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Topic 1: Internet Developments

1. Describe applications of on-line database systems including:

a. Content Management Systems,
b. Customer Relationship Management,
c. E-commerce Platforms.
2. Compare Open Source and Commercial On-line Database Software and related issues:
a. cost effectiveness,
b. security,
c. flexibility and adaptability,
d. ongoing support and development by a community of users.
3. Describe applications and features of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):
a. transaction standardisation,
b. translation software,
c. communications,
d. legal restrictions.

Topic 2: Database Connectivity

4. Describe and give examples of the requirements for connection to database server
a. username/password,
b. server address,
c. database name.
5. Describe use of a server-based database management tool/application:
a. to connect a database client to a database server
b. to create/modify/delete table structures
Topic 3: Structured Query Language

6. Give example and apply the uses of SQL to create simple and complex queries:
a. Data Manipulation Language (DML)
i. Insert,
ii. Update,
iii. Delete
b. Data Query Language (DQL)
i. Keywords or clauses of the select statement
1. Select, From, Where, (Group by), Order By
ii. Logical Operators
1. Is Null, Between, In, Like, Exists, Unique, All and Any
iii. Negating Conditions with the Not Operator
1. Not Equal, Not Between, Not In, Not Like, Is Not Null, Not Exists,
Not Unique
iv. Aggregate Functions
1. Count, Sum, Max, Min, Avg
v. Sorting and Grouping Data
1. Group By, Order By
vi. Equi-joins/inner joins

Topic 4: Application Development

7. Describe and give examples of server-side scripting language for server connection,
a. database selection,
b. execution of SQL queries and
c. extraction of results.
8. Describe and give examples of forms processing to insert and amend data.
9. Describe the structure of HTML forms including:
a. the <form> element and its action and method attributes
b. the <input> element and its type, name and value attributes
c. the <button> element and its type, name and value attributes