven GREENGUARD Gold certified products.
Sherwin-Williams introduced ColorSnap Glass, its first Google Glass application.
Consumer Group
Consumer Groups return on sales reached 18 percent
Through the Comex acquisition, S-W added Duckback, Superdeck and Masons Select to its portfolio of woodcare brands and products.
Introduced Purdy Marathon premium line of roller covers that feature durability, longevity and sustained performance.
Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths were named a 2014 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product.
Global Finishes Group
Global Finishes surpassed $2 billion in revenue for the first time.
Sherwin-Williams was named the 2014 Official Automotive and Transportation Finish of NASCAR.
Acquired the assets and technology of Australia-based Coating & Industrial Technologies Pty. Ltd. (CIT).
Launched several high-performing and environmentally friendly products, including UV and LED technologies under brands that include Envirolastic, Fast Clad and Laqvin.
Its products were selected for use on the San Francisco 49ers new stadium.
Latin America Coatings Group
Latin America Coatings Group opened six new S-W stores for a total of 282 in the region and continued the expansion of its dedicated dealer
program that is comprised of 587 dealer stores.
Introduced a specialized line of light industrial interior and exterior coatings under the Sherwin-Williams Ultra Protection name, as well as new
FIRETEX intumescent coatings and Low Temperature ES301W marine coatings.
Opened nine Spray Source locations within existing paint stores for a total of 12 such locations in the region.
In Brazil, Novacor received awards for best floor paint, and Colorginr was named best aerosol paint.

July 2014

Coatings World | 51

Top Companies



Axalta Coating Systems

Wilmington, Delaware/USA

REVENUE: $4.3 billion s (2012: $4.3 billion)
Automotive OEM Collision repair Industrial Coatings

Charles. W.Shaver, chairman and CEO; John McCool,
president, RobertBryant, EVP and chief financial
officer;Steven Markevich, SVP and president,
OEM;Michael Cash, SVP and president, Industrial
Coatings;Panos Kordemenos, SVP and chief technology
officer;Michael F. Finn, SVP and general counsel;Martin
Horneck, SVP and chief procurement and logistics

xalta Coating Systems (formerly DuPont Performance Coatings) is a global supplier of coatings to the transportation
and industrial sectors. The company posted sales of $4.3
billion for 2013.
Axalta moved its Corporate and North America headquarters
to Pennsylvania and opened new regional headquarters for Asia Pacific in Shanghai. The company globally launched Cromax as the
name of one of Axaltas leading refinish brand families that includes
products such as Cromax Pro, Chroma Premier, ChromaBase and
Centari. Along with a bold new logo that visually conveys the spirit
of the brand, the launch of Cromax is part of Axaltas on-going
commitment to its customers to be built for performance.
This year Axalta also introduced f Nap-Gard 7-2555, which can
withstand continuous operating temperatures of 155C (311F).
Nap-Gard High Tg 7-2555 is a thermosetting epoxy powder designed for use as a corrosion barrier coating for underground and
sub-sea pipelines that operate in high temperature service.
The company also launched Cromax Mosaic in the U.S. and
Canada, a new fully featured solvent basecoat for collision repair to
help provide outstanding coverage, color match and blendability.
Cromax Mosaic was designed to provide an excellent alternative
to waterborne coatings and meet applicable regulations for volatile
organic compounds (VOCs) in most U.S. jurisdictions and Canada.
Other key products from Axalta include:

officer;K. Peter Hurd, SVP, operations and supply

chain;Joseph McDougall, SVP and chief human resource
officer;Dru Rai, SVP and chief information officer;Nigel
Budden, VP, North America;Jorge Cossio, VP, Latin
America;Otmar Hauck, VP of Operations, Europe, Middle
East and Africa;Sobers Sethi, VP, Asia Pacific.

2013 Success Story

The year 2013 was a year of milestones for Axalta.
In February, Axalta became an independent
company and took on
a new name and new
visual identity. In May,
Axalta announced a
$50 million investment
to boost production of
waterborne coatings in
China. Its new pilot reactor began operations in its global R&D center in the U.S. Axalta introduced Cromax as the name one of Axaltas leading refinish brand families, opened new global offices and
before the year was over introduced the next generation high temperature tolerant Nap-Gard FBE powder coating for deep sea oil and
gas pipelines. Axalta strengthened and refocused its management
team to serve its customers by appointing new global presidents for
its OEM and Industrial businesses to reflect and provide enhanced
service for the organizations that many of its global customers have
established to run their businesses.

52 | Coatings World

July 2014


We have the right polymer for your needs!

latest water-based technologies
multiple industries
45 years product development

customer service on both coasts
manufacturing on both coasts
laboratories on both coasts
North American sales coverage

products tailored to your application
multiple technologies utilized to solve problems
individual customer focus
Let Specialty Polymers
find your solution

Top Companies



RPM International Inc.

Medina, Ohio/USA

REVENUE: $4.1 billion s (2012: $2.7 billion)

Roofing systems Caulks and sealants
Flooring systems Corrosion control coatings
Primers-sealers Specialty paints
Hobby and craft paints Wood stains and finishes
Rust-preventative paints

PM International Inc. is a multinational holding company

with subsidiaries that manufacture and market high-performance coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals, primarily for maintenance, repair and improvement applications. RPM
reported revenue for 2013 of $4.1 billion. The company employs
approximately 10,500 people and has 93 facilities in 23 countries.
In fiscal 2013, the companys industrial products accounted for 65
percent of its total coating sales, with consumer products representing 35 percent. The Industrial segments operating groups include
RPM Building Solutions Group, which provides roofing systems,
sealants, corrosion control coatings, flooring coatings and specialty
chemicals. Leading brands include Tremco, Euco, Illbruck, Stonhard, Flowcrete, Carboline, Vandex, API, Tamms, NulliFire, Expanko and FritzTile.
The Consumer segments operating groups include Rust-Oleum
Group, which provides rust-preventative and small project paints,
primer-sealers, wallcovering preparation and removal products,
wood stains and finishes,mildew resistant paints and hobbyist products. Major brands include Rust-Oleum, DAP, Zinsser, Restore,
Varathane, Wolman and Testors.
RPMs Rust-Oleum Group has acquired Citadel Restoration and
Repair, Inc., a producer and marketer of premium concrete and
wood deck floor coatings for both the professional contractor and
do-it-yourself (DIY) markets. Based in North St. Paul, Minnesota,
Citadel has annual sales of approximately $10 million.
Citadels unique formulation of concrete floor coatings allows
for a quick 24-hour cure, compared to conventional systems that
require at least 72 hours of cure time. The companys Citadel brand
is marketed to professional contractors, while its Rock Solid brand
is targeted to the DIY market. Citadel also offers a premium line of
Rock Solid exterior wood care products that provide performance
advantages over conventional stains.
RPMs Performance Coatings Group has acquired Expanko Inc.,
a manufacturer of FritzTile brand terrazzo tile, as well as cork, rubber and rubber/cork floor tiles, for an undisclosed sum.
Expanko, based in Exton, Pennsylvania, makes flooring products
for schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, and sports and entertainment venues. It has annual sales of $12 million.
The acquisition includes Expankos manufacturing facilities in
Mesquite, Texas.

Frank C. Sullivan, chairman and CEO; Ronald A. Rice,
president and COO; Thomas Reed, Rust-Oleum Group;
John McLauglin, DAP Group; Michael Tellor, RPM2 Group;
Paul G.P. Hoogenboom, Tremco Group; Reiner Eisenhut,
Tremco Illbruck Group; David Reif, Performance Coatings

Key Developments 2013

Growth Opportunities in South America
The market with some of the greatest growth potential for RPM is
Brazil. It is the worlds sixth largest economy and is investing heavily in infrastructure for the hosting of the 2014 World Cup and
2016 Summer Olympics. Thanks to the June 19, 2012, acquisition
of Viapol Ltda., RPM gained a platform from which many of its businesses can enter Brazil. Viapol is already distributing Tremco, Euclid
Chemical and Flowcrete products.
Building Freedom
The new Freedom Tower in New York was constructing using several RPM products, including Euclid Chemical admixtures, Stonhard
polymer flooring and Carboline corrosion control and fireproofing
Always Innovating
NeverWet is the latest innovation from Rust-Oleum. Objects coated
with the NeverWet temporary treatment dramatically repel water
and other liquids. Other recent innovations are Zinssers B-I-N Advanced, a primer made with synthetic shellac and DAP DRAFTSTOP
812, a non-rigid polyurethane foam that creates weatherproof seals
around window and door frames.

54 | Coatings World

July 2014



Yuen Liang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Arochem Corporation.

No.922, Zhongxing Rd., Yanchao Dist., 82447 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel.: +886-7-6161234 Fax #: +886-7-6160000
E-mail: Web:
Company Introduction
Yuen Liang Industrial & Co Ltd. (a.k.a. YL), established in
1975, is a privately owned manufacturer of petroleum resins for
a wide range of industrial applications in Taiwan.
For the past thirty-seven years, YL has acquired the ability to
manufacture different kinds of C9 resin products to help
customers to their products better. To achieve this goal, YL
keeps investing in their research and development, enriching
employee training, broadening their after-sales services and
enhancing cooperation with various customers. YL's vision is to
grow with their precious customers everyday.
Product Application
YLs manufacturing and raw material flexibility allows them to
provide and supply products for various applications including
lithographic printing ink, gravure Ink, paint, hot melt adhesive,
contact adhesive, rubber compound, Color Asphalt, Wetter in
Plastics & Filler.
YLs research and development team is responsible for new
product development to meet the needs of customers and to
respond to market demands.
They also work with the technical service and manufacturing
teams to assist the customer and help them achieve optimum
application performance as well as helping the customer solve
technical problem. Together, research and development,
technical service and the manufacturing team provide material
qualification, feed blend qualification and assist in process
improvement and problem solving.
YL's market representatives are not only salespeople, each has
laboratory experience and is fully trained to know and
understand the complete line of YL products and their
YLs products are global and are sold in such diverse places as
Europe, North and South America, the Middle and Far East,
Africa, and Asia.


Printing Ink




Color Asphalt

Top Companies



The Valspar Corporation

Minneapolis, Minnesota/USA

REVENUE: $4.1 billion s (2012: $4.03 billion)

Architectural coatings General industrial Coil
coatings Wood coatings Automotive refinish

alspar reported that net sales for fiscal year 2013 grew
to more than $4.1 billion. Paints segment results were
strong in 2013, with net sales increasing 4 percent to
$1.7 billion. The Coatings segment contributed to increased
net sales of 2 percent, reaching $2.2 billion in 2013. The U.S.
comprises 54 percent of sales, Europe 17 percent, China 11
percent, Australia 8 percent. Latin Amercia 6 percent, ROW 2
percent and Canada 2 percent. Valspars Coatings segment had
$2.2 billion in net sales. Valspars Coatings segment includes
four product lines: packaging, general industrial, coil and wood
coatings. Valspars Paints segment had net sales of $1.7 billion.
Valspars Paints segment includes consumer paint products in
the U.S. Australia and China. The company attributed strong
brands, acquisitions and partnerships, innovation and excellent
distribution as key drivers for growth in consumer paints. In
addition, the Paints segment includes an auto refinish product
line. Consumer paint brands include Valspar, Cabot, Devine
Color, Guardsman, Huarun, PlastiKote, Solver and Wattyl.
Brands for auto refinish include Valspar, De Beer, House of
Kolor and .Octoral.

2013 Business Segment Highlights:

New business in Valspars Coatings segment contributed to
increased net sales of 2 percent, reaching $2.2 billion in this
segment. The company strengthened its business with the acquisition of Inver, a leading European industrial coatings. manufacturer. Inver expanded Valspars geographic presence and
increases its distribution capabilities in Europe and beyond. The
coil and wood product lines also delivered improved growth as
it grew new business in 2013. The general industrial product
line faced a challenging market as customer demand declined in
several product areas.
Valspars Paints segment results were strong in 2013, with
net sales increasing 4 percent to $1.7 billion. It increased market share through several strategic initiatives and new business
wins. In the companys annual report, COE Gary Hendrickson
attributed continued improvements in the U.S. housing market
and investments in its brand as fueling growth at retail partners
like Lowes. Valspar also launched an enhanced professional
painter program at Lowes, including expanded product offerings for these customers. Significant new business was gained

Gary Hendrickson, chairman and CEO; James Muehlbauer,
EVP and CFO; Steve Erdahl, EVP.

with the addition of Ace Hardware in 2013. In this partnership, Valspar will supply all of Aces private label paint and
expect to introduce Valsparbranded paint to over 3,000 Ace
Hardware stores. In fiscal 2014, Valspar-branded paint products will be available in nearly 10,000 retail outlets throughout
North America. Following a successful testing period this year
in B&Q, one of Europes leading home improvement retailers,
the company distribute Valspar-branded products to 350 B&Q
stores in the UK and Ireland in early 2014.
Valspar and Lowes have introduced Valspar Reserve Paint +
Primer with HydroChroma Technology, super premium paint designed to revolutionize the way consumers paint their homes. Created to deliver durability that stands up to real-life applications,
Valspar Reserve resists more staining, scrubbing and fade than any
other paint on the market today.
According to Valspar, its Valspar Reserve interior paint is 40
percent more durable with superior stain and scrub resistance,
making it ideal for all applications in the home. In addition to
increased durability, the exclusive HydroChroma Technology,
a water-based colorant system with super-strength pigments,
offers a broader range of deeper, more vibrant colors. This technology allows consumers to color match more precisely while
delivering exceptional one-coat coverage even over dark colors
and bold patterns.
Ace Hardware and Valspar Paint unveiled Helpful is Beautiful, a new advertising campaign. Using familiar concepts from the
beauty industry, the integrated campaign was created to introduce
consumers to the new Paint Studio at Ace.
Launching nationally in over 3,200 locally owned Ace
Hardware stores, The Paint Studio was designed around the
insight that consumers seek a more style-inspired and personal paint shopping experience rather than a traditional
trip to the hardware store. The Paint Studio offers consumers a boutique-style experience with exclusive paint collections
from Clark+Kensington, Valspar Optimus and Valspar Aspire
displayed in unique drawers and on eye-catching racks with
bright lighting and tools to make the color selection process
simple. Paired with the helpful service and knowledgeable advice customers can expect from Ace associates, The Paint Studio provides a world-class paint experience right in consumers
neighborhood hardware stores.

56 | Coatings World

July 2014


Top Companies

BASF Coatings
Muenster, Germany

REVENUE: $3.95 billion s (2012: $3.808 billion)

Automotive OEM Automotive refinish
Commercial vehicles Decorative coatings
Industrial coatings

ASF Coatings is a division of BASF SE. BASFs Coatings division develops, produces and markets innovative automotive
coatings, automotive refinishes and industrial coatings as well as
decorative paints. BASF Coatings operate sites in Europe, North America and South America as well as Asia Pacific. Within this network, the
company collaborates closely with its customers all over the world. In
2013, the Coatings division achieved global sales of $3.95 billion.
BASF has invested approximately $3.4 million in its Demarchi coatings site, located in the state of So Paulo, Brazil, to expand its capacity to
service Brazils automotive industry with waterborne automotive coatings.
The goal is to meet market demands generated by new car makers setting up their plants in the country and by the trend of using waterborne
technology rather than solvent-borne. BASF is the pioneer in developing
waterborne basecoats for the automotive industry. The technology is ecoefficient because water replaces most of the organic solvents.
In addition to the traditional clients such as GM, Volkswagen,
Fiat and PSA, and a strong presence in the segment of coatings for
trucks, BASF has in the past years conquered new supply contracts,
which include car makers such as Hyundai and Chery.
Another trend in the market is the use of integrated processes
where the paintline is shortened by one step. This means that less
material, time and energy are used. At the same time, the same application quality can be achieved.
In South America, BASF has two plants where automotive coatings are produced, one in Demarchi, Brazil, and the other in Buenos
Aires, Argentina.
In 2013, Brazil was the fourth biggest car sales market in the world
and on the seventh place worldwide as car producer, according to the
International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).
BASF is expanding its business in industrial coatings in the
growth market of Africa. Since October 2013, the company has
supplied coil coatings to Roofings Rolling Mills (RRM), located in
Uganda. BASF and its technical service were also on hand when the
new coil coating lines were put into operation.
RRM is part of the Roofings Group, East Africas largest steel
producer. At its site in Namanve Industrial Park, RRM operates
three production lines with an annual capacity of 240,000 metric
tons. BASF has supplied a Pevicoat mixing unit, based on site at
RRM. The Pevicoat unit is a computer-assisted paint mixing system
that can mix any color and gloss level within a very short time.


Markus Kamieth, President, BASF SE Coatings Division

Coil coatings are used to coat aluminum and steel coils before
they are processed further into an array of different products in
the construction, household appliance and automotive industries.
These products range from refrigerators to building faades. Since
the panels are stamped, rolled and joined, the coating has to be extremely flexible and elastic so that it does not flake off. At the same
time, however, it has to meet the requirements for scratch resistance.
RRM has invested $125 million in the site in Uganda, including for
the coil coating line. The company also acquired technical support from
its Japanese partner Yodogawa Steel Works and uses its technologies.
Yodogawa Steel Works has produced coated coils for 75 years.

BASF Supplies Paints for Innovative Electric Car

BASF and BMW have once again teamed up, this time for the i3, the
BMW Groups first model driven entirely by electric power. BASF is
supplying basecoats in four colors for the new i3 production line at
the BMW plant in Leipzig. The i3 was launched in November 2013.
With the paints, BASF is contributing to the i3s unique design, which is exceptionally clean, reduced but, at the same time,
dynamic. The i3 has another special feature that also extends to
the coating: The passenger compartment is made of carbon-fiberreinforced plastic (CFRP). We are very pleased to be a partner of
the BMW Group also for this innovative model. Driving sustainable
solutions is one of BASFs strategic principles, said Dr. Alexander
Haunschild, head of Automotive OEM Coatings Europe at BASF.
The car consists of a CFRP body-in-white on which the coated
plastic add-on parts are mounted. This concept means new challenges for the coating of the add-on parts and for the associated
application processes. BASFs many years of experience in coating
add-on parts has paid off. Frank Naber, BASFs Account Manager
for BMW Europe, explained: Our laboratory teams joined forces
with the BMW Group to develop a coating for the special construction of the i3. In Leipzig, we also provide technical field service on
site on a daily basis.
BASF has been a supplier for the BMW plant in Leipzig since its
start-up in 2005 and provides the automotive manufacturer with
modern paint systems worldwide.

