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Robotics Team at Cecil College (RTCC)

Meeting #: 3
Members Attending
Rob P.
Zach S.
Sean S.
Ron B.
Joel H.
Nick H.

Rob S.
Jeff. B
Zach C

Dylan S X
Connor K

Mile stones:
Hands Robot:
Print Finger Assembly - initial design testing (9/25/15)
Design rest of hand and arm 3-D and send for printing (10/18/15)
Coding for Grip (11/6/15)
Analyze max applied force for redesign (11/6/15)
3-D design for skin curing prints (11/13/15)
Coding for crawl motion (11/27/15)
Finished Product [Engineering Drawings/ Factor Safety Data/ etc..]
Be able to grasp objects with strength exceeding that of humans.
Be able to crawl using two fingers.
Cast soft robotics material for skin-like frictional coefficient.
Know to grip when told to through coding.
Driving Robot:

Frame (10/9/15)
Electronics (10/16/15)
Re-work Frame for Motor, Arduino, servo, battery application
Programming Initial (11/16/15)
Final Programming (1/5/16)

Avoid Obstacles
Follow something (RFID?..White line)


Flying Robot:




Ten Projects (Year 1):

1.) Crawling Robot (Soft):
2.) Hands Robot:
Members: Chief (Rob P.)
Engineer (Jeff)
3.) Gripping Robot (Soft):
4.) Driving Robot (Ultra-sonic / Infrared):
Members: Chief (Joel H.)
Engineer (Ron B)
Engineer (Dylan S)
5.) Walking Robot (Ultrasonic / Infrared):
6.) Swimming Robot (Elastomers)
7.) Flying Robot (Gyros/ Ultrasonic/ etc):
Members: Chief (Sean S.)
Engineer (Rob S)
Engineer (Connor K)
8.) TBD
9.) TBD
10.) TBD
The Layout- 3 Chief engineers, however many engineers under them.
Meetings: Bi-weekly (or as many as we can fit in)
Where: Skype
When: (TBD)
How long: 1 hr goal
About: Time goals (how far we are on projects/ milestone dates)
Projects decisions

-The team (as a cecil college club) has 300 dollars in our budget
-But due to Gail W. and her heart of gold, she has used the physics budget and
maybe the engineering budget to start purchasing for us.
Materials we have:
3-D printer ($3000 makerbot; $22,000 seprint plus)
Soft Robotics (buying lab oven, have all other materials except elastomer mix and
centrifugal mixer)
Solid Works/ Auto CAD
Material stress/strain measuring equipment

-Our goal for next year is to build a fully automated quadcopter.

-Navigation (GPS or radio frequency)
Ground level detection (ultrasonic)

Incoming objects (?)

Ground stability (?)
Balance (Gyro)
Etc (?)

- The reason for the initial ten projects is to get everyone prepped
FOR dealing with robotics AS WELL AS to help fund the quadcopter
To impress the pants off the administration in order to get
great funding we will need to really spice up how we do
these projects
o Materials testing analysis (material modulus, load
o Engineering drawings
o 3-D modeling structural analysis.
o Etc
- more expensive materials (metals RON BROWNING, conductive
elastomers, better arduino microcontrollers, more powerful servos and
motors, higher rated sensors)
Update for next meeting:
-Flyers will be put out
-Next Meeting (Friday the 25th) Tlk to Gail about a room
What to go over:
Who goes on what teams
How things work
Introductions (keeping it short)