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GENERALLY USED ABBREVIATIONS ale Account dep Deposit Pr = Principal ad Adstment__ [it Draft proc Processing Charge nt ‘Arun Gailish_— Dishonour rd Recurring Deposit Ar Arrear OR Debit retin Return Bal Balance DOB Date of Birth a Round of Can) Capitalization | eft Electronic Fund Wransfer_| sb Savings Bank chgleh Charge nap Inoperative 30 = Short Credit cha Cheque ins Insurence SISOISORD Standing instruction Co Closure inn Interest SIDA SonfDaughter(WiflHusband of Call = Collection Toniin = Loan ‘efter Transfer Comm, Commission [rin Minion 7 = Telegraphic Transfer CORICORR = Correction a Duistanding tin = Transaction CR Cee P&T Postage & Telegram wil = Withdrawal ash Cash Pos Paint of Sale = MOD BAL {otal balance (SB + inked MOD afc) ‘count No : 34055207987 Cystomer Name: KUBERA NAIK ‘S{D/W/ti/0:NARANAYAK Address:#178/1 MUNESWARA LAYOUT KRISHNATAYANAPALYA BEHIND NGEF. BANGALORE Phone: Bhail: DIO.B. (If Minor): P. : SINGLE, CONTINUATION mi. Ree. No. :0000000000194850 ‘SIBCHO-GEN-PUB- IND-NONRURAL- INR y N GE F BRANCH & CIF No: 74020130388 N YJ ve No 3817.N GE F BUILDING seme teeRee re Branch Code: 40223 TSC SILO ges are Branch Manag ——— ‘Do not use staple Photograph (s) = a Branch Manager ace aM MonthiYear Drawing Power Repayment Schedule Note Tobe filed mn manually