July 2014

Coatings World | 57

Top Companies



Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

Osaka, Japan

REVENUE: $3.126 billion s (2012: $3.122 billion)

Automotive coatings Decorative coatings Industrial
coatings Marine and protective coatings

perating in Japan, Europe, the U.S., Southeast Asia, India

and China, Kansai Paint Co. Ltd. offers a broad range of
coatings solutions for various markets. It divides its business into automotive (39 percent), industrial (27 percent), decorative
(27 percent), and marine and protective (7 percent) segments.
With $3.126 billion in in sales revenue for 2013, Kansai Paint operates three state-of-the-art automotive paint plants from its headquarters
in Osaka, Japan and is the leading supplier of automotive coatings to
Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, Peugeot and Renault worldwide.

Hiroshi Ishino, president; board of directors: Mitsuhiro
Fukuda, Masanobu Ota, Kunishi Mouri, Masaru Tanaka,
Yoshikazu Takahashi, Koji Kamikado, Hidenori Furukawa,
Shigeaki Nakahara.

to its consolidated business results for the entire period under review.
Other Regions: Despite a slow-down in economic growth in
Turkey accompanied by a worsening of the sovereign debt crisis
in Europe, Kansais revenue registered an increase, especially in the
field of industrial coatings. Moreover, with the recovery in North
American automotive sales, equity in earning of affiliates increased,
which also contributed to this growth in revenue.

Kansai Plascon Announces African Acquisition

Kansais Business Overview by Segment

Japan: In the field of automotive OEM coatings, in the first half of the year
the government policy of subsidies for the purchase of so-called eco-cars
seemed to bear fruit and as a result sales increased. The second half of the
year saw a reduction in the number of automobiles manufactured due to
the end of the subsidy system and a reduction in the number of automobiles exported, however looking at the entire period under review there
was an overall growth in sales. In the field of industrial coatings Kansai
recorded a slight decrease in sales, even with an increase in demand for
coatings applied to automobile components. In the fields of auto refinishing, decorative and protective coatings, Kansai saw an increase in sales for
the term under review due to its efforts to expand sales of new products.
In the marine coatings, demand for new vessel construction continues to
suffer and as a result registered a slight decrease in sales in this sector.
India: In the field of automotive coatings, the high cost of fuel and
high interest rates have combined to blunt the growth of auto sales, however, sales of coatings for the entire period under review have continued
to grow. Despite the slowdown in the growth of the Indian economy,
Kansai saw continued growth in decorative coatings. However, the escalating cost of raw materials continues to put pressure on its profits.
Asia: In Thailand, solid exports combined with the effect of government policy has led to a significant increase in the number of
automobiles sold during the period under review, and in Indonesia,
domestic demand continued to grow steadily, both factors contributing to an increase in our revenue and profits. In China, the slowing
pace of economic growth, coupled with a worsening in relations
between Japan and China, led its main customers to reduce output
for a short period, which caused a reduction in sales. PT.Kansai Prakarsa Coatings, a company that became a consolidated subsidiary
in April 2012, now contributes to its consolidated business results.
Africa: Kansai Plascon Africa Ltd. (originally trading under the name
Freeworld Coatings Ltd.), a company based in the Republic of South
Africa, became a consolidated subsidiary in April 2011 and contributes

Africas number one coatings company, Kansai Plascon Africa Limited has
partnered with Astra management and staff to acquire a 63.25 percent
interest in the issued share capital in Astra Industries Limited, from the
Finance Trust of Zimbabwe (Private) Limited. The deal, worth in the region of $5.5million, will place Kansai Plascon at the head of the coatings
market in Zimbabwe. The acquisition shows Kansai Plascons faith in Zimbabwe, which is in the process of rebuilding its economy, as well as the
confidence it places in the experienced management team that heads up
Astra. Astra Paints, Astras major subsidiary, is Zimbabwes leading paint
company. The other operating subsidiary is Astra Chemicals, which markets and distributes a diversified range of chemical products to industry.
Astra Paints is currently the largest paint manufacturer in Zimbabwe and
has two operating factories in Harare and Bulawayo. Astra Paints also
enjoys 40 percent of the market share in Zimbabwe, with an especially
strong footprint in Harare and Bulawayo. One of Kansai Plascons key
strategies is to expand its leadership position into the rest of Africa. The
inclusion of Astra Paints in Zimbabwe further strengthens Kansais presence in Southern Africa, as it already has factories and brand presence in
Botswana, Namibia, Zambiaand Malawi. Where Kansai Plascon does not
have a factory in a region, it exports out of South Africa into retail outlets
and directly to contractors. It has been exporting to various countries in
Africa since 2004 including: Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius, Kenya
and Nigeria. Hiroshi Ishino, president of Kansai Paint, indicated that it
has been Kansais intention to invest in Africa through its holding in Kansai Plascon. This investment, he said, is the first major acquisition since
Kansai Paint acquired Freeworld in 2011. According to Kansai Plascons
chief executive officer, Nauman Malik, the acquisition of Astra Paints,
Zimbabwe, will further entrench Kansai Plascons leadership position as
the number one coatings company in Africa. The acquisition will allow
the organization to focus further on its expansion plans and its aim to
continue leading the industry.

58 | Coatings World

July 2014


Top Companies

Sika AG
Baar, Switzerland

REVENUE: $3.118 billion s
(2012: $2.834 billion)

Adhesives Sealants Protective coatings

ika supplies the building and construction industry as well

as manufacturing industries (automotive, bus, truck, rail,
solar and wind power plants, facades). Sika is a leader in
processing materials used in sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures. Sikas product lines
feature high-quality concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, sealants and adhesives, damping and reinforcing materials, structural
strengthening systems, industrial flooring as well as roofing and
waterproofing systems.
All regions participated in the growth achieved. Double digit
growth was recorded in Asia/Pacific (+12.7 percent) and Latin
America (+15.1 percent). The EMEA region (Europe, Middle East
and Africa) performed well, posting growth of 8.5 percent. Market
conditions remained difficult in North America, where sales rose
by 2.3 percent. Accelerated expansion in the emerging markets
produced gratifying sales growth of 17.2 percent in local currencies.The proportion of sales generated by the emerging markets increased to 38 percent.
Sikas investment strategy is geared to accelerating expansion
in the growth markets. In 2013, a total of ten new factories were
opened in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. The new
production plants in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Colombia, China,
Vietnam, Laos,Iraq, Angola and South Africa are key investments to
continue driving the companys successful growth strategy.
Sika has agreed to acquire Lwart Qumica Ltda., a supplier of
waterproofing products in Brazil. The acquisition strengthens Sikas
position in the Brazilian construction chemicals market and complements Sikas geographical footprint in Brazil. Last year Lwart
Qumica generated net sales of CHF 33 million.
Including the newly acquired production plant in Lenis Paulista, Sika now operates five factories in Brazil with a workforce of
more than 700 employees. The acquisition extends the product portfolio and strengthens Sikas position in the Brazilian construction
chemicals market. It also offers cross-selling opportunities, partly
through the established professional contractor customer base and
partly through the distribution channel.
Sika has also acquired a manufacturing facility located in South
Korea in order to build up a locally produced flooring and coating
range. With this additional production capacity, Sika is taking another step in expanding its supply chain in the Asia/Pacific region.
The acquired facility in Gunsan, South Korea, manufactures and


Paul Hlg, chairman of the board; Jan Jenisch, CEO; Group
management: Paul Schuler, EMEA; Jose Luis Vazquez,
Latin America; Silvio Ponti, building systems and industry;
Christoph Ganz, North America; Ronald Trchsel, CFO;
Ernesto Schmperli, concrete and waterproofing; Heinz
Gisel, Asia Pacific; and Urs Mder, technology.

distributes flooring and coating products based on epoxy resins, acrylic

emulsions and polyurethane with a workforce of 28 employees.
The additional production capacity, will enable Sika Korea to
strengthen its range of locally produced flooring and coating products and expand the production of its complete range of products.
Sika will leverage the distribution channels of the acquired facility
with its product range and further expand the network of sales outlets with the enhanced product portfolio. Sika is also acquiring the
business of Klebag Chemie AG, a manufacturer of adhesives for the
sealing, bonding and flooring markets.

Sika Expands its Supply Chain in Indonesia

Sika extended its supply chain with a new manufacturing plant in
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The plant comprises a land area of
20,000 m2 and will increase Sikas production capacity in mortars
and concrete admixtures in the growth market Indonesia.
At a ceremony held at the beginning of May, representatives of
Sikas Senior Management and Sika Indonesia inaugurated Gresik
Plant in Surabaya, the latest manufacturing investment in the second largest city after the capital, Jakarta. The new plant will manufacture mortars and concrete admixtures. Sika is already present in
Indonesia with offices and production plants in Cileungsi, Bogor in
West Java, close to Jakarta.
Jan Jenisch, CEO of Sika: One of our strategic goals is the accelerated build-up of emerging markets, including investment in
our supply chain capacity. Last year, we opened 10 new factories in
emerging countries, with eight more to follow this year. The opening of the Surabaya plant in Indonesia one of our most promising
emerging markets is the first step in the consequent execution of
our supply chain growth strategy in 2014.
Indonesia, and in particular Java, has one of the largest population concentrations in the world. According to the Indonesian Cement Association, the national consumption of cement totaled 64
million tons in 2013. With roughly 38 million tons, Java is absorbing 60 percent of the total production volume. Major growth opportunities include the construction of infrastructure with highways
connecting the East and West of Java, new power plants as well as
industrial, commercial and housing projects.

July 2014

Coatings World | 59


Top Companies



St. Paul, Minnesota/USA
Adhesives and sealants Pipe coatings

12:19 PM Page 1
REVENUE: $2.3 billion s (2012: $2.3 nn)

Inge G. Thulin, chairman, CEO and president; H.C. Shin,
executive VP, international operations; Michael F. Roman

M reached an innovation milestone with the issuance of 52

patents, moving the companys total number of patents past
the 100,000 mark.
We celebrate this important milestone, and honor all of the scientists whose inventions have contributed to the success of 3M and the
products it brings to companies, homes, and people, said Fred Palensky, 3M executive vice president and chief technology officer. Our unwavering commitment to research and development allows us to deliver
technology, products and innovation to our customers worldwide.
One of the 3M inventors on the patents that were issued is Audrey Sherman, who works in 3Ms Electronics & Energy Business
Lab. She currently holds 50 patents. Her recent patent is for a material with versatility, including the potential to improve cosmetics,

executive VP industrial business group; Frederick Palensky,

executive VP research and development and CTO; Frank
Little, executive VP safety and graphics business group,
Michael Kelly, executive vice president electronics and
business group.

insulation wrapping and electronics.

Each year, about 3,000 patents are issued to 3M worldwide,
more than 500 of which are granted in the U.S. These patents have
applications in a wide range of industries as diverse as the company
itself ranging from health care adhesives and sterilization products
to consumer electronics to reflective traffic signs. 3Ms first patent
was granted in 1924. The following year, former 3M chairman of
the board William McKnight earned 3Ms second patent, which was
issued for a handle for sandpaper.
Patents are critical to protecting our innovation and significant
investments in R&D, said Palensky. 3M invests nearly six percent
of sales annually in R&D including funding for multiple technology
platforms that will be introduced to the market in the coming years.

Successful Strategies for Decision-Makers


Chemark Consulting Group is
a 30-year-old management
consulting firm that
concentrates on tactical &
strategic activities surrounding
all industries pertaining to coatings, adhesives, sealants,
resins, polymers and additives.
Since 1975, its global clients
include product formulators,
raw materials and application
equipment suppliers and

Core Competencies
Value Implications for CLIENTS
Value Systems Analysis
Customer Relationship
Market Integrity Assessment
Position, Growth,
Competitive, Image Analysis
New Business Development
Market Research
Strategy Business Assessment
& Planning


230 N.Bennett St., Ste. 3 Southern Pines, NC 28387

910-692-2492 E-mail:
Web Site:
Partner Offices: Dorking, ENG Research Triangle Park, N Detroit, MI

60 | Coatings World

July 2014


Top Companies

Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.

Osaka, Japan
REVENUE: $2.29 billion t (2012: $2.30 billion)
Automotive coatings Industrial coatings Decorative

coatings Marine and protective coatings

Kenji Sakai, president, representative director; Yoshio
Andou, senior vice president, general manager of trade
use paint division and executive director; Ryoichi Baba,

ippon Paint manufactures all types of paints and coatings

including those for automobiles, construction, architecture, steel structures, ships, metal, electrical equipment,
machinery, roadways and household appliances among others. Nippon Paint is one of the largest paint manufacturers in Asia and has
33 manufacturing plants and produces more than one million tons
of paint and coatings annually.
In Asia, all Nippon Paint offices are managed by the Nipsea
Group. Nipsea Group manufactures and sells Nippon Paint products in 15 Asian countries. Overall, the company generates close to
1 billion liters of paints and coats annually.
Japans Nippon Paints is entering the decorative paint market in
the Philippines to cash in on the countrys booming economy. Nip-



senior vice president, representative director; Kiyohiko

Chijiiwa, executive vice president and director; Kanji
Nishijima, vice president.

pon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd Group general manager Gladys Goh Kaye
Jen said the Philippine paint and coatings market is approximately
$760 million, 65 percent of which is made up of the decorative or
architectural paints segment.
Nippon Paints has been in the Philippines since the 1970s, catering mostly to the industrial market by producing coatings for
motorcycle, automotive and marine/shipbuilding industries. This
segment of the company has been growing in the country by 10 to
15 percent annually.
The paint-maker, which has a presence in 15 countries and employs 15,000 workers across Asia, had been absent in the biggest
money-maker for paint makers in the Philippines until the launch of
Nippon decorative paints.

Less is more with coating material

innovations from Dow
Less sag, more flow
ACRYSOL Rheology Modifiers offer no-drip sag resistance,
better film build and more applied hiding.
Less solvent, more solutions
AVANSE Acrylic Resins help waterborne coatings go beyond
traditional light-duty applications.
Less formaldehyde, more fresh air
FORMASHIELD 12 Acrylic Resin offers formaldehyde
abatement functionality.
Less mess, more clean
RHOPLEX EZ Clean 1500 Acrylic Resin offers advanced stain
beading for easier stain cleaning.
Less TiO2, more performance
EVOQUE Pre-Composite Polymer Technology is a winner of the
2013 U.S. EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge.
Visit Dow at CTT | Booth #9 | Sept. 11 - 12 | Chicago

Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) or an affiliated company of Dow

July 2014

Coatings World | 61

Top Companies



Asian Paints Limited

Mumbai, India

REVENUE: $2.08 billion s (2012: $1.99 billion)

Architectural coatings Industrial coatings
Automotive coatings

sian Paints had sales of $2.08 billion for 2013. Architectural/decorative comprised 90 percent of sales and industrial and automotive comprised the rest. Asian Paints has
23 manufacturing facilities worldwide: 13 in Asia, 5 in the Middle
East, 2 in the South Pacific and 3 in the Caribbean. Key brands in
India include for exterior walls: Apex, Ace, Apex Ultima, Apex
Ultima Protek and Apex Duracast; interior walls: Royale, Royale
Aspira, Royale Play, Tractor, Premium Emulsion, Apcolite and
Utsav; metal surface: Utsav, Premium Enamel and wood: PU,
Touchwood and Polyester.
Asian Paints recently entered into a binding agreement with
ESS ESS Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd and its promoters, to acquire


its entire front end sales business including Brands, Network and
Sales Infrastructure, subject to satisfaction of certain conditions
precedents and applicable statutory approvals. ESS ESS Bathroom
Products Pvt Ltd. is a prominent player in the bath and wash business segment in India and has high quality products in this segment.
Asian Paints signed an agreement with the shareholders of
Kadisco Chemical Industry PLC, Ethiopia, to acquire directly or
through its subsidiaries 51 percent of the equity share capital of Kadisco. This acquisition is subject to applicable regulatory and other
approvals. Kadisco is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of
paints, other coatings and adhesives in Ethiopia.

H.B. Fuller Company

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

REVENUE: $2.074 billion s (2012: $1.886 billion))

K.B.S. Anand, MD and CEO; Amit Syngle, president
architectural coatings, India; Jalal Dani, president
international operations; Jayesh Merchant, CFO and
company secretary, president, industrial JVs India.


.B. Fuller Company is a global manufacturer and marketer

of adhesives and other specialty chemical products. The
company is managed through four regional operating segmentsNorth America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
The largest business component in each of the regional segments is
adhesives. H.B. Fuller posted sales of $2.074 billion in 2013.
We are pleased with our 2013 financial results which demonstrate solid operational improvement and another step towards our
2015 targets, Jim Owens, H. B. Fuller president and chief executive
officer stated in its end of year report. In the midst of a major business integration and weaker than expected end-market conditions
in some key markets, our team delivered solid results. We delivered
record revenue and grew organically for the fourth year in a row
with stronger organic growth at the end of the year.
The company recently opened a new $10 million manufactur-

Jim Owens, president and CEO; James Giertz, senior VP and
CFO; Joan Schuller, VP, AsiaPacific; Steven Kenny, senior
VP, EIMEA; Barry Snyder, VP and chief technology officer.

ing facility to support the expansion of its business in the Andean

Region of South America. The plant is located in Rionegro, approximately 36 kilometers east of Medellin, Colombia.
H.B. Fuller has had a strong presence in the Andean Regions
adhesives market, operating from a manufacturing facility in Itagui
before moving to its new plant in Rionegro. The new site will provide increased production capacity, a new technical laboratory for
hygienic products and better access to the countrys second largest
airport. The Rionegro facility will supply hot melt and water-based
adhesive technologies for the hygienic, packaging and corrugate and
assembly markets. In addition to production, the facility houses administrative offices, labs, and receiving and dispatching.Rionegro
is the most recent example of how H.B. Fuller is investing in its
capabilities globally. In the past few years, the company has built
manufacturing facilities in Nanjing, China, and Pune, India.

