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C o m e le t’ s w o rk
to g e th e r
Basis of segmentation
and target audience
• Segmentation-we have covered all the
segments on the basis of job, age and
gender so as to find out their behavior in
all aspects, as pollution is an activity
which everyone does.
• Target audience-though keeping all
parameters in mind, we try to
concentrate on those people who travel
everyday and who face the problem of
disposing garbage on daily basis outside
their home.
Behavior of people
• The behavior of people for this
issue is very casual. In spite of
knowing the adverse effect of
this activity on environment
and future generations, they
care least about it.
• People do one thing and say
another because they think
that government itself is not
taking any action regarding
this issue so why should they
Finding of the market
• During the course of the market
research ,we found and observed that
people do one thing and say altogether a
whole different thing. For instance,
people throwing garbage do not accept
that they are doing so and contributing in
increasing the pollution level both in the
water and on land even in front of our
eyes which signifies very improper and
raw attitude of people towards the
• Government is equally disappointing as
Conclusion from
the market
• One can purely conclude that
the somewhere government
is responsible for the
improper and wrong attitude
of people as government is
the one who is not
implementing the rules and
regulating them properly.
• In fact our research showed
that around 80% think that
government efficiency on this
issue is average and around
Realistic solutions

• Government should increase the number

of dustbins in those areas or locations
where there is higher accumulation of
garbage and waste.
• The garbage vans ( municipal ) frequent
visit and larger coverage area.
• Government should now wake up and ban
the use of plastic bags following
promotion of paper bags it is high time
that government should take this
problem seriously and implement rules
CSR ally with EKTA

• Companies be it private or public should focus on

cleanliness outside their office premises
.Incentive should be brought in for employees
actively participating in waste management.
And incentives should be sponsored by
foundation like ‘Ekta’.
• Ekta foundation can also go for collaboration or in
alliance with corporate level chemical fertilizers
and manure manufacturer companies for ex-
Dharmasi Morarji(Thane) and Rama Krishi
(Pune) because these industries use disposed
off stuff, they can use to make their product.
For example manure, and can help in keeping
Raising for funds
for EKTA
• EKTA FOUNDATION can go for various
companies sponsorship which it can
use for setting up a plant for
biodegradation of disposed material
and the product for example
manure ,that can be used in two
modes .First it can provide that
manure to the farmers secondly it can
sell it’s products in the market which
in turn can be used to raise fund.
• It can also go for the help of commercial
products so that it can raise fund from
each set of product which in turn
contributes to the main fund value.
For example CRY foundation has
associated itself with commercial
EKTA’S helping
hand to the
• Ektafoundation can go for feedback
system based on longitudinal
research and can use this approach
to analyze people expectations from
the government and how and in
what manner government can
precisely implement the rules and
regulations most effectively.
• Ekta foundation should promote usage
of paper bags and should work for
the hindering forces because of
which people are reluctant to use
paper bags( around 70%)
• Organizing awareness camps for
Alliance and partnership

• Can do tie up with companies promoting

and producing natural fertilizers for
example in Mumbai-Chitra frtilizers,
Anubhav agro fertilizers,Ruchi fertilizers
• There are also some companies who are
actually interested in doing their bit of
social cause for ex-TATA doing their bit
for voting scenario in India.
• Do partnership with companies and hence
a part of employee’s monthly salary will
Funny facts
• Little fights between public who
gave answers together( for
example wife and husband
had some points of conflict)
• Some people gave funny
reasons like they throw
garbage in the water because
threir maid /servant does not
agree to take it.
• People were saying one thing
and was Writing completely
opposite thing.
Appeal to Individuals
• People should carry one personal paper bag with
themselves while travelling to keep the
generated waste.
• If you see some one throwing wrappers, garbage or
plastic bags in water come forward and stop that
• People themselves are not honest because their
answers were contradictory as they are very
much ignorant about the issue so on personal
ground they should take major initiative.
• It’s a 21st century and people should start thinking in
a pragmatic manner and
 should try not to throw garlands and
 other waste in plastic bags in water
 bodies.
Ekta’s experiences

• Our mentor Mr. Subhash Chandra was highly

supportive through out the market research
and gave some really valuable suggestions
for which we are grateful to him.
• We found a few sincere people in the society
who actually want to work on the issue (which
we didn't expect)
• We our selves became more conscious and
responsible after the research and started
taking personal initiative.
• Lastly let us not forget that environment we live
is our home and ought to take personal