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K5 Science Endorsement GPS Lesson Plan

Day 3
Lesson Unit
Grade Level

MID Special Education Teacher

Laura Klink
Compton Elementary
Rocks and Minerals
Concepts(s) The students will understand the
difference between rocks and

Lesson Essential Questions

What are rocks and minerals?
Assessment: formative sedimentary form

Georgia Performance Standards

Earth Science
S3E1. Students will investigate the physical attributes of rocks and soils.
a. Explain the difference between a rock and a mineral.
b. Recognize the physical attributes of rocks and minerals using observation
(shape, color, texture), measurement, and simple tests (hardness).
ELACC3RI1: Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring
explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.
ELACC3RL1: Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring
explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.
ELACC.3.W.2 b. Develop the topic with facts, definitions, and details.

Safety Considerations
Students are reminded they are working with a partner. They are to adhere to the
classroom rules while working. They need to take turns and share items. The items
used for making the rocks are not to be eaten. If heated in the microwave, rock
might be hot. Do not touch until the teacher gives permission.


rock, mineral, luster, hardness, properties, texture, luster

The Learning Plan:
Engage: Students will meet on the carpet. The teacher will show the KWL chart
and begin discussion about what they have learned about rocks. The teacher will
introduce the Rock song and read the book, Rocks and Minerals with more of a
focus on Sedimentary Rocks. Questions and discussion will be asked as the teacher
reads the book.
Explore: The teacher will inform the students they are making sedimentary rocks.
The teacher will go over the rules before they make the rocks. The students will
be placed in groups. Each student will get their own supplies to make the rock but
will be placed in two groups one with the teacher and one with para. The
teacher/para will assist the students. They will complete their rock form.
Explain and Evaluate and Closing: The students will be asked sit on the carpet.
With the help of the students the teacher will review. Discussion will follow, What
did you notice about sedimentary rocks? Add to KWL chart. Add sedimentary rock
form to journal.
Title of the Lesson:
Lesson Logistics/Materials:
Whole group and small group for experiment. (Teacher will group according to
Differentiation: Students will have para and teacher support to make rocks.

Reading teacher/para support with reading

Writing teacher/para grouped according to ability some students will
may need teacher/para scribe.

Items needed: Chart paper, marker, Smartboard, rules for each group, Oreos
white and chocolate, bags, sedimentary rock form, science journals, Rocks, Rocks
and Minerals book.