62 | Coatings World

July 2014


Top Companies

Jotun AS
Sandefjord, Norway
REVENUE: $1.965 billion s (2012: $1.953 billion)

Decorative paints Marine and protective coatings
Industrial coatings Powder coatings

otun recorded sales of $1.965 billion for 2013. Jotun Group is

divided into seven regions responsible for the sale of Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings (Marine, Protective and
Powder Coatings). The company has 36 production facilities in 21
countries, 70 companies in 44 countries and is represented in more
than 90 countries around the world. Marine coatings comprised 27
percent of sales, Decorative paints 37 percent, Protective coatings
26 percent and Powder coatings 10 percent.
In 2013, Jotun experienced continued strong growth in the Protective segment, especially in the Offshore, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry and Infrastructure concepts. The company recorded
particularly good growth in China, Turkey, Russia and Indonesia.
While other markets such as in India and the Americas region did
not perform as well, Jotun achieved an overall record bottom-line
growth in the Protective segment.

Morton Fon, president and CEO; Brd K. Tonning,
decorative paints; Esben Hersve, performance coatings;
Ram Ramnath, powder; Geir Be; Bjorn Wallentin,

Jotun experienced a contraction in its marine coatings business

in 2013. While the segment remains profitable, persistent tonnage
over-capacity issues in primary shipping segments have resulted in a
sharp decline in newbuilding deliveries. These market forces had a
negative impact on sales, especially in China and Korea. However, a
modest growth in global trade over the past two years has increased
the demand for sea-borne transportation, and the newbuilding market seems to be on a path to recovery.
Jotun performed moderately well in the Powder Coatings segment in 2013, led by strong growth in Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia
and UAE. Growth in China, which represents the worlds leading
market for powder coatings, was slowed by intense competitive
pressure from low-cost producers and the need to customize products to manage the lack of uniform standards found in Chinas powder coatings market.

Masco Corp.
Taylor, Michigan/USA
REVENUE: $1.9 billion s (2012: $1.8 billion)

Architectural coatings

asco Corp. reported net sales of $1.9 billion, representing 23 percent of total net sales for Masco. The company
produces architectural coatings including paints, primers, specialty paint products, stains and waterproofing prudcts. The
products are sold in the U.S. and Canada through do-it-yourself
channels under brands including Behr and Kilz. The firms high
profile Behr products are sold through The Behr Process Corporation to The Home Depot, the segments and the companys largest
Masterchem Industries, maker of KILZ brand products, has
launched KILZ HIDE-ALL, a new primer sealer product available
at Lowes stores nationwide. Available in a project size two-gallon
bucket, the primer and sealer offers contractors, paint and wall covering professionals, remodeling professionals and property managers excellent hide at a competitive price point.



Richard Manoogian, chairman; Timothy Wadhams,
president and CEO; Donald DeMarie, executive vice

With a multi-surface formula, KILZ HIDE-ALL helps prepare

surfaces for painting and evens permeability. Its recommended to
use KILZ HIDE-ALL primer on interior surfaces including drywall,
cured plaster, woodwork, masonry, concrete block, brick and previously painted areas.
The latest product from Behr is Marquee Exterior Paint and
Primer. The company claims this is Behrs most advanced paint and
primer, delivering exceptional dirt resistance and advanced fade protection. This paint was developed to provide early rain resistance,
so it has the ability to repel rain showers as early as 60 minutes after
application. The technology delivers a tough, non-stick surface that
helps resist dirt build up along with advanced UV protection and
exceptional gloss protection for longer lasting, more lustrous color.
The result of these two exceptional features is a paint color that
maintains its appearnace, long after the surface has been painted.

July 2014

Coatings World | 63

Top Companies



Hempel A/S
Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

REVENUE: $1.699 billion s (2012: $1.6 billion)

Architectural Marine and protective coatings
Container coatings Yacht coatings Decorative coatings

rotective coatings supplier, Hempel, recorded sales of $1.699

billion in 2013. Hempel is present in more than 80 countries and has 25 factories, 48 sales offices and more than150
The company offers protective coatings oil and gas, chemical
plants, infrastructure, rail, mining and metal processing, pipelines
and power generation. In the marine segment the company provides
marine maintenance and marine newbuilding products. Hempel also
offers both interior and exterior decorative coatings.
Hempel launched HEMPAGUARD, a new hull coating concept
for the shipping industry which offers both outstanding resistance to
fouling during idle periods and significant fuel savings. The technology, dubbed ActiGuard, has been five years in development and is
based on silicone-hydrogel and biocide science. Hempels tests show


excellent fouling resistance of up to 120 days during idle periods

plus fuel savings of six per cent on average with HEMPAGUARD.
Hempel offers a performance satisfaction guarantee contract for
vessels complying with a full HEMPAGUARD X7 specification.
HEMPAGUARD is extremely flexible a product covering most
combinations of sailing routes and trading patterns.
Our tests have shown that HEMPAGUARD retains its effectiveness when switching between slow and fast steaming anywhere
in the world as well as during extended idle periods of up to 120
days. This is particularly interesting for bulk carriers that can be
redirected at short notice, as well as larger container vessels and
tankers that may wish to increase speed to meet schedules, or slow
steam to achieve extra fuel savings, Claes Skat-Rrdam said.

Mexico City, Mexico

REVENUE: $1.4 billion s (2012: $1.4 billion)

Pierre-Yves Jullien, group president and CEO; Kim Junge
Andersen, group executive vice president and CFO;
Marketing directors: Klaus Moeller (Protective), Christian
Ottosen (Marine), Monica Li Aviram (Decorative); David
Deters, VP, group R&D.

Architectural coatings Industrial coatings
Automotive refinish coatings OEM (non-automotive)

omex Group, the largest paint company in Mexico was

set to be bought by Sherwin-Williams in 2013. Although
Sherwin-Williams has completed the acquisition of the U.S./
Canada business of Consorcio Comex, S.A. de C.V., the acquisition
of its Mexican operations was blocked by the Mexican anti-monopoly agency, Comisin Federal de Competencia (CFC) and S-W has
since backed out of the deal.
Comex CEO Marcos Achar, reacting to the CFC decision, said
that a negative decision by the CFC would affect $1 billion worth
of investments his company has already made. He said that his companys national paint and coatings market share amounts to only 40
percent with all segments combined. The companys architectural
segment share is approximatley 53 percent, wood finishes is about
30 percent, waterproofing is about 30 percent, and industrial and

Marcos Achar, CEO, Comex Group; Leon Cohen,
president, Comex Mexico; Marcos Achar Meyohas, vice
president treasurer; Elias Achar, vice president operations.

marine is about 18 percent, Achar noted in local interviews following the CFC decision.
Comex produced paints and coatings in 16 North American
locations, including eight in Mexico, five in the U.S. and three in
Canada, through its acquisition of PPI several years ago. Out of
the companys $935 million revenues, 65 percent came from architectural segment sales, 25 percent from industrial sales and the
remainder from all other segments. Comex enjoys a relationship
with Mexicos national oil company Pemex, for which it has helped
develop paint and coatings quality standards that are utilized at
times as a de facto national standard. Comex also exports to the
Caribbean, where it has been building a network of more than 90
stores. Among countries in its network there are: Belize; Costa Rica;
El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua and Panama.

64 | Coatings World

July 2014


Top Companies

DAW (Deutsch AmphibolinWerke)

Ober-Ramstadt, Germany
REVENUE: $1.3 billion t (2012: $1.37 billion)

Architectural coatings

he parent company of the Caparol Group is the Deutsche

Amphibolin-Werke von Robert Murjahn Stiftung & Co
KG (DAW). DAW was founded in 1895 and today carries out the central functions such as purchasing, production and
finances. DAW is the leading German decorative paint manufacturer with sales of approximately $1.3 billion, all in the decorative coatings segment. The Caparol brand is the leading brand
within the DAW Group. The marketing activities are subdivided
into six strategic business units. In the professional business unit
high quality paints, enamels, glazes, chemical building products
and materials for facades and insulation technology are marketed
under the brands Caparol, Alligator and Alsecco for professional
users. The product range of the brand Alpina, which is active in
the DIY business unit, is mainly composed of environmentally
friendly, non-noxious, easily worked and high quality decorative paints, enamels and glazes and is aimed at the end-user. The

Ralf Murjahn, CEO.

wholesale business unit comprises an extensive range of services

for the professional paint wholesalers provided by the company
Caparol Marketing Service (CMS). The industrial business unit
is supported by the company Caparol In dustrial Solutions whose
products and services are exclusively orientated to the requirements of industrial customers. Lastly, the Nerchau decorating
and artists paints is located in Saxony and produces high quality paints for educational, hobby and artistic requirements. With
3,700 employees and a large number of production sites at home
and abroad, the Caparol Group is one of the leading companies for paints, enamels and building protection in Europe. The
company recently announced plans to increase paint output at
its Dubai factory by 40 percent. Less than a year ago, the company moved from a small factory site in Al Quoz to the new site
in Dubai Industrial City, where it manufactures close to 30,000
tonnes of paint annually.

Materis Paints S.A.S.

Clichy, France
REVENUE: $1.09 billion s (2012: $1.09 billion)

Architectural coatings

ateris Paints SAS is a manufacturer and provider of

construction materials including decorative and industrial paints for the professional and consumer markets.
Materis, an international leader in specialty construction chemicals
and materials, has four businesses: admixtures (Chryso), aluminates
(Kerneos), mortars (Parex Group) and paints (Materis Paints). The
business is a unit of Materis SA, which is 76 percent owned by
French investment firm Wendel. It has nearly 400 sales outlets in
Europe for paints. Materis brands include Tollens, Zolpan, Max
Meyer, Ducco and Robbialac. In terms of market position, Materis
Paints holds leading positions in the areas it operates. The firm is
number four in Europe, number two in France and Portugal, number one in Italy, number four in Spain and Morocco and number



Olivier Legrain, Materis chairman; Rene Riu, president,
Materis Paints.

five in Argentina.
Materis is one of the world leaders in specialty materials for
construction, with leadership positions in aluminates, admixtures,
mortars and paints.
Materis enjoys high barriers to entry resulting from global coverage, innovative and high value-added products, outstanding quality
of service, recognized brands and close relationships with its clients.
Materis has also built a portfolio of premium brands and an integrated distribution network of nearly 400 sales outlets in Europe
(paints) and 1,000 in China (mortars). It has leadership positions in
high-growth regions, where 30 percent of its sales are generated (3050 percent for certain businesses, excluding paints), with margins
comparable to those in mature markets.

July 2014

Coatings World | 65

Top Companies




Toronto, Ontario, Canada

REVENUE: $1.00 billion
Markets served: Pipe coatings

V.L. Shaw, chair of the board; W.P.
Buckley, president and CEO; J.D. Tikkanen,
Bredero Shaw.

he pipe coating division of ShawCor Ltd., Bredero Shaw,

is the worlds largest pipe coatings manufacturer. Bredero
Shaw is the global leader in pipe coating solutions for the
oil, gas and water industries, offering a wide range of coating solutions, including anti-corrosion protection, thermal insulation, negative buoyancy, mechanical protection and internal flow efficiency
coatings. ShawCors Socotherm pipe coating division has received
a contract with a value in excess of $40 million from Tenaris to
provide pipeline coatings for the Moho Nord Oil Pipeline project.
The project is located in water depths of 650 to 1,150 meters approximately 75 kilometers off the Congo coast in West Africa. The
contract will be executed primarily at the Socotherm pipe coating
facility in Pozzallo, Italy with additional work to be completed at
Socotherms facilities in Adria, Italy and Escobar, Argentina.


Chugoku Marine Paints

Tokyo, Japan

REVENUE: $889,484 million
Marine coatings Industrial coatings

Container coatings


Tetsuo Yamazumi, chairman; Masataka
Uetake, president and CEO.

hugoku Marine Paints manufactures paint for ship, industrial and containers uses, as well as adhesives. The company
recorded sales of $889 million for 2013. The company was
established in 1917 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
One of Chugoku Marine Paints newest offerings is SEAFLO
NEO. SEAFLO NEO is a new generation high performance TBTfree hydrolysis antifouling, utilizing a unique polymer to deliver an
ultra smooth surface with self-leveling technology and excellent selfpolishing performance, the company reported. The SEAFLO NEO
line of products provide long-term antifouling protection, low friction resistance in resulting low-fuel consumption. The company
stated that SEAFLO NEO is the lowest VOC(330g/L) antifouling in
the hydrolysis category.

SK Kaken
Ibaraki-City, Japan

REVENUE: $926,000 million
Specialty coatings Textured coatings
Architectural paints Industrial coatings

Floor and roof coatings Fire retardant

and heat insulating coatings
Minoru Fujii, president; Masahide
Sakamoto, executive director; Mitsuhiro
Fujii, managing director.

K Kaken Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged

in the manufacture and sale of architectural coatings and insulating refractory materials. The company operates in three
business segments. The Architectural Coatings segment is engaged in
the manufacture and sale of organic and inorganic aqueous coatings,
synthetic resin coatings, inorganic coatings and inorganic building
materials. The Insulating Refractory Materials segment is engaged in
the manufacture and sale of heat insulation materials, fire-retardant
and insulating coatings, as well as fireproof paints. The company
had 14 subsidiaries. The company has approximately 1,782 employees. SK Kaken was founded in 1955 and is headquartered in IbarakiCity, Japan. The company also has offices in Chongqing (China),
Kuantan (Malaysia), Seoul (South Korea), Bangalore (India) and
Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).


Tikkurila Oyi
Vantaa, Finland

REVENUE: $887.9 million
Decorative coatings

Erkki Jarvinen, president and CEO; Jukka Havia, CFO; Petri
Miettinen, VP, supply chain and HSEQ; Anna-Lena Hogfeldt,
VP, group marketing; Kenneth Sundberg, VP, R&D; Janno
Paju, VP, East; Niklas Frisk, VP Scandinavia; Arto Lehtinen,
VP, Finland; Ilpo Jousimaa, VP, Central Eastern Europe.

Tikkurila Oyj is a Finnish manufacturer of paints and lacquers. The main office and most of the production is located
in Vantaa near Helsinki.
Tikkurila is the market leader in decorative paints in Russia,
Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries. Russia, Sweden, Finland
and Poland account for 80 percent of the Groups revenue. Tikkurila focuses on higher price and quality grade paints, which are
manufactured in 11 production units in eight countries. The highest
production capacity is located in Russia, where the company has
been operating since the 1970s. Russia is Tikkurilas largest single
market. The company currently has 3,227 employees. Tikkurila reported $887.9 million in revenue for 2013.

66 | Coatings World

July 2014



DuluxGroup Ltd.
Clayton, Victoria,

REVENUE: $870 million
Decorative coatings Powder coatings

Industrial coatings
Peter Kirby, chairman; Patrick Houlihan,
managing director and CEO; Stuart Bloxer,
executive director.

uluxGroup is located in Clayton, Australia. The company

recorded sales of $870 million for 2013. DuluxGroup
consists of Paints Australia, which is Australias leading manufacturer of premium branded decorative paints, texture,
protective and wood care coatings products; Paints New Zealand,
which is New Zealands leading manufacturer of premium branded
decorative paints, texture, protective and wood care coatings products; Selleys Yates, which is Australia and New Zealands leading
manufacturer of home improvement and garden care products; and
Offshore and Other segments which comprises Australia and New
Zealands leading manufacturer of powder and industrial coatings.
DuluxGroups premium brands are targeted at the improvement and
rennovation of existing homes.


AB Wilh. Becker
Hoganas, Sweden

REVENUE: $700 million
Coil coatings Specialty coatings

Coatings for lifestyle appliances &

electronic devices
Boris Gorella, CEO; Karsten Eller, COO,
Olivier Laune, CFO.

eckers Group recently won the Sustainable Innovation Award

for its Beckrytherm Solar and Thermal Control Technology at the British Coatings Federations Award. The BeckryTherm technology is a coating system for exteriors using durable
binders to deliver high reflectivity and high emissivity, together
withan interior coating that delivers both insulation and very low
emissivity within the building envelope. The economic benefits are
significantly reduced costs for cooling/heating buildings and clearly
there are significant benefits for sustainability viz reduced CO2 emissions and longer lived structures. The considerable work to optimise
the chemistry and physics of the coating system was complemented
by dynamic thermal modelling of typical building configurations in
conjunction with a University partner.


Top Companies

KCC Corporation
Seoul, South Korea

REVENUE: $810 million
Marine and container Automotive
coatings Automotive refinish General

industrial coatings Decorative coatings

Powder coatings
Mong Jin Chung, chairman; Mong Ik
Chung, CEO; Yoo Sungki, executive dir.

orea Chemical Co., Ltd. is the largest paint producer in South

Korea. The company is involved in the production of paints
for automobiles, ships, containers, construction and industrial
use. It also manufactures PVC material for flooring and paint sealant.
Paint for the marine segment is the largest and accounted for 25 percent of sales. Automotive OEM sales amounted to 17 percent of sales;
decorative coatings accounted for 15 percent; general industrial six
percent; powder coatings six percent; auto refinish four percent; and
the remainder of sales is not detailed. Total sales revnue for 2013 was
$700 million.
KCCs offers Firemask SQ-1350 , a fire resistant paint that has
won certification for being one-hour fire-resistant structure, with a
minimum coating thickness of 0.7 mm, from the Korea Institute of
Construction Technology.


