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SOP for handling radioactive stock vials

Zhongli Cai
8th July, 2015

SOP for handling stock vials of radionuclides in PB 1231

It is mandatory for the researchers to monitor for contamination each time they
exit room 1231 Leslie Dan.

While in room 1231, the gloves must be removed as explained below.

Before beginning the experiment in room 1231:
1. The outer layer pair of gloves that is about 12 inch long, must be pulled over
the sleeves of a lab coat, so that, at the time of removal of the glove, the
contamination still remains on the lab coat, and the skin is spared.
2. It is mandatory to remove the outer layer of gloves on two occasions.

1) First time: After opening the cap of the stock vial, and, before touch
anything else, change the outer layer gloves replace with a new pair of
long gloves immediately.

2) Second time: As soon as the needed amount of the stock solution is taken
into the Eppendorf tube, the stock vial is recapped and returned to the
lead pot - remove the outer layer gloves immediately.

At this point:
a. Step out of 1231 to monitor for contamination. If no contamination is
detected-proceed with the experiment.
b. In the event of detecting contamination at the Berthold located in the
corridor, the researcher must immediately follow decontamination
procedures, as discussed in the RPS training. It requires, decontaminating
herself/himself, and all surfaces (door knob etc., with which contact has
been made); repeat monitoring to ensure decontamination is completed.
c. Inform Zhongli and Dr.Reilly; follow RPS contamination notification