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SULIT st [onc] im UJIAN DIAGNOSTIK AKHIR TAHUN 2012 TAHUN 3 MATHEMATICS —025/1 KERTAS I Oktober 2012 | jam Satu jam JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU. . Kertas soalan ini menganchmgi #0 soalan, Jawab semua soalan, ddawab dengan wenghiranikan ray pade Rertat japan, Cara menfenab alah sepert lt bewaf Comioh soalan: Me AZ B20 co D sm Jawan yang Betilbagicontoh alah 60 dan hurufavaC. Liat contol pada kertas Jaapenr yang cider. Ruang herag Ctetahchitamkn. |. likin herilak menu jeapan, piadansken tana yeong telah etbuat, Kemuian Aitamkan fawtpan yong Bar. 5. luda boleh membre kerja mengiva dl tempat Kosong di dalam kertas soa ‘ert Sean ini mengandung 12 halemin berecink. oxsit [ust halaman seb SUL sour 2 us 1 What is the digit value of digit 4in the aumiber 408)? RE 4A 408 PHAR SYP a4 B40 c 40 D 4000 2 Which of the following numbers when rounded off to the nearest ten becomes 52007 APPAR SATE ER § 2007 A 5007 B S008 C 9106 D 9195 3 25041 869= A 2054 BTII9 © 2230 D 2400 vers sce 4 Write 7 words is Smaeee A One half a B One quarter ag2— CC. Three quarters BAze D Two over faur Bae. ast sour sur a msn 6 RMIs=[___ ]pieees.of 30 sen Which nuniber must be written in the RMIS #50 sen ARES [Me AR c 4a Bx D 4s 7 305 em= A 30ms0em BW mScm © 3ms0em D 3mSem 8B RM62.30 - RM3B.70 = A RM2035 B RM23.60 © RNIB1,00 D RM38.75 + is equal «0 2 7 tantt Al c 3 aa D 1 Calculate the suin of 2 050g and 3.700 g. #620502 537008 He. A S400g B 57508 € 72008 D 78He Woes A mse Bate cae D 46¢ mst Ua ara bea ‘SULIT Suu 4 met 12 $000 3682-2 189= A 2159 c 238 B 240 D 2516 13 45 +8= A 50 remainder 7 © 54 remainder 3 307 S45 B 52 remainder 4 D 39 remainder 1 R24 EL 14 Diggsam 1 shows a prism. AL Ra K. How many edges does this prism have? HARA BF IL? A 10 cis Biz DI? 15 Diageam 2 shows the volame of liguid in a eylinder, BIEFHAEM TARA. Dingeana 2 m2 Whit isthe volume of liquid in the eylinder? FHLRAGRRASI? A 500 me B 600 me © 700 me BD 900 me wast sur sour « as 16 Thete aie 27 popayas in a basket, How many papayas are there in 9 baskets? TPEF AR TPA. OP RT ARTS OPA BD A 209 C34 B 243 D 156 17 Hassan buys 5 storybooks for RM60. How much does a storybook cost? Say RMOO RT SHRME HH. HAE HE? A RMI2 C RMIS BRMI3 D RMS 18 Lina took 40 minuies:to answer & questions. How many minutes did she take to answer each question? BOAT MSHA SEAM, HOSSAMAMNT $9 OH? AQ c4 B3 Ds 19 Zhi Yin has a 55 om yellow ribbon and a 68 cm purple ribbon, Calculate the fetal length, in em, of ribbon that she has EERE S cm HRES P&H Gem HERE. 2 em Ae A, TEMATAG ERR. A 13 cs B 140 D ise 20 Diagram 3 shows the mass of four mangees. BILEGHERHAR. eoS0 a [ery x heme 3 mute” | Dingram 3 m3 Calculate the average mass, in g, of each mango, Wg Akh, TEAS RGE MME, A150 C 220 B Iso Dm esi [Rina seb SULIT sunt & sn 21. Diagram 4 shoms the heights of a coconut tree and hanana tree. Aka -Amtth ee RHR. Diagram 4 a4 How many metres is the cocommt tree taller than the banana tree? AVA th SY RD A2 BR c4 DS 22. Diagram $ shows circles of the same size, BS kee MAKE, Ooo000000 So0000000 Diagram § gs Seow Wei has to shade | ofthe eiees. How many cinles does she have to shade?” RHO Lee, RR Me Ad BS en D6 we su 7 mst 23. Diagram 6 shows the length of a crayon, Be et-aenna. Diagram 6 Be Caleulate the total length, in em, of 5 crayons of the same length, Hom #4, HHS AMAKAGM RHR. A330 B36 4 Dag 24 Chee Ming has RM35.40. His mother gives hint another RM39.60. How much money oes he ave altogether? 