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Teacher Candidate Kathryn West

Date 10/22/15
School Dunbar Middle School
Grade/Subject 8th grade West Virginia History
Lesson Topic French and Indian War CH. 9 section 1
Students will discuss the causes of the French and Indian War
SS.8.H.CL1.3- Explain the role of western Virginia in the French and Indian War
V.d.- identify and describe examples of tensions between and among individuals, groups, or
institutions, and how belonging to more than one group can cause internal conflicts.
Overall Time - 50 minute lesson
Time Frame 10 min.- Current Event
35 min.- Prezi and taking notes
5 min.- Closure
Teacher led discussion

Student Notes/Guided Notes

Students with reading disabilities will be able to have the Prezi air-dropped to their iPads so they
can save it and take it home to study with it.
Introduction/ Lesson
Being with asking the students what they know about the French and Indian War
Body & Transitions
I will use a Prezi to explain the section to the students. I will have them up away their iPads and
use the guided notes sheet I made them to take their notes on.
Closure Review
Summarize the section and turn in their notes to be graded. Will be handed back during the next
Diagnostic: Will ask students what they know about the French and Indian War before I start the
lesson. They will raise hands and give me answers.
Formative: We will discuss the section as a class as I am going over it.
Summative: We will summarize what the students learned during the class and they will turn in
their notes so I know that they copied them down correctly and understood what needed to be
written down.

If Student Finishes Early: They will do the section work Mr. Johnson sent them to work on.
If Lesson Finishes Early: They will do the section work Mr. Johnson sent them to work on.
If Technology Fails: Give students notes from my notes I have written down. Write the
important facts on the board for them to copy.
Today I taught 4th and 5th periods and this is the first time I have taught these classes. These two
classes are quite different from each other. 4th period is the good/high achieving class and 5th
period is the average/normal class. It is interesting to see how the different classes learn
differently. 4th period was great. They put their iPads away when I asked and they took really
good notes on their notes sheet. They did not interrupt class talking and they raised their hands if
they had a question. The only real problem I had was the classroom teacher interrupting me. He
would interrupt to talk about something that would be on my next page of my Prezi. He did
apologies for interrupting after I was finished teaching. 5th period was pretty good. They put their
iPads away when I asked and there was only one time I had to ask a student to put it away
because they got it back out. I had to slow down my teaching for them. It took them longer to

write down the notes but I was ok with that. The classroom teacher did not interrupt as much in
this class period.
Overall- I think this lesson went very well. The students listened to me when I told them no iPads
and they took very good notes. My classroom teacher told me that this was the best lesson I had
taught and he felt the lesson went really well. That made me feel good about the lesson and made
me feel like I was doing a good job teaching the students the information they needed to know.
Data Based Decision Making
For my data based decision making for this lesson, I took their notes and looked at: if they had
the right information down and if they actually took notes at all. From what I saw, the students
took very good notes and they had the correct information written down in the correct sections. I
think the students really understood what I was teaching them and I could tell with the details in
their notes.

Ch 9 Section 1 Notes

Who fought over the Ohio River Valley?TreatiesThe British set up a trading post where in 1750?Who was sent by Governor Dinwiddle to ask the French to leave the Ohio River Valley?He was sent by Dinwiddle to build a fort at the confluence of the Ohio River?What was the name of the French fort at the confluence of the Ohio River?Washington attacked a group of ___________________men, this began the war.
RetaliationWhat was the name of the fort Washington had built at Great Meadows?CasualtiesWho did the Shawnee Indians kidnap?
FortsHardy CountyHampshire CountyBerkeley CountyMineral CountyOn September 12, 1759, what battle happened?The Treat of ________________________ was signed in 1763, ending the war.