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When we communicate with each other, we use a language. We have already known that language is a means of
our communication. So, language has a main role in our daily communication and using language, it is easy for us to be
understood in communication, that is why we should have a good communicative competence.
It means that how we can apply the grammatical aspect, and the most important is how we can use the language in
certain contexts. Communicative competence includes the knowledge about the grammatical aspect, linguistics competence,
as well as how we use this knowledge of grammar in our actual speech comprehension (linguistics performance).
There are things to be remained

While technology in higher education is being misuse by certain users, it is important that we
mention some great features that technology allows us to do. In addition, due to technology
our children are able to acquire a lot of skills. This is the first time in history that students
have the ability to research any topic. They are not obligated to be in a classroom or in a
library. Technology has unlocked the doors to an ocean-wide of information, which is not
always accurate. Therefore, they need to learn and look carefully through it all and get the
good stuff. This ocean-wide of information and current vault of technology has also allowed
students to truly engage themselves in