Dai Nippon Toryo

Osaka, Japan

REVENUE: $673,000 million
Protective coatings Architectural
coatings Metal baking coatings Plastic
coatings Automotive coatings Rolling
stock coatings

Toshijiro Iwasa, president; Norihiro
Mashima, director of finance, executive
officer; Nobukazu Kawamoto, director
of overseas operations; Isamu Suzuki,
director of business development;
Yoshinori Hirotani, director of marketing;
Shin Emi, manager of industrial coatings.

ai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd. operates in the paint industry

primarily in Japan. DNTs coatings revenue in 2013 was
$xxxx million. It offers various coating products, which include heavy duty, industrial, automobile, refinishing, marine, home
use paints, plastics and powder. The company also provides machines and equipment for paints manufacturing and coating applications. In addition, it offers its products in various fields, including
electrical home appliances, housing, automobiles and informationrelated equipment, as well as for infrastructures, including high-rise
buildings and largescale bridge construction. Dai Nippon Toryo
Co., Ltd. was founded in 1929 and is headquartered in Osaka,
Japan. The company currently employs approximately 700 people.

July 2014

Coatings World | 67

Top Companies




Medelln, Colombia

REVENUE: $629,990 million
Decorative paints Industrial coatings

Specialty coatings Auto renish coatings

Powder coatings
Andres Ortega, Corporate VP & GM,
Mauricio Gomez, marketing manager.

intucos is a member of the Orbis Group, a multinational

holding with paints, chemicals, pipes and trade business. Pintuco has approximately 2,500 empolyees. In 2012 Pintuco
acquired Kativo, the leading paint company in Central America,
thus consolidating its presence in 11 countries in Latin America.
Pintuco is the companys main brand, other brands include Protecto,
VP, Terinsa, ICO and the Glidden brand under license from PPG.
Pintucos portfolio is very comprehensive, with offerings for decorative, maintenance, traffic, packaging, coil, wood, general industrial,
powder coatings, refinish and OEM. 73.3 perent of its sales are from
decorative coatings, general industrial is 8.6 percent, 10.7 percent
for specialty coatings, 3.7 percent for auto refinish and 3.7 percent
for powder coatings.


REVENUE: $536,000 million
Decorative coatings Automotive

coatings Industrial coatings

Kuldip Singh Dhingra, chairman of the
board; Gurbachan Singh Dhingra, vice
chairman; Abhijit Roy, managing director

erger Paints India Limited was founded in 1923 and is a

leader in the Indian paints market. The company manufactures and markets a range of decorative and industrial paint
products and has operations throughout India with seven manufacturing facilities, more than 135 depots, more than 2,500 employees
and more than 15,000 dealers. The company, mainly known for
value for money products is slowly changing its image with more
and more luxury offerings. Berger Paints MD Abhi-jit Roy said
moving from mid-end to luxury-end will also improve profitability.
Roy pointed out that the premium decorative brands Silk, Easy
Clean and Weather Coat are likely to cross Rs 100 crore mark
each in this fiscal year.

68 | Coatings World

REVENUE: $600 million
Architectural coatings Wood coatings

Michael Searles, chief executive ofcer;
Craig Reese, chief operating ofcer; Talia
Griep, chief administrative ofcer; David
Melancon, chief marketing ofcer.

enjamin Moore, a subsidiary of Bershire Hathaway, currently

employs 2,200 people. Nine-five percent of its sales are in the
architectural/decorative paint segment and five percent comes
from general industrial and industrial maintenance.
Benjamin Moores newest product, Benjamin Moore Natura
Renew is the first premium, bio-renewable paint with zero emissions. Natura Renew is highly durable and plant-based, the first of
a new class of eco-friendly paint, the company reported. Natura
Renew, which contains up to 40 percent bio-renewable materials,
is an extension of Natura, Benjamin Moores most sustainable and
eco-friendly paint. Benjamin Moore. has entered into a new partnership with the Chicago Cubs to become the Official Paint of Wrigley
Field and the Chicago Cubs. This five-year partnership will kick off
by restoring the Marquee to its green origins with gold trim to honor
Wrigley Fields 100th birthday season.


Berger Paints India Ltd.

Kolkata, India

Benjamin Moore
Montvale, New Jersey/USA

Fujikura Kasei Co. Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

REVENUE: $521.780 million
Plastic coatings Architectural coatings
Automotive coatings

Yoshiaki Hasegawa, chairman and CEO;
Daisuke Kato, president and COO; Yuzo
Saisu, senior managing director; Satoshi
Yamashita, senior VP; Shigeru Takahashi,
senior VP.

ujikura Kasei offers coatings for plastics, which include automotive interior and exterior, automotive lightings, cosmetic
containers and enclosures, electronic appliances, plastic hobby
items and plastic sheets; architectural coatings, such as exterior and
interior building materials, decorative items and housing equipment;
and electronic materials The company also provides architectural
coatings for use in exterior and interior building materials, public
buildings and facilities, decorative items, and housing equipment;
and electronic materials, including conductive paste Dotite for use
in communication equipments, electronic displays, household appliances, automotive electronics, and office machines.

July 2014



Shanghai Coatings
Shanghai, China

REVENUE: $509.2 million
Decorative coatings Automotive
coatings Coil coatings Marine coatings
Plastics coatings Industrial coatings

Situ Guoji, chairman; Huang Zhiyong,
general manager; Huang Youwei,
executive vice general manager; Wu
Jinglei, vice general manager; Yu Jianfeng,
chief engineer.

hanghai Coatings Co. Ltd (SCC) has 90 years of history since

its predecessor Kai Lin Paint Plant, the first Chinese paint plant,
was established in 1915. The company owns 13 manufacturing
subsidiaries, two research institutes and six joint ventures ranging
from coatings, dyes, pigments, auxiliary agents and fine chemicals.
Shanghai Coatings has ranked in the top 500 in sales among Shanghai industrial companies for five years straight and is one of the top
10 enterprises in terms of results in the Chinese coatings industry.
SCC also boasts Chinas first coatings brandWinged Tiger coil
coatings. The company also manufactures paint under the Yanjing
brand. SCC paints are widely used throughout Chinas industrial
and civil fields. Some customers industrial customers include Volkswagen, General Motors Buick, Metro lines, maglev train, Baosteel
and Three Gorges.


Carpoly Chemical
Jiangmen, China

REVENUE: $489,000 million
Architectural and industrial

Qiming Qiu, chairman and president;
Shuchao Cao, vice chairman of the board
and group general manager; Youwei XU,
group executive deputy general manager,
secretary of board.

n 2013, Carpoly achieved sales revenue of $489 million, with

more than 10 percent growth rate. The group has more than
2,400 existing dealers and 16,000 stores, with four Carpoly
stores or specialty shops in one market on average. Carpoly currently has three projects that have gained provincial approval, two
projects being acknowledged as the Technology Innovative Enterprise, awarded as The Technology Giant of Shanghai City and quite
a few other government honors. It has also qualified to receive the
Western Development preferential industrial policy by adding to
the economic vitality of the Western region. In 2013, Carpoly has
captured a large market share by its newly launched yet popular
brands such as Textured-Colored Paint in decorative paint, Wangee,
Kolony and Merriment in furniture paint.


Top Companies

National Paints
Factories Co.
Amman, Jordan

REVENUE: $493,000 million
Decorative coatings Powder coatings
Marine coatings Industrial coatings

Insulation system paints

Michael Faeq Sayegh, chairman, Sayech
Group; Saleem Faeq Sayegh, GM, National
Paints UAE; Ibrahim Faeq Sayegh, GM,
National Paints Jordan and technical drt.

ational Paints Factories Co., Ltd. (Sayegh Group) claims

the number one position in the Middle East paint market
with an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of
exports to more than 60 Arab and other countries. National Paints
is involved in a number of sectors including architectural/decorative
(35 percent), industrial (35 percent), auto OEM (15 percent), auto
refinish (10 percent) and marine (five percent). National Paints currently owns 18 factories spread across the world, launching first in
Jordan and then onto the United Arab Emirates (UAE). National
Paints Factory in Sharjah UAE is considered the largest production
complex for paint products and related material in the Middle East
and the Arab World. National Paints has operations in Qatar, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Romania, India and Egypt.
Its products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide.


Betek Boya San. ve

Tic. AS
Istanbul, Turkey

REVENUE: $440, 000 million
Architectural coatings Adhesives
Industrial coatings

Thermal insulation Wood coatings

Gozde Akpinar , chairman of the board;
Tayfun Kucukoglu, board member and
GM; finance; Mert Erdog, VP supply chain

etek Boya ve Kimya Sanayi AS, whose name is the combination of the first syllables of the Turkish words Beton (concrete) and Teknoloji (technology), was founded in 1988.
Betek entered the decorative paints industry in 1993 through its
technological cooperation with DAW. Betek was the first Turkish
paint company that commenced production with a European partner. Betek has been the market leader in the industry with its multi
brand strategy which is being delivered to more than 5,000 retail
outlets. The company currently has 1,000 employees. Today Betek
product facilities are one of the largest and state-of-the-art plants
in Europe. Betek is has a technology center founded in 2008. RMI,
Scientific Research Center tests and certifies products in the fields of
decorative paint and thermal insulation products.

July 2014

Coatings World | 69

Top Companies



Domzale, Slovenia

REVENUE: $429.230 million

Car refinishes
Metal coatings

elios Group is the leading manufacturer of coatings in

South Eastern Europe with approximately 3,000 employees in more than thirty companies in fourteen countries
and recorded sales of $429.230 million in 2013. Recently Ring
International Holding took over the majority package of Helios
shares. Ring became an indirect majority owner of Helios Domale,
d.d. with ownership of 77.93 percent of all its shares. The acquiring
company is Remho Beteiligungs GmbH, RIHs parent company for
its entire coating division. RIH sees potential for synergies between
its coating division and Helios, the two of them combined becoming one of Europes most dominant player in the coatings industry.

Dallas, Texas/USA

REVENUE: $405 million
Traffic marking paint

REVENUE: $424,000 million

Uros Slavinec, president; Marko Vresk, vice
president; Branko Pas, vice president

Decorative coatings



Noroo Paint Co. Ltd.

Anyang-Si, South Korea

Bryce Anderson, chairman; Steve Vetter,
chief executive officer, John Midea,
president and Matt Soule, chief financial

nnis-Flint manufactures and distributes pavement marking

materials. It offers traffic paints; hot-applied thermoplastics,
such as alkyd thermoplastics and hydrocarbon thermoplastics; raised pavement markers; plural components; crosswalks and
traffic calming solutions; green bike lane treatments; and detectable
warning products. The company also offers preformed thermoplastic pavement markings that are used for transverse markings, such
as crosswalks, legends, arrows, symbols, interstate shields and more.
Earlier in the year Reuters reported that Olympus Partners LP is in
advanced talks to acquire Ennis-Flint, which is the worlds largest
producer and supplier of pavement markings, from Brazos Private
Equity Partners LLC. A deal will likely value Ennis-Flint between
$600 million and $700 million, including debt.

Architectural coatings Industrial
coatings Automotive refinishes
Soo-Kyoung Kim, CEO

oroo Paint Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale

of paints and coatings worldwide. Its products include
architectural coatings, which comprise natural paint, general coatings, functional coatings and Decopia; waterproof and floor
coatings; decorative coatings, such as lacquers, polyurethane paints,
cracking paints, wood stain, and firekeeper; primer and topcoat
heavy duty coatings; and industrial coatings, including metal coatings and pattern finishes. The company also offers coating equipment; and coatings for auto refinishes and plastic finishes, as well as
coil coatings. Noroo Paint Co. was founded in 2006, is headquartered in Anyang-Si, South Korea. Architectural coatings account for
40 percent of sales while industrial coatings make up 16 percent and
automotive refinishes 15 percent.


Teknos Group Oy
Helsinki, Finland

REVENUE: $379.887 million
Architectural coatings
Industrial coatings

Pekka Rantamaki, CEO; Lassi Tirkkonen,
metal coatings; Kim Smith, industrial
wood; Arto Mannonen, architectural
coatings; Jari Schneider, technology and

eknos Group Oy is the leading supplier of industrial coatings in Scandinavia with a strong position in retail and architectural coatings too. Teknos is one of Finlands largest
family-owned businesses. Group companies operate in Scandinavia,
Germany, the UK, Poland, Slovenia and Russia, and through a wellestablished network of agents and representatives in approximately
20 other European countries. The company recently acquired a 40
percent minority share in Manfield Chemical (Changzhou) Co. Ltd.
paint factory located in Changzhou, China. Manfield Chemical has
been the local contract supplier of industrial coating products for
Teknos in China since 2011. The annual capacity of the paint factory in Changzhou is approximately 2,500 tons. The new company
operates under the name Manfield Teknos Chemical (Changzhou).

70 | Coatings World

July 2014



Lord Corportation
Cary, North Carolina

REVENUE: $355 million
Automotive aftermarket adhesives
Industrial metal bonding adhesives

Corrosion control coatings

High performance/heat reflective coatings
Ed Auslander, president and CEO; Will
C, Hinkston, VP, global operations
development; Tesa L. Oechsle, CFO and

ord Corp. produces and sells general purpose and specialty

adhesives and coatings. Lord Fusor aftermarket adhesives are
used to return vehicles to pre-accident condition and include
adhesives for bonding, metals and plastics, seam sealers and acoustical foams. Lords industrial metal bonding adhesives can replace
welds, rivets, screws, tape and other traditional fastening methods.
Lord also has a line of elastomer bonding formulations that can
accommodate commercially available elastomers, diverse metals
and rigid plastic substrates. Lord manufacturers corrosion control
coatings, the MetalJacket line of coatings that protects substrates
against corrosion and improves bonding properties. Lord also offers heat reflective coatings. Lord has 16 manufacturing facilities, 7
R&D centers and 90 sales and support centers worldwide.


Flugger Group
City, Country

REVENUE: $22.4 million Danish
Architectural coatings

Soeren Peschardt Olesen, CEO; Paul Wulff,
CFO; Claus Bjoern, group sales director;
Steen Hoff, group supply chain director;
Ulf Schnack, Group Manager and main
share holder

lgger Group is one of Scandinavias largest suppliers of decorative paint, wood stain, wallcoverings, paint tools and cleaning articles. Flgger Group is represented by Flgger shops
in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Poland and China. Its subsidiary DAY-system contributes with sales from 214 shops in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Another company, PP Mester Maling,
has 41 shops in Denmark. The company has five factories; the two
main ones are in Kolding, Denmark and Bollebygd, Sweden. Here
Flugger produces paint, wood stain, fillers and chemical products. In
Kolding it produces 20 million liters of water-based paints per year.
In Bollebygd, Flugger produces 24 million liters of both water-based
and turpentine-based paint per year. With origins that date back to
1785, the company generated sales of $323.4 mn in 2012.


Top Companies

Musashi Paint Co. Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

REVENUE: $350 million

Shuhei Fukui, president; Shusaku
Tomisawa, director; Yutaka Soma,

Plastic coatings

usashi Paint Company Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes coatings for household appliances, electronic
devices, information technology devices and industrial
products. It specializes in synthetic resin paints. The company provides touch feel, PRTR law adherent, water-based, UV, acrylic silicon, functional and special primer coatings, as well as coatings for
molded plastics, laser etching and metal materials. In addition, it
offers coatings for information/telecommunication devices, including mobile phones, laptop computers and digital cameras; coatings
for household appliances, such as plasma/LCD televisions, DVD
players, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers and air cleaners; and coatings for automobile devices, including navigation systems. Musashi Paint Company offers its products through dealers
in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the UK and U.S.


Nihon Toksuhu Toryo Co. Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

REVENUE: $321,476 million
Decorative coatings
Performance coatings

Masahiro Nojima, chairman and CEO;
Makio Sakai, president and COO; Jun
Taya, managing director and CFO; deputy
chief officers of paints and coatings:
Hisami Nishioka and Yoshihiko Doi

ihon Tokushu Toryo Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based manufacturing company that operates in two business segments.
The Paint-related segment manufactures and sells paints
and soundproof materials. This segment is also involved in the
paint-related and soundproof material-related construction work.
The automobile product-related segment manufactures and sells automotive soundproof materials, such as damping materials, acoustic
absorbents and sound insulators, as well as antirust materials. Additionally, the segment is also engaged in the research and development of automobile acoustics. The company has nine subsidiaries
and ten associated companies in Japan, as well as overseas markets,
including the U.S., Thailand, China and Singapore. The company
was founded in 1929, is headquartered in Tokyo and recorded sales

July 2014

Coatings World | 71

Top Companies



Kunsul Chemical
Industrial Co. Ltd.
Pusan, South Korea

REVENUE: $314.805 million
Decorative coatings
Industrial coatings

Marine and protective coatings

Sung Ho Hwang, chairman and CEO;
Gyeong Tai Shin, president; Managing
directors: Sang Kun Lee; Jae Hui Kim;
Dong Hyeon Cho; Seung Hwan Shin

unsul Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. offers a range of products, including architectural coatings for concrete, plaster,
slate and cement mortar surfaces, as well as for vehicles,
machinery, buildings, glass and furniture; general industrial coatings
for various applications, such as wood, steel furniture, electric home
appliance, machinery, engineering plastics, steel products and decorative home appliance; wood coatings for furniture, general wooden
materials, and musical instruments; and powder coatings for decoration and protection, interior use, home appliances, and architectural
use. It also provides plastic coatings; marine and heavy duty protective coatings for various applications, including fuel oil tank, ballast
water tank, bilge well, land, marine structure, deck, and paint for
ship bottom, interior, and exterior; and automotive refinishes.


