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Physical Education Syllabus:

Please take the time to read, and become familiar with the information in this document.
On the last page of the syllabus you will find a Physical Education Contract. Please make
sure the Parent/Guardian and Student signature spaces are signed, and the contract is
returned to class by Friday, September 1st. Students remember to bring a 1

binder, and be ready to dress out in the appropriate PE uniform, for

class on Monday September 4th. See student expectations section for
uniform specifics.
*** If any student requires assistance in obtaining the necessary items, please contact
your students PE Teacher***

Physical Education Teachers

Mr. Phillips or (727) 867-5309

Mr. Right

Ms. Perfect (727) 123-4567

(727) 555-1212

Physical Education Objectives

1. Student will - demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills, movement
patterns, and fitness exercises to the best of her/his ability. (Physical ability)
2. Student will apply knowledge of concepts, principles, and strategies involved
in performing skills. (Mental understanding)
3. Student will be introduced to individual and team tactics as it relates to sports
and athletics. (Examples tennis, volleyball, golf)

4. Student will develop an understanding and value that a lifetime of physical

activity has for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social
interaction. (Benefits of exercise)


5. Student will - exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self
and others in physical-activity settings. (Teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship,

Student Expectations



P.E. is not recess. Students should come to class each day prepared to
All students are expected to participate in class everyday.
All students should be prepared to participate in Physical Fitness activities
each day.
Students are responsible to turn in all written assignments on the assigned
due date. There will be a 5% point deductions for each day an assignment
is late. Assignments will not be accepted for a grade 7 days after the initial
due date.
Students will need a 1 binder for all written material, and handouts.

Appropriate Physical Education Attire

Students are required to dress out for PE every class. This includes the
appropriate Shirt, Shorts, and Shoes. Wearing of the school PE uniform is
preferred, however you can supplement with a grey T-Shirt, and black pair of
athletic shorts. PE Uniform items are available for purchase at the school store.
Wearing of the PE Uniform over street cloths is not considered dressing out.
Appropriate athletic shoes/sneakers are required. Examples of
inappropriate footwear; open toe shoes, sandals, high heels, hard sole shoes, sling
backs or backless, skate shoes or flip-flops.
All students will be issued a lock, and locker to store his/her items in
during class. The PE staff is not responsible for any lost or stolen items that are
left in the locker room. It is the students responsibility to secure all items in
his/her locker.
During our Cold Weather season, students may wear warm-up suits,
sweats, and jackets over the PE uniform. *** Dressing out is still required
during cold weather ***



Be respectful to all classmates, teachers, and equipment.

Do not touch any equipment until directed by a teacher.
Be on time and prepared for class in appropriate attire.
Food or drinks are not allowed in the locker rooms or gymnasium.
Once you have dressed out, sit quietly and wait for a P.E. Teacher to
release you.
Failure to follow any of the guidelines could result in points being
deducted from your weekly grade.

Injuries and Excused from Participating


If a student is required to be excused from participation in class, a written

note from a parent/guardian must be given to the Teacher. If a student will
be excused for 3 or more days, a note from a Doctor must be given to the
Any injury that occurs during class must be reported to the P.E. Teacher

Locker Room Conduct and Procedures

All students will be assigned a lock and a locker. At no time should students share
his/her locker combinations with anyone. Students will have about 5 minutes to dress out
into the P.E. uniform, and about 7 minutes to change again after class.

During class, students need to request permission to enter the locker room
No food, drinks, candy or gum are allowed in the locker room
No sharing of locks or lockers
No glass containers of any kind
All valuables must be locked in your locker. The P.E. Teachers are not
responsible for lost or stolen items.
Once dressed out have a seat. Once you are quiet the P.E. teacher will
release you.
Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will result in loss of points
toward your weekly grade.

Students Grading Criteria

Students grades will be broken down into two basic areas, written assignments or
tests, and a weekly point system grade.
Written Assignments/Tests Students will be given assignments throughout the
semester. Students will be provided with a rubric beforehand in order to be aware of the
expectations and points allotted for a particular assignment. Additionally, there will be a
written test at the end of each unit to test the students knowledge of subject matter.
Weekly Point System Grade will be broken up into different components

Unexcused Absence/Tardy
Dressing Out

____ _____ ____ _____Tear Hear and Return Below Portion _____ _____ ____

We have reviewed and understand the content of the Physical Education Syllabus,
and agree to follow all procedures and rules outlined.
Student Name (printed) ___________________________________________
Parent Name (printed) ___________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Contact Information
Phone #____________________________ Email: