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Developing an On-line and Off-line

Networking Strategy

Visibility Branding Telewebinar

May 8th 2008
Bernadette Martin Founder Visibility Branding with
Guest Silvia Cambié
Director –Chanda Communications
Director – International Association of Business
What is Networking?

Networking is the process of developing,

nurturing and leveraging a network of
contacts in order to maximise
opportunities for oneself and others.
Why is networking so important these

• Moving from hierarchy to support structures

• Need for collaboration as well as competition
• Increasing internationalisation
• Recession, uncertainty (mortgage crisis)
• Moving from stability to the opportunity to
express your potential
What do you need to be a good

• Passion for people

• Clear professional/personal development
• Focused networking plan
• Ability to understand what makes a network
and its members tick
• Time and ability to commit
What do people want from networks?

• Career orientation (“I am not happy with my

current job but don’t know what to do”)
• Support (“I work from home”; “I am the only
woman in my department”)
• Exposure for their new business
• New job/promotion
• Self-esteem
• Role models
What a network can give you…

• Opportunity to experiment with something new (event

organization, writing, public speaking, etc.)
• Profiling yourself inside and outside your organization
• Information about latest trends in your industry
• Suppliers and partners
• Speakers for your events
• Opportunity to learn from others (best practices)
• International experience and exposure
• Leadership skills
Silvia’s Networks
What I got out of my networks…

• New skills (not acquired at work)

• International contacts (vital for the book I
am writing!)
• Support
• My mentor
• Role models
• Opportunity to start public speaking career
• Opportunity to develop leadership skills
Bernadette’s Networks

Paris Soirees
My First Tier Networks
• Mentor in PWN Mentoring Program
• Entrepreneurs Club. Teams of MBA students worked
on projects for E-Club Members
• Source of Interns for PWN Members
• Presentation on Personal Branding and Online Identity
for Career Booster Series
• Session on Personal Branding at 2008 Best Of Day
• Offer Telewebinars to Members
• Invite Members to AUC Events
• President of Thunderbird Alumni Chapter in
• Previous roles in other countries
• T-Bird Tuesdays
• Career Fairs. Meet with prospective students
• Contribute articles to TIBR
• Send out info/updates
• Meet w/ visiting Profs and Board Members
• Vice President of the American University Clubs of
• Organize major events for all 26 US alumni
associations and European associations
• Initiated LinkedIn AUC Group
• Involved in US Embassy AUC Event
• Getting AUC site up and running
• Building the AUC Brand - visual identity and visibility
What I get out of my networks

• Jobs, internships, projects for my clients

• Partners, suppliers for my clients and “moi”
• Resources, Knowledge, Training
• Feedback on my Brand and Business
• Speaking Opportunities
• Projects for my students
• Speakers for my Telewebinars
• Mentoring Experience
• Instant connection when traveling/relocating
Networking Strategy Success Stories
from my clients

• “Aha” moments with LinkedIn

• Initiated network in Paris
• Started an IABC student chapter
• Created a chapter
• Joined AmCham and Board
• Joined Professional Speakers Network
• Started Meetup Groups
Corporations waking up to the
importance of internal networks

• Increasing need to manage diversity

• Mentoring (not only from experience, but
also by those with new ideas)
• New culture of sharing knowledge and
• Effort to engage employees who are looking
for self-actualisation
• Cultural intelligence valued at last!
Silvia’s Ten Tips for Navigating

• Set clear goals

• Be open and receptive (there is a lot you can learn
from other people and a lot they can learn from you!)
• Look for a mentor and be a mentee
• Design your career path as a volunteer
• Grow your Emotional Intelligence
• Use on-line networks to support your off-line
networking efforts
• Prominently message your volunteer/networking
activity on your CV
• Steer clear of politics!
• Nurture a positive attitude and don’t get discouraged
• Follow through is important. Don’t over commit