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What is Direct Radiography?

Direct radiography is a more advanced form of X-ray

technology that uses a semiconductor electronic image
detector panel to capture an image and immediately
display the image on a computer screen. It offers some
advantages over the other types of X-ray machines but
because of the overall cost of acquiring it, it is not as
common as the other types of X-ray machine.

Routine chest x ray involves two views, a

front view (also known as PosteriorAnterior
or PA) and a right or left side (also known
as lateral) view.

How does direct radiography work?

Direct radiography (DR) differs from the older types of
X-ray machines in that it does not use a film cassette;
instead it uses an electronic device called a flat panel
image detector.
The detector usually has either a wired or a wireless
(WIFI) 2 connection to a computer system where the
image would be displayed.
Once an image is taken, it takes just a few seconds for it
to appear on the computer monitor. Both chest X-ray
views (front and side) can be obtained in a very short
The whole DR system is incorporated with a wider
communication network so the X-ray images can be sent
for analysis immediately.

What are benefits of using direct radiography?

Direct radiography systems are especially useful for
chest X-rays for the following reasons:

Did you know?

Due to their unknown nature, they were given the name

*The choice of which X-ray technology to go for is yours*

a. How close you are to the hospital irrespective of the type of X-ray system
they have.