TOA Group
Bangkok, Thailand

REVENUE: $295 million
Architectural coatings
Marine and protective coatings

Arsa Sarasin, honorary chairman; Prachak
Tangkaravakoon, president; Motoo
Horiguchi, senior executive VP; Rams Das
Ahuja, executive VP

OA is the leading supplier of decorative coatings in Thailand with an estimated market share of 50 percent. The
company manufactures products that cater to the mid-tier
and premium-tier markets. The TOA Group of companies includes
TOA Paint Thailand, which is TOAs 100 percent Thai-owned main
base of operation; TOA-Chugoku Paint, a JV between TOA Paint
Thailand and Chugoku Marine Paint; TOA Union Paint Thailand, a
joint venture company with Japanese-based wood coatings producer
Union Paint; TOA Vietnam; Shanghai-TOA Paint; and TOA Paint
Malaysia. TOAs product portfolio includes the Ultra Premium Generation of coatings, including Supershield with self cleaning acrylic
technology; and Supershield Duraclean, developed with advance
acrylic technology under the companys Hygenic Formula.


Tiger Coatings
City, Country

REVENUE: $297 million
Powder coatings

Kurt Berghofer, CEO; Clemens Steiner,
CEO; Reinhold Freiseisen, CFO; Christian
Ebenberger, marketing director; Technical
directors: Gerd Schlager, and Thomas

iger Coatings produces powder coatings for industrial applications and lacquers for the DIY market. Its powder
coatings are used in a wide variety of markets such as architecture, automotive, construction and furniture. Tiger Coatings offers products such as Tiger Drylac Powder Coatings and Tiger Inkjet
Inks. The company markets its products in Austria, Egypt, Brazil,
China, Canada, Mexico, the U.S., Vietnam, Belarus, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, India, Croatia, Latvia/
Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Ukraine. Tiger Coatings was founded in 1930
and is based in Wels, Austria with manufacturing facilities in Austria, Egypt, Brazil, China, Canada, Mexico, the U.S. and Vietnam.


Dunn Edwards
Los Angeles, California

REVENUE: $290 million
Architectural coatings
Industrial coatings

Ken Altergott, president & CEO; Robert
Hill, ex. VP and CFO; Nicholas J.
Hess, sr. VP, operations; Mark Alling
- VP, manufacturing; Peter Girgis- VP
Information Systems/ CIO

unn-Edwards, founded in 1925, operates more than 110

stores in five western states: California, Arizona, New
Mexico, Nevada and Texas. It supplies architectural and
industrial coatings, providing a complete line of paints and professional painting supplies to architects, designers, painting contractors, homebuilders and property managers in the Southwest; it also
serves DIYers although professionals account for a majority of sales.
In June 2011 Dunn-Edwards consolidated its manufacturing and
distribution operations by opening a new paint manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ. The plant increased Dunn-Edwards capacity
and ability to produce paint for third parties. In May 2012, DunnEdwards improved its Suprema premium interior, ultra-low VOC,
acrylic latex paint line.

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July 2014



San Carlos, California

REVENUE: $288.2 million
Architectural coatings Industrial
coatings OEM coatings (non-automotive)

Steve DeVoe, president and CEO; Dan
Claybaugh vice president of marketing

CIN Corporao
Industrial do Norte, SA
Maia, Portugal

REVENUE: $261 million
Architectural coatings Industrial

JW Ostendorf
Coesfeld, Germany

REVENUE: $265 million
Decorative coatings

elly-Moore Paints is a leading premium paint manufacturer

and retailer located in the western U.S. The company was
founded in San Carlos, California in 1946 by William Kelly
and William Moore. Kelly-Moore had sales of $288.2 million in
2013. The company has stores located throughout the western U.S.
in California, Washington, Oregon, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma
and Nevada. San Carlos and Hurst, Texas are home to its manufacturing plants.
This year Kelly-Moore formed an agreement with four manufacturers to offer a targeted assortment of specialized coatings through
its retail stores. The offerings will include Devoe High Performance
Coatings and Modern Masters Specialty Finishes-Metallics.



coatings Protective coatings

Joo Serrenho, chairman and CEO; ngelo
Machado, board member; Fernando Jorge
Ferreira, CFO

IN (Corporao Industrial do Norte S.A.) is a Portuguese

privately owned paint and coatings company, established in
1926, acting through subsidiaries in Portugal, Spain, France,
Angola, Mozambique, Mexico and South Africa and looking to extend its activities to other countries in Europe, Africa and South
The company reported revenue of $261 million for 2013. Turnover for the group was 187M, reflecting growth of 1.2 percent.
This positive growth reflects the improvement in the international
economic environment and the increasing evidence of recovery in
core markets which were the worst affected in previous years.CIN
is the Iberian paint and coatings market leader since 1994.

Top Companies

Michael Ostendorf, chairman and
CEO;Martin Friedrich, manager; Leonhard
Ritzhaupt; manager; Heinz Rothues,

stendorf GmbH & Co. KG (JWO) has been producing

paints, varnishes, lacquers and enamels since 1948 for a
variety of applications. It has its affiliates in Great Britain,
Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France and Hungary.
It has a production capacity of more than 500 million liters per
year and a staff of 800. It operates an integrated production and
logistics facility at its headquarters in Coesfeld where it produces
paints, trim and stains in one of Europes most modern paint factories. In October of 2012 J.W Ostendorf took over all corporate
shares of the French paint producer Renaulac. With this acquisition
JWO strengthens its path of profitable growth, diversification and


Yasar Izmir, Turkey

REVENUE: $255 million
Construction paints Industrial paints

Furniture paints Automotive paints

Marine paints
Mehmet Aktas, Yasar Holdings Paint
Group CEO; Ahmet Yigitbas, president
DYO Boya

member of Yasar Holding, Yasar Coatings Group is of the

leading paint producers in Turkey. Consisting of five companies led by Dyo Boya, it serves the market with 1,000
different products. Under the brand names Dyo and Dewilux, Yasar
Coatings Group employs approximately 1,100 people and exports
its products to 40 countries. The groups export markets are located
primarily in Central Asia, the Middle East, Europa and Russia. The
company is active in the decorative, marine and industrial paints
sectors as well as car refinishes, furniture paints and lacquers. DYO
Boya recently opened a new plant to produce powder coating in the
Aegean province of Manisa. The plant was opened with an investment that will reach 25 million Turkish Liras when the project term
is completed and its production capacity will be 6,000 tons a year.

July 2014

Coatings World | 73

Top Companies



Amagasaki, Japan

REVENUE: $240,630
Automotive coatings Industrial

coatings Automotive
Ryuhei Tamamura, president; Sumio
Hashimoto, executive sr managing

hinto Paint Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture, processing

and sale of paints, adhesives, pigments, synthetic fats/oils, fats/
oils, and chemicals in Japan. In addition, the company designs,
implements, and supervises painting work and other various construction work, as well as related technical supervision. Further,
it engages in contracting of installation work for painting facilities; and related machinery equipment, tools, and devices, as well
as design and supervision of such installation work. The company
provides maintenance coatings for protection against rust and corrosion to nuclear power stations, chemical plants, petroleum refinery
plants, water and sewage treatment plants, and paper mills, as well
as large-sized steel structures, such as ships, drilling rigs, offshore
platforms, and other ocean development plants. Shinto Paint Co.
was founded in 1901 and is headquartered in Amagasaki, Japan.


Pacific Paint Boysen

Quezon City,

REVENUE: $230 million
Decorative coatings Industrial coatings
Marine coatings

Willy Ong, president; Johnson Ongking,
vice president; Ruben Cueto, marketing
manager; Romy Bautista, technical
services manager; Catherine Ramirez,
technical director.

alter Neal Boysen founded Boysen Paints in Oakland,

CA in 1926. After expanding the brand across the U.S.,
Boysen Paints was introduced to Asia in the 1960s. It
has given Pacific Paints the license to manufacture its premium paint
products. The growing market share in Asia and the Pacific, especially in the Philippine market, necessitated the creation of a fully
integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cavite, Philippines, said to be the most modern paint factory in Southeast Asia.
In 2011, Atlantic Coatings, Inc. (ACI), contract manufacturer of Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines Inc., the leading architectural paint
company in the country, further strengthened its green credentials
with two environmental awards.


Taiho Paint
City, Country

REVENUE: $232.561 million
Architectural and decorative coatings
General industrial and industrial

maintenance Wood coatings

Chen Ho Sheng, chairman; Tochiaki
Ogasawara, president; Chen Chun Hua,
GM; Huang Jung Chi, chief facility officer;

aiho Paint (China) includes Taiho Paint (Dongguan), Taiho

Paint (Shanghai), Taiho Paint (Japan) and Taiho Paint
(Taiwan). Together these operations generated revenue
$232,561 in 2013. The largest of these operations is in Dongguan,
China, which also serves as the companys headquarters and employs 1,132 people. The Shanghai operations employ 218, Japan
60 and Taiwan 30.
Architectural and decorative coatings comprise 32.7 percent in
the companys sales while general industrial and industrial maintence coatings made up 67.24 percent of sales. In July 2013 Taiho
Paint won the title of Top Ten Best Furniture Paint Brands.


Renner Sayerlack
Cajamar, Brazil

REVENUE: $230 million

Wood coatings Marine coatings
Alexandre Cenacchi, chairman of the

enner Sayerlack S.A. manufactures and distributes wood

finishing and marine coatings and paints. It is the largest
and most specialized wood coating company in Latin America. Formerly known as Sayerlack, it changed its name to Renner
Sayerlack S.A. in January 2001 after the merger of Tintas Renner
and Sayerlack Industria Brasileira de Vernizes. The company was
founded in 1968 and is based in Cajamar, Brazil. With sales estimated in the $230 million range, Renner Sayerlack claims to control
approximately 50 percent of the Brazilian wood finishing market, as
the largest player in the segment in Latin America. The companys
primary wood finishes manufacturing facility is in Cajamar, Sao
Paulo state, and it operates another in Minerbio, Italy.

74 | Coatings World

July 2014



Nethanya, Israel

REVENUE: $223 million
Architectural coatings Industrial

coatings Powder coatings

Michael Dayan, CEO; Micha Scharir, VP
and financial director; Ronen Kayzerman,
international marketing director

ounded in 1936, Tambour is the largest Israeli paint manufacturer. The firm operates six production facilities in Israel
for architectural paints, industrial paints, powder coatings,
printing inks, acrylic emulsion, resins and other coatings. Production capacity is approximately 90 million liters per year. Tambour
said it has been watching trends not only for color forecasting, but
also for the research and development of new paint products, especially in the category of faux finishes and special effects. In light of
the success of this methodology in the decorative market, Tambour
decided to introduce it to the industrial market as well and created
a unique cooperation with Klil Industriesthe leading company in
Israel for Aluminum framings. Tambours revenue for 2013 was
$223 million.


Yung Chi
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

REVENUE: $215 million
Architectural coatings Marine coatings

Industrial coatings
Te-Hsiung Chang, president; T.J Chang,
general manager; Anthony Lin, manager

ung Chi Paint & Varnish Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures architectural coatings, heavy-duty coatings, marine
paints, coil coatings, can coatings, nuclear coatings and curtain wall coatings primarily in Taiwan. The firm also manufactures
and sells fire-retardant and fire protection coatings. In 2009, the
companys Malaysia Melaka factory started production for coil
coatings. Taiwan and recorded sales of $215 million in 2013 and
has approximately 600 employees. In the architectural segment the
company provides solvent-based acrylic paints, water-based cement
mortar paints, dirt off exterior acrylic emulsion paints, water-based
elastomeric paints, and water-based epoxy topcoats. Heavy-duty
coatings include epoxy paints, ready-mixed paints, top-long paints
and polyurethane paints.


Top Companies

Rock Paint
Osaka, Japan

REVENUE: $222,610
Automotive coatings Industrial coatings

Togo Utsumi, CEO, president,
representative director; Fujio Hara,
senior managing director; Yuji Ikeya,
representative senior managing director;
Toshio Otsuki, managing director

ock Paint Co. Ltd. offers automotive refinish paints, building paints, industrial paints and home use paints. The company is among the leading manufacturers of automotive
refinish paints in Japan. Rock manufactures coatings in a wide range
of colors, with an especially wide variety of pearls and metallics.
These include brands such as its Panarock Mars 2K series, Rockace and Hirock. Rock Paint has recently introduced a one-package
type basecoat called Pro Touch as part of an effort to continually
advance and improve its line of products. Responding to movements
aiming to reduce levels of VOCs in paint products, Rock Paint set
out early to develop waterborne automotive refinish paints. As a
result, general sales for a product called Waterbase have been initiated. Rock Paint Co. was established in 1952 and is based in Osaka,


Looser Holding AG
Arbon, Switzerland

REVENUE: $214 million
Architectural coatings Industrial
coatings Automotive OEM Auto

refinish Wood coatings Non-stick

coatings Packaging coatings
Thomas Lozser, CEO; Pascal Rentzmann,
group controller.

he Coatings Group of Arbon, Switzerland-based Looser

Holding AG in 2013 recorded sales of $214 million, the
majority of which came from sales of wood coatings, which
represents 54 percent of total coatings revenue. The approximate
percent of sales for the other segments include: packaging coatings
18 percent; non-stick/low-friction coatings 16 percent; and industrial coatings 12 percent. The Coatings Division is home to the Treffert Group, Feyco Group, ILAG Group, Schekolin AG and Feycolor
Group who make coating for wood, plastic, metal, stone and glass
for industrial and commercial use. These companies operations are
spread throughout Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the rest of Europe, China, South East Asia and the U.S. The Coatings Division
employs 600 personnel at its nine production facilities.

July 2014

Coatings World | 75

Top Companies




Kikusui Chemical
Nagoya, Japan

REVENUE: $207 million
Architectural coatings

Masato Tooyama, president, GM of
construction paint division, GM of strategic
planning division, manager of ceramic
business department and representative;
Hitoshi Yamaguchi, sr. manager director

ikusui Chemical Industries Co. Ltd. engages in the production and sale of architectural coatings, specialty functional
materials, construction materials, and civil engineering materials. The company offers ceramics, building materials, paints and
crushed natural decorative material sheets. In addition, it involves
in the manufacture and sale of machinery and equipment. The company was founded in 1959 and is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan.
Under the slogan, Work in Harmony with Nature, Work for the
Benefit of People, Kikusui manufactures water-based and organicsolvent-free architectural paints and uses its own methods to minimize drainage and waste generated during the production process.
In addition, the company deals with natural paints from Germany
and allergy-free paints from Sweden.

For laboratory
scale up & small
batch production.

Grebe Group
Weilburg, Germany

REVENUE: $190 million
Industrial coatings OEM coatings (nonautomotive)

Helmut Tappe, CEO Grebe Group; Dr.
Manfred Becker, management board;
Frank Glaser, management board; Tim
Rand, Weilburger Coatings; Uwe Diener,
marketing director

oatings World estimated that The Grebe Group recorded

sales of approximately $190 million in 2013. Industrial
coatings accounted for 40 percent of sales, non-automotive
OEM applications accounted for 40 percent and rail and defense
applications accounted for 20 percent. For household articles the
firm offers Greblon non-stick coatings and decorative, temperatureresistant coatings. For the stove industry it offers high-temperature
resistant coatings. For general industry applications Grebe offers
coating systems for metals, plastics and glass in applications such
as sewage pipes, household appliances, rail vehicles, mobile phones
and defense technology. The group operates facilities in Germany,
UK, Italy, Poland, China, Hong Kong Indonesia, India and Japan.



Realistic laboratory
samples processed
with minimum
raw materials and
clean up.

Economically process
your dispersions.
Single pass or
recirculation milling.

Engineered Mills, Inc.

888 E. Belvidere Road - U214

Grayslake, Illinois 60030 USA

0.5 THRU 5 HP
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Tel: 847-548-0044
Fax: 847-548-0099
E-mail: sales@EMImills.COM

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July 2014




WEG Tintas
Guaramirim, SC - Brazil

REVENUE: $189,586,219 million
Powder coatings Marine Industrial
Protective Automotive Renish Varnishes

Reinaldo Richter, managing director;
sales mgn; sales managers: Adilson Cesar
Demathe, Pedro Reibaldi Neto, Mauro
Jos Deretti, customer service and intl
sales mgr

EG Groups Coatings Unit provides solutions in liquid

industrial and anticorrosive coatings, automotive refinish coatings, powder coatings and electro insulating
varnishes and resins. WeWEG Coatings is a leader in the Brazilian
market in powder coatings and electro insulating varnishes and resins and is a leader in industrial and anticorrosive coatings in Latin
America. Among the main market segments, WEG provides solutions for marine and offshore, chemical and petrochemical, metallic
structures, shipbuilding, industrial maintenance, household appliances and automotive refinishing.


Industrias Titan
Barcelona, Spain

REVENUE: $185 million
Decorative coatings Industrial coatings
Marine coatings Powder coatings

Kapci Coatings
Port Said, Eqypt

Architectural coatings

REVENUE: $172 million
Automotive renish Decorative paints
Wood nishes

REVENUE: $175 million

Ray Grifth, president and CEO; Dave
Zieglar, chairman

or its first 50 years in business, Ace was privately held. In

1976, Ace became a retailer-owned cooperative. Each store
is independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs.
Today, Ace is the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the hardware industry in terms of wholesale and retail sales and strength
of the brand. Aces 4,600 stores in all 50 states and more than 60
countries generate annual retail sales of approximately $12 billion.
Headquartered in Oak Brook, IL, Ace currently operates 14 distribution centers in the U.S. and one in Shanghai, China. Ace employs
approximately 4,500 corporate team members worldwide and has
four regional offices, located in Raleigh, NC; Atlanta, GA; Denver,
CO; and Woodridge, Illinois. The Ace Paint division generated sales
of approximately $175 million in 2013.

July 2014

Fine arts materials

Jos Farrs Pere, CEO; Jaime Carbonell Petit,
nancial general manager; Antonio Vilaseca
Martinez, technical director; and Jose
Fernndez, manager for powder coatings

ince it was founded in 1917 in Barcelona, Industrias Titan has

produced paints, enamels, varnishes, powder coatings, colors
for fine arts and handicrafts, as well as ancillary products. Its
present installations have a total area of 120,000 square meters and
are located in El Prat de Llobregat, which is within the metropolitan area of Barcelona. It has fourteen commercial delegations, six
production plants in Spain, one in Portugal and one in Morocco. In
recent years Industrias Titan has focused its efforts on making its
products more environmental friendly, right through from product
conception to the end user stage. Many of its products have been
awarded with the European Ecological Label.


