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ene-oe-8 JLATINOAMERICANA DE INCENIERIA, Dare | age | besten cube NUMER OF Is. A. DEC. V. | PROCESS DEPARTMENT HANDBOOK 10/12/76 Dsc-iT-640 1-2 ‘SUBIECT COOLING TOWER CHLORINE DIFFUSER 1.0 SCOPE This Design Guide defines the basic design requirements for an angle type chlorine diffuser to be installed in cooling tower basins. 2.0 PURPOSE ‘The purpose of the diffuser in a cooling tower basin is to distribute chlorine solution for maximum biological control in the cooling tower and the cooling water system. 3.0 LOCATE The diffuser is installed on the cooling tower wall farthest from the suction of the circulation pumps. The diffuser is attached to the cooling tower basin as shown in Figure 1, 4.0 DESIGN REQUIREMENTS ‘The diffuser diameter is the same diameter as the pipe carrying the chlorine solution water to the cooling tower. The diffuser must be supported at each end and every three feet or less along the length. ‘The diffusion holes through which the chlorine water flows into the water in the cooling tower basin are located on the horizontal plane. ‘The holes are equidistant. Calculation for diffusion holes is described in paragraph 4.2. 4.1 Materials The diffuser is constructed of Schedual 80 PVC. The supports are PVC or 316 S.S. The bolts are monel, All joints are solvent welded in accordance with latest practices. 4.2 Calculations Design Bases Velocity at holes = 10-15 ft/sec Flow through holes = 1-2 gpm. Total area of holes (Aq) in in? gpm_x 144 in, 2/#t2 Ay 3, 12,5 ft/sec x 449 gpn/ft 3/sec = gpm/38.98 TATINOANERICANA DE INGENIERIA, DATE | arp | DESIGNGUIDE NUMULR] SHEET OF SoA. DEC. Ve : ESS DEPARTMENT HANDBOOK we ron DSG-1IT-640 2-2 i; 005 ‘Area of each hole (Ag) in in.? An Ags SA 1.5 x gpa Select the actual area (A;) based on the standard diameters: 1/8" = ,01227 in.? 1/4" = ,04909 in,” 3/8" = .11045 in.” 1/2" = .19635 in.” cHECK Ag/Ac = actual number of holes. ‘This nunber must range between 1 and 2 times the gallons per minute flow from the chlorinator. ° naan view LJ OPERATING LEVEL. i WL ELEVATION Figure 1 - Cooling Tower Chlorine Diffuser Orientation