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Las Cruces, a beautiful and poetic beach town located in Central Chile, is

inhabited by no more than 3000 people. During the summer, the city gets
busy as over 10,000 visitors arrive.
The permanent place of residence of fiction writers Gustavo Fras and
Francisco Casas and poets Nicanor Parra (National Prize for Literature),
Rimberto Tobar, and Pedro Alonzo, which is also a painter and fiction writer.
Located in Las Cruces, Puerto Cruz was founded with the only intention of
becoming the favourite spot for tourists. A dream that is coming true,
because only in January, hundreds of people were delighted by the dishes
offered everyday.
(). Here you will find a wonderful spot and a qualified staff ready to
receive whoever wants to relax and recharge batteries for the upcoming
months. Says one of our members.

Don't think it twice, let Puerto Cruz spoil you for a while. Come to our
place located at Avenida La Playa 852-B, Las Cruces. Inquiries and
reservations, contact us at 035- 432110.