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The Wizard Pictorial

Born in 1886 AOS, the son of a London policeman.

Spare claimed to
have been started
during his
childhood by a witch
to whichSpare
nicknamed Mrs
Paterson, Wicca probably a wiccan woman, who
according to rumors feature is a descendant of Salem,
she had amazing powers, like the ability to transform
your appearance in a young, and taught Spare all she
"There is no proof of the existence of Mrs. Paterson,
and the lack of evidence regarding the alleged powers
of AOS (as the power to express an elemental to
visible appearance in the shape of a green haze, or
make your big dick return with subsequent inability to
find a prostitute that 'could accommodate'). "

Austin Osman Spare

It is incorporated in the 1914-1918 war as the official
artist of the army, retired in civil life, departs Spare
completely and forever the commercial sphere of the art

Austin Osman Spare Philosophy

In his philosophy he proclaims that the only force is
within ourselves.
The authentic initiation is born from a deep personal
crisis, because of which the neophyte, looking
distressed, has no choice but to bring into play the
spontaneous and hidden power that underlies her
unconscious and involves the root of Magic