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Regarding September 15, 2011

September 14, 2011

I wish to take the time before speaking of this revelation to explain. I have been hesitant to publicly
share everything or anything concerning what I am about the release. There is a two-fold reason for this:
first, my own uncertainty concerning the full meaning of the specific date, and secondly, a personal
desire to wait for further confirmation.
I have shared privately concerning the revelation with some people who I felt I could trust with the
understanding that the privacy would be honored. Some have honored this, but most have not.
Therefore, let me share the experience and what I believe about what I heard and saw without any
mixture. I have received some confirming experiences from the Lord concerning these things and
I was awakened early morning in April with the audible voice of God speaking the date September 15,
2011. The voice startled me at first, but I listened to see if He would speak more specifically about this
date. Nothing was said for the next 45 minutes, though I could look and see this September 15, 2011
date before my eyes.
I continued to seek the Lord about this, and after an hour He began to speak. The first thing he told me
was this, Woe to the West. Look to the West, to the Northwest. It will be a day of sorrow, a day of woe,
a day of terror, a time of weeping and wailing. The strength of man will fail him and his arms will hang
limp. In the Northwest it will begin, but it will be a sign to California so awaken from you sleep!
Over the next weeks the Lord encountered me two other times concerning the Northwest of America
and the Vancouver, Canada area. He spoke about the different events. An earthquake approximately 4050 miles south of Vancouver, Canada toward Seattle, Washington; an earthquake and a tsunami 20-30
miles in the ocean west of Washington State and Vancouver Island; and lastly a volcanic eruption North
of Vancouver, Canada. I understood this as a triangle of signs from the Lord to the USA. This would
precede other events which have been told to me, but I have not publicly released; however, I will
release them soon.
So what about the September 15th date? I believe it is a trigger date at the least, meaning that on or
after this date, the Northwest can expect the first of the three events. I believe it will be an earthquake
first. Please pray for the Northwest and our nation.

Terry Bennett

Terry Bennett

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