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Common Concerns Dealt

with in a School Counselors


The mission of the counseling department
at Lumen Scholar Institute is to provide a
comprehensive school counseling program
that incorporates opportunities for students
to explore future education and career
goals; includes guidance curriculum that
teaches effective life skills and cultivates
creativity, that adequately address the
academic, personal/social, and career
domains. We value collaboration with
teachers, school administrators, and the
community for the benefit of the student
we serve. Our goal is to encourage our
students to become independent thinkers,
lifelong learners, and productive global

GOAL: Students will acquire the
academic preparation essential to chose
from a variety of educational, training,
and employment options upon
completion of secondary school.
GOAL: Students will investigate the
world of work in order to make
informed career decisions.
GOAL: Students will acquire an
understanding of, and respect for, self
and others, and the skills to be
responsible citizens.

Counselor meets with students for:

Individual and small group
Individual/family/school crisis
College and Career Readiness
Guidance lessons
Transition planning

Counselor meets with parents/

guardians to:

Provide support for parents seeking

Provide information regarding
available community resources
Share information about their child
within the boundaries of the
counselors professional ethics
Review student academic

Counselor consults with staff and

other professionals to:

Help identify and assist students

with academic difficulties
Assist administration in coordinating
activities such as orientation, testing,
and registration
Assist staff in teaching curriculum
dealing with the Comprehensive
School Counseling Program
Make referrals to community
agencies when necessary

Im having trouble with an adult.

I just need to talk to someone.

My best friend hates me and
now everyone is against me.
My homework isnt done because of
something that happened at home.
Something happened to me
and I need to tell someone.
One of my parents left last night
and I dont feel very good.
I dont have anyone to play with.

School Counselor Rules

What you say in my office stays in my
office unless:
Someone is hurting you
You want to hurt someone
You want to hurt yourself
You give me permission to share
with a trusted adult
I cant promise to fix all of your problems,
but I can promise that you wont have to
face them all alone!