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D: ---P: Good afternoon doctor. I'm Mss. Cabanillas.

D: ---P: Well Dr. Pando , she doesn't fell well, because she has a sore throat, fever and diarrhe.
D: --P: Well doctor, What's wrong with her?
D: --P: what's that?
D: --P:What can I do to help her?
D: --P: Ok doctor , thanks for yours advice.
D: --D: Hello Mrs. Gloria
P: Hi Doctor
D: How are you feeling?
P: I dont feel good
D: Whats bothering you?
P: I burn my stomach,
I have a headche and
I have no appetite
D: Where does ir hurt?
P: Here
D: Do you have fever?
P: No, I dont think so
D: Ok, We have to do examinations to rule out diseases
P: Ok, Doctor
D: When did it start to feel this way?
P: Last month
D: I think you have gastritis, For now, Im going to give you a prescription for medice

P: Thank you
D:eat your hours
Not drink soda
Do not eat junk food Drink lots of wter take these pills