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Composition about a person you get on well with


My mother is Isabel Fernández, her I can write about a famous person that I
birthday is on February 24th. She was born admire, but I prefer to write about a person
in Pamplona, but when she was little she near me.
lived in Murillo del Fruto, in the south of
Navarre and in Rochapea, a neighbourhood I’m going to write about my father’s father.
in Pamplona. She has got one brother, his His name is Luis Maria Asurmendi but all
name is Santi and he lives in Pamplona too. the people call him Luis. He’s a very good
She lived with her brother and father because person; he is always helping our family and
when she was fifteen her mother died. his friends. When we need some help, we
phone him and in five minutes he is here.
My mother is medium height, and she’s a
little bit fat too. She has got big green He’s 75 years old but he is very, very
beautiful eyes, and a small mouth; she has healthy. He can run, jump as a child. When
got blond hair. She is very funny and she is I’m with him we practice a lot of sports, but
very loving. he always wins, he’s good at all the sports,
we like to play table-tennis tennis,
When she was little she went to Dominicas football...He’s very active.
school in Pamplona. She was a good student.
Then she met my father and then they got Everyday he goes to the swimming pool and
married in Puente la Reina, a year before I with his friends he plays letter games. He
was born. always says: "Me voy a echar la partida"
(I’m going to play a card game) and in a
My mother has got one informatics shop in second he is missing.
Rochapea. She is a nurse and she works in
the operating room in Virgen del Camino. He always wears very elegant, a shirt of a
She is very hardworking. expensive mark (he has a lot of money!), and
long trousers.
I'm very fond of my mother because since I
was born she loves me and cares for me. We haven’t a lot of physical features in
Two years ago we went the two of us to common, but we have some similar
Argentina. We watched Iguazú Falls, part of characteristics: we’re both very nervous and
Uruguay, part of Brazil. She also took me to have little patience.
Germany and France. I will never forget
those trips. He was born in Arizala (Navarra) but he
worked in Legazpia (Basque country) all his
Sometimes we go shopping. She is a very life. There he met my grandmother. Later he
good cook. She likes watching TV and lived in Rotxapea in Navarra, a
reading books. neighbourhood in Pamplona, but now he
lives at Pio XII street in Pamplona.
We get along very well. She does many
things for me and I do many things for her, He has 4 sons, one is Ignacio, another is Luis
because I love her. We have got the same Mari, then Isidro and Javier. His wife is Isi,
character but we haven’t got the same tastes. she is very is young too.

She is the best mother in the world. LEIRE ASURMENDI


Composition about a person you get on well with



My mother’s name is María Elena Indave, I’m going to talk about

but we always call her Elena. She is 42 years my brother.
old but on the 17th of December she will be
43, so she was born in 1966. She was born in His name is Saul
Pamplona but she lived in Leache, a very Pascual and is 19 years
small village in the southwest of Navarre. old. His hobbies are
playing with the
She has two sisters and a brother older than computer and playing
her, and one brother younger, we spend a lot the guitar. He has two
of time with him, more than with the others. guitars. One is a
“Guitarra española” and
When she was 14 years old she went to live the other one is an electric guitar. He loves
to Pamplona with her two sisters and she music, he’s crazy about it.
studied at " La Granja High School ".
His favourite group is “Marvin” but he also
She met my father José Luis. Then got listens to “Green Day”, “Sum 41”, “Linkin
married and some years later they came to Park”… And he plays their songs with the
live to Burlada. They have been living in guitars.
Burlada for 18 years.
He lives with me and my parents. In
My mother is quite tall, she has long curly Burlada. He is studying at Ibaialde, like me.
fair hair and blue eyes, as me. She is quite
talkative, very hardworking and a bit His favourite brand mark is “Atticus”. He
minded. She is very generous. She studied likes very much their T-Shirts. He’s got a lot
Pharmacy at the university of Navarre, but of them. His favourite colour is orange, but
she does not work in a chemist’s, she is a to dress he likes black and white.
He hates studying and he travelling. In his
When she was younger she taught evening free time, he goes out with his friends,
classes of mathematic and physics to watches TV…
teenagers. Now she can help me and my
brother because she is very intelligent. Saul is orderly (more than me) and doesn’t
like anyone touching his things.
She is a very sportive person. She loves
walking with my father. They spend almost We get along pretty badly, but, when don’t
all the day walking. She also goes to aerobic quarrel, I like being with him.
classes in the mornings. At the weekends we
sometimes go to the mountains. Although MARINA PASCUAL.
she practices a lot of sports, she also likes
watching films, lying on the sofa.

