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Short Lesson Plan

Day: M T W T F

Date: 01/09/2015 Time: 1:11pm Year: 9

Learning Area: English Topic: Reading

Curriculum content description:
Interpret and compare how representations of people and culture in literary texts
are drawn from different historical, social and cultural contexts. ACELT1633

Students prior knowledge and experience:

Students have read part 1 of the book and answered questions regarding the first

Learning purpose:
To establish students interpretation and comparison on white and black culture from
the literary text The Courteous Savage

Learning objectives:


On completion of this lesson,

students will be able to:
- Students should be able to form a basic
interpretation about the difference
between black and white culture in the
early to mid 1830s.

Students will read their paragraphs that

answer the questions.

Preparation and Resources:


The Courteous Savage Mary Durack 25 paper copies provided by my

mentor teacher
Students should provide their journals.
Questions to ask:
Do you think it was fair that the white soldiers were after Yagan because
they feared what he might do?

Catering for diversity

-Students who have better reading skills will read the text out loud in order for the
class to follow.

Timin Learning Experiences:


5 mins
5 mins
to write
1 min
5 mins
to finish

5 mins


Sequence of learning experiences:

Taking over from Miss McPherson (other prac student)

Get a student to keep reading
When at page 51 ask students do you think it was fair the
way the white men captured Yagan?
Get students to write a paragraph on this
Wander up and down rows to ensure students are doing hteir
Give students enough time to write a paragraph
Get 3 students to read out their answers.
Get a student to continue reading til the end of the lesson.
Wander the class to ensure students are following along.
Encourage them to take notes where necessary

Lesson conclusion:

Recap prior knowledge the lesson before (observation day)

students had finished part 1 of the book, starting part 2.

The lesson will be concluded with the students sharing their

answers, this will allow me to offer feedback that reflect the
lesson objectives.

Finish the page 5 minutes before the end of the lesson.

Get a student to recap what has been read tat lesson
Get students to quickly dot points.
Students to quietly pack up.
When students are quiet dismiss students row by row

Lesson Evaluation:
(Reflect on the lesson. What worked? What did not work? What would you change? Why?)

The students were well behaved, but one of my questions confused them. I
changed the question to one that they understood. Next time I will make
sure my questions are more easily understood and easy enough for any
student to understand by starting basic and then adding on if need be. My
addition of low key management skills regarding proximity worked well and I
believe this encouraged students to behave well.