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Brandi Bowers

Information Literacy


Robots are becoming a big part of everyday life. Everyday researchers are advancing this
technology in hopes of it becoming a major part of our future. Robots are very intelligent and
could possibly take the place of humans in the work force if they havent already. Some jobs that
require more thinking and computer based skills will be easier for robots to take over. Other jobs
that require more hands on and physical skills may hold out for humans for a longer period of
time. Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Elon Musk are three well known people that mentioned
in this article as being very skeptical about this future artificial intelligence. Stephen Hawking
spoke to BBC and said, Full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. A
professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Max Tegmerk said, It could be
wonderful, or it could be pretty bad. Tegmerk believes that is precautions are taken and things
are developed and handled properly that robots could be a great future. (Pogue, 2015)

The Two search engines I used to find two additional articles on this topic were
and I used the following key words in my search:

Emerging robotic technology

Robots in our future

Both search engines seemed to result in many of the same information and articles so I did
not find one more useful than the other, although I prefer over them all. These two
particular search engines did not give me a lot of results.

4. This was written in 2012. It relates to my article as it talks about futuristic robots and how

they could potentially take over certain jobs that humans presently control. The author is Judith
Aquino who is a business insider for NBC news. She supports her information with statistics and
evidence that supports each section of her article. Due to the evidence given, direct quotes and
researched figures, I believe this is an accurate and trustworthy article. This article was written to
inform people that the future could be filled with artificial intelligence possibilities and that is
has already began happening all over the world. There does not seem to be any bias in this
article. (Aquino, 2102)

Brandi Bowers
Information Literacy

The keywords I used to find two scholarly journal articles are:

Future jobs

I used the CCBC library to find both articles which I found more helpful than the internet. I found more
choice that matched my topic and exactly what I needed without all of the ads and subscriptions the
internet provides.

6. I found the CCBC library to be extremely helpful in finding articles on my topic. The internet had many
results but a lot of which needed subscriptions to view the entire article or you had to search through
the original result to find the exact article within the article. It was easier to navigate through the articles
in the library because they were mostly all about my topic. It was quick and very useful. The internet
was not quick due to ads and things that I clicked on that were not what I needed once inside the site.


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