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Evaluation by Cooperating Teacher

Directions: Please note candidates strengths or areas in which s/he can improve in each category
below. When possible, please provide specific examples or comments to support your view.

Conducts self in a professional manner (e.g., attendance, preparation, respect)

Jamie Ann was respectful when she was working in the classroom. She cancelled a few of her
scheduled visits the morning she was supposed to come and had two times that she did not attend
her visit and did not call to let me know she wouldnt be coming. Her professionalism in
attendance could be improved. Her preparation could also be improved; her video permission
slips were handed out the day after she videotaped the students. This resulted in her not getting
all of the permission slips back from the students giving her permission to upload the video.

Encourages development of a positive self-image in learners e.g., gets to know students,

positive interactions with students)

Jamie Ann did not appear to develop any relationships with the students. She was very quiet and
did not approach the students to get to know them. I had her take two students to the library one
time to work with them, and she appeared to be more comfortable with a one-on-one setting.


Interacts effectively with students, colleagues, administrators, parents

Jamie Ann did not have much of an interaction with the students. She appeared to be comfortable
in the first lesson she taught, and interacted with the students during her first observation. This
seemed to change very quickly and she stopped interacting with students. I would encourage her
to work with individual students and to go around the room helping students each time she came
for her observations. She would not work with the students and stayed back at my desk or stood
in the back of the room. This was addressed with her, but she continued to stay in the back of the
room not interacting with students.

Demonstrates effective preprofessional teaching skills (e.g., planning, implementing


Jamie Anns lessons were interactive for the students and they really enjoyed participating in her
activities. Her lessons plans were sent with missing components, and the second one was more of a
unit than a lesson plan. Her first lesson went well and they kids stayed on task the majority of the
time. Her second lesson had a lot of down time for the kids to get off task with their group members
while they were waiting for the lesson to continue.


Communicates effectively through speaking, writing, and listening modes (e.g., gives clear
directions, listens to students, uses media)

When speaking to the students during her two lessons, Jamie Ann gave clear directions explaining
the activities.
Final Comments/Suggestions for Candidate:
Jamie Ann appeared to be very uncomfortable working with students during her time here at
Butler. I would explain to her what the lesson was each time she came and what she could do to
interact with the students. She continually sat at my desk or stood in the back of the room not
working with students. I would encourage her to take more of an active role in her next
observation to become more comfortable working with kids.

Date _5/10/13___________ Candidate's Name ___Jamie Ann Carmody________

Grade/Subject _7th Grade Workshop_____
School Butler Middle School

Cooperating Teacher _Tracy McAteer_______