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Hi sir

Sub : Letter of resignation

This is in reference to the above. I was on leave from 1/12/13 to 24/12/13 for
the purpose of my marriage , and at that time I had an unfortunate accidental fall at
Mumbai on 22/12/13 where I was visiting my husband; as I had informed to you
previously. I had been advised three weeks of strict bed rest as I was diagnosed with
an ankle ligament injury. However, as the symptoms did not improve even on
conservative management , I sought the concerned doctors opinion again ; and was
advised that I will require surgery for the same and it has been scheduled on 1/2/14.
As the surgery will be undertaken in Mumbai , and it will entail a three weeks
complete bed rest , and an uncertain period till I will be able to rejoin duty.
Hence I am forced to consider resigning my position at this institution with
utmost regret.
I will be highly obliged if, Kindly considering the medical circumstances and
implications of my unfortunate situation , I may be released from my duty by
29/1/14 as the last day , as I shall need to be in Mumbai by 31/1/14 for my further
Kindly accept this letter of resignation
Thank you and regards
Hindoli Roy