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Leonard Hymn

1. Marbled halls of Ancient Kingdoms,

Mighty empires passed away,
Baffled lores and mystic longing
Join the cry for life today,
Open is the door effectual,
See the multitudes that yearn,
Reaching up from crushed existence
Tis for life their hearts do burn.
Show us Jesus! Hear the cry of
Multitudes in thronging mart !
Send us Lord our Pentecost to
Bring the cross to Indias heart.

2. Forth there goes the weary pilgrim

Seeking peace in lotus shrines
Though the proffered ways are legion
Still the heart of India pines.
Christ the living way we offer,
High we hold His: Cross of love,
Joyfully we join in service,
Build we beauty from above.

3. Eer abide in Me, says Jesus,

Would ye fruits of Spirit bear;

Yea, abide in us we pray thee,
Grant us power to do and dare.
So, we pledge Thee who hast called us,
In one fellowship sublime,
All we are in glad abandon
Make us prophets of our time.
Sung to the tune of Far and Near the Fields are Teeming.
(clemm),.but with the music of the stanzas repeated..