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Observation Task 4 Classroom Behavior

Management: An Overview
Focus: Classroom Management Strategies
The objective of this task is for student teachers to begin to understand the
importance of being proactive in order to manage the classroom behavior
effectively so that learning can take place. An effective teacher uses many
strategies to manage the behavior in the classroom so that learning can take
place. This week we are taking a very general look (overview) at these
various strategies. In the weeks to come, we will focus on some of the most
important behavior management strategies.

Look and listen for the Classroom Management
Strategies we discussed in class. Make a note in
the table below.
Management Tactic

1. Organizing a productive

Can students all see the board?

Does the teacher move children to
different seats if they are noisy or
Is it easy for everyone to walk
around the classroom

2. Classroom Rules and


Examples of what you saw or heard

-all of the students can see the
board. As a proof, when my MST
wrote something on the board all of
the students could read it.
- this time all of the students were
polite, but las time one student was
disturbing the class, so my MST told
the student about the wrong thing
that hed done them she asked him
to sit alone as a punishment.
- The classroom is very well
organized, so the teacher can move
around the classroom easily and can
reach the students simply.
-I didnt find any rules that were
wall or anywhere

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Are rules stated in the positive

Are there no more than 5 rules
Are rules clear and everyone

3. Positive Greetings at the


How does your MST greet the

students when they arrive?

4. Managing independent

Is there some independent

seatwork throughout the day
Does the teacher give clear
Does the teacher have extra work
for the kids who finish early?

5. Communication

Does the teacher praise often?

What does she say?
If the teacher reprimands
(opposite of praise), is it very
short and not many words?

-My MST greet her students at the

morning by smiling on their faces,
and saying great words such as,
good morning, how are you,
and some time by hugging them.

-because they are little kids the

independent work is very less at the
day. But of course sometimes there
are independent work for them, so
the teacher explain and make shore
that everyone understand what to
do. Generally, she gives clear
- All of the time my MST prepare
tons of work so no one will set
without something to do. To
illustrate, the super great kids who
finish their tasks early get another
task to do, so all are busy.
-when a student at the classroom
answered correctly, my MST praised
that student by saying to him word
that motivates him. Its really
simple words, but it affect the
students feeling. For example, she
says wow! Awesome, great
work, super star ..etc.
-my teacher never reprimands her
students, even if someone did
something wrong she praises
him\her so he\she will feel guilty
and will try their best to fix it.

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6. Teach and Model Behavior

Does the teacher teach and model

the behavior she expects? (for
example, if she wants the
students to listen while others are
speaking, does she do the same?)

7. Teacher Proximity

Does the teacher move through

out the classroom?
Does she stand near those who
are not focusing?

8. Motivation System

Is there a reward system in the

Is it effective?

9. Goal Setting

Does the teacher set goals for the

classs behavior? (Does she say
something like, OK, today we are
all going to get smiley faces?)

Cuing system to gain
control of the classroom.

Does your teacher clap her hands

-My MST is a great model behavior.

She always model the behavior she
expects. To illustrate, if my teacher
wants from the students to listen to
each others opinion, she pay
attention with them and show them
how to behave.
-my MST always walk around the
class between the groups and the
students. Also, she get involved
with the students while they are
doing their group work, even
individual work. My MST always stay
near her students to be sure that all
of them are focusing on the lesson.
-as a reward, my MST uses juju
system. All of the kids were waiting
for the moment that the teacher is
going to give them a juju to their
name at the system. One student
hadnt got a juju, because he was
noisy during the class, so the
student told his teacher that he will
never be noisy again because he
wants to get lots of juju. So that
mean is really affect them a lot and
it has lots of advantages for the

-at the beginning of the class, my

MST always discus with the students
about the goal that they want to
achieve today. Then she talks about
the awards that the super student is
going to get at the end of the day.
-while all of the students are
focusing on their work, and doing
whatever they do. There were a

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or sing a song to get the students

attention? How does she get their
attention at the beginning or end
of an activity?

5 to 1 ratio of positive
to negative comments and

Does your MST say many more

positive things than negative?

Does your MST smile at the
children often? How do the
children react?

Student answering

Does your teacher give everyone

a chance to answer questions?

sound that interrupt the noisy

voices of the students one, two,
three, eyes on me my MST said.
And all of the students stopped
doing whatever they were doing and
looked at the teacher and said one,
two, and three, eyes on you. So I
think that method of getting
students attention is great, because
it really affected them.
-most of the word that my MST used
is good words maybe 10positive to 1
negative. My MST thinks that when
she says a good words is much
better than bad words, because if
she said 1000 good word then 1
wrong or bad word the child will
always remember the 1 bad word
and will never consider the 1000
good words. Moreover, the child will
not listen to the person who injured
his feeling at all.
-the smile never left from my MSTs
face. She always draw a smile on
her face even if she is not happy or
not in the mood. Although the
pressure is surrounded on my MST
she always smile. All of that
because the children will imitate
her. And the teacher is the person
who gives the students the energy
and the power of the day by her
-while my MST asked a question she
looked at the students and chose
the one who was raising his\her
hand. But sometimes there are kind
of students that are shy or not
focusing, so she selected the one

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who was going to answer suddenly.

This week, observe two children: one who has excellent behavior and one who does
Write a paragraph comparing the two. Notice how the teacher interacts with both of
Watch how the children react when they are praised or reprimanded.

Watch how they both act when they are learning or working in groups.
What is the effect on the entire class when a child misbehaves?
Write several sentences about what you observed and what you think about
Which strategies does your teacher use with these children that you think are
most effective in managing the behavior?

Answer the following questions.
Why is it important to be PROACTIVE when trying to manage the
behavior in your class?
What is the effect on the students if there is a lot of misbehavior in the
Which of the behavior management strategies do you think are the
most important ones? Why?
Which classroom management strategy do you think you will do
particularly well? Why?
Which one do you think will be difficult for you to do?
Which one does your MST do really well?

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HCT Bachelor of Applied Science EDUCATION

Teaching Practicum Booklet 1a 2015