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Teacher Candidate: Morgan Murray

Cooperating Teacher:
Group Size:


Subject or Topic:

Date: 11/13/15
Coop. Initials

Allotted Time 40mins

Grade Level 2nd

Ladybug Life cycle


I. Performance Objectives (Learning Outcomes):
3.1.3.A3 Illustrate how plants and animals go through predictable life cycles that
include birth, growth, development, reproduction, and death.
II. Instructional Materials
Cards of the different stages of a ladybug lifecycle
Device to record students singing song
III. Subject Matter/Content (prerequisite skills, key vocabulary, big idea, outline of
additional content)
A. Prerequisite skills
1) Fine motor skills
B. Key Vocabulary
1) Life cycle/ stages
a. Egg- first stage in ladybug lifecycle
b. Larva-second stage in ladybug lifecycle
c. Pupa-third stage I ladybug lifecycle
d. Adult-last stage in ladybug lifecycle
e. Life cycle- the series of changes in the life of an organism
C. Big Idea
1) What does the lady bug life cycle look like
D. Additional content
1) Reciting the lady bug life cycle:
a. What are the stages?
b. What is the exact order of the stages?

c. How long does each stage last?

IV. Implementation
A. Introduction
1) To introduce this lesson the teacher will ask the students if each table
group can write at least one thing on the board that they remember
about the ladybug lifecycle.
2) To refresh their minds the teacher will play a video that is a song
about the ladybug lifecycle.
B. Development
1) The teacher will pass out the pictures of the different stages of the
ladybug life cycle to the students that they ended the last class with.
2) The students will work in their tables to put these pictures in the
right order just like they during the closure of last class.
3) The teacher will walk around taking notes on which students
remember the lifecycle from last class or who have just had their
memories jogged by the ladybug life cycle song.
4) The students will work on this until each group has gotten the order
of the lifecycle correct.
5) The teacher will then inform the students that since they have
demonstrated their understanding in the order of the lady bug
lifecycle they should pull out their note they took from the website
on the previous day.
6) The students will pull out the paper that they filled out yesterday.
7) The teacher will then inform students they will start creating their
very own ladybug lifecycle song. The only requirements will be that
they have every stage of the life cycle in the song and that they put it
to the toon of a pre-existing song.
8) Students will brainstorm what song tune they want to use.
9) The teacher will walk around and record on a sheet of paper what
tune each group of students will be using.
10) Once students know what song tune they are using they can get a
laptop to look up their song and to start typing/coming up with their
song lyrics.
11) Students will have the rest of class to work on their ladybug life
cycle song.
12) The teacher will walk around helping any group that needs
assistance with their song lyrics or have any additional questions
regarding the ladybug life cycle.
13) The teacher will also during this time being calling each student over
to their class ladybugs to record their observations on how their
ladybugs are growing. (the ladybugs will still be in the egg stage
since they just started the inquiry yesterday)

C. Closure
1) Students will perform their ladybug lifecycle song.
2) The teacher will record the students songs for them while they sing
them so that they can make a class cd later to keep.

D. Accommodations/Differentiation
1) To accommodate Meredith, a 2nd grade girl ADHD, I will have the
class work in small cooperative learning groups to support issues
such as attention, note taking, and clarification
2) Guided notes and detailed instructions will be provided to all
students (see attached)
E. Assessment/Evaluation Plan
1. Formative- The teacher will record the students ladybug lifecycle song
which demonstrates the students knowledge of the lifecycle.
2. Summative

V. Reflective Response
A. Report of Student Performance in Terms of Stated Objectives (Reflection on
student performance written after lesson is taught, includes remediation for
students who fail to meet acceptable level of achievement)
Remediation Plan
B. Personal Reflection (Questions written before lesson is taught. Reflective
answers to question recorded after lesson is taught)
1) Were students able to remember the life cycle perfectly from last
class or did it take some of them awhile to order the stages?
2) Did students display clear knowledge of the ladybug lifecycle
through their songs?
VI. Resources (in APA format)