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Direction: Read the questions carefully. Write the letters of the correct answer.

1. What meter is used in the Japanese song Sakura?

a. Quadruple
b. duple
c. Triple
d. Compound
2. Which Korean Music category is traditionally associated with the lower class?
a. Chong-ak
b. Sog-ak
c. tang-ak
d. a-ak
3. Which of the following is one of Chinas most popular instruments?
a. Erhu
b. Haegum
c. Shamisen
d. Koto
4. How is Chinese music described?
a. It is slow in tempo and is very peaceful.
b. It is slow and melancholy
c. It is gentle and lyrical
d. It is meditative and highly ritualized
5. Which of the following statements about the changgo is correct?
a. It is a single headed drum whose tone is altered by squeezing its laces.
b. It is a Japanese drum that has become the central instrument of percussion ensemble
c. It is large hanging barrel drum
d. An hour glass-shaped double headed drum made from animal skin
6. How is the Arirang song classified?
a. Welcome song
b. love song
c. a song for spring
d. parting song
7. What melody is used in the folk song Mo Li Hua ?
a. Melodic
b. Pentatonic
c. Diatonic
d. Harmonic
8. Which Japanese Instrument is the counterpart of the Kayageum?
a. Koto
b. Geomungo
c. Shamisen
d. Zheng
9. Which Japanese instrument is called the dragon flute ?
a. Shimobue
b. Hichiriki
c. Ryuteki
d. Shakuhachi
10. Which of the following does not belong in the group?
a. Tsuzumi
b. Odaiko
c. Taiko
d. Changgo
1. It is considered as the main producer of Unique and beautiful carpet in the world?
a. Kazakhstan
b. Pakistan
c. Tajikistan
d. Turkmenistan
2. It is a kind of silk produced from the cocoons of Silkworm mainly fabricated in Khorat.
a. Cambodia Silk
b. Philippine Silk
c. Thai Silk
d. Vietnam Silk
3. It is a Chinese traditional Theater art form which combines music, vocal performance, Pantomime,
dance and acrobatics.
a. Dragon Dance
b. Kabuki
c. kodo taiko
d. Peking Opera
4. It is a Malay word of the term Batik which means point, dot, or drop.
a. Atik
b. Bati
c. Tika
d. Titik
5. Which is not the traditional function of kites among Malaysian?
a. Hilarity
b. Lull children to sleep
c. Scarecrows in the field
d. Sports
6. It is a traditional Chinese dance that is usually seen during the Chinese New Year celebration. The dance
is based on a mythical creature believed by the Chinese people.
a. snake dance b. Lion dance
c. Dragon dance
d. Bali dance
7. _______ are important features in Javanese and Balinese dance in India.
a. Feet and legs position
b. Hand positions and facial expressions
c. Head and shoulder movements
d. Waist and arms position
8. The Wayang Kulit is based on the stories of ________.
a. Biag ni lam-ang
b. Nagarakretagama
c. Ramayana and Mahabharata d. Wayang Golet

It is a form of traditional Japanese drama with highly stylized song, Mime and dance performed only by actors.

a. Dragon Dance
b. kabuki
c. kodo taiko d. Peking Opera
10. It is an Indonesian shadow puppet theater accompanied by a gamelan orchestra.
a. Wayang Kulit
b. Nang
c. Togalu Gumbeyaata
d. Loy Kratong

11. This country is known for its art of making design or patterns on the walls or on the floor of the house
using the ground powder known as Rangoli .
a. Pakistan
b. Malaysia
c. India
d. Brunei
12. This is one of the reasons why Thai traditionally launch hot balloon lanterns into the sky.

For entertainment

b. For personal purpose

c. cast away evils d. Sends away misfortune and bad lucks

1. A phenomenon is a sickness caused by pathogen called _______.
a. Bacteria
b. Pathogen
c. Fungi
d. Virus
2. What term defines a man or a women based on biological characteristics?
a. Sex
b. gender
c. Sexuality
d. Androgyny
3. What is referred as the stage of infection when microorganisms grow and multiply , the sick person may
be more capable of spreading disease to others ?

