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Rebecca Fletcher

October 13, 2015

Lesson Plan and Link to Presentation
Becka Feltcher, Jacklyn Johnson, and Jared Griffin
Secondary and Elementary Education
English Language Arts
8th Grade

Vocabulary, Idioms, and Comparisons in the

novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

State Standards

Standard 1: Vocabulary - The student will

expand vocabulary through word study,
literature, and class discussion. 1. Words in
Context - Verify the meaning of a word in its
context, even when its meaning is not directly
stated, through the use of definitions,
restatement, example, comparison, or contrast.
3. Idioms and Comparisons - Analyze idioms and
comparisons, such as analogies, metaphors, and
similes, to infer the literal and figurative
meanings of phrases.

ISTE Standards

Standard 3: Research and Information Fluency- Students

apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use
information. D. Process data and report results.

Prior Knowledge,
Bellwork, Pre-Lesson

Hook or Beginning of

Class Discussion or
Whole Class

iPads, SMARTboard, Prezi

There will be a few vocabulary
words on the board from Of Mice
and Men that the students will
write down and record their
meanings from the dictionary.
We will ask the students if they
know what an idiom or
comparisons are. After some (or
no) answers we will give the
5 minutes
definitions of the two words. We
will then ask the students if they
can give any examples now that
they know what the terms mean.
20 minutes We will begin our lesson by
pulling up our Of Mice and Men
Prezi on the SMARTboard. We will
go over the definitions of
vocabulary words from the first

Rebecca Fletcher
October 13, 2015



Closure or

5 minutes

chapter Of Mice and Men. We will

then go on to talk about idioms,
analogies, metaphors, and
similes. With each literary term
we will have a definition and an
example from the book. At the
end of our slides the students will
be asked to pick up an iPad and
access the application ITooch
Middle School App. On this app
they will be able to work on their
understanding of the terms we
The students will use their
definitions from the beginning of
class to do a vocabulary
We will reiterate the meanings of
the literary terms we discussed
and remind the students to listen
for these terms in their daily life.
Next, they will clean up their area
and make sure their work is
turned in and the iPads are put
away before the bell.

*The time is merely a suggestion based on a 45-55 minute period of time (normally middle school and high school).
Elementary school schedule depends on the subject. ELA/Reading is normally no less than a 90 minute block of