This is my mother’s life and for this reason I

rally admire her.


Composition about a person you get on well with

A PERSON I GET ON WELL WITH: almost always, for example, forgets things at
MY SISTER school.

I see her all afternoons, and sometimes I help

her to do her homework or we play together.
I get on very well with her and she also with
me, I hope that in the future we continue like

She was born in Ecuador like me, but on

April 24 in 2000. She started the school in
San Juan and now she’s studying primary at
Hilarion Eslava School. In the past she was a
very good student and now she continues
with the same routine. She has always loved
drawing, she loves doing it, and really, she
does it very well, it’s her specialty.

She makes my life real fun, before she was

born all was very boring but then all the
things were made by pairs, she and me. I
think she is the person who I love the most.
She makes me smile and be always happy.
She’s my sister Maria José and I hope she is
She’s Maria José Mariño, my little sister. always beside me.
She’s 9 years old and she’s a student at
Hilarion Eslava School. She, of course, lives MARIANELA MARIÑO
here in Burlada with my parents and me. I
know her since she was born. She’s my
sister and I think we get on very well.

She’s tall for her age, she has dark hair. She
usually likes to wear jean trousers and a T-
shirt, but sometimes she must put on her
school uniform for P.E, which she hates a

As she is my sister, she looks like me a lot,

and some people say that she and I are much
alike. About physical features that we have
in common I think is specially the face, the
hair and the colour of the skin.

She’s a kind and generous person; she helps

me in all that she can. I like her kindness a
lot, probably is the first quality that a person
must have. Her character is very good and
this is something I think wouldn’t change.
Both she and me are a little bit impatient but
it doesn’t matter. The only thing that is a
fault in her is that she is absent-minded, she

Composition about a person you get on well with


My sister's name is Mª Pilar Pérez. She’s Amaia is my best friend since we were 3.
seventeen years old and she wants to be We are still very good friends and in the 11
eighteen soon, and she will be that on the years that I have been with her, although we
29th of December. She is always the sometimes get angry, we always forgive
youngest person in her class. each other.

She is 4 years older than me. This year she I admire Amaia because she is a very
begins to study at university and she is hardworking person, an excellent friend, the
studying to become a nurse. She is shorter best for me. She always knows what to say
than me, but she is strong. She has got to make me smile, she is very responsible
blonde hair, small brown eyes and small and for all this and other things I think that
mouth. she is a very nice person.

She has got a lot of hobbies. She likes F1 When we are together we have a very good
races, reading books, playing the violin, time, and, I have to recognise that Amaia has
going out with her friends, singing with me, taught me a lot of things, she is like my big
listening to music. sister but our relationship is much closer and
She speaks three languages: English, Basque
and Spanish. She’s very good at studying. We like to spend time together for example
Her favourite subject is Anatomy. we sometimes take our dogs for a walk and
all the weekends we go out with the group of
She is a very good person, and always a friends.
happy one. She has a lot of friends. She is a
person who keeps secrets and never talks We also like to meet alone to talk and tell
about them. our secrets to each other. Amaia always
keeps my secrets and of course I keep
Her favourite colour is purple, her favourite Amaia’s.
food is fish and to drink she prefers water.
When our parents can, we go to the
She went to Canada in first of Bachiller and countryside together or Amaia comes to my
she had a very good time there, now she house to sleep and other times I go to
wants to return. Amaia’s house. We go to Amaia`s village,
but this only sometimes, and we stay all the
I like being with her, she is a good company, weekend!
she always helps me in all things and she
always makes me smile. I love her very MARINA TISCAR

I think you have to meet my sister.


