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Nick Knig

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Laura La
Rosie Hu
Photography: Cameron-James Wilson
Make-up, Nails and Hair: Maddie Austion
using Chanel
Model: Rosanne
@ Premier model management

Photographers Contributors

Christoph Köstlin  Biki John

Lucie Hugary Richard Young
Reka Nyari Jessy
Jesse Laitinen &
Samuel Öfverstedt Laura Jane Johnson
Kenny Sweeney Danielle (Gem Gossip)
Heather Talbert Sarah Aly & Dahlia Al Ghunaim
Edu Garcia of
Damon Baker Adjoa Gharban
Valentina Voss Sarah Young
Cameron James Wilson Jason
Nubia Mejia
Pip Mcmanus
Editor-In-Chief Jacklyn Laryea
Tallulah Doherty Marzena Czyzewski
Arushi Khosla
Art Direction Hana Zámečníčková
Carlene Thomas–Bailey
Edgar Hoffmann
Loft In Soho
Sabina Emrit Lauren Baker
Twitter: @GlossyMag Jessica Sussman
Facebook Group: Glossy Magazine Sarah Michelle
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Color Illustration
by Matt Lyon
Glossy ♥ RIKA
1 Three Trends To Wear Now 15 By The Lakeside 28 The One to Watch: Roberto Costa.
Sweet Pastels, Denim on Denim photographed by Jesse Laitinen The TV producer turned jewellery
and Moster Wedges we’ve got & Samuel Öfverstedt designer fills us in how it all began
the lowdown on the hottest looks and his future plans for his brand.
for spring/summer 2010. 16 Celebrities a La Mode
Sarah and Dahlia from the 29 Model Muse:
2 Style Stalker “Chic Intuition” blog give Charlotte Lohmann
The lovely Gala Gonzalez dips us a rundown of the fashion
into her wardrobe and talks us editors with the fiercest 30 Style Stars
through her favourite outfits. personal style. Our gorgeous stylistas reveal
their style tips.
3 Beyond The Label 17 Cruise Control
We caught up with Henry Holland, Adjoa Gharban reports on the 31 Rooftop
Jade Jagger, Marcus Lupfer, Yong rising significance of the Cruise/ photographed by Damon Baker
and Geoffrey Finch to get the Resort shows.
scoop on their spring/summer 32 Return Of The Flat Shoe
collections. 18 Dreams Carlene Thomas–Bailey celebrates
photographed by Kenny Sweeney the return of comfy footwear.
4 Deserted
photographed by Christoph 19 Fashionista On The Rise 33 Blog Loving: Go Fug Yourself
Köstlin  Sarah Young – Fashion Journalist/ Heather Cocks and Jessica
DJ/Entrepreneur Sarah Young Morgan tell us about fugging
5 We Want Her Wardrobe tells us about how she went from celebrities and more!
Blake Lively. schoolgirl to new media mogul.
34 Spotlight: Loft In Soho
6 Behind The Lens: Nick Knight 20 Off The Beaten Path The uber talented blogger lets us in
The legendary photographer Citizen Couture is our top pick on the inspiration behind her blog
chats to us about Showstudio and for the next street style blog that’s and showcases some collages she
collaborating with Lady Gaga. going to explode. Its owner Jason created exclusively for “Glossy”.
tells us about the obstacles he has
7 Model Style had to overcome to follow 35 Fearless
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley his dreams. photographed by Valentina Voss

8 Sunshine Touch Me 21 Nomad’s Land 36 Practical Fashionista

photographed by Lucie Hugary photographed by Tomaas Sabina Emrit picks out a selection
of laptop cases that will ensure
9 Sneak Peek: 22 Model Superheroes your beloved laptop is stylish
Jane Aldridge (Part 2) Illustrated by Pip Mcmanus, Jacklyn and protected at all times.
Laryea, and Marzena Czyzewski
10 Intern Diaries 37 Fashionista At Work
Richard @ Giles 23 Confessions of a Twihard Make-up artists Lauren Baker gives
Deacon & Jessy @ Lutece Twilight superfan Nubia Mejia us a glimpse into her daily life.
spills on her obsession with the
11 The New Fashion Elite vampire franchise. 38 Sparkle
Laura Jane Johnson looks into photographed by
the fashion industry’s growing 24 Lazy Sunday Cameron-James Wilson
affection for social networking photographed by Heather Talbert
and fashion bloggers. 39 Sly Little Minx
25 Wang Girls Looking for a badass way to
12 Urban Seoul Arushi Khosla looks into how adorn your nails? You’ll love
photographed Reka Nyari the designer and his posse are the minx manicure.
changing perceptions of sexy
13 Glossy Peeps grunge  40 Hot List
Laura Laine,
Przemek Sobocki 26 2010 Fashion Heroes 41 Glossy ♥ Rika
Illustrated by Hana Zámečníčková
14 Why I Love Antique Jewellery
by Danielle, owner of the 27 Embrace The Night
“Gem Gossip” blog. photographed by Edu Garcia
I love the feeling
of girly knitted
dress and doctor
marteens(dm’s). I
was on my way to

1 2
The classic look works

anytime!! I love to pair
high waisted shorts with
a stripped shirt.

