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September 25,2015

Dear BBJ Editor:

was disappointed in your recent article regarding Locke Lord for many reasons but most
importantly because it left such a negative and inaccurate impression about our f,rrm and the
many fine, hard-working and committed lawyers in our Boston office. They don't deserve that,
particularly when the article was based on anonymous comments from lawyers who have left our
firm for a variety of reasons. Further, the article reflects a complete and utter lack of
understanding of today's challenging global legal environment and the change that is occuning
within our industry. In January of this year, Locke Lord did a combination with Edwards
Wildman, a f,trm that despite its great and storied history in Boston, was at a crossroads and
needed to undertake some painful steps in order to get to a much better place. The combination
has provided the resources that have allowed that undertaking to begin. Our efforts are now
bearing fruit as we lay the foundation for the creation of the powerful and respected platform that
was the vision held by the leadership of both legacy firms when our merger discussions
began. To suggest that the depaftures of those lawyers who left our firm will prevent us from
achieving our vision may make for a sensational headline but it is a very narrow, unsophisticated
and uninformed perspective. And to judge the success of this merger, which is all of nine
months old, at this point in time based upon the limited theme of your article further
demonstrates your lack of understanding of our industry. Come back and see us in a year or
two and then we'll see what you have to say. For now, just know that you have done a
disservice to our firm and to the Boston community that we serve by demonstrating a lack of
knowledge of the legal industry in today's world. Fortunately, we know our clients understand
what it takes to run a business these days and they also know that we remain committed to
growing our presence in Boston in order to serve them. And by the way, if you would like
photos of our outstanding team of lawyers in our Boston office who are working hard every day
to serve the Boston community and legal market for your next cover, I will be happy to provide
them to you.