Composition about a person you get on well with


The name of my great-aunt is Leo or “Aunt” My grandmother’s name is Camino, she is

and everybody calls her like this because she 89 years old. Her birthday is on the 25 of
likes to be the aunt of everyone. She is 86 March. She is the grandmother of my eyes,
years old. She lives In a very welcoming and the only I have got because the parents
residence in Miranda de Arga. of my dad died when he was still young.

She’s in the residence because some years My granny is medium height, and she is a
ago she broke up her hip and my granny little bit fat but, as she’s 89, she is very well.
can’t help her in all the things. She has got short grey curly hair and blue
beautiful eyes. She’s very funny sometimes,
She’s the sister of my dead grandfather and but most of the times she is serious and shy.
she’s a single woman without children so,
she lived all her life with her brother and her My grandmother lives in a village called
sister-in-law and their four children. Muzqui, near Estella, in the north of Spain,
with my grandfather Jesus and their dog,
She worked helping in the house and is like Laika. Laika is a very funny and beautiful
the mother of their 4 children and then like pet. All the family love it. My granny is a
my granny. She loved inventing stories and hardworking person, is always doing
reading them to us or tell anecdotes about something. She loves going to the vegetable
her interesting life. garden, to irrigate, to collect the things they
grow, to spend time near the nature…
She is very tall and too thin, she has got
green eyes and she always wears her hair in My granny never worked out the house, she
a bun. has been a housewife all her life, but before
she always made the food for a lot of
She is a wonderful, interesting, funny, persons who worked with her and my
confident person and also the best Granny in grandfather in the fields, because my
the world!!!!!! grandfather is a farmer and my granny
always cooked food for all of them, just

My granny has got five daughters: Juana

(my mum), Lourdes, Camino and Ana
Isabel. Maria Isabel died when she was two,
because of meningitis. My mum is the oldest
daughter, but I think she is the best. My
grandmother has five grandchildren: Tania is
20, Jon is 18, Mikel is 16, Rubén is 16 and
me, the youngest; 14. My grandmother loves
us a lo, and we love her a lot too.

My granny always goes to the church, she is

a believer. she has a strong faith, and she
always says: ‘’Iranzu, go to church!’’.
Sometimes I go with her, and with my
cousins., and I’m she feels very happy then.
I love my granny a lot. She is wonderful.


Composition about a person you get on well with



I’m going to write So this is my sister and I like her, how she is,
about my sister, but I would like we would be closer in years.
called María But that is impossible. If you want to know
Aragón. She is 19 more things about my sister you can take my
years old and she e-mail:, and
was born on May I’ll tell you all the things that I know about
25 in 1990 in her.
Pamplona, so she
is five years older Good bye!
than me! It’s too
much! She lives ALBERTO ARAGON
with my parents,
my grandparents
and me in Cildoz, a village near Pamplona.

She studies Pharmacy at the University of

Navarre in Pamplona. She goes by car all the
days to the University and she comes back
home very tired. She is a very good student
because she studies a lot everyday, so in the
exams has good marks. She is always
working because she has too many things to

Her hobbies are listening to music, painting,

running and I think that studying because
she is almost always studying. She likes
going out with her friends, normally on
Friday nights, and riding her bike too. She is
tall and thin. She has brown hair and green
eyes. She wears glasses or contact lenses.
She is a little bit shy but, when she feels
well, she is very friendly. She wears modern,
but on special occasions, like a meal with all
the family at Christmas… she wears very

When I have a question in my homework,

she helps me because she is 5 years older
than me, as I said before, and she knows
more than me. She is really useful for me.