A biker jacket over

tailored trousers and
a cropped top have
been a must have -
hard vs soft. I was on
my way to have lunch
with friends.

Black and white is
a perfect combo to
go and grab some
drinks with friends in
the evening....the tan
shoes add the perfect
final touch.
For a confortable
gothic look choose
big shoulders and

a cross necklace.

3 Showing your
stockings has been
a very big trend...I
love to pair them
with baggie shorts
and oversized

This is one of my
favourite outfits... Gala Gonzalez
the puffy skirt and
the heels with We’ve harboured a major style
crush on Gala Gonzalez since we
discovered her tres chic blog Am-lul.
The girl just doesn’t get it wrong …
ever! She always strikes that tricky
balance between being fashion
forward yet laid back. We caught
up with her to discover her favourite
outfits and the thinking that went into
choosing them.
I like the use of bold colour, graphic composition of my collections. But from looking at your current
print and textures like denim and I am inspired by all sorts of materials collection, I see it still has your trade
lace in your spring summer 2010 and references. For example, when mark stamp on the pieces-like the
collection. What was your main walking down the street I take in tongue in cheek slogan t shirts and
point of reference ? what people are wearing, how they so on.
The denim and lace fabrications put an outfit together and so on. Yes, the collections still retain that
came from a rock n roll aesthetic. sense of fun and tongue in cheek
I was inspired by the early nineties So far, the pieces in your collections attitude, which will hopefully remain
and especially the Guns N’ Roses are definitely not ones for the faint with the brand.
video with Stephanie Seymour- hearted or retiring wall flowers.
November rain. The wedding What kind of attributes do you Growing up, were there any
scene in that video was one of the think someone has to have to designers in particular that stood
main reference points with respect carry of your clothes? out for you?
to the use of denim and lace in the Well you can’t be shy, that’s for sure! I loved early nineties Versace and
collection. But with regards to the You have to be very comfortable Vivienne Westwood. Those were
other details in the collection like in your own skin and be happy to probably my two biggest influences
the tailoring and knitwear- that came experiment with clothes. growing up.
from the perspective of what someone
would wear to a Polo match. How would you say your aesthetic has
changed since your first collection?
When you design a collection, do It has matured in a lot of different
you have a muse in mind to direct ways, for instance it has developed
your creative process? in the types of pieces present in the
No, there is never one muse collection. It is also less brass and
in particular which directs the loud and definitely more refined. >>
for ‘House of Holland’
Photography: Christoph Köstlin
Styling & Art Direction: Esaú Yori
MakeUp & Hair: Rachel Wolfisberg
Model: Kristina Popkova,
View Management Barcelona
Production Assistant: Lartaun Pérez
Mo le
osie Huntington-Whitely has
one of those faces it’s impos-
sible to forget. Spotted while
doing a work experience placement
at Profile Model Management she’s
gone on to model for luxury brands
such as Burberry, DKNY and Agent
Provocateur. And it seems she’s just
getting started. We caught up with
her to get the scoop on what it was
like working with Victoria’s Secret
and more!

How did you find out you would be a

Victoria’s Secret angel - how did it all
come about?
Well, I am not officially an angel yet
- I have worn wings this last VS show
for the first time and I am the only
British spokes model and I work for
them all the time for advertising and
catalogue. I love working
with them.

You recently shot the 2010 Pirelli

calendar with Terry Richardson, what
was it like working with him?
He is always up beat and fun - we
were in Brazil and it was beautiful
weather surrounded by nature. I
like shooting with him, he is a great
fashion photographer, which most
people don’t know - its not all T and
A !!

Coco Rocha and Chanel Iman have

their own blog would you consider
starting one too?
Maybe one day - when I have some
time to concentrate in it.

What’s your favourite city to shop in?

London and New York have equally
good shops - I am a vintage girl.

Do you have any secret shopping

Yes and they are secret! Ha ha!

Who are your favourite designers?

I never say I have a favourite - but
I have a nice relationship with
Burberry and Christopher Bailey
makes beautiful clothes.

