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Choose the best answer.

1. Travelling by bus is _________

camera I have ever used.

traveling by taxi.
A. cheap

C. cheaper

B. cheapest

D. the

2. Akmar is an ______ boy. He

B. intelligent

C. obedient

world is Mount Everest.

C. higher

B. highest

C. best

C. better

D. most

9. The table is too ________ . I cant

A. heavy

C. heavier

B. heaviest

D. very heavy

D. honest

3. The _________ mountain in the

A. high

A. good

carry it.

gets good result.

A. good

8. I like this camera. It is the______

D. higher

10. I cant wear your shoes. My

feet are
______ than yours.
A. big

C. bigger

B. biggest

D. the biggest

4. The papaya tree is __________

11.Can you tell me which is the



rambutan tree.

mountain in Malaysia.

A. tall

C. taller than

A. tall

C. taller

B. taller

D. tallest

B. tallest

D. taller than

5. Athirahs handwriting is the

among the three girls.
A. neat

C. neater

B. neater than

D. neatest

6. Who is __________, Norman or

12. Razak is as _______as I am.

A. older

C. old

C. older than

D. the oldest

13. Today is hot but yesterday was



brother ?
A. young

C. younger

B. youngest

D. younger


A. hot

C. hotter

B. hotter than

D. hottes