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Nick Heikkila

UNIT: Disc Golf 8th Grade

SKILL: Short/Putting Shot
1. Whistle
2. 8 Putt/Approach Discs
3. 8 Disc Golf Baskets
4. 4 Frisbees (foam or plastic)
5. Place setters (hand or foot markers)
GLCEs: M.TG.08.01, M.TG.08.02, K.TG.08.01, K.TG.08.02
ACTION: Students will learn how to perform an
approach/putt shot in disc
CONDITION: From the free throw line to the baseline.
CRITERION: 2/5 attempts with proper from and accuracy.
1. Anticipatory Set

Does anyone know what the approach/putt shot is? The shot used
to get closer to
or to
sink a shot to finish a hole.
When would one use the approach/putt shot? When the player is
trying decrease
distance between them and the
basket or to put the dish in the

2. Objectives

To help further to introduce the sport to the students

Learning proper approach/putt shot techniques for disc golf that
will allow the students to be successful at the sport.
Allows students to perform the skill on their own or in a game
time setting.
To allow students to feel confident and accurate when
approaching/putting in disc golf.

3. Explain: Model 4-8 key steps

Movement Sequence

Preparatory position with feet shoulder width apart, standing

in a half squatting position square to the basket.
Hold disc using the forehand grip with the first three fingers
under the lip and the thumb wrapped around the top of the
Wind the shot up aiming at the chains of the basket.
Toss the disc toward the chains of the basket coming from the
midsection of the body.

Verbal Cues


Nick Heikkila
Release the disc toward the end of the throw, at the desired
time to hit the target.
Follow thru with the throw, stepping toward the basket with
the dominant foot.

Follow thru

4. Questions to check
What is the stance that we are using? Straddle Stance
When would the approach/putt be used? When the player is close
to a basket

5. Mass Practice/Demo

Demonstrate each of the key elements of the approach/putt

Review verbal cues

The teacher will break the students up into pairs with regular
Frisbees and the students will toss the Frisbee back and forth to
each other at varying distances while still keeping their accuracy.
(10 throws to partner short, 10 medium distance, and 10 long)
The students will get a disc and move to a basket to practice
tossing to the baskets (in unison), saying the verbal cues as the
action is performed.

(Transition -)

6. Independent Practice or Activity

Putter Relay- Students will help set up baskets in designated

areas directed by the teacher. Students will then be broken up
into teams by the teacher. Each student will start at a point, first
person will throw to their basket, once a basket is made, the
student will run to their next teammate and the process will start
over with the second person and so on. If the shot is missed, the
student must run to his or her disc and get back to the line that
they had shot from.

7. Closure

Review the steps of a proper approach/putt shot.

Give feedback throughout, as well as at the end to help students
improve over time.