We all know one of the perks of

being a model are the freebies :)
What’s been your favourite gift from
a designer? Are you a high street, designer or
It’s a nice perk - I did get a very nice vintage girl?
Dior bag that they sent me recently. Bit of each really. I would wear a
Thank you Dior! Chanel Jacket or bag with Karen
Millen’s amazing over the knee
Are there any up and coming boots and a vintage top and
designers you’re into at the moment? jeans... so
I like Mark Fast a lot and have worn it’s a bit of everything.
his clothes personally.
Do you have any style icons?
What’s been your favourite Not really but Kate Moss does look
campaign to shoot so far? good 99% of the time!
Burberry was a really special
one and gave my career a great What are your beauty secrets?
worldwide boost…shooting Sleep and water are classic secrets
with Mario Testino and having but really true!
Christopher Bailey art directing.
I recently shot Thomas Wylde with What are your favourite
Rankin and that’s going to be magazines/blogs?
beautiful. ‘Glossy’ of course! :) Grazia and
all those sort of magazines... in
Have any of the stylists you’ve America they have great mindless
worked with influenced your gossip magazines that are easy to
personal style? read on the plane. I don’t have that
Not really. I seem to have come up much time on line, I work a lot and
with my own look and it evolves with I don’t want to spend my free time
age. in front of a computer screen!
by Richard Malone

have been working at Giles for some time before I was
asked to account on my time here. This is an account
of the time leading up to Paris Fashion Week, Spring/
Summer 2010.
So far at Giles I have been working predominantly on
patterns and leather sampling. My job usually involves Katie Grand is in the studio all day today, styling the
altering and drafting patterns and sewing toiles and show. I cut some patterns in leather and then get back on
samples. In the beginning I was working on show pieces working with the plastic. I am shown a sketch of a bag,
for the Giles V&A Fashion in Motion retrospective, of which I must draft the pattern. I do this on my lunch
which showed many of his most famous works and gave break and come back ready to draft and cut

me the opportunity to work on pieces worth in excess of
£25,000! For one piece (the Pacman dress) I had to glue
Swarovski Crystals on with tweezers, it was even sent to
the set of the new Sex and the City movie! Daisy Lowe
was in the studio not so long ago to collect her dress for
the GQ awards, she’s stunning in person. I also got to We have deadlines to meet with the plastic bags and
work on the Isklar bag collaboration, where I was able to accessories. They are entirely sewn by hand with one long
design the layout of the bag. I usually work from 10am piece of plastic, which is also cut by me. They also have to
until 6pm, but with the show so close, I come in at 9am be measured and punched so the holes are perfect. This
and work as late as I can, I don’t mind it as I love the is the same process by which Hermes create their bags,
experience I’m getting from working here. except we don’t use a needle. I get some other interns

to help on the sewing as there are about 8 bags to finish
a.s.a.p, which then have to have Swarovski bugs sewn on
and are sent to the Swarovski Atelier. I believe the Victoria
SEPTEMBER 22 2009 Beckham dress was sent off today also.

I’ve just got off a bus having registered in University DAY 4 - FRIDAY
yesterday. It was a 5 hour journey from Wales. I go
straight to the studio.I begin working on altering patterns
and then on slicing and creating leather samples for both
accessories and garments. I also have sole responsibility for Much of the bags are finished and are sent to the
the plastic production – meaning I have to keep a close Swarovski Atelier. I also begin work on clutch bags and
eye on the amount I use and I also have to cut the patterns hair pieces. The deadlines are getting tighter as we get
by hand with a scalpel! I spend most of the day on this. closer to Fashion Week. Giles calls me to the back to ask
Victoria Beckham arrives in the studio in the my personal opinion on three t-shirt designs, he wants to
afternoon, she greets all of the interns and is incredibly know which I would choose – I pick the one with the
nice to everyone. She goes to the back and selects fabrics animated dinosaur, it’s really cool. When I come back
for another dress, similar to the Giles one she wore on all of the other interns think I’ve been invited to Paris,
Fashions Night Out. rumours travel fast. >>
When did you first realise you When you first started out how did Demeulemeester and Rick Owens
had a talent for drawing? you hone your skills and develop but now I find myself more interested
I’ve always drawn. My parents your own personal style? in things that are more theatrical
are both artists so they were very I never consciously developed any like Gareth Pugh, Daniel Palillo and
encouraging towards drawing and style. I just illustrate things that Alexander McQueen. Lately I’ve also
painting when I was growing up. interest, trouble or fascinate me been into 90’s Gaultier.
at the time and my style develops
How did you go about pursuing organically constantly based on What do you enjoy doing away from
illustration as a full time career ? that. I have this feeling that I need to illustration?
After graduating (I did my BA in illustrate and repeat certain things I love to read, I’ve been reading a
fashion design) I put up a portfolio and get them out of my head before lot of Italo Calvino lately. I also have
consisting mainly of some small I can move on. I guess that is at least a great book that’s a compilation of
illustration assignments I had done a part of what my style consists of. artists writings from different eras.
while studying, and sent a link to I’m also fond of sci-fi and horror.
various places. One of them was Your heroines are always very Especially short stories.
Unit C.M.A., an agency based in glamorous and dress in chic clothes
Amsterdam, and they contacted how important is fashion to you and What are your favourite tracks on
me back and I’ve been working which designers are your personal your ipod at the moment?
with them since then. I was very favourites ? I’ve been listening to Benjamin
lucky to have been able to illustrate Glamorous seems like a funny word Biolay
full-time almost immediately since to me. Fashion is a big inspiration
graduating. but I am personally most interested You’ve had your illustrations
in fashion that questions glamour everywhere from Finnish stamps to
I’m sure you get asked this a lot :) But and beauty. For instance the the New York Times Style Magazine
where do you find your inspiration? works of Rei Kawakubo and Jun - what’s been the highlight of your
I get my inspiration mostly from Takahashi have always been very career so far?
literature, art and people, and of inspirational. I used to be very into I don’t know.
course fashion is a big inspiration. dark poetic designers such as Ann >>