Ace Paint
Oakbrook, Illinois USA

Top Companies

Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed El-Sayed,
CEO; Amr Mohamed El-Sayed, commercial
director; Lotfy Hassan El-Badrawy, R&D

he company was founded in 1985 under the name Kantara

Paints and Chemical Industries specializing in car refinish
paints. In 2002 the company opened its current headquarters located in Port Said and changed its name to Kapci Coatings.
In 2013 Kapci generated revenue of $172 milliion. Car refinishes
accounted for 52 percent of sales; architectural and decorative coatings 32 percent; and wood finishes accounted for the remaining percentages. Kapci Coatings production facility is located on 210,000
square meters of space where the company has an annual production capacity of roughly 80,000 tons per year. Kapci Coatings is currently exporting its paint products to more than 42 countries around
the world. It has four branches in China, India, Brazil and the UAE.
Kapci recently launched Kapci Dima, a waterborne based coating.

Coatings World | 77

Top Companies



Cloverdale Paint
Surrey, British Columbia,

REVENUE: $170 million
Decorative coatings Industrial coatings

Wood finishes Marine coatings

Charles Mordy, CEO; Alex Orody, COO;
Martin McKenna

loverdale Paint maintains more than 100 retail stores and

a network of dealer outlets across Western Canada and the
Pacific Northwest. The firm manufactures architectural and
industrial maintenance products. Directly and through subsidiary
companies in Calgary, Alberta (Far-go Paint Inc.) and Portland,
Oregon (Rodda Paint Company). Cloverdale operates manufacturing plants in Surrey, Portland, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary.
In terms of acquisitions, Cloverdale most recently bought Guertin
Coatings of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, which produces liquid
and powder industrial coatings, resins, sealants and adhesives in a
78,000 square foot facility in Winnipeg.


Diamond Vogel
Orange City, Iowa/USA

REVENUE: $168 million
Architectural coatings Industrial coatings
Heavy duty coatings Traffic coatings

Drew Vogel, president and CEO; Doug
Vogel, vice president, decorative; Mark
Vogel, vice president, industrial

iamond Vogel Paints is a family-owned, Midwestern-based

paint manufacturer and retailer headquartered in Orange
City, Iowa. The company operates seven manufacturing
facilities and more than 80 service center outlets. The company is a
provider of liquid and powder coatings for industrial OEM applications, architectural paints for commercial and homeowner applications, and heavy-duty protective coatings for industrial maintenance
applications. Diamon Vogels Acryl Prime Interior 100% acrylic
primer-sealer is a premium quality interior latex primer/sealer that
offers excellent hold out for both latex and oil topcoats. It also has
better alkaline resistance than conventional vinyl acrylic primers.

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July 2014



Miyoshi, Japan

REVENUE: $162 million
Architectural coatings
Industrial coatings

Kenji Kasuya, president and representative
director; Susumu Kawakami, senior
managing director and executive director

atoco Co., Ltd. manufactures fine chemicals and paints.

It offers synthetic resin paints and inks. The company
primarily provides coatings for metal, building and other
functional materials, as well as related equipment. The company
was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Miyoshi, Japan and
operates in three business segments. The paint segment is involved
in the manufacture and sale of synthetic resin paints, thinners and
paint-related products. The fine chemical segment manufactures and
sells chemical products such as film-use coating materials, as well
as fine particles for liquid crystal displays (LCDs), among others.
The others segment is engaged in the collection and transportation
of industrial waste products. Natoco has two subsidiaries and one
associated company.


NOF Metal Coatings

REVENUE: $160 million
Corrosion protection coatings

Mr. Poulet, president & CEO, Europe;
Mr. Mizobe, pres and CEO, Japan; Mr.
Masuda, pres, USA; Mr. Ros, sales &
marketing director, Europe; Mr Kagehara,
sales & marketing Director for Asia Pacific

OF Corp. is a Japanese chemical company and the holding

company of NOF Metal Coatings Group, which includes
NOF Metal Coatings Europe (Creil, France); NOF Metal
Coatings North America (Chardon, OH); NOF Metal Coatings Asia
Pacific (Kawasaki, Japan); NOF Metal Coatings China (Shanghai);
NOF Metal Coatings Korea (Seoul); and NOF Metal Coatings
South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil). The group is primarily engaged
in the manufacture of corrosion control coatings for the automotive
OEM segment, which was responsible for 90 percent of group revenue. In 2012, the company opened Worldwide Training Centre for
educaiton in the field of zinc-flake anticorrosion technology. In 2012
NOF launched two new topcoats, Plus VLh and Geokote.


Top Companies

Sakai City, Japan

REVENUE: $160 million
Onshore coatings Marine coatings
Automotive coatings Decorative

coatings Adhesives
Shiwaku Hiroshi, pres. and CEO; Kato
Kazutami, EVP; Nanping Tadatoshi,
outside drt; Esashi Junichi, paint bus drt

ohpe Corporation is a Japan-based manufacturer that supplies paints and other chemical products. Its paints include
synthetic resin paints, lacquers, water-based paints, oilbased paints and thinners. The companys chemical products include
synthetic resin adhesive processing agents and synthetic rubber. Additionally, it is involved in the paint related construction activities.
The company has 12 subsidiaries and five associated companies. Its
offers architectural coatings, exterior paints, steel coatings, concrete
protective coatings, marine paints, industrial paints and road paints.
In addition, it involves in exterior painting contract and building
construction works, as well as in the sale of paint-related equipment.
The company was founded in 1915 and is headquartered in Sakai
City, Japan.


Whitford Corp.
Elverson, Pennsylvania

REVENUE: $154 million
Industrial coatings Automotive
coatings Powder coatings Houseware

coatings Electrical component coatings

Non-stick coatings Packaging coatings
David P. Willis Jr., president; Tom Sheehan,
CFO; Rich Hobbs, managing directo

hitford Corporation is a manufacturer of one of the

worlds largest line of fluoropolymer coatings. Whitfords story began in 1969 when the founders created
its first productXylan 1010which remains one of the companys
most popular products today. The firms wide range of products
serves the industrial, automotive, powder coatings, houseware ,
electrical component and sol-gel markets. Whitford operates nine
manufacturing facilities worldwide in the U.S., the UK, Brazil, India,
China, Singapore and Italy. In 2011 Whitford opened its factory in
Bangalore, one of Indias fastest-growing and most dynamic cities.
On the new technology front, Whitford has broken new ground
with its recently launched Eterna Colors, QuanTanium colors, Fusion colors and Fusion X for exteriors.

July 2014

Coatings World | 79

Top Companies



Busan, South Korea

REVENUE: $153 million
Architectural coatings Wood coatings
Industrial coatings Powder coatings

Automotive refinishes
Dae-Eun Lee, president and CEO; Ha-Ok
Kim, managing director of business

hokwang Paint Limited manufactures paint products and

coatings in Korea. Its products include architectural paints,
interior paints, floor coatings and water floor paints, wood
coatings, industrial coatings, plastic coatings and auto refinish coatings, powder coatings, heavy-duty coatings, and DIY paints. In
addition, Chokwang provides a speed color system to each dealership it operates through, which can mix colors at customers request
within three minutes with an automatic color mixer controlled by
a computer. The company was formerly known as Chokwang Co.,
Inc. and subsequently changed its name to Chokwang Paint Limited.
Chokwang Paint Limited was founded in 1947 and is headquartered
in Busan, South Korea.


Quest Specialty
Menomonee Falls, WI

REVENUE: $149 million
Automotive refinish Aerosol paints

Industrial paints Roof coatings and systems

Doug Mattscheck, CEO and president;
Rick Martin, CFO; David Brunori, ex. VP
and GM

uest Specialty Chemicals manufacturers coatings designed

to repair, restore and preserve the assets of its customers.
Quest serves a variety of industries, including the automotive aftermarket, general industrial, and commercial re-roofing
markets. QSC is privately held and operates three wholly-owned
divisions: Quest Automotive Products, Quest Construction Products and Quest Industrial Products. In 2012 QSC launched a newly
renovated website. Together QSCs portfolio of coatings companies
generated $149 million of revenue in 2013. In June 2013 Quest
Specialty Chemicals announced the acquisition of U.S Chemical and
Plastics, joining Matrix Systems in the automotive division of Quest
Specialty Chemicals.


Russian Coatings
City, Country

REVENUE: $150.5 million
Architectural coatings Automotive
OEM coatings Industrial coatings

Automotive refinishes Powder coatings

Valeriy Abramov, CEO; Philipp Savelyev,
director of economics; Mixhail Kolomichev,
technical director; Segment managers:
Nicolay Yakovley, decorative and building

he year 2013 was very important for Russian Coatings. It

was their companys 175th anniversary. Time showed that
investments placed into construction of the powder coatings
plant and the workshop for water paints have given their positive results. The output of powder materials had grown by 15 percent. The
share of water materials in the output of decorative-building products had amounted even 44 percent. Although the output reached
only 93 percent, the sales volume in rouble equivalent remained the
same. In the decorative business the company proceded with series
production of innovative quick materials of sub-brand PREMIA
family. These products feature faster drying. Sales of brand products
in industrial business had increased from 46 percent in 2012 up to
55 percent in 2013.


Yips Chemical Holdings Ltd.

Fanling, Hong Kong, China

REVENUE: $146 million
Decorative coatings Industrial coatings

Kam Yim Wong, CEO and executive
director; Chi Shing Ip, co-founder,
executive chairman and member of the
board; Wai Man Li, COO, executive
director; Tsz Hin Yip, deputy chairman,

ips Chemical Holdings Limited engages in the manufacture and trading of petrochemical products primarily in the
Peoples Republic of China. The company operates in three
segments: Solvents, Coatings and Lubricants. The Coatings segment
engages in the production and marketing of domestic architectural
and industrial paints, inks, varnishes and resins for construction,
toys, electronics, furniture, food and gift packaging and printing industries. This segment offers paints under the Bauhinia, Adcoat and
Pak Lam Choice brand names; inks under Bauhinia Variegata brand
name; specialty varnishes under the Golaxxo brand name; and resins under the Da Chang brand name. The company was formerly
known as Hang Cheung Hong. Yips Chemical Holdings Limited
was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Fanling, Hong Kong.

80 | Coatings World

July 2014



Osaka, Japan

REVENUE: $145 million
Onshore coatings Marine coatings

Automotive coatings Decorative

coatings Adhesives
Takeshi Tanaka, president and chairman;
Tatsuo Nishi, managing director

sahipen Corporation engages in the manufacture and sale

of various paints and coatings, painting tools and wallpaper
products in Japan. The company offers water-based, oilbased, anti-rust, spray, gloss varnish, wood, hobby craft and business paints. Asahipen Corporation markets its products through
dealers, government agencies, and other outlets in China, Hong
Kong, Taiwan, and southwestern Asia. The company was formerly
known as Asahi Paint Company and changed its name to Asahipen
Corporation in 1965. Asahipen Corporation was founded in 1940
and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Asahipen Groups are organized into many paint-manufacturing subsidiaries including Asahipen Corporation, Daiho Tokyo Inc., Asahipen America Inc. and
in the field of UV finishing it operates Trust Inc.


ICA Group
Civitanova Marche,

REVENUE: $137 million
Industrial wood coatings

Alessandro Bascelli, export manager;
Lorenzo Lavarini, area manager; Federico
Bastianelli, area manager; Sandro
Paniccia, marketing director; Pierro and
Fabio Paniccia, technical directors.

CA Group unveiled in the My Gloss system. The new system

was conceived to fulfill the increasingly stringent requirements
of the furniture sector, which are based on the need to achieve
high-quality gloss coatings using cycles that have low levels of environmental impact. The final lacquered gloss effects of the My
Gloss system can be obtained both with colored basecoats and with
transparent gloss topcoats, and even directly with pigmented gloss
topcoats. Specifically, the My Gloss system is composed of versatile
products for the preparation of the base surface such as primers,
fillers and UV intermediates with 100 percent solid residue. Alongside these, there are water-based epoxy base coats. ICA said the
My Gloss system made it possible to reduce VOCs released into the
atmosphere during application by more than 90 percent.


Top Companies

Kayalar Kimya
Istanbul, Turkey |

REVENUE: $140.336 million
Architectural coatings General
industrial coatings Wood coatings

Ersin Kenan Kayalar, Tolga Kayalar,
Zafar Kayalar, Bahadur Baykar. Bedri
Buyuktaskin, marketing director; Zafer
Memisiglu, technical director

ayalar Kimya possesses approximately 25 percent market

share of the Turkish furniture paint and varnish market.
Kayalar has two production plants, one in Istanbul, Turkey, which opened in 2006 and the second one in Lucena, Spain.
Architectural coatings comprise 19 percent of Kaylar Kimyas business, general industrial comprises one percent, wood comprises 47
percent and the remaining 33 percent is comprised of resins. Kayalar
recently entered into a joint venture with Noroo Company for the
industrial paint sector and acquired Gasla, a Spanish wood coating
company. Brands include Genc, Dufa, Genro Noroo and Grasla.


Origin Electric
Tokyo, Japan

REVENUE: $136 million
Synthetic resin paints Coatings for

digital devices
Toshio Kashiwagi, president and director;
Minoru Fujisawa, managing director and
GM of coating operations division

rigin Electric operates in three segments: Electronics, Mechatronics and Chemitronics. The Chemitronics division is
supported by metal surface treatment and surface plating
technologies as well as by its history of R&D in the fields of electronics and coating materials. Energy-saving measures jointly developed with other engineering groups have resulted in developments
being achieved in the field of synthetic resin paints. The company
operates in Japan, as well as in Taipei, Hong Kong, the U.S. and
China. Origin began developing paints in 1947 as a part of its surface processing research efforts creating highly functional paints, including paints used for plastic substrates, water-based paint/TX-free
paint and paints used for plated nonferrous metals. Applications
include auto interior and exterior parts, cell phones and computers.

July 2014

Coatings World | 81

Top Companies



Cairo, Eqypt

REVENUE: $135,520
Decorative paints Industrial paints

Huda A. Salah El-Din, chairperson; Eng.
Mohey El-Din Abdel Razek, CEO; Ashraf
El Kahky CFO; Adel Mohey El-Din, R&D
ex. director; Eng. Khaled Abdel Fattah,
operations executive manager

ince its beginnings in 1958, Paints and Chemical Industries

(PACHIN) has been a pioneer in the Egyptian paint and coatings industry. Its core business is the production of various
types of architectural and decorative coatings, industrial paints,
printing inks and alkyd resins. In 2013 PACHIN reported revenue
of $135,520 million. Of this, 85 percent of sales are in architectural/
decorative; 6 percent in industrial paints; 6 percent in printing inks
and 3 percent in alkyd resin. PACHIN maintains a strategic alliance with AkzoNobel in which PACHIN is licensed to manufacture
and sell various products on behalf of AkzoNobel under the Dulux
trademark. Recently PACHIN concluded an agreement to be the
sole distributor of Chugoku Marine Paints in Egypt. PACHIN also
has a strategic alliance with NovaColor, a leading Italian manufacturer of decorative products.


Rostov-on Don, Russia

REVENUE: $125 million

Victor Stolbchenko, GM; Roman Setin,
GMs first deputy; Vadim Zaytsev, sales
and decorative coatings segment mng


Seoul, South Korea

REVENUE: $133 million
Decorative coatings Industrial
coatings Auto refinish coatings

Jang Yeon Kim, chairman and CEO; Ja
Hyun Koo, VP and CEO production; Hak
Heon Lee, VP, management

ounded in 1946, Samhwa Paints makes a wide range of

products from DIY paints to architectural paints, heavy-duty
coatings, marine paints and special industrial coatings such
as PCM coatings, car coatings, plastic coatings, UPE coatings, UV
coatings and powder coatings. In 2013 Samhwa posted sales of
$133 mn. During the year the construction of the Samhwa Research
Institute in China was completed in Zhangjiagang Co., Ltd. and
the Gwangju office of Samhwa Paints built a new office building at
Yongbong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City. Also during
the year the company set up a subsidiary in Vietnam in Bac Ninh.
This local subsidiary is expected to produce about 500 tons of paint
annually, including paint for plastic products such as mobile phones
and vacuum cleaners as well as paints used for covering high-quality


Boero Group
Genoa, Italy

REVENUE: $124 million

Decorative coatings Industrial coatings

Decorative coatings Maine coatings

ith sales of approximately $125 million in 2013, Empils is Russias second-largest domestic manufacturer of
paints and coatings. The majority of Empils revenue
is generated in the decorative coatings segment (~97 percent). The
remaining sales come from industrial coatings operations. The company markets the following brands on the Russian market: Empils
industrial coatings; Rastsvet alkyd-based decorative coatings; Oreol
alkyd- and water-based decorative coatings; Oreol Titan special
alkyd-based coatings for metal; Oreol Garant water-based coatings for professional use; and Empils Krona alkyd- and water-based
coatings for wood protection. Empils operates one manufacturing
facility in its headquarters city of Rostov-on-Don.

Powder coatings Marine and protective

Yacht coatings
Andreina Boero, president; Cristina
Cavalleroni, VP; Giorgio Rupnik, CEO;
Olga Bottaro, technical director

oero Group is Italys paint and coatings leader in the markets its serves. Architectural and decorative paint brands in
the firms portfolio include Boero Colori; Rover Attiva; and
Grandi Superfici. Yacht brands include Boero Yacht Paint; Veneziani Yachting and Attiva Marine. The marine category offers the
Boat brand. Boero Group operates two manufacturing facilities.
Boero recently introduced Rovertherm coat systems for energy efficiency in buildings and it also launched a water-based wood coatings range.

