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Robotics Team at Cecil College (RTCC)

Meeting #: 1
Members Attending
Rob P.
Zach S.
Sean S.
Ron B.
Joel H.
Nick H.

Rob S.

-Now that things are on a roll, we need to get rolling on which projects we are going to
The Layout- 3 Chief engineers, however many engineers under them.
Meetings: Bi-weekly (or as many as we can fit in)
Where: Skype
When: (TBD)
How long: 1 hr goal
About: Time goals (how far we are on projects/ milestone dates)
Projects decisions
Ten Projects (Year 1):
1.) Crawling Robot (Soft):
2.) Hands Robot:
Members: Chief (Rob P.)
3.) Gripping Robot (Soft):
4.) Driving Robot (Ultra-sonic / Infrared):
Members: Chief (Joel H.)
Engineer (Ron B)
5.) Walking Robot (Ultrasonic / Infrared):
6.) Swimming Robot (Elastomers)
7.) Flying Robot (Gyros/ Ultrasonic/ etc):
Members: Chief (Sean S.)
8.) TBD
9.) TBD
10.) TBD

-The team (as a cecil college club) has 300 dollars in our budget
-But due to Gail W. and her heart of gold, she has used the physics budget and
maybe the engineering budget to start purchasing for us.
Materials we have:
3-D printer ($3000 makerbot; $22,000 seprint plus)
Soft Robotics (buying lab oven, have all other materials except elastomer mix and
centrifugal mixer)
Solid Works/ Auto CAD
Material stress/strain measuring equipment

-Our goal for next year is to build a fully automated quadcopter.

-Navigation (GPS or radio frequency)
Ground level detection (ultrasonic)
Incoming objects (?)
Ground stability (?)
Balance (Gyro)

Etc (?)

- The reason for the initial ten projects is to get everyone prepped
FOR dealing with robotics AS WELL AS to help fund the quadcopter
To impress the pants off the administration in order to get
great funding we will need to really spice up how we do
these projects
o Materials testing analysis (material modulus, load
o Engineering drawings
o 3-D modeling structural analysis.
o Etc
- more expensive materials (metals RON BROWNING, conductive
elastomers, better arduino microcontrollers, more powerful servos and
motors, higher rated sensors)
Update for next meeting:
-Flyers will be put out
-Next Meeting (Friday the 25th) Tlk to Gail about a room
What to go over:
Who goes on what teams
How things work
Introductions (keeping it short)

The Robotics Team at Cecil College (RTCC)

Articles of Association

Article 1:

Section 1: The purpose of The RTCC is to serve as a resource of hands
on experience for student members to experiment in the vast world of
robotics and to learn the engineering process that they will see again in
their future careers.
Section 2: The members will work on their own robotics project with
access to tools available from the school; they will also involve
themselves in being an integral part of our team which will design a fully
autonomous robot.

Article 3:

Section 1: The general membership of The Robotics Team at Cecil
College will be representative of all science, math or engineering students
at Cecil College; however, any interested persons may join our meetings
and make suggestions towards our goals and plans.
Section 2: Students who wish to be Lead Engineer, Engineer or Chief
Engineer must have some experience in engineering classes as well as
have used engineering CAD or related software. Students who do not
have enough engineering experience to play a major role as an engineer
may still join our meetings as mentioned above.
Section 3: Members shall demonstrate ability to work with others and to
conduct independent research, and shall possess qualities of industry,
initiative, and reliability. No student will be denied membership on
account of race, religion, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin, gender,
sexual preference and/or physical disability.
Section 4: Selection of members shall be made by the Admissions
Committee (See Article 7) composed of the chief engineers of the club.
Section 5: Only members can vote.
Section 6: All members votes will be held equal.
Section 7: Copies of minutes, plans, and discussion topics of each meeting
with be recorded on

Article 5:


Section 1: The Chief Engineers and Lead Engineer will meet once every
two weeks.
Section 2: Meetings are open to all interested persons.
Section 3: For any vote over a motion (only members may vote), a simple
2/3rds majority wins.
Article 5:

Section 1: The RTCC will be comprised of all the necessary teams
deemed necessary by the Lead and Chief Engineers:
A.) Structural Engineering:
a. In charge structural design of the main product focusing
on design, testing, and analysis of mechanical
B.) Materials Engineering:
a. In charge of Material choice, testing, analysis of
C.) Electrical Engineering:
a. In charge of design of programming and circuitry of
micro-controller-run product.
Section 2: Each design team will have one Chief Engineer to direct
his/her team of engineers in order to meet project deadlines.

Article 6:

Section 1: The club officers shall be the following: Lead Engineer, Chief
Engineers, Engineers, and the Treasurer.
Section 2: Election
A.) Members shall be suggested by the Chief Engineers for their
specific team. The Lead Engineer will then meet with the
prospective member and make his decision with the Chief
Engineers on whether or not the member is fit to join.
B.) All members (Lead Engineer, Chief Engineers, Engineers, and
Treasurer) may be elected out of the club per a 2/3 rd majority vote
among all other members as stated above at one of the next
available meeting. Members who do not show must call in during

that meeting to cast their vote over the phone or cast a note of
proof of their vote with a signature must be available at that
meeting. If a member does not vote, his failure to respond does not
offset the total number of votes needed. (2/3rd majority means all
members included).
Article 7:

Duties of Officers:
Section 1: Lead Engineer:
A.) Act as Executive Officer.
B.) Preside at and facilitate all meetings.
C.) Direct all activities of the organization (projects, meetings,
fundraisers, ect.)
D.) Conduct the selection of engineer team members.
Section 2: Chief Engineers:
A.) Runs and Facilitates a Team of Engineers in a specific field.
B.) Meets with all other Chief Engineers and Lead Engineer once
every two weeks to give updates on his/her teams progress.
C.) Nominates members for his/her engineering team to be selected
by the Lead Engineer.
Section 3: Engineers:
A.) Be an integral part of at least one of the engineering teams.

Section 4: Treasurer:
A.) With the help of the Student Services, handle all money
belonging to the Club and shall maintain an accurate record of
financial transactions.
B.) State at each meeting if there has any change or pending
change in chapters finances.
C.) Help organize ways to raise money for the club.

Article 8:

Section 1: Concurrence of two-thirds of the members shall be required to
accept this constitution.
Section 2: Any amendment to this constitution must be presented by a
member in the form of a motion during a business meeting. It must then be

placed on the table until the following meeting, at which time it will
become effective provided it is passed by a two-thirds majority of the
Section 3: The Club constitution must not violate any stipulation of the
Policies and Procedures put forth by the Student Life Office for becoming
a Student Club.
Section 4: By-laws may be adopted to amplify the constitution and to take
care of details.