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Friday November 13, 2015

Math-Mrs. Vetter

Math 6
This week we wrapped up our work in Unit 2 in the Everyday Math book;
Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals. Students took the Unit 2
Assessment on Thursday or Friday (I didnt realize it was a skinny
Next week we will begin Unit 3: Variables, Formulas, and Graphs.
Math 6/7
This week we wrapped up our work in the Big Ideas book Chapter
3- Algebraic Expressions and Properties. Students took the 3.3-3.4 Quiz. It was a bit
ugly! I decided not to grade the quiz, but rather go over it with the students and
review for the test. We spend time looking at the different properties
(Communicative, Associative, and Distributive) and how to use them. The students
then took the Chapter 3 test on Friday 11/13.
Math 7/8
From Mr. WesterlyMath 7/8. Chapter 2 test was taken this week and is in infinite
campus. Any retakes can be done starting Monday next week. Our next chapter (3)
involves angle relationshipsparallel lines cut by a transversal and the different
angle relationships created. We also will look at sums of interior angles of various
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Phone: 961-9530 ext. 3147
Have a super weekend!

Social Studies-Mrs. Larsen

Our Big Map Islands are turning out fantastic! A lot of good effort is being put
forth by all students! Final maps will be due Monday, November 16 (ODD) and
Tuesday, November 17 (EVEN) along with their completed Geography
Dictionaries. We will also have a test over 25 of the Dictionary terms
Wednesday, November 18 (ODD), and Thursday, November 19 (EVEN).
Students will have been given a green study guide to take home with them Friday to help them
review and prepare for this test. Thanks for reminding them of these dates!

Ms. Loneman Language Arts

This week students
listened to the main selection, Team Moon.
generated good questions to use in a small group discussion to practice
substantive conversation skills and to answer the lessons essential question
were introduced to and practiced the lessons suffixes
reviewed and practiced the lessons vocabulary words
compiled their paragraphs and other information into an informative
Next week students will
practice their fluency through a readers theater performance of The Woman in the
take the lesson 15 vocabulary and comprehension tests.
work with a group to compile a group newsletter/magazine in preparation for a group
Lesson 15:
Main Selection: Team Moon
Big Idea: Sometimes you need to give it all youve got.
Essential Question: How do text and graphics show a crisis in space?
Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
Vocabulary Strategies: suffixes ous, -ic, -ure
Target Vocabulary: lunar, hovering, ascent, likelihood, impending, perilous, option,
presumably, unpredictability, random
Vocabulary Practice:
Important Dates:
November 16thNonfiction Newsletter Project Due (Students have been receiving plenty of
class time to work on this, but some students may need to work on this at home if its not done before

November 17thLesson 15 Tests

November 19thTest Retakes offered at 7:30 and 3:30
November 20thTest Retakes offered at 7:30 and 3:30
Please feel free to contact me at any time with comments, questions, or concerns.
Phone: 961-9530 ext. 3134
Twitter: @msloneman (
Instagram: @msloneman
Enjoy your weekend!

Box Tops

Send to school anytime! Collection tubs are located in

Language Arts rooms
and main office.

Mrs. FischerLanguage Arts

We have been continuing our work with Lesson 15 and Team Moon. We will be taking the
tests over comprehension and vocabulary on Tuesday, November 17. Retakes for these tests
(if needed) will be given on Thursday, November 19, and Friday, November 20. Also due next
week is a nonfiction newsletter project that we have been working on. Students are taking
nonfiction paragraphs they wrote and creating a newsletter/magazine to inform us about
their topic. These will be due at the beginning of next week.
Lesson 15
Main selection: Team Moon
Big Idea: Sometimes you need to give it all youve got.
Essential Question: How do text and graphics show a crisis in space?
Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features
Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
Fluency: Intonation
Vocabulary Strategies: Suffixes -ous, -ic, and -ure
Target Vocabulary: lunar, hovering, ascent, likelihood, impending, perilous, option,
presumably, unpredictability, random
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Phone: 961-9530 ext. 3146

Art-Mrs. Smith

Art Class Website:

This week students began a painting unit. After reviewing about proper care of
paint supplies and basic techniques, students created a painting that incorporated
the color wheel, tints, tones, shades and blending. Next week they will be watching
a few impressionist artist video clips and we will be having a discussion about the
concept of art styles. Then students will be able to create or choose a style in their
next painting!
Square 1 Art products are in! Students will be bringing them home Thursday and
Friday. Please let me know if there is any mistake in your order so we can fix it with
the company immediately. I hope you enjoy your creative keepsakes and thanks
again for your support and participation. The art dept. will be purchasing 2 more art
room ipads for student extension lessons with money from this fundraiser, along
with additional art supplies. If you still want to make an order, just follow the same

instructions on the custom catalog and the items will be shipped to your house
instead of the school. Let me know if you have questions.

Computers Ms. Petersen

In Computers, students will be having the 6 th grade guidance counselor, Mrs.

Cherniss, guide them through a careers interest inventory using the I Have A Plan
site. They will be discussing career clusters and career choices. Students will be
narrowing down their career searches to one that they will be researching in
Language Arts after break.
Students should currently be working on Lessons 8/9 as a minimum in Keyboarding
Online in order to reach our goal for completing all the letter keys by winter break
(Lesson 11). Students are encouraged to work on the lessons in the mornings,
during guided study times, and at home if they have fallen behind.

Library News-Mrs.Wanamaker

A BIG thank you to all who purchased book at the book fair. Because of
you the library earned $1600 in free books.
Also, the next Chat n Chew will be next Thursday, November 19 during
sixth grade lunch. Please plan to bring your lunch and share what youre

Science Mrs.Simpson
In class, students used a strategy referred to as Agendas to complete a variety of work at their
own pace and prepare for this weeks metric assessment. The agenda strategy allows learners not only to
work at their own pace, but it also fosters self-directedness. Students are new to using this strategy, but
overall they did well. We will continue working with a variety of strategies that will ask students to become
active partners in their learning.
Students were assessed over their ability to accurately measure using the metric system as well
as their ability to use correct metric labels for measurements. Please be watching Infinite Campus for your
students score to be posted. Any student who is not proficient (scored below a 70%) is required to retake
the assessment. They should be coming to you with a yellow retake form to review and sign. Retakes will
be next week. Please see the retake form (that your student brings home) for additional information.
As a reminder, many students are coming to class without the materials they need daily. This is
disrupting our learning environment. Please discuss the impacts of preparedness with your child. We
have been practicing the skill of coming prepared this week. Next week, students will be making calls
home if they do not have their required materials. The materials needed by each student, in every class,
every day are below. Thank you for your support!


Red Checking Pen
Free Reading Book

Backpacks 4 Hunger
No Child Goes Hungry Over the Weekend
Sign up for Backpacks 4 Hunger- Food for over the weekend
Backpacks are filled Friday and sent home with meals and snacks for over the
Backpacks and contents provided by donations and volunteers in the community of
ALL students are eligible.
TO SIGN UP: Contact 961-5755 or your School Counselor, Lacey Cherniss,
at 961-9530 X3106