Gl psy


et’s backtrack a few years, shall we? Before Alexander Wang manages to create a range of fabulous pieces,
Wang won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in 2008 while keeping them wearable yet undeniably chic. He’ll
and became a legend? Before Erin Wasson shot to effortlessly balance slinky tanks with boyfriend trousers or
fame as his muse? roomy jackets with leggings or no trousers at all. It’s all
What did we consider to be grunge? Joan Jett dressed about the proportions.
in baggy pants, messy tees and ugly, inconspicuous shoes. Pictures of his pre-fall collection clearly show his
Agree? “Grunge” as a rule was considered to be for the girl innate understanding of a working woman’s wardrobe.
who is utterly devoid of any semblance of style. The girl Yes, the distressed pants and covetable cardigans are still
who couldn’t care less. Something looked down upon by intact, but they’re solidified by accents like broader belts
the majority of the conventional editors. Then Alexander and sleeker fabrics.
Wang happened. He essentially manages to merge the Californian laid-
At 25, he is credited with making the “model off-duty” back style with downtown streetwear glam. But don’t for
look as common as a tulle skirt on the cobblestones of a second think that he’s all about the daywear. He has
Paris. Grunge is back with a sexy twist. The likes of Taylor successfully created some stunning eveningwear pieces
Momsen, Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, Alexa Chung while maintaining his aesthetic - luxe satin tuxedos,
and Peaches Geldof along with his ultimate muse, Erin beaded vests, midnight blue sequins et al.
Wasson are huge fans. The thing that hits you about his After his intervention in the fashion fraternity, the
clothes is their sublime simplicity with an edge. They word “grunge” easily translates to “fashion forward”
make you want to be a downtown hipster or a model. He or “downtown chic” sans missing a beat, which in turn
consistently juxtaposes male and female dynamics in his translates to an It girls’ uniform. The effortlessly uber
pieces, creating an allure that’s hard to miss. His Coco cool femme fatale. The girl every guy wants and every girl
Duffel bag is a total rage and sold out everywhere and he wants to be. And for achieving that Mr. Wang, we salute
brought boyfriend jackets to the masses. you.
Loft In
What inspired you to start What do you love about fashion?
Loft In Soho ? The creativity of designers, stylists,
After making collages on paper photographers .... is art!
as a personal notebook for a long
time, I thought I could do for my What would be your dream job?
own website and share them. I A creative and liberal profession.
wanted a space to share what
inspires me in every moment, What are your favourite blogs
like a virtual notebook. and magazines.
I’m been an avid reader of many

e’re huge fans of Loft In How do you come up with the fashion magazines for a long time.
Soho’s blog. Her amazing concepts for your amazing collages? I also like design and architecture
collages, often comprised The music, my mood, the constant magazines. And I’m addicted to art
of illustrations, beautiful photography visits to streetstyle blogs and books, especially those from Taschen!
and tongue in cheek slogans are websites with amazing editorials, I visit the blogs that I like every day
incredibly inspiring and uplifting. So everything influences me. I try to (the list is very long, there are a lot
we persuaded her to give her beauti- be very visual and graphic. of talent!). Glossy, of course, is one
ful collages the “Glossy” treatment of my favorite online magazines.
and here are the results! Can you tell us your real name Congratulations on your amazing
or is it a secret? work!
It’s a secret!

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