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Government Systems Around The World

A. Form of Country:
Countries have different kinds of forms, government systems & government
types, there are 4 country forms, such as:
-Federal: A federal country is a country in which there is
a central government and local governments that rule
the country and they both have equal power but the
local governments take care of a certain part of the
country and the central government takes care of
certain situations and certain parts of the country. So
the responsibilities are distributed equally between the
central and local government. The ruler is a president.
-Unitary: A unitary country is a country that is sovereign/free and
independent. It also has only one central government.
-Monarchy: A monarchy is a country that has a
supreme ruler that is only passed down through
heredity (such as: a father passing down his heritage
to his children). The supreme ruler is usually a king or
-Republic: A republic is a country in which the people/citizens decide
most of the major decisions in the country such as the ruler, it is
elected by the people. Also, the people have more freedom and right
to do what they want and are not really constrained by the

Government Systems:
There are 2 in total government systems around the world. Those 2 are:
-Parliamentary: A parliamentary government system is a system in
which a country uses a parliamentary and a prime minister as the head of
the government (but the president as the head of the country still) and they
have authority over most decisions in the country.
-Presidential: A presidential government system is a system in which a
country uses a president to be the head of the state
that is elected by the people of the country and the
president controls the legislative.

B. Analysis
Country Form




Election of Ruler




C. Way Out
For an economic crisis problem in Indonesia we could solve it by:
- Having the government be more transparent and open towards the
- Letting the people/citizens to be able to make some decisions in the
For an racism problem in Indonesia we could solve it by:
Trading should be allowed to anyone, should not be limited only to the
natives. As in the old order Sukarno did not allow Chinese people to
trade. It was not good because it is discriminatory. SMEs should also be
improved so that people can low-income groups.
-Social-Culture: Indonesian education emotion include ethics
education, about how bad and serious problem of racism. Because
racism has become commonplace in Indonesia so it is considered a
problem that is not too problematic. As we know the house is the best
place to learn ethics. So if parents teach their children not racist then
racism can stop.
-Politic: We have to stop political activities that are discriminative.
Every person has a right in the country.