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Intricacies Of The "Do Not Call" List


ConSumers are reporting such calls to bypass the restric­ months, and the rompany can
an increase in the number of tions, including the following: call you without penalty dur­
unwanted phone calls they are • By malting a purchase ing that period of time even if
reoeiving even after registering fu:rm. a compan:l\ a business re­ you request them to cease
their phones (land lines and Iatiooship is established which their calls. Often there are dis­
cells) on the Do Not Call List. allows the company to circum­ guised information links in­
Although this registration ini­ vent the Do Not Call List. This cluded in online inquiry/order
tially eliminated most solicita­ relationship allows continued furms which can lead you to re­
tion and marketing calls, thcre contact from the company for quest~"informationona
has been a recent resurgence. up to 18 months after the last product or company. This then
The Better Business Bureau purchase, delivery or payment allows the rompany to circum­
(BBB)Sei:ViTIg Mississipp~ as date. However, you can ask the vent the Do Not Call List be­
part of its Identity Theft Pre­ company to stop calling, and cause a relationship has been
vention Program. offen; the fol­ they ",ill be subject to a fine of established with the company.
lowing infurmation regariling up to $11,000 if they do not A phone number can be
the national Do Not Call Reg­ honor your request. registered on the national Do
istry. • A business relationship is Not Call Registry online at
The Federal Trade Com­ also created with a company if or by call­
mission (FTC) reports that there is any inquiry or applica­ ing 888-382-1222. For more in­
there are some loopholes to the tion made to it. This type ofre­ furmation, contact the FfC at
Do Not Call List which allow lationship exists for three 877-3824357

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