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English 11 Syllabus

Name of Teacher: Ms. Stephanie Herda

Teacher Availability: 5th hour prep (11:21-12:11) and after school
Classroom Resources:
Elements of Literature: Sixth Course (British Literature) Provided by School
Notebook/Journal: By the end of the first week of school, I will expect
everyone to bring a lined sheet notebook. This will be used exclusively for
English class.
Folder: Please have a pocket folder for class.
Novels: Night, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Lord of the Flies and various
short stories provided by school
Course Description:
The goal for English 11 is to continue to build a strong foundation of knowledge,
skills, and strategies that will be tested, applied and extended as students engage
in more complex ideas, texts and tasks. In English 11 we will connect and respond
to text through transformational thinking. We will learn to examine materials as a
means to generate new ideas for solving problems and to create forward thinking
that helps in decision-making.
Bathroom/Hall Passes:
Every student is granted 3 passes to use the restroom for each marking period.
When you use the restroom, the teacher will give you a lanyard with your teachers
name and it will function as your hall pass. DO NOT leave the classroom without
the lanyard. If you have a medical or personal complication that causes you to need
more than 2 passes per marking period, please have your parents contact me and
we will have a private discussion over the issue.
Electronics/Cell Phone Use:
Unless I specify otherwise, there will be absolutely no cell phone use in class. If I see
a cell phone being used, I will keep it for the remainder of the school day. No
exceptions. Other electronics such as tablets are also not to be used unless
otherwise specified.
Plagiarism is using word-for-word, or in substance, someone elses work or ideas
without giving proper credit to the source of that information. Acts of plagiarism will

be dealt with harshly and will result in a zero for that assignment. Students will not
be allowed to resubmit any assignment that has been plagiarized.
The grade scale I use is the standard grade scale of the Columbia School District for
both weighted and un-weighted classes.
High School Attendance Procedures
Students are expected to be in class, punctual, and prepared to participate in the learning
process every day. Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if students are to make
use of the educational opportunities in high school.
Excused Absences: (For clarification, please see the letter from the County Truancy Office)
To excuse an absence, a students parent/guardian must notify the school in person or by
phone of the students absence within 48 hours with an acceptable reason.
Parents/guardians may excuse an absence only for the following reasons:
-Personal illness
-Suspension from school
-Illness of an immediate family member
-Approved school-sponsored activities
-Death of a family member or close friend
-Exceptional transportation difficulties
-Medical or dental appointments
-Other activities approved by school
-Legal proceedings
-Pre-excused family travel/college visits
-Emergency removal for administrative reasons
Excused Absence Procedure:
When calling in an absence, please be prepared to leave the following information to the
Students name, Date(s) and time(s) of absence, Reason for absence, and your relationship
to the student.
Make-Up Work:
Teachers must allow students to make-up work due to excused absences. Two days will be
granted for the make-up of one days excused absence. Students are expected to take the
initiative in asking teachers for make-up work. Any work that is not made-up in accordance
in accordance with these procedures will receive no credit.
Unexcused Absences: (For clarification, please see the letter from the County Truancy
Unexcused absences are those when the student fails to attend class and the
parent/guardian has not notified the school in accordance with the required attendance
procedures. Students may not make-up work (including tests) for credit due to unexcused
A student is considered tardy if they are not in their seat by the time the final bell rings for
the hour.
Students are marked absent if they arrive more than 5 minutes after the bell rings for hours
2-7. They are marked absent if they are more than 10 minutes late to hour 1.

After two tardies, students will serve detention after school every time they are tardy during
that marking period. If due to transportation issues, students are not able to stay after
school, the parent/guardian must contact the teacher (Ms. Herda) and the student will serve
detention during their lunch period.

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