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Senior Project Proposal

November 2015
[please make a copy of this document and complete it prior to your project tuning]

Elevator Speech

Hi my name is Daniela, a 12th grade student from High Tech High Chula Vista and I want to share a
powerful project idea with you. I really enjoy working with elderly people, and bringing joy to their life. My
brother and I recently started a Drum-Dance Circle program at AtivCare Rolling Hills Ranch Alzheimers
Facility, where we play instruments, music, and dance with the patients. Music helps Dementia patients
recall memories from their past and it's a way for them to have fun. Not only do we want to inform more
people about the benefits that Dementia patients get from music; we also want to reach out to more kids,
so they can implement similar programs into other facilities. It is our hope that this program will be
spread throughout facilities and that many Dementia patients will get to experience the power of music. I
would appreciate thoughts on how I might achieve my goals. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Essential Question
How can we affect more people with the power of music?

Product: What are you going to create? Who is it for

and why might they want it? Note: a product isnt
necessarily just a physical entity. It could be a film, an
event, or just about anything.
We are going to spread awareness about our project through the
media and presentations to students at different schools. Also
spread our program to other facilities, and have other students
keep those programs going.

Learning Goals: Please note that by doing this

project you will learn things you did not anticipate...thats
great! Additionally, your learning goals may evolve over
time. Nevertheless, it is important to set some learning
goals up front in order to point yourself in a productive


How will you know youve achieved it?

Get other students to facilitate this program at

other Dementia patient homes.

Presenting to other students and getting them

excited to do the same thing.

Get this program at other facilities.

Contact other facilities and get them on board with

the program.

Continue to grow our website.

Adding a new segment to our weebly, after every

sunday we go to the facility.

Have a program that others can just have, to able

to start programs like this on their own.

Create a guide.

Milestones & Tasks: Identify your 5 major milestones.

Milestone & Associated Tasks



Tell manager at current facility we work

with our plans with other facilities.

Nov. 1

Have a proposal that we are going to show

the manager.

Contact other facilities.

Dec. 1

Their approval through emails.

Getting other students to want to do


Feb. 1

Presentations we will conduct.

Teaching them, they sit in on our DrumDance Circle.

Mar. 1

Program we create to help them.

They conduct their own.

Apr. 1

Videos to prove.


May 1

Show everything that we learned and that

we accomplished.

Mentor Contact(s): who are your non-HTHCV

contacts? What has your contact with them been so far?
What assistance might they be able to give you?
ActivCare Rolling Hills Ranch Manager