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Energy Pyramids

Studies of food chains and webs

show there is a regular decrease in
the number, energy, and biomass of
the organisms in successive trophic

Energy Pyramids are a visual way of

showing this decreasing availability
of resources for the trophic levels in
an ecosystem.

Pyramid of Numbers

At each trophic level

there will always be
fewer organisms than
there were at the
previous level

For example: the

lowest trophic level,
plankton, are much
more abundant than
daphnia that eats

Pyramid of Energy

10% Rule at each

level only 10% of the
energy is available to
be passed to the next
trophic level

Greater amount of
energy is available at
the producer level
than at the primary
consumer level

This pattern
continues at all levels
in a food chain.

Pyramid of Biomass

Biomass is a
measure of the total
dry mass of a certain
group or organism

Find the energy in the other

trophic levels

Find the energy in the other

trophic levels
1500 Kcal

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Loss of Energy