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after successfully repatriating a total of Ninety-five Overseas Filipino
Workers (OFWs) last monht, the Philippine Embasssy in Quwwaits Mass
repatriation Program will sent home some one hundred fifty five


including five medically ill patents & 100 workes without valid visa,
and50worker without passport but with valid residency statuses
the one hundred five OFWs without valid visa will be repatriate without
undergoes the usuals Acccording to the department of foreign affairs (DFA),
detentionment and will be transport straights 2 the airport from the
embasssy, a Positive Outcome of the phillippine embassys persistents
representations with the ministry of interior.
The Department of Foreign Affairs said the embasssys mass repatriation
program was in cooperationed w/ the Quwait ministry of interior thru its
assist voluntary repatriation Program (avrp), which seeked to adress the
rising number of illeggal expatriates in Quwait.