She has been in many places, like Paris

(France), Toronto (Canada)… she really
loves to travel, she says it is exciting. She
wants to travel as much as she can. She is an
adventuress person! I like that face of my
sister because it is very interesting.

Composition about a person you get on well with

A PERSON THAT I ADMIRE different jobs... But I hope we will always be

Maitane is a fourteen year old girl. Her eyes
are brown and her hair is also brown and In 11 years, our relation has changed a little
curly, and she has blue glasses. She’s shorter bit because now we don’t play, jump or run
than me and she likes to wear sport clothes, like when we were seven. And now we are
but she also likes elegant clothes, from Zara, always talking, sometimes arguing and
Bershka, Roxy... always helping each other.

She was born in Panplona, ands she studied I really love Maitane!
at "Hilarión Eslava" primary school, in
Burlada. She was a very good student! Her IRATI SEGURA
hobbies are playing basketball, drawing,
painting, reading, going out and listening to
music, but I remember when we were seven,
she wanted to have a horse because her
hobby were animals...

She’s a student at Ibaialde secondary school

and she lives in Burlada, in a flat with her
parents, her brother Asier and Max, her dog.
I have known her for 11 years, we have lived
everything together. Our relation is a friends’
relation but and we’re also class-mates.

Her character is calm and hard working at

school, but when we go out, she’s funny and
extrovert, and she’s a girl of strong character
and also is very stubborn. When she says no,
it’s no but I really love her.

I see her very often, all the days of my life, I

think, because we’re in the same class and in
the same group of friends. We’re always
together and I really like to be with her.

We do a lot of things together, like going out

or shopping. For example, in November,
we’re going to watch "New Moon" at the
cinema, because we also have the same taste
in films, clothes, books... Even in music, we
love "Jonas Brothers"! But my favourite one
in the group is Nick and she prefers Joe. It’s
very funny when we start talking about them
and don’t stop. But we also argue a lot, I like
to argue with her.

Maitane is a very important person in my life

and I don’t know what to do without her. I
hope in the future we’ll be together like now,
but I know is difficult, because if we choose

Composition about a person you get on well with


I person that I really admire is my brother
A person who I really admire is my father Javier. He lives in the same house as me,
Jon, or Juan Carlos (his real name). He’s 46, because we are still very young. He is older
black short haired, well now his hair is quite than me too, he is sixteen years old. His
white, dark-skinned, not much tall, 1’75 I birthday is on the 18th of August. About his
think, big brown eyes, small nose and a physical appearance? Well, he is not much
smile that makes you feel good. He’s serious tall for his age, he is medium. He has got
but he can make you laugh, very patient in black hair and brown big eyes. I don’t know
most aspects of his life, a very, very what else I can say, because he hasn’t got
organized person and very hard-working too. any special features, so I’m going to describe
him in the character. Sometimes he is very
He was born in Barcelona, on the 31st of talkative, but this is not normal, because he
May in 1963, but he grew up in Pamplona. is usually shy. I like when he is talkative.
He met my mother when he was 19, when he When he is in this mood we can have a nice
was a singer in Sparto, a famous group of conversation. But sometimes we argue
music at that time. He tells me a joke, that especially about the computer and the TV
my mother wanted to see the battery but my too. He has got a very strong character with
father was in the middle, so… me, but it is my brother and I love him a lot.

