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Course Syllabus

Fall 2015

Mrs. Christy Hubbard
Information Technology
Career and Technical Education
FBLA Advisor
Athens High School
DLL Computer Lab

Phone: 256-233-6613 ext 8032
Fax: 256-233-6617
District website:

Multimedia Design is a one-credit course designed to provide students with hands-on skills involving graphic design,
digital photography, Web publishing, and digital video production. Students use various hardware peripherals and
software for completing documents. Software used includes Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop,
PageMaker, Dreamweaver, HTML5 and Flash.


Career and technical student organizations are integral, co-curricular components of each career and technical education
course. These organizations serve as a means to enhance classroom instruction while helping students develop
leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and professional growth.
FBLA-PBL is the largest business career student organization in the world and includes students in the high school. Post
secondary and middle level. The Mission of FBLA is to bring business and education together in a positive working
relationship. This goal is achieved through leadership and career development programs. FBLA aides in fostering the
development of business leadership skills in students. Membership dues are $12. Students are encouraged to participate
in the State Leadership Conference which enables students to showcase their talents by competing in events that test
their business knowledge and skills. Winners are eligible to at the National Leadership conference in the summer.
Membership is strongly encouraged.

I am so excited to be at Athens High School and especially excited to have you in class. I am looking forward to getting to
know each and every one of you this semester as I share my love of technology. Technology is important, pervasive and
ever-changing. I believe that every student has the quality and capability to be successful, therefore I am committed to
providing an encouraging, nurturing, safe and stimulating environment to educate, motivate and influence you to reach
your utmost potential. I feel that Career and Technical Education is important as it provides stepping stones for
occupational preparation for the pursuit of a two year, four year or vocational degree. My goal is to provide the tools needed
to aide in your success in the classroom as well as for after graduation when you enter the world of work.
Lets get ready for a great semester!
-Mrs. Hubbard


What criteria should be considered when determining the correct type of software and equipment to be used for
multimedia project development?
What criteria should be considered when determining the correct type of software and equipment to be used for
creating a graphic design?
What criteria should be considered when determining the correct type of software and equipment to be used for
Web site development?
What are the planning stages when developing, maintaining and evaluating Web sites?


1.) Compare types of multimedia, including presentation,
desktop publishing, Web page design, graphic design, digital
photography, and digital video use in creating projects.
2.) Utilize a variety of input devices for digitizing multimedia
information, including digital camera, video, scanner,
Internet downloads, and graphic software.
3.) Use a variety of software and equipment to create,
modify, and enhance multimedia projects.
4.) Demonstrate appropriate techniques associated with
graphic design.
5.) Utilize precision tools to manipulate images.
6.) Utilize graphic design software to create business and
personal publications.
7.) Apply integration principles for importing scanned
digitized graphics and text, tables, charts, and pictures into a
8.) Utilize research results to interpret the impact of media
and copyright laws on media publications.
9.) Explain the differences among Web sites, Web pages, and
Web browsers.
10.) Develop interactive Web pages and sites using a variety
of component formats, including HTML, HTML editors, and
Web authoring programs.
11.) Determine the applicable format for converting digital
12.) Apply knowledge of project management to ensure a
quality product.
13.) Demonstrate the manipulation of digital image file sizing.
14.) Determine career and entrepreneurial opportunities,
responsibilities, and educational and credentialing
requirements related to multimedia design


Standards Based Assessments will include, but are not
limited to, projects, quizzes/tests, discussions, and
classwork. Every student is also expected to demonstrate
an acceptable work ethic by being on time, on task,
respectful of others, and productive, including
participating. Failure to do so will result in point

deductions and/or 0 daily grades.


64 and below

Grade Weights


Daily Work



The following are Athens High School requirements:
1. Nine-week comprehensive examinations are required.
2. Students should maintain a portfolio (electronic or
paper) to review for each nine-week grading period.
Teachers will assign a minimum of one weekly grade
(homework, daily-work, tests, projects, etc.) for each
student to place in their portfolio.
3. The NINE weeks exam period may be used for review
and completing any make up assignments when not
4. Exam Exemption policy as stated in Student Handbook.

MAKE UP POLICY: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to consult or see me on items missed. All work missed on the
days of the excused absence must be made up within 3 school days after returning to school. If you miss a quiz or test, you must
make arrangements to make up before or after school.