82 | Coatings World

July 2014




Kansas City, Missouri

REVENUE: $123,582 million
Water tank coatings Wastewater
coatings Industrial coatings Floor

coatings Architectural coatings

Peter Cortelyou, president and CEO; Chase
Bean, executive VP; Terry Wallace, VP, sales

ince 1921, Tnemec Company Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance architectural and industrial coatings
that protect a wide range of substrates and enhance aesthetics.
From water tanks and treatment plants, to manufacturing plants,
industrial facilities and specialty architectural buildings, Tnemec
coatings can be found protecting virtually all types of structures
and buildings. Tnemec operates three manufacturing facilities in the
U.S. in North Kansas City, MO, Baltimore, MD and Garland, TX.
During 2012 the first Readers Choice Corrosion Innovation of the
Year Award was presented by Materials Performance (MP) magazine, and Tnemecs Severe Wastewater Analysis Test, or S.W.A.T.,
was in the top ten nominations selected for recognition. Tnemec
generated $123,582 million in 2013.


Tokyo, Japan

REVENUE: $102 million
Floor coatings Roof coatings

Top Companies

MIDO Coatings
Alexandria, Egypt

REVENUE: $102,897
Automotive coatings (car renishes)
Wood coatings Decorative coatings

Aly Ghaly, president; Omar Ghaly, vice
president; Ramy Galal, board member;
Catings technical directors: Mohamed
Awad, Mohamed Farouk, Sheikh Elarab
Abd El Aziz, Hisham Eltoukhy

IDO recently established three overseas branches in

Kenya,Sudan, UAE, within the international scope of expansion for MIDO in the region. The company adopted
an ambitious penetration plan to establish this new entry model
and overcome a lot of logistics &trade barriers which held back the
growth of Egyptian presence in these markets as a model, it will be
replicated in selected markets across the region in the future within
MIDO international expansion plan for the upcoming 5 years.
The companys expects 50 percent growth in 2014 with penetration of new markets outside the Middle East area.

Should Your Company Be Here?

Swimming pool coatings Trafc paints

Kazuyuki Kobayashi, director and
president; Koichi Kita, managing director
and executive manager of administration

If you are a paint, coatings, adhesives or sealants

manufacturer with sales of $100 million for fiscal 2013
and would like to be included in Coatings Worlds
Top Companies Report, let us know and we will add
your company to the online version.
Email the editor, Kerry Pianoforte

tomix Co. Ltd. manufactures various paints in Japan. The

companys headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. It offers floor and roof coatings, waterproofing materials, swimming pool coatings, traffic and anti-skid paints, paint for mapping
systems, and paint to protect road structures from deterioration.
The company was founded in 1937 and is headquartered in Tokyo,
Japan. The company had sales of $102 million in 2013.

July 2014

Coatings World | 83



Here is a look at the latest offerings from select resins suppliers. For more information on
the products listed, please contact the company directly.
Alberdingk Boley Inc.
Greensboro, NC
Fax: 336-454-5007
Type of resins: Acrylic-styrene emulsions;
emulsions; UV curing resins; urethane/
polyurethane resins
AC 3630
Attributes/comments: Translucent, multiphase, self-cross linking dispersion with
excellent chemical and scratch resistance,
fast-drying, excellent wood warmth
and surface hardness, low cosolvent demand, low foaming tendency and easy to

Alpharetta, GA
770-280-8300 or 800-433-2873
Fax: 770-280-8394
Type of Resins: Acrylic resins; acrylicstyrene emulsions; alkyd resins; amino;
crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy
hardeners; epoxy resins; high-solid resins;
hybrid resins; melamine/melamine-type
resins; phenolic resins; phenoxy resins
UV curing resins; urethane/polyurethane
resins; water thinned resins
Easy Cure System
Attributes/comments: With Allnexs new
Easy Cure System, formulators can now
develop waterborne epoxy systems that
July 2014

offer the performance and handling of

solvent-based coatings. The Easy Cure
System is composed of three elements: the
BECKOCURE hardener and two epoxy
resins - BECKOPOX EP 2384w/57WA
and BECKOPOX 387w/52WA, and
brings many cost saving opportunities
through easy handling and application,
improved productivity, and compatibility
with a wide range of pigments and filler.

Arkema Coating Resins

Cary, NC
Type of resins: Acrylic resins; alkyd resins; epoxy hardeners; emulsions; hybrid
resins; polyester resins; silicone polyesters; TGIC resins; urethane/polyurethane
Snap 728 Acrylic Latex
Attributes/comments: Exceptional hardness and black resistance, excellent gloss
and adhesion, and ENVIA certified.

BASF Corporation
Charlotte, NC
Fax: 800-392-7429
Type of resins: Acrylic resins; acrylicstyrene emulsions; alykd resins; amino;
crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy
hardeners; epoxy resins; high-solid resins; melamine/melamine-type resins;

polyamide resins; UV curing resins; urethane crosslinkers; urethane/polyurethane resins

Acronal PLUS 4235
Attributes/comments: All-acrylic resin optimized for high performance 50 g/l VOC
freeze/thaw resistant flat and satin formulations. High solids (55%) resin with good
slurry compatibility for interior/exterior
application in contractor through premium grade paints. Paints deliver excellent
wet adhesion and chalk adhesion with
excellent surfactant leaching and water resistance. Acronal PLUS 4235 also delivers
improved titanium dioxide efficiency.

Cardolite Corporation
Newark, NJ
Fax: 973-344-1197
Types of resins: Epoxy hardeners; Epoxy
resins; Hydrocarbon resins;
Ultra LITE Series
Attributes/comments: New technology
platform enables cashew nutshell liquid
based materials with Gardner color 1 or
less. Ultra LITE diluents can replace substances of concern such as unfriendly glycidyl ethers and nonyl phenol.

Irving, TX
Coatings World | 85

FEATURE Resins Directory

Type of resins: Acrylic resins; emulsions;
vinyl resins
Avicor 385 vinyl acrylic emulsion
Attributes/comments: Celanese is a leading global producer of vinyl emulsions
including homopolymers,VAE and vinyl
acrylic. They are also a manufacturer
of pure acrylic emulsions and specialty

DIC International (USA)

Parsippany, NJ
Fax: 973-404-6601
Type of resins:
Acrylic resins; acrylicstyrene emulsions;
alkyd resins; amino; crosslinking resins;
emulsions; epoxy hardeners; epoxy resins; high-solid resins; hybrid resins; phenolic resins; phenoxy resins; polyamide
resins; polyester resins; UV curing resins; water thinned resins; styrene resins;

urethane/polyurethane resins
Acrylate hybrid resins for high durability
protective coatings (non-isocyanate).

Dymax Corporation
Torrington, CT
Fax: 860-626-2674
Type of resins:
Acrylic resins; crosslinking resins; hybrid
resins; methacrylic monomers/polymers;
polybutadienes; UV curing resins; urethane crosslinkers; urethane/polyurethane resins

Gelest Inc.
Morrisville, PA
Fax: 215-547-1015

86 | Coatings World

resins: acrylic resins;
resins; amino; bitmens; cellulose
derivatives;crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy hardeners; epoxy resins;
ester gums; high-solid resins; hybrid
resins; hydrocarbons resins; maleic
resins; melamine/melamine-type resins;
methacrylic monomers/polymers; natural resins; nitrocellulose; nylon resins;
oleoresinous varnishes; phenolic resins; phenoxy resins; polyamide resins;
polybutadienes; polybutenes; polyester
resins; polyethylene resins; polypropylene resins; polysaccharide resins; rosin
esters; rosin salts; silanes; silicone
polyesters; silicone resins; styrene resins; terpenes; TGIC resins; UV curing
resins; urethane crosslinkers; urethane
lacquers; urethane/polyurethane resins; vinyl resins; water thinned resins
Dipodal Silanes, Cyclic Azasilanes,
Particle Surface Modification

July 2014

Resins Directory FEATURE

manufactures and provides silane, silicone and metal-organic compounds
serving advanced technology markets
through a customer driven approach.

Georgia Pacific Chemicals

Atlanta, GA
Type of resins: crosslinking resins; epoxy
hardeners; high-solid resins; melamine/
melamine-type resins; phenolic resins;
rosin esters; water thinned resins

King Industries, Inc.

Norwalk, CT 06852

K-Flex XM-366 Low Viscosity

Polyester Diol for VOC Reduction and
Attributes/Comments:100% active, low
viscosity and low color Polyester Diol
for use as a resin modifier to increase
flexibility and reduce VOCs of acrylic/
isocyanate or acrylic/melamine systems.

Reichhold, Inc.
Durham, NC
Fax: 919- 767-8618




acrylic-styrene emulsions; alkyd resins;

crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy
hardeners; epoxy resins; high-solid resins;
hybrid resins; polyamide resins; silicone
polyesters; UV curing resins; urethane
lacquers; urethane/polyurethane resins;
water thinned resins.
UROTUF F600-w-40
UROTUF F600-W-40 is a self crosslinking water-borne uralkyd suitable for contractor or DIY garage floor coatings that
exhibit good adhesion to concrete and
are resistant to hot tire pick-up.

Type of resins: Acrylic resins; acrylic-styrene emulsions; vinyl resins

Ray Flex 791
Attributes/comments: RayFlex 791 is an
APEO-free, all acrylic emulsion polymer
designed to provide excellent alkali resistance on cementitious substrates. Coatings
formulated with RayFlex 791 have very
good tensile properties, efflorescence resistance and low temperature flexibility. CW

Siltech Corporation
Toronto, ON
Type of resins: Silicone resins; UV curing
Fluorosil OH C7-F
Attributes/comments: Fluorosil OH C7-F
provides solvent, stain, mar, and fingerprint resistance, flexibility, lubricity,
softness, and slip. The primary hydroxyl
group can react into the matrix. There is
also an acrylate version for UV.

Specialty Polymers Inc.


Woodburn, OR
Fax: 503-981-7534

July 2014

Want your company to be

included in next years
Resins Directory?

Kerry Pianoforte, Editor

Coatings World | 87


Innovating to
Drive Change in
Transportation Sector
Andre Veneman, Corporate
Director Sustainability and
HSE, AkzoNobel

he movement of people and

goods is crucial to the world
economy. Whether travelling for work, visiting friends or using products shipped from another
country, we rely on transport to go
about our daily lives. However, our
roads, train stations, ports and airports are busier than ever as populations grow and we increasingly
move into cities.
Globally, the transportation sector is expected to continue growing,
with a geographic shift of demand
and manufacturing to the developing
economies. But with this growth, environmental concerns are also increasing. Presently, more than 60 percent
of the 87 million barrels of oil consumed every day power the worlds
transportation sector and liquid fossil
fuels account for 94 percent of the energy supply to the sector.
If the transportation sector is to be successful in reducing its
impact and if it is to contribute to the limiting of global warming to less than 2C, it cannot continue to develop under a business-as-usual scenario.
According to the predictions of the World Business Council
Sustainability Developments Vision 2050 report, universal access to low carbon transport is expected by 2050. An 80 percent
reduction in energy use by light-duty vehicles is also forecast,
along with a 50 percent drop in energy usage within shipping/
freight transportation.

These changes will create challenges and opportunities

for all those companies operating within the sector. If suppliers such as AkzoNobel are to respond effectively to these
trends, they need to focus on bigger, bolder innovations that
can substantially improve sustainability, and deliver better
value for customers.
The transportation sector needs these sustainable solutions.
And if companies are to develop them, they need to recruit the
very best people pioneering chemists and engineers; strategists
with acute insight into the markets, needs and global trends that
will shape our world. Naturally, businesses need to commit to

88 | Coatings World

July 2014

AkzoNobel Transportation FEATURE

investing the necessary funds. Despite challenging economic
conditions, at AkzoNobel we have actually increased our R&D
spend in recent years. Over 370m was invested in research and
development last year, two-thirds of which was focused purely
on sustainability.
The fruits of this investment at AkzoNobel can be seen
in products such as Intersleek. This solution enables oceangoing ships to move faster and use less fuel through the
use of anti-fouling coatings. Another example is a world
class basecoat/clearcoat system we have developed for
aeroplanes which has redefined the application process.
Requiring one coat instead of the usual two or three, it
dries in two hours (rather than ten) and offers lower dirt
pick-up, resulting in less need for cleaning. The potential
weight reduction brought about by using less paint also
means improved fuel efficiency.
It is also important for companies to recognize when they
need to work with others. An open innovation approach is
being employed increasingly by corporations who realize that
they can no longer rely solely on internal resources to maintain
a competitive edge.
Businesses need to fully embrace the model of open innovation. Why? Simply because in a world whose pace is getting
faster and faster, its difficult, if not impossible, for companies to have all the knowledge, skills and know-how available

in-house to take ideas into the market place quickly or costeffectively enough.
Organizations need to work up and down the value chains with
others who have complementary capabilities to their own suppliers
with whom they can work to develop more sustainable raw materials; customers and end users who can guide them in their market
needs and trends; and universities of course that can help them identify emerging sciences that can be developed into useful technologies.
In summary, incremental improvements will not be enough if
we are to successfully tackle the sustainability challenges facing
the transportation sector. It is only by delivering radical solutions and developing big and bold innovations that we will be
able to drive significant change. Companies that can provide
this will ultimately stand to benefit. CW
AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and
a major producer of specialty chemicals. We supply industries
and consumers worldwide with innovative products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers. Our portfolio includes well-known brands such as Dulux,
Sikkens, International and Eka. Headquartered in Amsterdam,
the Netherlands, we are consistently ranked as one of the leaders in the area of sustainability. With operations in more than 80
countries, our 50,000 people around the world are committed
to excellence and delivering Tomorrows Answers Today.

July 2014

Coatings World | 89


Larry Robinson to Retire from Color

Pigments Manufacturers Association
Long-time CPMA president retired at the end of June.
Kerry Pianoforte, Editor

. Lawrence (Larry) Robinson has retired as president of the

Color Pigments Manufacturers Association, Inc. (CPMA)
at the end of June after thirty-eight years with the association. The organization, which represents
the North American color pigments industry,
moved its offices from Alexandria, Virginia,
to Washington, DC.
Robinson joined CPMA in 1976 and led
the group, which was founded in 1925, as its
first full-time chief staff executive. With the
continuing growth of the federal government
and the resulting fact that Washington was
having a dominant role in the Associations
and its members activities, the decision was
reached to establish the CPMA headquarters in the Washington, DC area in the late
1970s. Robinson had previously served in
the Commerce Department, been on the staff
of a US Congressman, and managed several
Washington, DC based trade associations.
When asked what he most enjoyed about working at CPMA,
Robinson said, Thats easy: the people. In my career in association management there is no doubt that the CPMA Board over
the years, the management and technical personnel serving the
association and others involved in the North American color pigments industry were the most outstanding that I have encountered in any association, and I worked for several, and with many
others! It was the people in this industry that contributed most
to my staying with CPMA for almost forty years. I have many
fond memories of these individuals, and will always value them.
Through his forty years in the industry Robinson has witnessed many changes.
The biggest change in the industry is one that is not unique
to CPMA, but has been encountered by most manufacturing industries over the past couple of decades consolidation of companies, said Robinson. Trade associations depend on their
members, and as a result of company consolidations, there are
fewer companies to contribute dues, fewer individuals to serve
on committees, and fewer people to take part in association

activities. Fortunately, although CPMA has been victim to this

like most associations, we have been able to adapt and still serve
the members with the programs they need and desire.
Associations are a very unique American
institution, he added. Alexis deToqueville
wrote of their uniqueness in the mid-seventeenth century, and they continue to be fairly
unique to America . Another change in the
pigments industry has been the increased
number of new foreign companies now in
the North American marketplace. Many
of these companies do not appreciate the
value of trade associations, and the result has
been to leave the North American companies
and those non-North American companies
that have long been involved in the North
American market with the burden of carrying
the full weight of dealing with regulation, an
area where associations excel. Consolidation,
if it continues, and a lack of appreciation by
many foreign companies of the value of joint effort by associations, will be the biggest challenges to the future of CPMA.
Throughout Robinsons long career at CPMA he has gained
the admiration and respect of many professionals in the pigments industry.
Larry has done a great job in leading the CPMA for many
years, said Myron Petruch, president, Performance Pigments
and Electronics Materials at Sun Chemical Corporation. He
is a wonderful person; well liked and respected by all. Larry is
the ultimate professional. He is extremely effective in bringing
together and working with a broad array of people and government agencies to get meaningful and tangible results. Larrys
contributions to CPMA and its member companies have been
tremendous and we will miss him.
Ive worked with Larry Robinson over my 30 year association with CPMA and have always respected his leadership
and wisdom, said Dave Klebine, president of Apollo Colors.
He guided our trade association through many very difficult
issues over the years. His knowledge of the regulatory process

90 | Coatings World

July 2014

Robinson to Retire from CPMA FEATURE

in Washington coupled with the interpersonal skills necessary

to bring focus to a diverse group of member companies have
proven invaluable in serving the best interests of the pigments
industry and our customers.
Larry has been a great friend to me and ACA for more than
35 years, said Andy Doyle, president of the American Coatings
Association. As a founding member of the Council of Chemical
Association Executives, he has been a leader the association
community as well as in the chemical industry. He is a true gentlemen and although we wish him well in his retirement we will
certainly miss him.
During Robinsons tenure, CPMA broadened its membership to include Mexican pigments manufacturers, in addition
to Canadian and U.S. color pigments manufacturers, as primary
members, and opened associate membership to foreign manufacturers which sell in North America, and to intermediates and
other suppliers to the North American color pigments industry.
Membership growth rose markedly under his leadership
in the late 1970s and 1980s. Company consolidations that
have been a fixture for the past generation throughout North
American manufacturing industries also impacted the size of
CPMA, but the association has maintained its strong position
as a leading chemical industry association. Major interests of
CPMA have been in the areas of development of the color pigments industry, preservation of the environment, fair treatment
in tariff and trade, and worker safety and health.
With Robinsons departure, CPMA is moving its offices
on July 1 to Suite 730, 1850 M Street, NW, Washington, DC
20036. Its new telephone number will be 202-465-4900, but its
email address remains unchanged at David
J. Wawer has been selected by the CPMA Board of Governors to
be CPMA Executive Director effective July 1. Wawer currently
serves as CEO of the Massachusetts Chemistry & Technology
Alliance, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts.
The CPMA is an industry trade association representing small, medium and large color pigments manufacturers
throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States, accounting
for the bulk of the production of color pigments in these countries. Color pigments manufacturers located in other countries
with sales in Canada, Mexico and the United States, and suppliers of intermediates, other chemicals and other products used
by North American manufacturers of color pigments are also
members of the Association. Color pigments are widely used in
product compositions of all kinds, including paints, inks, plastics, glass, synthetic fibers, ceramics, cement products, textiles,
cosmetics and artist products. CW

CPMA President Mary Ellen Maxwell, Clariant presents Robinson with a gift.