1A RM3540. HSS RI RMI960, WEA SIR? A RMSE B RMS Co RMS3 D RM90 25 Table | shows the time three girls spent on their lunch. ARPS RTM ar, Name ‘Time spent ae ROSE Mins 1S minutes 18 Ise Hoi Shan a Je $2 minutes * ae ay Table | Ri How many minutes did they spend on their lunch altogether? HAM T BD RL RD A 87 co BRS Dw st thar tata ea Sout sunt 4 ann 26 Table’? shows the heights of two pupils LIREMSELHSSE. Height ae 138 emt ‘Semshorter han Hassan LEM IRE § om ‘Table2 Rl Caleulate Ali's height in em, Ahem S42, HM RH, ALI Cc 136 BI33 D Be 27 Poan Laila bought 970) mé of watermeton, juice. Her two sons drank 365 mé and 420m of watermelon juice respectively. Calculate the volume, in mé, of watermelon juice that she has left RAAAE T MO me Gt. MOBILE DAG T 365 met 420 me ih. mee, ERM TH RT AR AAS B90 © 135 D.I8s 2. Diagram 7 shows Thian Lin’s savings in August ATR EAR OOH. [SEEeaee Diagratn 7 7 How much money did Thi Lin save in that month? RAR ABET Fe A RMI B RMT9 C RMS D RMS mast sun ‘seu 8 om 216 Table? shows the heights af two pupils AIZEMDESHHS, Pupil Height Fe aR Hassan aa 18cm ali ‘Sem shore than Hassan Fee cH LE S em ‘Table2 #2 Caloulate Ali's height ine, Thom AM, PM Reh oH, A131 © 136 B 133 D 139 27 Puan Laila bought 970 mé of watermelon juice. Her two sons drank 365 me and 420 mg of watermelon juice respectively. Calculate the volume, in me, of watermelon juice that she has left. RAAT 9M me GA, MODMAILF BIBT 365 mete 420 me Rit. Aimed Ae, THREAT MSA RR, ABS B90 133 D iss 28 Diagram 7 shovis Thian Lin’s savings in August QI RRARANA RARE. [28 [48] Diagram 7 7 How much money did Thian Lit save in that month? AARAGUE TB TM? A RMI2 BRMI9 c RMM D RMSE mst sour ‘sour ” as he net of a triangular prism? WFR R PE A HIRE AT Att ep —ts 34 An orchard has 52 rows of banana trees, each cow has 10 banana trees. Caleulate the foial number of banana trees in the orchand, SARA SDB, BAA ORE. PRY tee de ¥- A250 c 520 B 450 D 750 35 A biscuit factory produced 8 500 pieces of biscuits, 2745 of them were peanut biscuits and the rest were chocolate biscuits, Calculate the number of chocolate: biscuits produced by the factory. EHTT APT $500k. RP IUSRLEEMT, REGAT RANE. OTL aH aie, A420 c 5900 B 3755 D 6163 36 A piece of cake costs 80 sen, Raja bought 6 pieces of cake. Haw much money did he pay? IRE BO sen. ERR T GH. BT BPR? A RM480 C RM6.10 B RMS.20 D RM?.90 37 Jason has 3.520 buckmidnks, He gives eaeh of his two brothers 1 364 bookmarks. How many bookmarks does he have le?” ARH ISDORAE, RBA RBA | 366 RPE. WIT FOR HE? A U6 C780 BT DW ws sur suum " ons 38 9 es Diagrant 9 shows the volume of liquid in a cylinder Rosette ka, Disgram9 Bo Ramnli pours the Liquid equally into 4 beakers, Calculate the volume, in mé of fiqud inch beaker. DEA AIP AEA aI. eR LOR Re Heh. A 180 B 2s0 c 340 D490 Diagram 10 shows the mass ofa pack of sug. HW 2e-RH RE. Diagram 1 em Muzhu divided the sugar into L@ bags. What isthe mass, ing: of a bag of sugar? AMAR EH MEA PETE, —ROHAEL ES 0? Al B10 Cc 100 B i000 scurt a mst 40. Table 3 shows the features ofa prism, P. AIRH—ARER, PHA EL Prism Number of vertices Number of edees week RARER spent , 4 8 Tables BB Pisa Pat A semi-circle + rectangular pris kath D triangular prism Sake END OF QUESTION PAPER, ER vas sou