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Humanities 1: Movie Review

The Thomas Crown Affair

Main characters:
Pierce Brossnan
Rene Russo
Rene Russo
Dennis Leary
Faye Dunaway
Rating: R (restricted)
Genre: Drama/Action/crime/Romance
Directed by: John Mctiernan
Written by: Leslie Dixan
Produced by: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Picture/Irish Dreamtime
Short Summary:
Bored billionaire Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) decides to entertain himself
by stealing a Monet from a reputed museum. When Catherine Banning (Rene
Russo), an investigator for the museum's insurance company, takes an interest
in Crown, a complicated back-and-forth game with romantic undertones begins
between them. In an attempt to find out where Banning's loyalties lie, Crown
returns the painting and essentially turns himself in, hoping that Banning's
feelings for him will lead to an escape.
My Review:
It was an interesting movie that can entertain the people who had been
watched and the actor was very intelligent and good idea to steal the Monet
Painting in the museum.
How I judge the story, the story was impressive
I rate the actor, a 6 star performance
The cinematography was good. Brossnan was brilliant he knows the technique
that makes everyone confussion when he scape.

Pass by: Albert Areglo jr.Bsba-2