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Start > Run> regedit

Looks like I replied to an ancient thread earlier.... So here's an update on this, more current
I saw this happen to a number of machines today. I created a good profile under another login
and then continuallydfsdfasdf hackeasfasd away at the registry, comparing the one that
opened fine to the one that produced thisasfa fatal error. I ultimately tasfsaraced it down to
this single registry key:fasasf
Changing the dword to 000000sdf00 solved the problem.
Obviously, this isn't agsa user-editable field and the software is at fault.
For those who are less familiar with registry editing, you can save the following to a text file
with the .REG extensisadffasfasfafasfasfasgasfgasfonsadgasd and import it into your registry
by double clicking on it (usual registry editing warnings apply).gssd
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"LastUpdateTimeHiWfsafdord"=dword:00000000 asdasdasdasdasd