Harold Fitzpatrick, ESQ, CPMA Council served as Master of Ceremonies.

Ed Faulkner, Sun Chemical; Dave Thompson, Heucotech; Brad Bergey, NAPIM;

Luiz Vieira, EMD

Andrew Zamoyski, consultant and Robert Mott, Sun Pigments.

July 2014

Coatings World | 91

Industry News

ALTANA Increases Production Capacity

for BYK Additives in the U.S.

The specialty chemicals group ALTANA

held the grand opening of its BYK USA
Inc. expanded facility in Wallingford,
Connecticut. With this new plant, BYK
more than doubles production capacity
in the U.S. and increases worldwide supply chain security for its additives.
The expansion project represents a
$50 million investment from ALTANA,
the largest single investment the Group
has made outside of Germany.
Today marks a very important moment in ALTANAs growth strategy, said
Matthias L. Wolfgruber, CEO, ALTANA
AG. With this expanded facility we will
accelerate our growth in North America.
Currently, ALTANA operates eight
subsidiaries, 18 production facilities and
19 laboratories in the U.S. With more
than 1,000 employees here, the company
generated sales of approximately 290
million, or 16 percent of its entire global
business in 2013.
This expansion enables us to efficiently service our U.S. customers with
an enhanced portfolio of BYK additives manufactured in a facility built
to the highest standards of safety, said
Dirk Plas, president, BYK USA Inc.
We are fully committed to investing
in our customers future and to growing our business.

BASF Leading in Research

and Innovation
BASF recently released a report that it has
increased spending on research and development to 1.8 billion (2012: 1.7 billion) in 2013. In absolute terms, we lead
the field in the chemical industry with our
research and development expenditures,
said Andreas Kreimeyer, member of the
board of executive directors of BASF SE
and research executive director, at the
Research Press Conference on the topic
Nanotechnology: Small dimensions
great opportunities in Ludwigshafen.
BASF has a workforce of approximately 10,650 employees working in

international and interdisciplinary teams

on 3,000 research projects to find answers to the challenges of the future and
secure sustainable profitable growth for
the company.

to Imerys and their customers for the

Imerys calcium carbonate product line.
The award was presented by Michelle
Mercurio, Imerys national distribution
manager to Steven Kafka, president of
Superior Materials, Inc. Imerys U.S.
calcium carbonate business unit is based
Vencorex Opens Customer
in Roswell, GA and has manufacturing
Service Center in Asia
facilities throughout the U.S. Superior
After announcing a new HDI derivatives Materials, Inc., soon celebrating its 70th
production unit in Thailand, and recently anniversary as a privately held, fourth
opened entity Vencorex China, Vencorex generation distributor of specialty chemiis now opening its new office in Bangkok. cals and ingredients, covers the MidThe Vencorex new customer service of- Atlantic, Northeast, and near Mid-West
fices aim to get closer to its local custom- for large, recognized leaders of their reers and enhance their satisfaction level by spective fields, selling into CASE, Plastics,
providing reactivity and high quality of Inks, Personal Care, Food and Pharma
services to better serve the specificities of and allied industries.
Asias growing market. As a key supplier
to the polyurethane industry, Vencorex is SCAQMD Grants
combining the development of a local ap- Certification for Green
proach with a global strategy to satisfy Solvent
customers needs wherever they may be.
TBF Environmental Technology Inc., announced that the South Coast Air Quality
American Chemistry Council Management District (SCAQMD) of
California has approved and certified
Names Bayer Responsible
TBF Environment Technology Inc.s solCare Company of the Year
Bayer Corporation had been named vent ZemaSol as being VOC-exempt and
a 2014 Responsible Care Company of containing no hazardous air pollutants or
the Year by the American Chemistry ozone depleting materials, and does not
Council (ACC) in recognition of its com- contribute to global warming.
mitment to continual improvement in The ruling by SCAQMD allows
environmental, health, safety and security ZemaSol to be sold throughout the U.S.
because it meets the EPA and SCAQMD
ACCs top honor is awarded to mem- requirements as a VOC-exempt solvent.
ber companies that have enhanced and TBFs alternative solvents work effecembraced the Responsible Care ethic tively across a range of applications and
throughout their organizations. Each are designed to be safe for people and
year, the ACC names Responsible Care the environment. ZemaSols approval by
Company of the Year recipients in the SCAQMD also solves an ongoing probsmall, medium and large company lem that formulators of paints, coatings,
inks and adhesives have been struggling
with for many years. Using ZemaSol in
a formula does not count against in the
Superior Materials Wins
calculation of the overall VOC of the
IMERYS Service Award
Imerys Corporation announced that product. This allows formulators greater
Superior Materials Inc. of Garden City, latitude in designing new product that
NY has won its 2013 Top Sales Award meets increasingly stringent environmenfor Exceptional Service and Support tal regulations. CW

92 | Coatings World

July 2014

Air Products has introduced two new superwetting surfactants Dynol 977E and
979E for siding board coatings, adding to
its portfolio for waterborne formulations.
Specially designed to address the challenges
facing formulators on airless-spray of siding board coatings, the new superwetting
surfactants provide better coverage and leveling performance on rugged surfaces with
equal or less dosage used in the formulations. Dynol 977E and 979E superwetting
surfactants are optimized siloxane-based
surfactants that can provide a superior balance of properties including high atomization, very low equilibrium and dynamic
surface tension reduction, and good system
compatibility. These low-odor products
contain no added alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) and are easy to handle. They
complement Air Products existing non-silicone superwetting products, enabling the
company to offer a complete portfolio of
superwetting surfactants to help customers
quickly solve the problems associated with
coating difficult-to-wet substrates.

Alex Color Offers New

Line of APE Free, Zero
VOC Aqueous Pigment
The Alex Color Company announces the
introduction of its new WZ series aqueous pigment dispersions. Available in a
wide pallette of organic and inorganic
piments, these dispersions are the latest additions to Alex Colors surfactant
and resin based dispersions for the water
based coatings and ink industries. They
continue Alex Colors 33 year committment to proiding our customers with high
quality, enironmentally friendly products
at competitive prices, with service that is
second to none.

WACKER Develops
Dispersible Polymer
Powder for Tile Adhesives
WACKER has developed a novel dispersible polymer powder for modifying

cementitious and gypsum-based dry-mix

mortars. VINNAPAS 8620 E is based
on a terpolymer of vinyl chloride, vinyl
acetate and ethylene, and is ideal for the
formulation of high-quality, low-emission
tile adhesives. In the end product, the new
dispersible polymer powder ensures a
long open time and enhanced flexibility
combined with excellent tensile adhesion
strength, even after water or freeze/thaw
conditions. VINNAPAS 8620 E ensures
that tile adhesives adhere excellently to a
broad range of different surfaces, including difficult ones such as fired tiles with
high densities and natural-stone products
even after heat, water or freeze/thaw
conditions. The dispersible polymer powder was developed for the formulation of
tile adhesives of categories C2E or C2ES1
and C2ES2 as per EN 12004 that feature
an extended open time and high flexibility.

Vacuum-rated High Speed

Dispersers From Ross
Ross Vacuum-rated High Speed Dispersers
are a family of tank-mounted and raisable mixers featuring a laser-cut saw-tooth
blade that runs to approximately 5,000 ft/
min. Also sometimes called a High Speed
Dissolver, this classic workhorse is primarily
used to incorporate dry powders into liquid
and disperse loosely bound agglomerates. It
imparts high levels of shear while producing vigorous flow and rapid turnover of low
to medium viscosity dispersions as high as
50,000 centipoise. In most applications, the
extent of deagglomeration is further optimized under vacuum conditions which reveal tighter and more uniform particle size
distributions in shorter cycle times. Pictured
is a 600-gallon mix vessel designed for full
vacuum and equipped with a 20 diameter
disperser blade that is raised/lowered by
means of an air/oil hydraulic lift. The agitator shaft is coupled to the dished-shaped
vessel cover via a single mechanical seal and
Viton O-rings. All wetted surfaces are stainless steel 316 polished to 150-grit finish.
Sight/charge ports, a vacuum port, and Type

July 2014

Suppliers Corner

Air Products Unveils Siloxane-based

Superwetters Dynol 977E and 979E

J thermoprobe are installed on the cover. The

mix vessel is built with a 50-psig stainless
steel jacket for heating/cooling, a dished bottom, flush discharge ball valve, large handles
and heavy-duty casters. Ross offers many
High Speed Disperser models from stock for
immediate delivery as well as custom-built
units. Available in various standard sizes
from to 500 HP, these economical mixers can accommodate virtually any small or
large scale processing requirement.

Troy Introduces Polyphase

S99 Low-Leaching, DiuronFree Fungicide + Algaecide
Troy Corporation provides manufacturers of paint and coatings with advanced
broad-spectrum dry-film preservatives
such as Polyphase 663, which delivers superior performance and cost-in-use when
compared with other fungicide + algaecide products commercially available.
Now, for manufacturers wishing to formulate with an alternative to the Diuron
algaecide active used in Polyphase 663,
Troy is introducing Polyphase S99, an advanced low-leaching, Diuron-free broadspectrum fungicide + algaecide. S99 offers
excellent performance, environmental responsibility, and low cost-in-use.
Polyphase S99 offers long-lasting coatings protection, as shown in exposure testing in climates prone to severe fungal and
algal growth. Troy developed Polyphase
S99 to provide coatings manufacturers
with an innovative alternative to Diuron
that still offers performance and use benefits comparable to Polyphase 663, said
Troys Izzy Colon, vice president, Science
& Technology. Based on proven, worldleading performance preservative technologies IPBC, BCM, and Terbutryn, S99
is a low-leaching product formulated for
water-based exterior paints, coatings, and
stucco systems, continued Colon.
S99 is a VOC- and formaldehyde-free
preservative with a low hazard profile,
making the product ideal for todays
green systems. CW
Coatings World | 93


AkzoNobel Makes Executive Changes

AkzoNobel has appointed Malys Castella

as the companys new chief financial officer. She will officially take up the position on September 15.
Castella succeeds Keith
Nichols, who announced
his intention to leave
AkzoNobel on January
15, 2014. She has worked
at Air Liquide for the last
14 years, most recently as Malys Castella
group deputy CFO. Her
previous posts there include Europe chief
financial officer and corporate finance and
treasury director.
Castella joined Air Liquide as group
financing manager in 2000. She previously worked for ELF Oil & Gas Group,
where her positions included Financing
and Capital Markets manager. She
will be nominated for appointment to
AkzoNobels Board of Management and
will be based at the companys head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ton
Bchner will take over CFO responsibilities in the brief transition period between
Keith Nichols departure and Malys
Castellas commencement date.
AkzoNobels protective coatings business have appointed Scott Doering and
Fernando Macedo as Vice Presidents overseeing the International
and Devoe protective
coatings brands within the North America
East and West regions.
The appointments follow AkzoNobels recent
re-structuring Scott Doering
intended to better align
under a customer-centric business model.
Doering will lead the
North America Eastern
Region, and Macedo will
lead the West Coast and
Latin American Region. Fernando
Both are responsible for Macedo

setting the growth strategies for each of

their respective regions in North America
and all customer market segments within
oil and gas, water and wastewater, chemical processing, power, mining and high
value infrastructure.
Working closely with their regional
managers, Doering and Macedo will
ensure a superior standard of customer
and technical service, while identifying
new market opportunities, technology
growth, and expansion of the brands
network of International Protective
Coatings Centers (IPCC). Doering is a
coatings industry veteran of more than
30 years and a NACE Certified Coating
Inspector #4134. He joined AkzoNobel
in 2005 and has served as Protective
Coatings regional manager central region,
vice president Marine East Coast North
America and vice president Protective
Coatings Business Development North
America, until his recent appointment.
Doering will serve all areas east of the
Rocky Mountains. Macedo has served
the coatings industry for 28 years. He
joined AkzoNobel in 1991 as Marine
sales manager for Mexico. He was
soon promoted to general manager
Mexico, regional manager over Panama,
Venezuela and Mexico, regional manager
Mexico and Latin America, vice president Protective Coatings U.S. Gulf and
Mexico, South America general manager
and South America regional director,
until his present appointment. Macedo
will serve the U.S. West Coast including
Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Mexico
and Latin America (Venezuela, Brazil,
Ecuador and Caribbean).

Axalta Coating Systems

Appoints VP, Strategy and
Business Development
Rajeev Rao has joined Axalta Coating
Systems as vice president, strategy and
business development. In this new position at the company, Rao will report
to Charlie Shaver, Axalta chairman

94 | Coatings World

and CEO, and support

the implementation of
Axaltas strategic plan to
chart dynamic organic
and potential merger and
Rajeev Rao
across the companys entire global business portfolio.
Rao brings extensive industry and
consulting background in the chemical
sector. Before joining Axalta, he worked
at Halliburton Company since 2012
where he was senior director, strategy and marketing for its Drilling and
Evaluation Division. Prior to that role,
Rao spent six years with McKinsey &
Company which he joined in 2006 and
where he most recently was a leader in
its North America Chemicals Practice.
He started his career in 2000 working
at AkzoNobel, where he held a number
of research and development positions.
Axalta Coating Systems has also announced that Robert M. McLaughlin
has joined its Board of Directors and
will serve as the Chair of the Audit
Committee. McLaughlin brings extensive expertise in finance and accounting
to the Board with particular experience
in industrial companies. McLaughlin is
senior vice president and chief financial
officer of Airgas, Inc. and a member of its
Management Committee.

BASF Appoints New Head

of Construction Chemicals
Ralf A. Spettmann, currently senior vice
president, Pigments and Resins Europe,
Ludwigshafen, will become president
of the Construction
headquartered in Ludwigshafen.
Tilman Krauch, who will
take up a new position at
another company. CW
Ralf Spettmann
July 2014


Asia Pacific Coatings Show

is September 3-5 in Jakarta
July 14 - 17, 2014
International Roof Coatings
Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel in
Baltimore, Maryland

July 21 - 23, 2014

Missouri S&T Introduction
to Coatings Composition and
Rolla, MO
Catherine Hancock

September 3 - 5, 2014
Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2014
Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Centre

September 16 - 17, 2014

ACSeries: Metal Protection through
Coating Technology
Sheraton Inner Harbor, Baltimore MD
American Paint Association

September 16 - 18, 2014

Powder Coating Show
Indianpolis, IN

September 17-18 2014

ACSeries: Marine and Offshore
Coatings Conference
Sheraton Inner Harbor, Baltimore MD
American Paint Association

September 22, 2014

Latex Film Formation
London, UK
Emulsion Polymers Consulting and
Education, LLC

September 28 - October 1, 2014

McCormick Place South Hall, Chicago,
Dave Berns

October 7 - 8, 2014

December 9 - 10, 2014

Powder Coating 202 - Optimizing
Your Powder Coating Operation with
Indianapolis, IN


Powder Coating 202 - Optimizing Your

Powder Coating Operation with Lab
Amherst, OH
www.powdercoating.orgSee more at:

March 16-18, 2015

Middle East Coatings Show 2015

October 15-16, 2014

North Africa Coatings Congress

May 18-21, 2015

Eastern Coatings Show

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Casablanca,


Taj Mahal Hotel and Resort

Atlantic City, NJ
Ann Fody

October 27-29, 2014

Rheology Fundamental and
Applications for Synthetic Latices and
Associated Coating Formulations
San Diego, CA

Dubai International Convention and

Exhibition Center, UAE
+44 (0) 1737 855 109

July 15-16, 2015

Latin America Coatings Show 2015
World Trade Center, Mexico City,
+44 (0) 1737 855 109 CW

November 4 - 6, 2014
Powder Coating 101 - Basic Essentials
with Lab
Jacksonville, FL

December 3 - 5, 2014
Chinese Imort and Export Fiar Complex,
Guangzhou, China
Sinostar International

July 2014

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July 2014

Coatings World | 97

Final Coat

Benjamin Moores REVIVE

Restores Vinyl Siding

The siding was painted with Simply White 2143-70, Regal Select REVIVE and the door: Raspberry Truffle 2080-10, Regal Select REVIVE.

enjamin Moore has released a new

specialty coating, Regal Select
Exterior REVIVE, a paint specially formulated with Vinyl-Lock technology that provides superior adhesion to
vinyl siding.
Features include:
High durability that fully covers previous color or faded areas
Resistance to cracking, peeling and
fading that also helps prevent bucking or warping over time
Hundreds of color options that are
safe for vinyl, from the palest pastels
to the deepest earth tones. CW

After Regal Select REVIVE. The siding was

painted with Copley Gray HC-104, Regal Select
REVIVE and the trim: Mayonnaise 2152-70, Regal
Before Regal Select REVIVE.

98 | Coatings World

Select REVIVE.

July 2014

We create
that helps
love solutions.

Sometimes relationships need a boost to be successful, and

BASF is ready to listen to your formulating needs. Whether you
seek sustainability or specific coating properties, BASF can
collaborate with your team to help you reach your formulating
goals. With BASFs top-notch commercial and technical team,
wide array of products, and global sourcing capability, we can
help you turn your formulation problems into solutions.
At BASF we create chemistry.

= registered trademark of BASF Group