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GOVT. COLLEGE FOR ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Application for admission to M.Ed., B.Ed. (Secondary, Elementary, ECE, Hons) Session 2015-2016 () Morning (i) Evening (iil) In Service For office use only (Diary No, & Date_. 2, Name (ROM N0 a enenenenenen According to Secondary School Certificate ofthe Candidate (in block letters) ii) UBRogNo~. cnic| Father’s Name According to Secondary School Certificate (in block letters) ewe TTT TETT TTT TT 1 3.Designation: BPS: Place of Posting : Date of Joining :, 4, Date of Birth! T_T TT Date Month Year 5, @ Marital Status (ii) Gender. Contact No of School: (ii) Religion 6. Candidate’s Permanent Address, 7. Candidate’s Postal Address, 8, Tel. No. Mobile. 9. The Last Examining University/Board. 10. Academic Record. Email: Registration No. Certificate/ Degree Board/ University Session Roll No. Marks Elective Subjects | G4, Div/ Grade Matriculation | Inter | BABS. | | | | MAJMSc. MPhil B.Ed. Others Uereby declare that: [have thoroughly rea/understood the UR/UOGIBISE GRW admission conditions rules and instructions and I soll bide by all of hem during my stayin the campus. Tahal abide bythe latest code of conduct rules pertaining o discipline, academic work, examination and campus lf issued bythe University authors and T understand thatthe deviation from the code wil reultin my ruticaton/éropping from the rolls of he campus, [shall not participate in any unauthorized activity onthe campus. I shall make up English language deficiency if needed. 4. Tamnot enrolled in any other degree programme of « Univesity and shall nt do so during this UE programme. ©. shal pursue my studies whole heartedly onthe campos and will act according to the instruction of the tutor in-charge and campus admission The information given above i corect tothe best of my Inowledge and belis: My admission wil be cancelled if t any stage, itis found tht Ihave sought ednission ‘by providing fale information, Date —————— Signature of applicant For office use only Verified by the Head of institution( Signature and Stamp) Received from: Received by: Diary No. & Date. Form No. DECLARATION BY THE APPLICANT L—__, solemnty dectare that I am submitting the form with the consent of my father/guardian. I fully pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of the college printed in the college prospectus. I will not take part in political activity of any kind or in any unlawful activity. I affirm that I was neither expelled / rusticated by any institution at any time, not any disciplinary action was taken against me. T undertake that I am not enrolled in any other college/department of any other university/college. I affirm that if at any stage my documents are proved fake or carry, a miss-statement, I shall be held responsible and the college authorities will be justified to cancel my admission. I affirm that if I am found guilty of gross mis-conduct or damage the college property, principal has the full authority to strike my name off the college rolls. Date Signature of the applicant. DECLARATION BY THE FATHE! JARD father /guardian of declare that I will be reponse for the payment of college fees and other dues. I will be responsible for making up any loss or damage caused by my son/daughter to the college property I affirm that the principal can debar my son/daughter from appearing in the college examination for shortage of lectures or failing in more than one subject in internal examination. affirm that if the head of the institution calls me at any time to discuss the conduct and academic career of my son/daughter and if I am unable to contact the college authorities, the principal reserves every right to decide unilaterally and this decision will be acceptable to me I concede this authority vested in the principal to strike my son’s/daughter’s name off the college rolls as a punishment for the infringement of the college rules and discipline. Date. Signature of Father/Guardian Computerized National entity Cad Nomber [TTT TT TTT TET Check list of the attested copies of documents 1. Attested Photocopies of (i) CNIC of Father/Guardian (ii) CNIC of Candidate. 2. Matric/S.8.C certificate. 3. RA/FScHS.S.C/inter certificate, 4. B.A/BSc Degree. 5. M.A/MSc Degree 6. M. Phil 7. Character Certificate. 8. B.Ed degree (for MEd. Candidates.) 9, Five Passport size photos Sky Blue background. Recommendation of Admission Committee Accepted/ Rejected Members 1-__ Chairman (Principal) 2. 3