My father was the singer of Sparto for 5 He is very good table-tennis player. He
years, but he left the group to create a started playing table tennis five years ago
family. In 1992 he married my mother and more o less, he said that he doesn’t
later, on the 3rd of July 1995, I was born. remember. Last year he left football practice
and then he started to teach to young people
My father started to work at a factory, (table-tennis) so he became a trainer.
nowadays he’s working in other factory
because the other was closed. The factory’s Last summer he started to attend courses to
name is Recy-land, I think. be a referee and now he is a football referee
too. Every weekend he goes to referee to
Three years after I was born my sister Nidia girls and boys of different categories. He
came to this world and the house was small earns a lot of money because he is
for four people, so we had to move to federate…
Villava, the place where I live nowadays.
He likes going out a lot with his friends. He
My father’s parents, my grandparents of has got a lot of friends, but I don’t know the
course, are Juan and Tere. They live in names of all of them. I know, Oscar, Rubén,
Pamplona. They are very friendly and lovely Xabi, Javito, Nestor, Dani, Gorka… At
persons. My father has two brothers and one weekend they go parties in different towns
sister. He’s the oldest of all the children, and these are the most important things of
Jose Luis is the second and he still plays the my brother.
electric guitar in Sparto. Rosa is the next, NAIARA PALOMO
she’s very intelligent and very hard-working,
she works in a important company of
environment. The last is Patxi, he’s a MY SISTER
mechanic, he knows a lot of things about
cars and other machines. Hii! Now I am going to tell you about my
little sister Lucia and the relation that I have
So that’s my father, a person who I really with her.

Composition about a person you get on well with

My sister’s name is Lucia, she is ten years MY BROTHER

old but she always says that she is 11 My brother is called Xabier, he is ten years
because her birthday is on the 4th of old and will be eleven on January 5.
November. She lives in Villava with my
parents, my brother and me. She studies at My brother is medium height; he is a little
Lorenzo Goicoa School, but next year she is bit fat too. He has got brown eyes and small
going to start at Ibaialde with me. nose; he has got short brown hair. He is a
nice person but sometimes I do not get on
Lucia isn’t very tall, because all my family very well with him, also I love him. He
are small. She isn’t fat. She has got blond, studies in Lorenzo Goicoa, a school in
straight, and not very long hair. Her eyes are Villava which is also my older school. He is
green.. Most of the people say that she and I a person with a strong character too.
are very similar but I don’t think so!
He has got a lot of hobbies. But the best for
She usually wears jeans, normal shoes and t- him is football; he plays in the team of the
shirts with different colours. She loves Atarrabia. This is a secret but ..."he is the
colours, her favourite colour is blue and she best". He also loves being with his friends,
doesn’t like anything pink. he's very friendly and he makes friends very
quickly, because he is crazy!! (Ha! Ha! Ha!).
She is a very funny and lovely person. She is His best friend is Igor, a very funny child
very friendly but not a very open person. She and his elder brother is one of my best
only opens up when she knows the person friends, his name is Ivan.
well. In this aspect she and I are very
different, also she is very nervous, exactly My brother Xabier loves animals, he loves
the same as me. We spend much time all of them. His favourite are dogs and
together and we see each other all the days. I horses. He wants to go horse riding but it’s
have good times with her because she is a very expensive. We also have a dog: buff...
little crazy and we have the same hobbies. Se my mother hates dogs!! Xabier says that he
is a lovely person because is smiling all the wants to be the best veterinary in the world!!
times! I'm sure that his dream will become true
because he is a very intelligent person.
Lucia loves dancing ballet, when she was 6
years old she went to classical academy for His fauvorite food is pizza, ice-creams and
some years but now she goes to a gym in pasta. He's a glutton person.
Villava with her friends and at weekends she
has competitions but she doesn’t win yet. His fauvorite colours are blue and red
Also she likes to spend much time with her because he loves Barça and the colours of
friends in Villava, in the swimming pool, in the T-shirt are those too. He wants to play in
the cinema,... Barça when he grows up. His favourite
number is 8.
But many times she goes with her cousins,
she has two cousins of the same age and I like being with my brother, he is a good
when the three are together she enjoys it! company!! But when he's angry... it’s very
dangerous (Ha! Ha! Ha!).
She also studies so much because she is a
really good student but very disorganized He's my young little brother and I love him
too. very much.
And that’s all, this is my sister and I love


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