Convalescence stage

b. illness Stage

c. Incubation Stage

d. Prodromal Stage


Helminths is a pathogen meaning ________ .

a. Bacteria
b. Protozoa
c. parasite
d. Virus
5. What healthy alternative can one do to avoid smoking?
a. Hung out with smoking groups
b. Join Sport clubs and organizations
c. Try one puff to be part of the gang
d. None of the above
6. Which of the following illustrate gender?
a. Anton loves to cook.
b. Frank Does not cry in public
c. Monaliza has a positive body image
d. Ronnie is attracted to Anna.
7. HIV is spread in the following ways.
a. Sharing needles Syringes to inject drugs, vitamins, hormones, steroids or medicines.

Women with HIV infection can pass HIV to their babies during pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding.
People who are exposed to blood and / or body fluids at work, like health care workers, maybe exposed to HIV
through needles sticks or other on the job exposures.
HIV is spread through saliva.

8. Rickettsia needs living cell in order to grow and multiply, which of the following is a Rickettsia?
a. Dysentery
b. Small Pox
c. Malaria
d. Ticks
9. Which of the following Virus enters the Respiratory System and cause sickness?
a. Cold
b. Polio
c. Rabies
d. Wart
10. Diseases caused by direct and indirect spread of pathogens from one person to other are called ______ diseases.


b. Resident bacteria c. Non-communicable

d. Toxin Bacteria

11. Athletes foot is a disease that caused by pathogens called ___________.



b. Parasite

c. Protozoans

d. Virus

12. Why is it important to understand human sexuality?


We will all be mature adults.

We have similar sexuality issues.
There is a specific age for developing ones sexuality.
It will help us build a better relationship with our self and others.

13. Helminth lives in the intestines and causes a serious illness known as ___________.


b. Trichinosis

c. Schistosomiasis

d. Loiasis


1. Officials are important in a game. Which of the following officials controlled the entire game?
a. Umpire
b. Scorer
c. Timers
d. Referee
2. Why are rules and strategies important in team sports?
a. It serves as guide on how to play the game
b. It makes a team win the game
c. It motivates the team to cooperate
d. Encourage the members of the team to strive hard to win the game
3. Batting is an important skill in softball. Which movement is not an important requisite to perform this skill?
a. Gripping
b. Stance
c. Stride
d. Catch

4. Scrabble board contains different colored tiles. Which square is used if the word is multiplied by three.

Blue tile

b. Pink Tile

c. Green Tile

d. Red Tile

5. Justine believed that the game chess is a good recreational activity for his family. What benefit can
he derived from playing chess?


Its strengthens family bonding

It develop a sense of confidence and self worth of a person
It increases the mathematical and scientific skill of a person.
It enhances ones physical fitness

6. Violation is an Infringement of the rules. Which of the following is a regular violation in basketball?
a. 8 seconds violation
b. Holding
c. Shot clock Violation
d. backing
7. Bernardo is the fastest player in the basketball team of their school. He makes sure that the ball gets to the right
player at the right time. He is the ______ of the team.

a. Forward
b. Point guard
c. Guard
d. Center
8. Which of the following situation does not help maintain physical fitness?
a. Doing household chores
b. Swimming trice a week
c. Doing an after class practice
d. Sleeping two-for hours a day
9. In developing the cardio-respiratory endurance, which parts of the body are involved to attain desirable outcome?

Heart, hand, feet

b. Heart, Lungs, Vascular system
c. Nose, mouth, digestive organ
d. Fingers intestines excretory system

10. To ensure the successes of your personal fitness plan, use the FITT formula. What is I in the FITT?
a. Instinct
b. Instruction
c. Intensity
d. Immunity
11. The following statements are the basic strategies in playing chess. Which one is not acceptable?
a. Always protect your king
b. Control the center
c. Give your pieces away
d. Use all of your pieces.
12. There are four health related fitness components. Which of the following situation promote HR fitness?
a. 5-10 min. running, 2 times a week
b. 3-5 min. stretching , 3 times a week
c. 6-12 min. cycling ,2 times a week
d. 3 5 min. weight lifting , 3 time a week
13. Basic skills are essential in almost all sports. Which skill is not relevant in team sports?
a. Floating
b. Dribbling
c. catching
d. Running
14. If you are told by your coach to bounce the ball continuously with one hand. What skill is it?
a. Blocking
b. Passing
c. Dribbling
d. Rebounding
15. Muscular endurance is a health related fitness component. Which of the following can be used as
fitness testing of muscular endurance?
a. Performing cycling in 10 min.
b. Performing sit-ups for 1 min.
c. Performing sit and reach for 1 min.
d. Performing one-time bench press.