Daily Required Materials:

2GB Flash Drive
1 inch 3-ring binder with Loose Leaf Paper
Pen, pencil & highlighter
Composition Notebook

Adobe Certified Associate: The Adobe Certified Associate

(ACA) certification allows you to demonstrate proficiency in
Adobe digital communications tools. Become a Certified
Associate and stand apart from your peers, boost your
confidence, and expand your career opportunities. The Visual
Communication Using Adobe Photoshop exam validates entry
-level skills in communication corresponding to Photoshop

Classroom items due by Friday, August 14:


Box of Tissue
Hand Sanitizer
Antibacterial wipes


Class Rules
Be Prompt

Be on time!!!
Retrieve your Employee folder and be in your assigned
seat before the bell rings.
Sign your Employee Time Sheet each and every day.

Be Prepared

Have all of your required materials every day!

Submit all assignments, projects and tests on time.

Be Productive
Maximize the time you have in class
Listen and follow directions the first time to ensure you
get it right!
Be Polite

Be polite to everyone, everything, even equipment.

Bullying, violence or harassment of any kind will not be
Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
Use appropriate language.

Be Successful
Always strive for excellence!
Be proud of your work.
Follow directions the first time they are given.
Dont forget to return your folder before leaving the
Be Smart

Follow the rules regarding the Acceptable Use Policy

related to all computers and technology as well as the
Cell Phone policy.

After 2 unexcused tardies to class, students will be referred to administration.

If you are not prepared for class, you must complete a no work document
in your Employee folder. After 3 no work documents, parents will be notified.
When you are not productive your grade is the consequence. Use your time
in class wisely. Late assignments will have a 10 point deduction each day
overdue. You will also notate on your late assignments in your Employee
Being disrespectful will not be tolerated. With the expectation of cell phones,
the first offense will result in verbal warning and detention. The second will
result in a call to parents. The third will result in a discipline referral.

Cheating is not tolerated. Do your own work. Any instances of cheating will
result in a 0 for all parties involved as well as notification to parents/

Having your cell phone out during class or going on other apps/websites
without permission is not acceptable. Cell phones used at inappropriate
times during class will be taken up. The first time, the teacher will keep until
the end of class. The second time, the phone will be turned over to the administration

The students have many chances to visit their lockers and/or use the facilities before coming to the classroom. Students should use the
bathroom facilities and take care of any housekeeping before or after class. Students will have 3 emergency passes that may be used in the
event an extreme emergency over the semester. These emergency passes will be located in the Employee Folder. Students may choose to turn
in an unused Emergency pass for 10 points extra credit per pass.

Week Of: (2015)

August 11-14
August 17-21
August 24-28

Topic: (subject to change)

Welcome Back!/Pre-Assessment/ Lab Safety/Kuder
Design Principles and Working with Clients

August 31 - September 4
September 7 - 11

Flyers in Word
PowerPoint music and sound

September 14 - 18
September 21 - 25
September 28 - October 2
October 5 - 9
October 12 16

Creative Cloud Fundamentals

Intro to Photoshop
Photoshop Elements
Photoshop Fundamentals
Photoshop Professional
Web Page Development
ADOBE Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash
Adobe Captivate

October 19 - 23
October 26 - October 30
November 2 - 6
November 9 - 13
November 16 - 20
November 23 - 27
November 30 - December 4
December 7 - 11
December 14 - 18

ACA Photoshop Boot Camp

ACA Photoshop Boot Camp and Exam
MOS Word and PowerPoint Boot Camp and Exam
Final Exam Review/Final Exam

I have received and read a copy of Mrs. Hubbards syllabus for the 2015-2016 school year. We have thoroughly discussed the syllabus in
class and I agree with and understand the rules and expectations. I will strive to be successful in class.


Student Signature


As a parent/guardian, I have discussed with, read and understand the syllabus. I agree to support the teacher and monitor my childs
progress and behavior in class. If I would like a copy of any other class document, I can email Mrs. Hubbard any time at
Christy.Hubbard@ or call at (256) 233-6613 ex 8032


Parent/Guardian Signature


Print Parent/Guardian Name: _______________________________________________________

Parent /Guardian Cell Phone: __________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian email: __________________________________________________________________

I prefer to be contacted by phone.

I prefer to be contacted by email.