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LED TONI HELLON CLERK, SUPERIOR COURT ASI 12:1 ARIZONA SUPERIOR COURT, PIMA COUNTY HON, CARMINE CORNELIO: CASE NO. C-20131650 DALE: July 19, 2013 TODD A GREENE, TIFFANY BREDFELDT, and PHILLIP BREDFELDT Counter Plaintifi/Plaintift vs. TIFFANY G BREDFELDT, PHILIP A.BREDFELDT, and TODD GREENE Cotinter Defendants/Defendant IN CHAMBERS: DEFENDANTS CHRONOLOGY On TFFANY BREDFELDT'S 2006 FRAUDS; PLAINTIFF'S REPSONSE THERETO; DEFENDANT'S REPLY; PLAINTIFF'S MOTION PERMITTING ADDITIONAL RESPONSE TO BE FILED BY PLAINTIFFS ADDRESSING DEFENDANT'S “DEFENDANT'S REPLY TO PLAINTIFFS’ RESPONSE TO HIS CHRONOLOGY OF TIFFANY BREDFELDT’S 2006 FRAUDS”: On May 20, 2013, this Court conducted a hearing and issued an order. Because, at the time, the Court believed that the Defendant may have been simply “misguided” in his publication, use of the Internet, and contact with vatious individuals regarding the Plaintiff, the Court provided the Defendant with an opportunity to submit a written planvorder which redacted from all Internet postings, blog, et cetera, any reference to the Plaintiff ditectly ‘The Defendant has until August 4, 2013, to do so. Instead, the Defendant, on May 28, 2013, violated various court rules and wrote directly to this Court, Thereafter, and for no apparent reason other than to repeat publication of the Defendant’s view (inaccurate as it may be) of the Plaintiff and her conduct Itis evident to this Court that the Defendant filed this document simply to repeat, republish, and to continue his campaign of harassment and retribution. ‘The Plaintiff is correct that there is no need for the pleading and no invitation and no rule which allowed the Defendant's filing of “Chronology of Tiffany Bredfeldt's 2006 Frauds” Accordingly, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED sanctions are awarded in favor of the Plaintifi and against Debbie Sipos_____ Judicial Administrative Assis RULING Page 2 Date: July 19, 2013 Case No: _C-20131650 the Defendant in the amount of $350.00. Counsel for the Plaintiff may submit a Form of udgment in this amount in which the Court will sign upon presentation (and will hold for any objection only as to form) cc: Hon Carmine Comelio Jeffrey A. Marks, Esq Todd A Greene Debbie Sipos ‘Judicial Administrative Assistant