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Elys Conditions

of Change
Jamie Lang, EDCI 888

Why change models matter

Education industry ripe for disruption
Technology will define where education goes

(Regalado, 2012)

Why change models matter

As a result
More need for professional development
Adoption costs increase
Need new thinking habits
(Heick, 2012)

Model Description
8 conditions of change
Successful implementation of change desired
Focused on external factors in change process

("Overview," )

8 Conditions of Change
1. Dissatisfaction with the status quo
a. change must be necessary

2. Sufficient knowledge and skills

a. must have requisite understanding and ability to implement the

3. Availability of resources
a. must have access to required resources

4. Availability of time
a. learn, adopt, itegrate, reflect
("Overview," )

8 Conditions of Change
5. Rewards or incentives
a. motivate adopters

6. Participation
a. voice of stakeholders

7. Commitment
a. all levels must buy in to the process

8. Leadership
a. encouragement, support
("Overview," )

New state laws require all students to take the
yearly standardized tests on a computer

(Megan, 2012)

Dissatisfaction with the status quo

New opportunities in testing:
Individualized and dynamic - changes as
student takes it
Tests analytical and critical thinking skills
Less expensive than paper
(Megan, 2012)

Sufficient knowledge and skills

Proctor training in website and computers
Student training in website

Availability of Resources
Enough computers for each student to take test
Bandwidth and wireless access
Battery power / availability of charging stations

Availability of Time
Time built-in to schedule for training and
professional development
Do not require teachers to train outside of
normal work hours

Rewards or incentives
Compliance with state requirements
Faster turnaround on test results
More authentic assessment

Required for all students and proctors
Allow proctors to become experts in one part of
process and share ideas with others

Tests will be computerized from this point
No going back to paper
Worth learning now to prepare for future
Beneficial for students - many college tests are

Provide support resources before and during testing
Take proctor and student feedback to heart
Improve testing process and procedures where possible
Reduce pain points
Stay positive and communicate vision

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