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• Applications include utilities, railroads, • Control valve included. Other Power Team

Pressure ratio 5:1

construction, riggers and others. valves available as an option to suit your
• Operates single- or double-acting specific application, if needed; consult
cylinders, jacks, and tools such as factory.
crimpers, spreaders, cable cutters, or tire • No reservoir level to maintain; uses low
tools. Version for use with double-acting pressure system as oil supply.
torque wrenches available. • Has 3⁄8" NPTF ports; compatible with
• May be used to operate two separate, standard fittings for low and high
single-acting tools (with integral valves) pressure systems.

Converts low-pressure portable

independently, without need for additional

hydraulic pumps or on-board


hydraulic systems, into high

• Compact and rugged for use inside a

pressure power sources.

utility vehicle aerial bucket or stowing
in a vehicle.


10,000 psi



Flow @ Prod.
Pump 10,000 A B C D E F Wt.
No. (psi) (in.) (in.) (in.) (in.) (in.) (in.) (lbs.)

HB44 44 cu. in./min. 8 5/8 14 1/2 6 1/8 2 3/4 4 1/2 10 1/2 16


Output Flow Input Flow Input Flow Output Flow

For use with Order Valve Valve Valve Range Pressure Range
Cyl. Type Description No. Type No. Function (gpm) (psi) (gpm)
Single-Acting Hydraulic intensifier forHB443 3-Way 9520* Advance Hold 0 -10 300 - 2,000 0 - 2.5
single-acting systems 3-Position Return
Single-Acting/ Hydraulic intensifier for HB444 4-Way 9506* Advance Hold 0 -10 300 - 2,000 0 - 2.5
Double-Acting double-acting systems 3-Position Return
Double-Acting Hydraulic intensifier for HB445-RR 4-Way – Advance Hold 0 -10 300 - 2,000 0 - 2.5
double-acting torque 3-Position Return
wrench tools

† For maximum efficiency, recommended input flow is 5 gpm at a * “Posi-Check®” valve design, “Posi-Check®” guards against
maximum pressure of 2,000 psi. Higher flows and/or pressures pressure loss when valve is shifted from “advance” position
must be compensated for at the system pump (e.g., relief valve, to “hold” position.
variable flow devices, etc.).