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Lim is teaching English in his year 2 class on the topic, Directions to Place in the
School. In groups, pupils discuss the directions from one place to another. They
apply their background knowledge during their discussion. Mr.Lim acts as a
facilitator. He encourages and guides them when they do not know. The pupils
cognitive growth is promoted.
1. Identify the theory applied by Mr. Lim. Briefly describe the underlying principle.
2. Discuss with examples on how to carry out the Communicative Language
Teaching approach in an ESL classroom.
3. Discuss the implications of the Affective Filter Hypothesis in an ESL
Suggested answer :1. Underlying Principle
a. Learning is an active process in which the student constructs meaning out

of experiences
Motivation is a major aspect of learning
Learning is a social activity
Learning is a meaningful
Students autonomy and initiative, etc...

2. a.

Authentic Materials/situation
Teachers as facilitators
Real-life situations=authentic language
Techniques in teaching; role play, group discussions, story telling,
language games.
Emphasis on communications and fluency, not accuracy


3. Background of the hypothesis

Implications : Characteristics of the teachers : patient & understanding, empathy,

why? How?
Environment : Conductive, relaxed, furniture arrangement, colour

scheme, seating arrangement

Input : relevant to age, interest
Teaching methods : Pupils learning styles are different
Activities : Designed and organized by students